Erica’s Adventures: Rugby Rematch

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It was a steaming hot Sunday morning in the little village of Great Tyteslove, home to the famous (or at least notorious) Cock & Ass Tavern. The sun was shining down on the playing fields, where some of the local lads were just finishing up a friendly game of rugby: farmers vs postmen. They had played a hotly-contested match, and by the time the whistle blew and the farmers were declared the winner with a narrow victory. Sweaty and exhausted, the men all shook hands and congratulated one another before retiring to the dressing rooms to get shower and change.

When they arrived however, they were greeted by a surprise visitor – Erica, the landlady from the Cock & Ass Tavern. She was what you would term a curvaceous lady in her late forties, well-endowed with a pair of huge boobs and a sizable arse to match. She had short, curly blonde hair and full lips that were accentuated by the rather crass shade of lipstick she was wearing. She was dressed, as she usually was, in a pair of black leggings and a plain t-shirt. Erica didn’t believe in advertising the goods when you intended to give them away.

“Lovely game there, boys.” Erica said, walking towards two of the postmen and putting an arm around each of them. “So close I couldn’t have called it myself, really thought you posties had it in the bag until the last minute.”

“You win some, you lose some babe.” One of them said, shrugging and smiling.

“How about we give you lads a chance to see if you can’t level the score a bit.” Erica said, her hands moving slowly down to caress the sweaty buttocks of each man. “Another little 60-minute game, right now. The team who spunks the most by the time limit is the winner.”

The men chuckled lustily in eager agreement, as Erica stepped into the middle of the room and peeled her t-shirt off, revealing her massive knockers. She turned her back to the men, putting a thumb on either side of her leggings, then pulled them down in one fluid movement, bringing her knickers down with them. She swayed her delicious bottom back and forth a few times, then turned around, taking the stopwatch she had slung around her neck and holding it in her hand.

“I’ll ref the match, of course.” She said, sliding down onto her knees and holding the stopwatch up. “And I want you to know I’ll be calling it straight down the middle. I’ll be offering equal assistance to both teams.”


Erica cast the stopwatch aside and sat back on her heels, watching enthusiastically as the men raced to get out of their kit. Within seconds, Erica was surrounded by cocks at varying degrees of rigidness, jostling and fighting to use her face. Dongs were being batted about, knocking competitors out of the way. Erica’s tongue was working double-time to lap at the sweaty scrotums being pressed against her chin as stiffening knobs battled to be the first to force their way between her lips.

Eventually, one of the farmers won out and got his pecker into her mouth, immediately bottoming out in her gullet and smacking his balls against Erica’s chin. The other boys, acknowledging defeat, set about rubbing and slapping their boners on Erica’s face. The sound of sweaty cock-meat being beaten against her forehead and cheeks filled the air, as Erica quickly became coated in a glistening layer of precum.

As the face-fucker neared his climax, he grabbed the back of Erica’s head and began pulling it roughly onto his shaft. One cunning postman took the opportunity to ram his dick between the shaft in Erica’s mouth and her nose, humping vigorously. Erica relished the combination of the taste of knob on her tongue and it’s musty odour filling her nostrils at the same time, groaning loudly and allowing drool to drip from the corners of her mouth. Cocks were thrust into each of her hands, and Erica obligingly began to whack them off aggressively.

Erica felt the farmer’s balls squashed into her chin tighten a second before a torrent of man-milk was shot straight down her throat. While the owner of the throat-lodged dick held himself firmly inside her gob, the opportunistic nose-humper started spraying his own wad across the locker room floor, causing spurts and dribbles to run down the side of Erica’s cheek.

As soon the two spent cocks had retreated, a new throng on waggling boners descended on Erica. She was forced backwards onto the floor, with a postie straddling her chest and the balls of a farmer parked on her forehead. Before long she was having her face scrubbed by the salty rod of the farmer as he frantically humped her head, all while the gentleman sat on top of her ploughed the deep furrow between her tits. He was quickly joined by a pair of players from opposing sides who, setting their difference aside, rammed their dicks underneath each side of Erica’s fat knockers and began sawing back and forth, their moistened pecker-heads colliding with one another on every stroke.

