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“Lissa?” Jill tossed her purse in the corner as she walked into the apartment, her dark hair sticking to her forehead in the sweltering heat. She knew that it always irritated Lissa when she left her purse there, but at the moment, Jill wasn’t all that interested in making Lissa happy. “Where the heck have you been?”

Not that Jill was completely furious with her friend. She’d managed to put up with Lissa’s addiction to J-pop and Lissa had coped with Jill’s love of cheesy Lifetime movies; they’d long ago gotten past the point where one or two little irritations could flare up into anything more. Which wasn’t to say that Jill didn’t want a damned good explanation on why Lissa had flaked out on her tonight. “Lissa, are you in here?” she called out as she turned the corner into the living room.

“There you are!” she said with a tinge of exasperation in her voice. Sure enough, Lissa was lounging in the easy chair, stripped down to her underwear and basking in the breeze from the new window fan they’d bought when the air conditioning went out yesterday. “Hey, what’s the deal? I called the apartment twice and your cell three times. Remember? Dinner with the Glimmer Twins tonight, I was counting on you to provide moral support?”

Nothing. Lissa didn’t chuckle at Jill’s pet name for her oh-so-emo brother and his oh-so-emo girlfriend, she didn’t muster a half-hearted defense at how they were Jill’s family, not hers…she didn’t even look in Jill’s direction. She just sat there, staring out the window with a tiny little smile on her face.

“Lissa?” Jill called out again, a little softer and a lot more sympathetically. “Lissa, are you all right?” Jill started to worry a little as she took in the scene fully. Lissa didn’t have her earbuds in; she wasn’t listening to MP3s or anything. She didn’t have the TV on–she hadn’t even turned the lights on in the room. The only light coming in was from the neon sign above the twenty-four hour laundromat across the street. Even if that had been enough light to read by, Lissa didn’t have a book in her hands.

“Lissa, this isn’t funny,” Jill said, approaching her slowly. The closer she got, the more worried she became. Lissa was breathing, at least; Jill could see her chest rising and falling slowly in the dim red light. Her eyes were open, but she didn’t react to Jill at all. Jill saw now that Lissa wasn’t just lounging in the easy chair; she was sprawled bonelessly into it, her whole body utterly limp. Her short blonde hair was matted to her head with sweat, as though she hadn’t changed position in hours.

Jill put a hand on Lissa’s shoulder and shook her gently. Her skin felt slightly cool and clammy to the touch. “Lissa, can you hear me?” she asked. “If you can hear me, say something.”

Already, Jill was thinking ahead to the moment when she’d have to run to the phone and dial 911, but she tried one last time to grab her friend’s attention. “Lissa,” Jill said, grabbing both of her shoulders and pulling her half-way out of the chair to look her in the face, “snap out of it!” She was uncomfortably aware of the tinge of hysteria in her voice.

But thankfully, Lissa did exactly that. She blinked once, twice, then looked at Jill with a slightly dazed expression on her face. “Oh, hi,” she said muzzily, the smile gradually fading from her lips. “I…I didn’t hear you come in.” She shivered, despite the heat, and looked around her in confusion. “Why’s it so dark in here?”

Jill hadn’t even realized just how tense she’d been until that tension snapped. She smacked Lissa on the shoulder and said, “Don’t do that to me! Jeez, I thought you were dead or something.”

“What are you talking about?” Lissa asked, a trace of hoarseness in her voice. “I’m fine, I’m just kind of thirsty, is all.” She stood up, her legs shaking just a tiny bit as she did so. “Really,” she said as she went into the kitchen, “I don’t know what you’re freaking out about. I just kind of zoned out a little, is all. It’s not such a–omigod.” She burst back into the living room. “It’s nine-thirty!” she shouted.

Jill looked at her, still more than a little worried about her best friend. “Um, yeah,” she said. “I was telling you that when I came in. You totally blew off dinner.”

Lissa looked more than a little worried herself, now. “You don’t understand!” she said. “Last I remember, it was a quarter after five! I lost four hours sitting there, Jill.” She pointed at the chair, her finger trembling.

Jill took in the expression on Lissa’s face and remembered the way she’d been sitting there, totally unresponsive to shouting or shaking. It wasn’t hard to believe that she’d been like that all night before Jill walked in. “It’s okay, Lissa,” she said. “Just…calm down, and try to tell me what happened.”

