Dumb Little Author Girly

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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.

Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

* * * * *

I’m a very good writer. Really I am. I can make anyone wet or hard. All my fans say so. You should see the emails I get. “Love your work!”, “Your the best!”, “I came FOUR times!!!”

Those are real. I didn’t make them up. I can write erotica with the best of them, and my fans say so. Actually, that’s not true. I’m not very good at writing romance. Nope! Not at all. Suck actually.

Should have said BDSM. Yes, that’s what I write well. Just like my fans say I do.

You know what BDSM stands for don’t you? Bondage Dominance etc…

Well that’s not entirely true. I don’t write much about bondage.

Never cared for the thing. Nope. Not that kind of a girl. No, I go more for the mental angle. Humiliation games, mental mind tricks.

The thinking woman’s porn. The kind that makes you wet without even touching yourself. Guess what? Its what my fans all tell me!

So like I’m trying to say, I’m pretty good at writing humiliation stories. The boss fringing herself off for the office staff, mothers submitting to their bratty daughters, and women generally shamed and self degraded just for the hell of it. Did I mention I’m a closet lesbian? Not lipstick, but a lez none the less. Could you IMAGINE if my mother found out??? My girlfriend likes to joke that she’d reveal my dirty little secret, but I would just DIE.

Anyways, as I was saying, I write good humiliation stories. All my fans say I do…

I’m sorry, that’s another lie. I do that a lot don’t I? Its not true that all my fans love my work. Most do, but there are a few that kinda…think I’m stupid. That’s what they tell me, honest. That I’m a “dumb freak’en bimbo”. Pathetic I know. Who emails an author who slaves away for weeks at a time writing a story, and the only thing they’ve got to say is that my fingers are more useful up my ass than on the keyboard?

And it has little to do with the content of my stories. They call me dumb because I…have issues…with spelling. SO FUCKING WHAT if I don’t use a freak’en spell checker every time I fire off a hot sexy story? You mean to tell me people highlight my words as they jack themselves off, just so they can point it out like assholes in their emails???

And yes I did get a college degree, but…

Fine, so I’m not very good spelling. Ok, no biggy. I can get the hint. Fans complain I listen. So my very next story I use a spell checker right. Cant be to hard. Run the word document through the wringer and clean up the numerous misplaced nouns and verbs.

And what’s the thanks I get? “Your such a fantastic writer!”, “You make my cock hard like hell”, My pussy was abuzz with your words”, “You cant spell worth shit!”.

I honestly do feel like shit when I read those awful emails. Didn’t they see I tried? Didn’t they see my good natured attempts at fixing up my mess of a story?

I sit there squirming in my seat as I read those harsh critical emails, rubbing my thighs against my puss. Its tough to get through all of them without touching myself. I cant help it. All those condescending words. I AM NOT DUMB! Even if my fans say so.

So I sit down a week later and begin my new story. Good stuff this one is. A girl gets caught staring in the showers at school and all the other girls make sooooo much fun of her. Great humiliation themes going on there. Did I mention I’m a great humiliation author? I did? Opps I forgot.

Ok, so the second I type THE END, I immediately gaziantep erotik hikayeler run it through the spell checker twice! THEN I go over the whole thing, changing words like: “too and two”, “come to cum”, “saddle to paddle”.

Those are all honest mistakes. Any fast paced author can mess up words like that as they write hot juicy fiction? I’m not really dumb.

Just wait until they see my latest story! A perfect piece of work.

This time I surely wont get vulgar emails telling me to take my sex stories back to my elementary school teacher to have them proof read. Nope! They’ll only have good things to say about me! I’m a Smart Writer! That’s what all my fans will say!

Four days later I’m crying in front of my computer. I don’t think I’ve seen so many condemning emails. Seems almost as much as the friendly ones. It simply cant be! How could they find anything wrong with it? I worked so hard! I’m supposed to be smart. That’s what all my fans are supposed to say!