As Erica’s boobs were being used for this three-way knob plaiting, she mersin escort could feel several cocks jousting at the entrance of her snatch. Every time somebody seemed to be lined up, another swinging pork-sword would clatter it out of the way in a shower of sweat and precum. Eventually, an opportunistic postman swept in and stroked himself to orgasm as he held himself against the entrance to Erica’s cunt, squirting his hastily brewed seed into her fanny-folds.

Around the same time, the farmer jacking Erica’s face started to fire off steaming jets of nut-butter towards the collection of cocks criss-crossing her tits. The postman jamming his prick upwards between her cleavage fired a retaliatory volley towards her face, which only helped lubricate the head-humpers rod as it continued to spew up the contents of his bollocks. The two men labouring underneath Erica’s boobs began to eject their spunk at almost exactly the same time, each of them almost shooting jizz back up inside the piss-slit of the other’s fuck-rod. Erica’s tits and face were completely drenched in nut-slime by the time the men disentangled themselves from her.

Erica got to her feet, intending to signal the need for a moment’s reprieve from the fucking. Before she could draw a breath, she was dump-tackled by a huge farmer, landing flat on her back with his cock already lodged up to the hilt in her twat. He almost immediately started pumping his dick-sauce deep into her, roaring and shaking as he did so. While he continued to empty what felt like a pint of sperm into her snatch, the couple were wrestled over so that Erica was now on top riding the spunking cock.

She felt a greasy shaft probing the entrance to her arsehole for a moment, before it’s owner thrust it swiftly down into her guts. As the farmer’s spent prick began to shrink out of Erica’s dribbling cunt, the postman above her pulled her aggressively up and onto his pole, the pucker of her anus kissing his swinging balls on every thrust. The man underneath her shuffled free, allowing her to get up onto her knees and more comfortably receive the rump-rogering she was enjoying. She felt another dick slide into her sperm-slicked cunt as another pair of hands gripped her hips for leverage just under the postman’s. Erica tried to crane her head around to see whether it was a postie or a farmer porking her, but somebody grabbed a handful of hair and guided her mouth to his oozing prick-head. So much for keeping score, she thought!

The two men ploughing Erica from behind soon got into a good, synchronised rhythm, withdrawing in a single movement, then both pounding deep into her fanny and bumhole respectively. Each down-thrust forced Erica forwards, and the man with his cock in her mouth was reaping the benefits by simply holding her mouth aligned and letting the force of her fucking guide his dong down her throat.

The man buggering her nutted first, firing off a couple of high-pressure jizz-jets of jizz into her rear. He bottomed out for each spurt, but withdrew between them and caused a backwash of spunk to leak out around her turd-cutter and drool onto the shaft poking her pussy. This set the twat-fucker off, and before long the contents of his nut-sack had been fully deposited in Erica’s vag. She barely had time to notice this, however, as she was focusing on guzzling down the tsunami of spunk that the knob lodged down her throat had started shooting directly into her stomach, feeling the twitch of the bollocks crushed into her chin on each orgasmic pulse.

As her three spent lovers withdrew from her sticky orifices, Erica began to slouch down onto her stomach, until a pair of hands pulled her up roughly by the waist until she was standing. She instinctively knew what the man wanted and prized her gooey butt-cheeks apart, allowing him to skewer her butthole with one fluid thrust. The man kept one arm around her waist as he bucked his hips, his thick rod remaining buried deep in her arsehole and only moving in and out slightly as he fucked. His other arm he was using to push away men to the left and right of him, men who were hell-bent on uncoupling him from Erica and claiming her brown-eye for themselves. The pair fuck-staggered around the room for a few minutes, until finally somebody was successful in pulling him off and ramming his own pecker nuts-deep into Erica’s crapper.

“I don’t mind who’s doing it, boys.” Erica said through ragged breaths. “Just as long as you’re giving my insides a good scrubbing with those dirty dongs of yours.”

Erica’s new sodomiser was very different from the last, sawing his long, narrow prick back and forth inside her so that he was pushing the head into the spunky depths on each deep thrust down, then pulling back until he almost left her entirely, his floppy foreskin scooped up jizz as it folded back up around his knobhead at the entrance to her colon. Not being a fool, this boy had had the foresight to edge himself to nearly kocaeli escort the point of no return before attempting to tackle Erica, and it wasn’t long before he was nutting deep into her bottom. He pulled out after he was spent, thwacked his spunk-slathered prick against Erica’s buttocks a few times for good measure, then held her cheeks apart for a fellow teammate to take his place.