Lissa looked anything but calm. In fact, she was getting more agitated by the moment. “I was…I was getting ready to go,” she said. “I’d just gotten out of the bathroom and I was about to hop in the shower, and I decided to plug in the fan before Casibom I left so that the apartment would be a little cooler when we got back.” She looked back at the fan as she walked over to the chair. “And then I decided to sit down for a few seconds and cool off before I took a shower, so I wouldn’t have to use lukewarm water.”

“And I sat down just like this,” she said, returning to her seat. Jill noticed that it was still damp with four hours’ worth of sweat. “And I…felt nice. It was…the crystal…pretty, so…” Lissa trailed off into silence. Jill looked over at her. Once again, Lissa wore the same faint, distant smile on her face, and already her limbs were relaxing into that same utterly limp posture. She let out a tiny sigh as her breathing slowed. Her eyes locked into a vacant stare.

This time, Jill followed it. Lissa was staring out the window, just like before, but now that Jill was paying less attention to Lissa’s condition and more to what might have caused it, she noticed that the little crystal doodad that Lissa had hung from the window back when they’d moved in had caught some of the breeze caused by the fan. It was rotating gently, but very regularly; now that Jill looked, she could see the light from the flickering neon sign refracted through the crystal onto Lissa’s face.

Right into her eyes, in fact. Was that really what was doing it? Was Lissa really that easily distracted by sparkly lights? Jill set aside her own somewhat snarky first answer to that question, and decided to test it. She put her hand between Lissa’s eyes and the crystal.

“…pretty,” Lissa said, her voice sounding slightly vague at first but gaining strength as she talked. “And I guess I just sort of zoned out for a while looking at it and lost track of time.” She smiled sheepishly. “I feel kind of silly getting all worried about it, now that I know what happened. I mean, you made it sound like I was totally out of it, or some…” Jill pulled her hand away from the light. “…thing…” Lissa slumped back down into the chair. The only muscles not totally relaxed were those of her mouth as that tiny, dreamy smile returned.

Giggling, Jill put her hand back in front of the light. “You were totally out of it!” she said, after a brief pause to allow Lissa’s brain to switch back on again. “You were so totally out of it that you didn’t even know how out of it you were! I mean, I don’t want to suggest that you’re easily distracted, but it is kind of sad that you keep forgetting to finish your sentences because you suddenly notice a shiny thing in the middle distance.”

Lissa frowned. “I am not easily distracted!” she said. “I’ll admit, there’s something about the way the light hits that crystal that’s kind of…eye-catching..” In the reddish light from the sign, Jill failed to notice Lissa’s slight blush. “But I wasn’t ‘totally out of it’. You’re just exaggera…ting…”

Jill watched Lissa’s eyes glaze over as she took her hand away from the light again. “Oh, I am, am I?” she asked, knowing full well that Lissa wasn’t going to respond even a little. “Seems like someone needs a little proof!” She started to go look for a marker, but decided that drawing on her helpless friend would be just a little too mean. Instead, she lifted Lissa up slightly, careful not to let her head loll and break eye contact with the crystal, and unsnapped her bra. Pulling it off, she set it on Lissa’s head. After a moment’s contemplation, she yanked Lissa’s panties off as well and dangled them in front of Lissa’s face to break the spell. “I’m sorry,” she said sweetly, “you were saying something about ‘exaggerating’?”

Lissa blushed furiously, but she made sure to turn her head away from the window as she snatched her panties out of Jill’s hand. “Oh, ha ha, very funny,” she said as she got up and took the bra off her head, genuine humiliation in her voice. “I’m going to go get myself some water,” she announced, stalking off into the kitchen.

Jill felt a tiny little twinge of guilt as she watched Lissa walk away, her gait filled with injured pride, but honestly, it wasn’t that big of a deal. It wasn’t like Jill hadn’t seen it all before when clothes shopping with Lissa. Besides, Lissa only had herself to blame. She was the one who got so interested in the pretty lights that she tuned out everything else around her.

What was the big attraction, anyway? Jill was looking at the crystal right now, and she wasn’t drifting off into slumberland. She sat down in the easy chair, tilting her head slightly from side to side as she tried to figure out just what had made Lissa go from fully conversational to zero brainwaves in just over a second.

