Gabrielle and Melissa

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Gabrielle was a stunning 5’10 with cinnamon colored skin. She had dark hair and brown eyes. She reminded me of a Hawaiian swimsuit model. Our career paths had crossed years ago briefly and we remained friends. She had recently gone through an ugly divorce and needed a place to call home. I graciously offered her one of my guest rooms. I had a large home for a single girl and could use a hand with the mortgage payments. My lovers were jealous of her but I always reassured them she was straight. No one knew of our experimentation but that ended what seems like decades ago. I safely guarded her secret.

“Good afternoon,” Gabby said gleefully. A young blue-eyed man slipped out the door sheepishly behind her and left the house. I chuckled at how bashful he seemed. She had a habit of bringing home men. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to be up working late and walk into my kitchen to find some strange man in boxer briefs rummaging through cabinets to get himself a snack or a glass of water. I stayed out of her affairs and she stayed out of mine.

“He seemed to be a bit young,” I said laughing.

“He’s 21! The young ones have more stamina…and are willing to learn new things,” she said almost evilly. Some of the men she brought home were half her age and others not far off from her middle age. She did have a point; it is very hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

“No sexy women crawling from your bed this morning, Mel?”

“It’s afternoon actually and no, I needed some long overdue sleep,” I said sincerely. I did not have many lovers frequent my bed. I often rotated between a select few, friends with benefits you could say. I had every intention of settling down one day but haven’t found the right woman yet.

“You making dinner or am I tonight?”

“Actually, I’m going out with Liz tonight,” I replied.

“Ah, so you were saving your energy up for tonight,” she teased, “At least bring me some yummy left overs will ya,” she said with pleading eyes.

“Sure thing,” I said as I headed off to do some laundry.

Liz and I returned to my place around 10 pm. Gabby had clearly already found herself in the arms of some man. She did not cum quietly. I found her sounds very erotic and when I didn’t have a lover I often got off listening to her. By the time I had returned from the bathroom, Liz had stripped naked and lay on my bed exposing her petite little body. She was not more than 5’4 with dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. She was so tiny I could pick her up. I loved that about her. I quickly found my harness and slid it on. I picked Liz up and carried her over to the wall. Her arms were wrapped liseli porno around my neck and my hands gripped her ass tightly as I fucked her. The position is physically demanding on the body but it also allows for great G-spot and clitoral stimulation so orgasms come quick, reducing much of the fatigue.

I slipped on my pajama pants and t-shirt to go get some glasses of water. Gabby stood there with her head in the fridge wearing nothing but a loose tank top and panties. I admired the view for a moment, “If you’re looking for your left overs they are on the bottom shelf.”

She turned towards me, eyes even with the rock hard dildo showing underneath my thin pants, “Lucky girl.”

“Where’s today’s mystery man,” I said sarcastically.

“Already done with him. He was kind of boring,” she said blatantly. She had high standards in bed and that was always intimidating about her.

“Well, if you’re bored… I’m sure Liz wouldn’t mind a third,” I said jokingly. She just grinned, “You’d better get back up there. It’s not nice to keep a girl waiting.” She disappeared back up to her room. I returned to Liz and brought her a glass of water to quench her thirst. She gulped the water down and yanked my pants down. She rode me until she came again and then returned the favor. She slid my harness off and parted my legs. She gently kissed the inside of my thighs sending a rush of anticipation through my body. She would build my orgasm then moved way and kiss me teasingly.

“Please,” I begged. She licked my clit slowly still teasing me. “Please, Liz, Please!” Content she finally got enough begging, she attacked my clit vigorously with her tongue and fucked me with her finger until my whole body spasmed out of control. We felt asleep tangled up together.

We woke up and I offered to make her some breakfast. She sat at the breakfast bar sipping coffee as I make some eggs and bacon. Gabby came trodding down the stairs still half asleep. I poured her a cup of coffee and slid it the edge of the counter. She furrowed her brow at Liz who was sitting in “her” favorite spot. She grumbled and took her coffee out to the patio.

“I think she’s jealous,” Liz said bitterly.

“Oh, she’s just bitter you’re in her chair. Plus you know she’s not a morning person,” I offered as an excuse. I did notice how Gabby always seemed a little be more irritable when I had an overnight guest. There seemed to be a jealous bone yet she could never date a woman. I shook the idea out of my head and continued to make breakfast.

We enjoyed our breakfast and chatted for a bit before Liz returned mobil porno home. I like the connection I had with my lovers. We had a connection beyond just sex. We had relationships. I could count on them for more than an orgasm.

I went outside to join Gabby on the patio, “You know she wants to be more than just fun, Mel.”