While a new man plugged up her pooper once more, another lad pulled her face down to his crotch, folding her up like a deckchair. He started smearing is sweaty bollocks in her face as he tugged himself off, stretching the skin of his nutsack out and blocking her nostrils with it. Erica could see, smell and taste nothing but the perverts fat, sweaty balls, and she savoured every disgusting second of it. While she was lost in her revelry, the man buggering her began to cum deep inside her.

“Flood my shithole, yes!” Erica screamed into the the balls crushed against her face. “Get that arsehole pregnant.”

Once he had no more to deposit inside the village sperm bank, the man withdrew and let a torrent of jizz pour forth from Erica’s gaping bunghole, landing on the concrete floor with a loud splat and pebble-dashing the backs of her ankles. The lost load was soon to be replaced however, as another eager knob was already past Erica’s pucker and on it’s way to the back of her colon, the full and heavy balls it was connected to swinging wildly and knocking against her dripping cunt.

The man aggressively tea-bagging Erica suddenly grabbed his dick and both hands and started bucking wildly, sending his pendulous balls smacking into the bridge of her nose on every up-thrust. She watched as he jacked his shaft with one hand while holding his foreskin pinched between the thumb and finger of the other, and before she could work out what he was doing he started pulsing spunk into his sealed cock-bulb, causing it to balloon and bulge as it filled up. He waited until his final squirts were spent, then placed the grotesquely swollen tip of his cock on Erica’s forehead and let his foreskin roll back, disgorging his collected seed down her face. Grabbing his knob by the base, he smeared his seed in her eyebrows, across her cheeks, along her upper lip, and up and down the length of her nose. There wasn’t an inch of her face that was left unstained by his spunk by the time he withdrew his sagging tool from in front of her.

By this point, the gentleman reaming her rump had started blasting his wad deep inside her, and Erica’s legs nearly buckled with the force of it. He held her up and continued depositing spunk into her shithole, gripping her sweaty hips for leverage. Sensing a hole would soon become accessible, a burly postman stood in front of Erica, taking a moment to grope her spunky tits. As soon as the cock flopped free of her arse, he scooped her up by the legs and thrust his own raging hard-on into her dribbling cunt, parting her buttocks with each hand as he gripped her and letting a steady stream of semen flow from her bumhole onto the floor.

Seeing this as an open invitation to join, another man stepped up behind Erica and plugged her pooper with his thick, twitching boner. The two men fussed for a little while as they fucked, fighting for a good piece of Erica’s flesh to grip onto for leverage, before finally giving up and grabbing each other by the hips and and sandwiching her between their sweaty bodies. This gave them all the leverage they needed to really get down to work, establishing a quick, aggressive rhythm that had both their brew-heavy bollocks clattering together each time they thrust into Erica’s nether-regions.

“You two must play for the same side.” Erica said with ragged breaths. “This is some lovely fucking teamwork you’re demonstrating, lads!”

As if to prove her right, the two men promptly started voiding their nuts of every ounce of spunk they had stored up, each of their cock-pulses matching their partner’s beat for beat. Once they had finished draining themselves inside her, they lowered Erica to the ground and wiped their cocks clean on her face as she beamed up at them in contentment.

This relatively peaceful interlude was interrupted by a young lad grabbing Erica by the feet and dragging her over to one of the wooden benches towards the back of the room, propping her up against it so her rear-end was aimed at the ceiling. He immediately threaded his stiffy in her back passage, then pointed at a teammate and slapped Erica’s twat to invite him to join in. Before long, Erica’s snatch was as packed full of meat as her arsehole, and the two men were taking liberties with her gaping holes in just the fashion that she adored.

“I. Need. More. DICK!” Erica exclaimed, as the wind was knocked out of her by the two pork-swords duelling in her private parts.

Most of the men were now sweaty and spent, their flaccid knobs hanging limply and dribbling post-cum onto the floor. However, samsun escort a few brave souls were ready to step up to the plate, and took up positions surrounding Erica. The first to re-engage shoved his rod in alongside the man ploughing Erica’s twat, taking advantage of the spunk that had lubed up the well-gaped orifice. The second man hunched over Erica’s face, angling his meat downwards and plunging it past her lips into her accommodating throat, his huge balls pressing into her eyes and stinging them with sweat.

