Goddess Mina: Cravings

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I have been obsessed since I left her lair. I have not been able to function at all. I have been bewitched, bothered and bewildered. I am a zombie, a full on foot zombie for my Goddess Mina

A week had passed since our meeting and I made an appointment to visit my Goddess again. Our first meeting only wet my appetite. It was setting the table of addiction for me. I walked into a buzz saw and I now am at her mercy. I could not do anything right in the days following my first session with Goddess Mina. All I could do was think about her. Her eyes saw into my soul, she knew it….I knew it. I was done for, useless to everyone except her. She had a use for me. I am doomed.

Her feet are the most beautiful pair I have ever seen. They are a footman’s delight. Her perfect toes a veritable feast for the foot aficionado. She is a siren and uses her face, body and feet to bring men to their doom. She not only knows this, she relishes in it.

I have fantasized for many years about a pair of feet that would tempt me to sell my soul. I prayed for them. I wanted to be absolutely owned by these feet. I have found that with Goddess Mina. They are so perfect I find them other worldly. My existence is to worship them, massage them, and gaze upon them. I just met her but now I live to serve her.

We had been trading emails back and forth during the week. She was very generous with her time and she was benevolent in reaching out to me to see if I was ok. I was ensnared in her web. I am not ok anymore; I am her pet, her property. Nothing will ever be ok again. I am laid to waste. My appointment set, I was on my way.

The drive over was the same. I was in a fog and numb. I was filled with anxiety. I wanted to serve her well. I want to become her favorite. I want to be the best she has. I went over our prior meeting a hundred times Bycasino in my head. I ran over the instructions to make sure I did everything correctly. I arrived promptly and climbed the stairs to her apartment. I took the stairs two at a time. I couldn’t wait to see her another second.

I was greeted by my goddess dressed in workout gear. She is a vision and I couldn’t believe that I was in her presence again. I looked down and I noticed she was barefoot. I am jelly. Goddess directed me to get on all fours and wait for her by the sofa. I did as I was told and waited in silence I heard her heels click into the room. Goddess instructed me to breath deep and relax we were going to have a good time and that I was safe there. I was staring at the floor trying to calm my breathing I heard her walking around me. She came to where my head was and I was greeted by open toed heels. She took my head between her calves and squeezed me. She told me to relax and have fun.

I was ordered to go to the kitchen to bring her in tea that she had steeping and a glass of water. When I came back to my goddess I was greeted by her dressed beautifully in a pair of panties, a nice bra and a long sheer black robe. On her feet, black open toed heels. Her long smooth beautiful legs crossed at the ankles. I was told to put the tea on the table and lay on my back under her heels. I was on the floor in a flash. Her heels dug into me a bit and she circled my body and face with them. Like a lioness circling her prey. I am not a fan of pain and she dug her heels in a few times. I gritted my teeth and took it. I wanted to show her I could. She seemed to be pleased by my fortitude. She then asked me to unzip her shoes and I did so with shaking hands. She slowly peeled them off, making sure she did so right over my face. The heels bounced off of me and fell to the Bycasino giriş side of my splayed body. I held my breath as her feet traced my face. She looked down on me lovingly and covered my face.

Her toes closed over my nose and she rubbed them tenderly over my eyes and lips. These two villains were stealing my heart. Her feet pulled me in tight to the couch and she gazed at me. I was hardly breathing my eyes were dilated as her soles took out the light in the room and covered my face completely. I was in heaven; this is where I could easily spend ten hours a day. This is where I want to be always. She moved them around my upturned face I was at her mercy and she enjoyed it I know she did.

Goddess told me to sit up and face her as she sat on the couch. I was given the book of Dylan Thomas poetry that I had gifted her on my first visit. I was told to read her marked selections to her. It was a very intimate moment as I read poetry to my goddess as she rested her feet on my shoulders. It was a very real moment. I enjoyed reading to her. I was then told to remove my glasses and put the book down and remain where I was sitting.

Goddess Mina asked me to kiss her feet. I did so with passion. She had me stick out my tongue and she wiped both of her feet on it. Up and down side to side my tongue bathed her feet in all their glory. I was told to open my mouth. This was new. The first visit I had I was not instructed to open my mouth. Her big toe entered my open mouth and was pushed in and out. I held my breath. I felt like a virgin giving their first back seat blow job. I froze a bit but I liked it. I want to make this clear I have never considered putting a cock in my mouth ever. But my goddess put me in that space with that one movement. Her toes invaded my mouth and at one point she put all five toes of her left foot Bycasino güncel giriş into my mouth and pushed. My mouth acquiesced and expanded to allow it all to fit. I almost came in my pants. Goddess stuck her toes and feet in and out of my mouth for some time she seemed to enjoy it very much. I was in love with it. I questioned why in my head many times. I treated the toes expertly like a pro hooker. I look forward to doing it again.

My goddess and I have a business arrangement. There is no sex of any kind. I respect the boundaries of this agreement but it does not stop me from fantasizing about her sitting on my face and using my tongue for her amusement. I would do whatever she required and I am sure she knows that. I have not even masturbated thinking of these sessions yet. I feel that it would tarnish it. It is pure and I love it. I am at her mercy at all times.

I had a dream last night about her. It was sexual in nature and I know it will never happen in real life. I will share it the readers here but will hope that she will not read this part. I dreamed that I was being used to clean her feet as she arrived back from the gym glistening with sweat. I remove her sneakers and socks and clean her sweaty feet with my tongue. She reads her emails as I soother and clean her tired feet. It became all too much and I came in my pants. She is angered by this and tells me to remove my pants. She wants to see what I have done. She is horrified that I would do such a thing and places her bare feet in the mess. She swirled her feet around in it and then put them to my face and commands that I clean it all up. I do so without hesitation till I have cleaned up the entire indiscretion. I have never in my life ever considered doing this. In my dream I did it because I was told by my goddess to do so. I am sure if it happened in real life I would follow instruction for her…I know it won’t but I can dream about it.

I am looking forward to my next session with my goddess. I will succumb to my cravings. I have changed my life. I am hers. She owns me in every way I love it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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