Down on the Farm Ch. 02

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Jim felt his penis harden as he tongued Janice’s mouth, and sucked her neck and ears, clasping her back and massaging her hips, and with a jolt, completely surprising her, took her shirt in his hands and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. She yelped in shock, up to this point he’d been a gentle lover and had taken his time. Now he was taking control and she was taken aback by the ferocity of his lust. Grunting like one of his pigs, he buried his face into her chest, sucking on her milky breasts, making his way each time to her small, pink nipples, biting down on them like berries. With this and the attention of his massive, coarse hands, she felt a surge of power connecting her chest to her genitals every time he chewed down on her firm pink bullets. As he bothered himself with her mammaries, his hands made their way down to forage underneath her short skirt and yank at her skimpy underwear. She felt helpless in Jim’s arms, her knickers providing scant defence from Jim’s carnal desires, his tugging and poking. She felt a finger make its way through and tease her outer lips, frustrating her as he traced the surface up and down her damp crack. It felt as big as her previous lover’s cock as finally it made its way in, feeling its way around, first stroking the bottom of the canal, then hooking around and touching her sensitive spot.

“aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA”, she heard a voice in the room making this noise as her pussy was invaded by a second finger, realising after a few seconds it was herself making these sounds as Jim foraged away, tugging her panties down with a slight rip, by now circling his sticky thumb around her clit and bringing the two fingers in her cunt as if to clasp to his thumb. During this time she had been laid down on her back, her legs having wobbled and given way, with Jim hovering over her. He went down and began to suck at her belly bonus veren siteler button, her thighs, finally coming to settle at her generous pussy lips, whilst all the time working his fingers in and out of her sex, let his tongue roam around her clit, her canal and working his way down to her tight rosebud anus.

Jan was coming towards orgasm now and groaning so loudly that Jim could hear the echoes reverberating around the barn, he knew that they would be heard by a couple of his workers in the field if he didn’t do something, so gave her his free hand to bite on. Jan found nothing more horny than a man fingering her mouth whilst licking her out and this drove her over the edge, biting down on his rough fingers as her cunt tightened and convulsed under the pressure from his attentions, as she came, he took his fingers from her pussy, replaced them with his tongue and burrowed one finger ever so slightly into her tight arsehole, it could hardly take it and by now she was wailing, gnashing so much down on his hands that he felt real pain, combined with the excitement of slowly working his middle finger up Jan’s hot, forbidden fundament.

She slowly calmed and grew sensitive to his tongue, squirming away from its touch. “I think you may have upset the animals young lady”, joked Jim, as she caught her breath. “Do you fancy a roll in the hay?”

“Take me over there, I don’t think I can walk”, she panted. Jim needed no encouragement, kicked off his heavy work jeans and carried her over to the hay in the corner in his powerful arms. She was worried about his size, his fingers had felt so big and his cock, standing upright, must have been eight inches long but obscenely thick.

“I’ve got something a bit bigger for you now girl” he muttered as he hooked her legs over his shoulders and in one movement, nudged his cock at her throbbing bedava bahis pussy. She could hardly wait and arched her back to get at him, then recoiling as his head nudged into her, she felt him easing into her, burying into her womb. He took it slowly, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she felt him stop pushing, and what must have been his balls resting against her. He withdrew halfway, making a filthy sucking sound from all the wetness the two lovers had generated. Then again, he pushed, pulled, starting to work up a rhythm, as she held on to his shoulder with one hand and rubbed his hairy chest with the other. She reached around with both and felt his back, matted with thick hair and sweat, she thought that she hated hairy backs but felt even more turned on by it when she discovered it, running her fingers through it, scratching at his back as she started to lose control again, his belly pressing into her thighs with every thrust as she brought her legs back towards her shoulders for him to press against.

Jack was completely lost in the moment of fucking this horny young slut, his muscular legs straining as his angry cock rutted away at her soft, pink cunt. The heat and precum generated from both of them made it a little easier for him to fuck her harder and faster, he picked up the pace and was really banging her at this point while she moaned, hearing and seeing things blurred and at the same time focused in on Jack so clearly, his short thick grey hair contrasting with his ruddy complexion, his tanned and rough body shagging her senseless. He looked down into her hazel eyes, burning holes into them with his look as his cock pistoned in and out of her, almost sucking her inside out with every thrust and pinning her legs behind her shoulders. She started to come again, this time, unable to move much under his tight control, wriggling deneme bonus about underneath the power of his hard rod which was showing no let-up or mercy. As she concentrated and felt his egg-sized balls swinging against and tickling her arse every time he sunk his massive dick into her, she reached her climax with a shriek.

Jack took this as his cue to slow the pace and change position. Without a word, he picked her up with one hand, set her on all fours and greedily shoved his cock up her. She felt him go even deeper this way, and he was hitting the other side of her vaginal wall having turned her around, giving her a different set of sensations as he ploughed away. She began to imagine what it was like to lose consciousness, being tossed around like a ragdoll on the end of his hard penis. Jim held her at the waist, her tits swinging back on his hands, not letting up and shagging harder and harder, her cries sounded like pleas for mercy. Her legs had given way by now and he was almost flat out on top of her, boning all his weight into her. Hay was flying everywhere, there was some stuck to her arse where she’d been sitting and getting moist, some in her hair, Jim found this even more of a turn on and felt his balls begin to fizz, Janice also sensed that he was on the edge as she felt him firm and expand even more to stretch her inside, slowing down with more pronounced thrusts, Jim’s balls rose, pushing a torrent of cum through his pipes and to the base of his cock, and with a push of his cock so far in to hit her womb, he roared so loudly the whole farm would hear, and a nailed a jet of boiling spunk so hard that she felt it hit her, followed by a stream of cum she’d never felt the likes of before, it felt like he was spraying gallons into her.

He collapsed on top of Janice, spent, while she lay down dazed. “I don’t think I can move lover…I must be crushing you”, groaned Jim as he slowly gyrated his slightly softened cock inside her now dripping cunt.

“I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be Jim. I want to stay like this forever.” She replied.

“We’ll see about that” said Jim.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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