Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 22

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Ladies room

Once in a while Mieke and I talk about fantasies we have that probably will stay just that. Fantasies.

Now a few weeks ago she told me that she has been talking to a few of her lady friends about how kinky our sex life was. And two of the women she talked to in confidence about that asked to reveal a little more details.

She wanted to spill the beans but told them that I would have to agree on that and also that they would never ever tell anybody else about them.

I am not ashamed of my sexual perversions but some people would be disgusted and would even judge me for them. I can understand disgusted but negative judgment would really not be fair and I would not be very comfortable with that.

So I told her it would be fine to tell them but only if they would be open and ready for something that most people would consider extremely off the rails and depraved. And also that they would not judge me because I feel I should be accepted the way I am. I did not create myself, now did I?

Mieke would have to stick out feelers first how they would react.

The following days she had a ladies night out with four girls and after a few drinks mentioned it again and also mentioned my conditions for the great reveal.

At first the two ladies that asked for more detail immediately agreed to my terms and that made the other two girls very curious. One of them asked for more information too, telling that she was into watersports. So she thought that revelation of herself would be enough reason for a trade in secrecy.

The second girl now was a little hesitant but finally also revealed her own kink. She liked it very much to be a mistress to her boyfriend. She would tie him up all day and do all kinds of kinky things to him, like inserting a big butt plug, peeing in his mouth through a funnel, applying nipple clamps, farting in his face and basically letting him squirm in yearning for cumming by teasing his cock to the extreme.

Soon enough, as Mieke told me, you could smell the girls because they were bursa escort getting wet. All four of them were very excited about this.

So Mieke decided, when promised no one would ever tell anyone about all this, to tell what I was like and what I liked so deeply.

So this morning she tells me she has a big surprise for me. It is still early and I hear the door bell ring. Mieke says she will get it and tells me to wait in the lounge.

A few moments later I am surrounded by five giggling women. What were they up to?

I introduce myself and ask if they would like coffee or tea. They all agree on coffee.

When I come back from preparing coffee they start firing questions at me about my life and most of all how I met Mieke and what it is I like best about her.

I have no trouble answering because Mieke satisfies my deepest needs.

I still don’t know what they are up to and could not have dreamt about what was about to come.

Then Mieke tells me to go to the shower room and undress. Now I get a little hunch.

My cock immediately is alive. If I am right about what is going to happen this will be so awesome!

I enter the shower room. I undress and hear Mieke opening the door. She tells me to lie on the floor and she puts the contraption with the toilet seat over my head. We used that thing a lot together but so far only for Mieke to dump and pee on me. She ties my hands to the legs of it.

Mieke gives me a look full of love and I understand what is going to happen now. She tells me that for all the time the women visit they will use me as their personal ladies room. Their toilet.

At that thought my stomach turns. But in a good way.

Then she puts a plastic transparent ring with a high rim around my face. This should prevent anything from sliding off my face.

Then she turns the lights off and closes the door behind her. Now I wait.

I am comfortable on the floor on a soft plastic matrass so I can wait as long as needed.

After what I think is half an hour or so the bursa escort bayan door opens. I cannot see who it is but the girl coming in gives me a whispering compliment about my naked body. Then I hear her stripping down her pants.

She sits down on the seat and I can smell her pussy. Obviously she is horny and wet. She whispers to open my mouth. I oblige and then she starts to pee. Although most of it splashes on my cheeks I also manage to get a lot of her piss in my mouth and I eagerly drink it. The wonderful, not too salty, taste brings me to ecstasy. If my hands would not have been tied I would have begun to jerk off. But I am OK because there will be more of this coming.

She wipes and puts her pants back on and says she will be back later with more tasteful stuff.

Immediately after she leaves the shower room the next girl comes in. She says she is Laura and giggles. I remember Laura. She has nice long red hair.

Laura apparently doesn’t wear panties because she holds up her skirt and sits down and starts to piss without warning. I also try to drink as much as possible. This time it is not only pee. I hear a loud fart above me and I do my best to smell it in to be completely indulged in the whole process.

Then the first firm little turd comes out and lands on my nose. I am so excited. The rest if her poo comes out fast and it is quite soft and creamy. The smell is awesome. Very disgusting for most people but for me this makes me even hotter. The soft goo spreads out almost over my whole face. I had opened my mouth widely and I suck in all the poo I can and swallow it. This is so great. The taste is very bitter and is totally different from the taste of Mieke’s shit. Her shit mostly has a soft and earthy taste but this tastes like the smell and I am so horny right now but can’t do anything about that for the time being.

To my big surprise Laura bends down and for a short while puts my dick in her mouth. That makes me even more crazy. She tells me this is only to tease me a little. She stands escort bursa up and leaves me with giggle.

Before Laura leaves the shower room loud banging on the door announce that another girl is outside who has to go real bad.

This time Mieke herself rushes in, sits down and lets go of big stream of piss and a lot of near liquid diarrhea. This is the very best! I like this so much. This time I close my mouth to be able to enjoy the warm oozing feeling on my face as long as possible. Fortunately I have this plastic rim around my face so it stays on my face and not slides off. Being almost unable to breathe Mieke puts the short piece of garden hose that we used more often in my mouth. Now I can breathe normal again. Could not have freed my nose or mouth myself because my hands are tied.

I am wondering what the other girls would do. Mieke’s diarrhea probably smells to gross for them to come into the shower room. Mieke is guessing my thoughts and says that they will simply have to hold their breath and use me as quick as possible and then leave again.

One more girl is coming in after a while and Mieke assists her by putting a funnel into the other end of the garden hose. She pees in it little by little so I can take a breath in between. Otherwise I would have a hard time swallowing. That works like a charm.

That last girl finishes off by producing a enormous pile of creamy shit on top of all the other shit. I can not see anything anymore. My whole face is buried in it.

They let me lay there for an hour longer. I hear voices in the hallway and goodbyes. The show is over I guess.

Then Mieke comes in and tells me how proud she is of me and also how horny she did get.

She smears all the shit hard over my face, removes the rim and the seat and smears everything over my whole head, face, hair. Everywhere.

Then she unties me and tells me to jerk off while she sits in my face. She slides up and down over my face faster and faster and begins screaming. She almost cums. At that moment I cum too. A bog explosion of my sperm shoots up and even lands on Mieke’s boobs. Then she comes too.

Mieke continues to smear the remains of all the shit over the rest of my body and almost leaves no spot uncovered.

After regaining my breath it is shower time for the both of us.

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