From this angle, Jill had to admit that the light was a lot more compelling. There was just something so fascinating about the way that each facet gently revealed itself to her eyes, and the way that the red light dazzled her with tiny hints of rainbow along its edges. It felt like it filled up her eyes, like all she could see was a rich, warm crimson Casibom Giriş enveloping her whole field of view. It was like she was swimming in a warm, red sea, and every slow rotation of the gem revealed a new depth for her to dive into.

Jill felt a dreamy heat settle into her mind as she watched the crystal gently spin in the breeze. She remembered thinking that maybe she should look away soon, before Lissa came back into the room and started trying to claim this as some sort of moral victory, but then the crystal turned and a new facet glinted with fresh light and she only realized looking back that she’d decided to wait just a little bit longer until the light had passed all the way across her eyes. And then, just as she was remembering that decision, the crystal turned again and she decided to wait a little longer still. And then she forgot that she’d ever remembered anything at all.

Because the heat that the light created felt…it felt sensual, somehow. Despite the fact that nobody was touching her, despite the fact that Jill had actually lost track of the physical sensations in her body, Jill felt like something was caressing her. Not noticing her body actually helped, because the light felt like it was touching her deep down in her mind, deeper than anything real could ever touch. Jill wanted to grin from ear to ear as the pleasure built, but that seemed like so much effort when the light was so pretty, so she settled for smiling as much as she could.

And still the pleasure kept coming, saturating her mind with bliss. It was so relentless, the way it never stopped turning, never stopped gleaming, never stopped filling her up with that dazzling, strobing, fascinating glow. Jill didn’t think of herself as sexually inexperienced, but she’d never encountered a lover as utterly consumed with pleasing her as this. She felt a smoldering heat deep within her mind as she came, not even registering the orgasm with her body but feeling that intense starburst of joyous release deep down within her mind. She felt like she could scream, the pleasure was so intense, but she’d ceded total control of her body now as the light took hold of her completely. All she wanted to do was watch and keep watching as the crystal turned yet again and–

Something blotted it out. For an infinitesimal moment, Jill wanted nothing more than to push it away and return to that light, but then she came back to her senses a bit more and recognized how far gone she’d been. Even before Lissa said anything, Jill felt the insistent fullness of her bladder. “You were out for about fifteen minutes, Miss ‘Shiny Thing In the Middle Distance.'”

Jill blushed. “Um…sorry,” she said, standing up. “I…um…I guess it is pretty distracting. I, um…I’ll just be right back, I…”

“Let me guess, you need to pee?” Lissa took a long, vengeful drink of her water, letting tiny rivulets of it spill out around her mouth and run down her chest. “Probably should have gone before you sat down. I tried to tell you, but you were a little too ‘distracted’ by then.” She looked like she had plenty more to say, but Jill couldn’t wait to hear it. She raced to the bathroom as fast as she could while still holding her legs together as tightly as possible.

While she was relieving herself, Jill tried to collect her thoughts. Which started with ‘Wow’, pretty much; if they could somehow bottle and sell that sensation, every sex toy company in the world would be bankrupt within days. She’d never felt anything that good; not with a lover, not by herself. Even now, she wanted to run back in there and let the light carry her away all over again. Jill looked down at her panties, a damp patch very obvious on them as they hung between her ankles, and suddenly understood where Lissa’s embarrassment had come from. And to think, Jill had thought that was sweat…

Lissa–something about what she’d said came back to Jill as she sat there, peeing for what felt like decades. Jill hadn’t had that much to drink at the restaurant, and she’d gone before she left, but here she was feeling like she’d been holding it for years. And Lissa had said something about how she’d told Jill to go to the bathroom while she was out of it. Jill thought back to camp, some of the pranks they played on the other kids when they went to sleep. They’d taken a kid’s hand, and put it in warm water…

Not that this was sleep, exactly. It was a lot better, for one thing. But Lissa’s words had felt oddly familiar to her when she’d come out of it, like she’d heard them but hadn’t really thought about them. Maybe, if she was really as distracted as she’d seemed (and “distracted” was probably a nicer term than “cumming her brains out”), Lissa’s words had kind of bypassed her thoughts and gone straight into the back of her head?

Only one way to find out, Jill thought as she cleaned herself up and got dressed. She’d need a test subject, but she already had a sneaking suspicion that she’d find one as soon as she got back to the living room. Casibom Güncel Giriş If Lissa felt like Jill felt right now, being in the same room with that empty chair would be a practically irresistible temptation.