“No, she doesn’t. She just has a jealous side. She could never be in a relationship with me. She just likes having me to herself whenever she wants,” I said.

“Smart girl,” Gabby smirked as she took another sip of coffee.

“So what happened to your man last night,” I questioned.

“He couldn’t stop from shooting his load. I need to cum more than once. He was more of a, 5 minutes and it’s over kind of guy. Sounds like you two didn’t have that problem,” she laughed.

“Best part of Vixskin, it feels real but it never goes limp,” I boasted.

She raised her eyebrows as if she was in deep thought for a moment. She didn’t say a word but seemed to be lost in thought.

“Well I need a shower,” I said getting up to head inside. I went upstairs to clean up. I always felt more awake and energized after a hot shower. I dried off and hung up my towel. I headed into my bedroom to find Gabby laying across my bed on her side.

“I love your sexy little body she said,” starring at my exposed nude body. I blushed.

“What are you doing in here,” I said as I went over to my drawers to find something to wear. She got up and came up behind me wrapping her arms around me as I searched through my drawer.

“I need to finish. I need to be fucked,” she said sliding her hand towards my clit. I had been waiting for years to hear those words. I spread my legs for her to slide her finger inside me. She fucked me with her finger until I came. I had to return the favor. She stripped her clothes as I got out my toys. I pushed her down on the bed. I stood at the edge of the bed and slid her legs up over my shoulders. I slammed my cock deep side her. She moaned loudly. I could hear the sound of my skin smacking against hers with every thrust.

“Fuck me, oh God, harder. Give it to me,” she screamed as I fucked her faster. She began to shutter and moan but I didn’t stop. I kept going and she burst into another wave of orgasms.

I slid out of her and laid on the bed, catching my breath. She rolled over and kissed me. I knew she wasn’t done. She leaned over me, “I know you’re not too tired yet. You have a lot more energy than that.” She took my cock deep into her mouth and my hips bucked. She knew how to get my attention. She deep throated öğrenci porno my cock and then climbed on top of me, sliding my dildo inside her.

“You can rest for a bit while I do the hard work,” she teased. She knew she had me wide awake and wet after she sucked my cock. I bucked my hips, sliding inside her as far as possible. She grinned and began bouncing up and down on my cock. Her tits bounced as she rode me. I loved looking over her body. I smacked her ass harder with every stroke. She squeezed her tits as she came, “Mmmmm.”

“I know you you’re all wet watching me cum. It’s your turn now. Let met fuck you. I’ll be gentle, I promise,” she pleaded. I slid off my harness and she put it on. She sat Indian-style on the bed and I climbed onto her lap. I put the cock inside me and held onto her shoulders. My pussy was wrapped tightly around the cock. I was not used to being fucked. I loved the way it felt. She circled my clit with her thumb as I rode her. The feeling was almost too overwhelming to have her cock inside me and my clit rubbed at the same time.

She began to whisper in my ear,” You like that, baby? My cock feels good, doesn’t it? Watching you ride me makes me longed to be fucked again.” Her words sent me over the edge. I squeezed her nipple and bit her shoulder as I came. The orgasm was more intense than most.

“As I promised, here you go,” she said as she dropped the harness on the bed. She got on all fours and put her sexy tan ass in the air. Her asshole was exposed. I poured the lube on her hole and rubbed my finger across her opening. Then, I slid it inside her. Her tightness engulfed my finger. I lubed up my cock and entered her slowly.

“Aaaah, yessss,” she moaned. I had never had anal sex before. I pulled her hair, “Fuck me harder.” I followed her every command. “OH MY GOD,” she screamed as she exploded. The wetness between my legs began to drip down my leg. I slid out of her carefully. I slipped my harness off and laid down.

“That was pretty damn hot,” I said grinning.

“I’ll show you hot.” She spread my legs and pushed her hair behind her shoulders. She began to lick the cum from my legs. She sucked on my clit, tasting every bit of my wetness. My lips were swollen and my clit was tender. She looked up at me as she licked me. She knew how to drive me wild. I pulled her hair in my hand and pushed on the back of her head. The more I squeezed and pulled, the more she knew she was teasing me in all the right places. “Oh, Gabby” I let out a little moan. She licked me slowly. She pulled my clit into her mouth sucking me as her tongue flicked across my clit. My whole body began to shake and shiver. I pulled her hair tight, “Fuck yes, Gabby. Oh fuck.” I felt all the muscles in my legs tense and twitch. She proudly licked the cum from her lips.

She leaned in and kissed me, “Now I need a shower. Maybe we’ll do that again soon.” She walked away grinning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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