The third man carefully slid in amongst the three others fucking Erica’s pussy and arse, squeezing his boner in beside the cock of the man occupying her butthole. A disgusting squelching sound was emitted each time the two men plundering her pooper stirred up the jizz cocktail that Erica had mixed within her colon, which only spurred them on to add their own seed to it.

The final intrepid fucker took up position straddling Erica’s spunk-covered tits, wrapping her slimy baps around his ram-rod as he furiously wanked himself to climax as fast as possible. Turned upside down, with the blood rushing to her head, a cock in the throat, another fucking her titties, a pair of pricks pounding her cunt and another pair reaming her battered arsehole, Erica couldn’t recall a time when she had enjoyed a rogering more than this. It was lewd, it was hard, and it was quick, with all six men eager to get off before the time limit expired.

The climaxes started with a spunk-shot in her pussy, beginning a chain reaction that caused the man face-fucking Erica to heave up his bollock-juice into her mouth. She simply couldn’t swallow the colossal volume of sperm fast enough, and it erupted from the corners of her lips and splattered the man’s contracting nutsack.

This caused the titty-fucker to release thick ropes of baby-batter at the shaft cumming in Erica’s gob, which mixed with the jizz already escaping from her mouth and ran down her jaws into her ears. Pussyman no. 2 was next to nut, as his companion yanked his spent schlong from Erica’s sloppy twat just as it was being pumped full of jizm. The man centred himself and forced his pork-sword as deep as it would go, decorating the walls of her womb with his cock-snot.

Finally, the two synchronised butt-fuckers began to fire off alternating jets of hot spunk, which at this point had nowhere else to go and simply bubbled up around her tightly packed anus and dripped down her back. Their balls unloaded, the two men wiped their knobs clean on Erica’s quivering buttocks before retiring to the edge of the room. The other men similarly uncoupled from her and shook their remaining spunk droplets onto Erica’s prone body, before they collapsed to the the floor completely spent.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Erica began searching for the discarded stopwatch.

“Still two minutes left boys.” She said, crawling on hands and knees from man to man, inspecting the rigidity of their cocks. “Let’s see if we can’t coax another load or two from you in that time!”

She found a man who was at least at half-mast, and decided that was enough for her to work with. She stroked his shaft with a vice-like grip as she fondled his bollocks, and before long was rewarded with a few pulses of spunk, which she collected in her palm before gobbling it down greedily.

In the last few moments, she grabbed who she thought looked like the most promising candidate and spun him around. Parting his cheeks, she started rimming is sweaty arsehole, probing the depths with her tongue. To her delight, his knob sprung to attention almost immediately, and she reached around to grab the boner in both hands, tugging on it with wild abandon. The man started spurting his load across the locker room at the exact moment the alarm started buzzing on the stopwatch. Erica finished milking her friend before withdrawing and silencing the watch, letting out an exhausted cheer as she did so.

“Time’s up, boys!” Erica said, standing in the middle of the room an tired, spunk-soaked mess. She looked around at the two teams, who were sweatier and more exhausted than they had been upon entering the locker room.

“I’ve got to admit, I’m afraid I lost track of the score there, lads.” Said Erica, shrugging. “But it’s not the winning, but the taking part that counts, right?”

This elicited a chuckle from the men, who were beginning to recover and head to the showers to clean up. Erica grabbed a towel and joined them, jizz sliding down her flanks and onto the floor with every provocative wiggle of her hips. She wedged herself in between the tall, muscular bodies and let the hot water blast away the cum and sweat coating her.

“Not that I think any of you are up to it.” Erica began, as the hot water cascaded down her back. “But don’t get any ideas. I’ve no time for funny business right now, I’m hear to shower and nothing else.”

She finished washing and left the shower, looking considerably cleaner than before. It was hard to imagine her orifices weren’t still swimming in spunk, however. She looked back over he shoulder one last time to address the showering men.

“Time’s against me. The five-a-side football club finishes their game in about 10 minutes, and I need to get ready to give them their re-match, too!”

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