Sure enough, when Jill got back into the living room, Lissa was sitting in the chair with that same distant smile on her face. Now that she knew what it meant, Jill felt faintly amazed–to think, her best friend had been having the most unbelievable non-stop multiple orgasm of her life, and all Jill saw was a tiny little dreamy grin.

There were a few other signs, now that Jill knew what to look for. She blushed a little as she noticed that Lissa hadn’t even taken the time to put her underwear back on; Lissa’s legs were splayed open in limp abandon as she lost herself in the sparkling depths, and her pussy glistened in the neon light in a way that made it very clear just how turned on Lissa must be right now. This close, Jill could smell Lissa’s juices underneath the scent of their sweat.

Jill looked back up at Lissa’s vacant eyes, trying to get her mind off how good her friend must feel–and how much Jill wanted to feel that good herself. She’d get a turn in the chair later. For now, she had a theory to test. “Lissa,” she said quietly. She didn’t know why she was talking softly. Lissa was chasing the dancing lights; she probably wouldn’t notice if Jill brought a brass band through here. But somehow it felt like the right thing to do.

“Lissa, I want you to listen to me very carefully. When you come back, after I put my hand over your eyes and block out the pretty lights, you’re going to realize that your back itches. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to ignore it, and no matter where you scratch, you won’t quite be able to get to it. After a few minutes, you’re going to need to ask me to help you get rid of the itch. As soon as I scratch your back, Lissa, it’ll go away. Do you understand?” Jill felt stupid for asking; whether or not Lissa understood, she wasn’t going to respond. She was too far gone to even twitch at this point.

She waited a second or two anyway, just to make sure Lissa wasn’t going to do anything, then put her hand over Lissa’s eyes. “…aww…” Lissa said as she came back. “No fair! That was only a few minutes!”

“Fifteen,” Jill said, checking her watch. “I was in the bathroom for a long while. Looking at that thing does weird things to your sense of time, remember?”

“Uh-huh,” Lissa responded in a sort of strangled whimper. Did she really think Jill hadn’t picked up on what it was doing to her? “I, um…I suppose you want a turn now,” she said as she stood up on legs that looked like they were still a little bit wobbly.

“Um…” Jill was surprised to realize that she was blushing, and hoped that Lissa didn’t notice in the dim red light from the neon sign. It startled her just how badly she did want to spend some time staring at the pretty sparkling crystal and letting her mind drift away on a tide of liquid pleasure…and how much she wanted “some” to become “lots”. Jill suddenly felt a surge of sympathy for Lissa’s tiny little sigh of dismay when Jill brought her back.

She shook her head a little to clear it, trying to focus her mind on her little experiment. “Um, yeah, that sounds good. Are you okay, though?”

Lissa nodded absently. “I’m fine. Just a little stiff, though. I guess even relaxation wears you out if you do it long enough.” She idly reached around and scratched at the small of her back. Just a tiny, distracted gesture at first, but the look on Lissa’s face told Jill that the itch wasn’t going away.

Jill tried to hide her look of triumph. “You should also probably get some more water in you while I’m having my turn,” she said, working like hell to pretend she didn’t notice Lissa’s squirming and scratching as it got more intense. “And we should probably only do this when both of us are here. Can you imagine what would have happened if I’d been away for the weekend?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’d have…nnnh…have woken up when the sun came up and changed the…grrr…the light coming through the window,” Lissa said, now paying easily as much attention to trying to ease the itch on her back as to the conversation. Jill could probably set up a webcam and sell tickets; not only was Lissa jutting and thrusting her tits out as she reached around with both arms, trying to find the perfect angle to get at the elusive itch, but she alternated that with rubbing her back up against the wall to try to get a little relief. It wasn’t Jill’s thing, but she bet that somebody would want to watch it. ‘BigTittedItchyGirls.Com’, or something.

“Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t,” Jill said, trying hard not to smirk at the spectacle. “You said it was a quarter after five when you sat down; that means there was plenty of light coming through the window. Since we don’t know why it’s doing…um, this…let’s be careful to make sure someone can snap us out of it. Okay?”

“Yes,” Lissa snarled. “Fine fine fine! Grrr!” She contorted her arm around awkwardly, trying to get at the spot right between her shoulder blades. “Before you sit down, could you do me a favor? I’ve got an itch right where I can’t scratch it, and it’s driving me nuts!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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