I sit there crying and sniveling as I read each harassing email, my fingers buried in my panties, fringing my steaming sex. I don’t know why I’m skipping all the applauding emails. Emails of praise and congratulations for all my hard work. Nope! I’m pathetically sitting there playing with myself as I read all about how dumb I am. That’s what my fans say, did I mention that?

I’m about to cum when I reach one particularly nasty email. This woman writing is vicious. Downright mean. She dissected each sentence piece by piece. Totally ripping me apart. I had no idea you could analyze a sentence in so many ways.

“…and I simply don’t understand how you even get up in the morning knowing what a waste of time you are when you write your stories. I cant even ‘try’ to get into the fantasy with all these pitiful mistakes. Since when do girls touch their ‘punts’? Honey, its spelled Cunt not Punt! Maybe if you didn’t type with one hand buried in said cunt you could focus that sad excuse for a brain. Its painfully clear your either too dumb to proof read the thing yourself, or too embarrassed to ask someone else to read it for you!”

“Fuck you! I’M NOT DUMB!”, I whine at the computer as my puffed pussy spasms, spraying my flickering fingers with my juices. “I’m not dumb!” I say again, with a tiny whimper.

For the next few days, all I can do is re-read that letter, and cum again and again. The parts I told you weren’t even the half of it.

This woman ripped my story apart. She might as well have thrown me over her lap and spanked my uneducated ass for being so incredibly inept. Not that I am, but my fans seem to say so.

I don’t know why I emailed her back soon after that, begging her to please help me proof read my stories. Hoping she’d take my hand and guide me like a parent to a child. Why did I care so much what she thought of me? So what if she thought I was dumb? I’m not writing to impress people with my grammatical skills. I write to get them off!

But I do care. I don’t want people to think of me as the stupid little author. I don’t want them to say nasty things about me.

I wait near the computer for hours after I send off the email until a response finally comes in. I open it with baited breath. After several paragraphs of more verbal demeaning, which I rub my thighs together reading, she finally gets to the point:

“…So having said all that, yes I will help you with your proof reading. I just cant believe you admitted to playing with yourself while reading about how dumb you are. Anyways, next time you finish one of your challenged stories, give it a thorough spell check before sending it to me. I don’t want to spend all day fixing stupid crap. I’ll fix the parts you missed, this way you wont have an excuse to play with your little cunt next time you get emails from me and the rest of your fans!”

An enormous sense of relief washed over me as I read that final piece of her email. I was so happy she had agreed to assist me.

Finally I would prove to everyone how NOT dumb I really am. I can indeed write a well written sex story! With a little help…

Pretty soon I settled on the next topic of my story. Its a cute little idea about a tomboyish girl who wants to play on the boys football team, only to get what she deserves by the cool girls of the school.

I got wet before I even began typing thinking about that short haired girl kissing all those pretty female feet while still in her football uniform!

And no, this time I did not type with one hand on the keyboard and one in my panties. I was going to prove I was a smart little author.

That’s what my fans WILL say!

It takes me nearly a week to finish fleshing out my new story, adding paragraphs, adding humiliation here and there, a little extra lesbian action. Hey I know what the guys like to read just as much as the girls. Remember, I’m a good author!

Satisfied I have myself one heck of a good story, I spend the next day dedicating myself to spell checking the dame thing. Spelling errors were of course galore not to mention misplaced commas, fragmented sentences, confusing syntax. It was a mess and as I kept finding more and more mistakes I simply couldn’t help but notice the growing itch between my legs. I tried to shake my head to concentrate…but…all those errors…

I”M NOT STUPID! I yell at myself. But the fingers sliding under my panties told me otherwise. It was just too much. I cant deny how incredibly hot it makes me to think I’m incredibly stupid, even if its not true.

I gave in. Just sit back and enjoy the moment. A little fantasy of embracing my dumb mind. The story wasn’t going anywhere. I’d finish fixing it just as soon as I…mmmmmm…

“I’m…a…ohhhh…a…stupid girl…uhhhh…I am an…mmmm…idiot…I’m…ahhhh…uneducated…ohhhh…and a stupid cunt…mmmm…and a moron…a retard…that’s what I am!”

It didn’t take me long to shudder in my seat. I was already hot and wet and as I chanted my humiliating mantra I let go into wallowing mentality. My rubbing fingers flicked my clitty one last time and a great moan of pleasure escapes my dry lips.

“I am stupid!”

Suddenly I shook my head and snapped out my funk. A mixture of emotions swelled in my head at that moment. As wonderful I felt at letting my guard go for a moment, I felt like I had betrayed myself. I needed to show my strength and determination to prove I was one of the smarter girls of the net world. That I would prove all my negative fans wrong about me, and I couldn’t even get through one proof reading fix without cumming to my own mistakes.

With one final squeeze of my clitty I slipped my drenched hand out of my damp panties and reached for the tissues. “Time to get to work Missy”

And hour later I sat back and smiled tentatively. I simply couldn’t find anything else wrong with what I had written. From what I saw, I found all that could be fixed. I knew very well there had to be something I had missed, but that would be left up to my new mean proof reader.

With trepidation I attached the story to an email and fired it off.

This time I didn’t dance in my seat waiting for her to reply. I didn’t rub my thighs together in worry. For the first time, I actually felt pretty confidant about myself. If she did find anything wrong, it wouldn’t be anything worth criticizing me over…right?

Never the less, I held my breath the moment I saw her reply in my inbox. What would it say? My pussy instinctively began buzzing as I clicked the “read mail” button.

“Well well well, looks like little miss author actually took the time to proof read her own work. About time. Did you cream all over yourself going over all the errors? Ha, I bet you did. Well it seems to have paid off since I only found a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I must say I even found myself forgetting for a moment whose story I was reading. Without all the ridicules, stupid, air head mistakes I actually had time to focus on the story, which was quite hot I don’t mind telling you.

Never the less, here in lies our problem. See since all your fans know very well how poor you write, they may not believe you actually wrote it. And even worse, just what will you do when all your fan emails are positive and glowing? What will you get to masturbate to if not all the harsh laughing words about your lack of a brain? No no no, this will simply not due. You have your needs.

So this is what we will do. You will go back and re-edit the story, putting back all those fucked up mistakes so its just like every other error riddled story you’ve published. Then you’ll fetch a paper bag, a camera and…”

I really don’t need to say what else she said. Its really too degrading. Needless to say, after I finished bringing myself off like a complete loser I went off to find a paper bag and my digital camera which I placed on top of the monitor. With a tear in my eye I began reworking my perfect story, making it even worse than I ever remember. Oh its still hot, but sooooo stupidly written. Just like me…

Once finished, I removed the rest of my cloths and set the camera on a timer. Quickly I jumped onto my knees in the chair with my ass in the air towards the camera. With the paper bag over my head, I stuck my right thumb up my ass and *FLASH*

I’m a very good writer. Really I am. I can make anyone wet or hard. All my fans say so. You should see the emails I get. “Love your work!”, “Your the best!”, “I came FOUR times!!!”.

Those are real. I didn’t make them up. I can write erotica with the best of them, and my fans say so. And I bet you didn’t know what else they say about me. “Hey nice ass!”, “Good thumb warmers”,”always knew how stupid you were”…bla bla bla.

Their talking about my picture of course, the one I posted at the top of my newest story. Its there for everyone to see, just like my special proof reader suggested. I think its appropriate don’t you. A perfect image to complement a poorly written sex story. The best is what’s written below though. The confessional statement that gets me wet EVERY time I look at it.

“Hey all! This is Genny! That’s me in the pic. Just wanted to show you where my shity typing comes from. Yes that’s right, I’m not that smart as you can tell, but I write a mean story. So when your done reading, please email me and tell me how much you enjoyed it and if you’d like…about how much of an uneducated moron I am…so I can…get off…please?”

Did I mention how totally dumb I am? All my fans say so!

The End!!!

* * * * *

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This work is copyright (c) 2004 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and keep copies for your personal use as long as the author’s byline and e-mail address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.

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