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My husband is away on business. It is 9 A.M. and I am at home exercise on my stepper when I hear a knock on the door. Damn! I say as I grab a towel on the way to door. I always get bothered when I try to workout. I open the door and a tall black man wearing a suit smiles and says he is my husband’s boss William, and he has come by to check on me. I am a bit embarrassed, as I am wearing a pair of spandex shorts and a bikini top and am hot and sweaty meeting my husband’s boss for first time.

A little about me before I continue. I am 33 and from Thailand. I almost 5 feet tall, about 110 pound, and my measurement are 32C-22-32. I have been married about 9 years, and my husband has been my only lover. I have been in the states since high school, but am still rather shy around strangers.

Not sure what to do, I invite William inside and offer a drink. He say a beer would be great so I bring back two and we sip beer make small talk. I can tell he check me out as we talk and it make me a little nervous, but he seem like nice man. He take jacket off and I notice how muscular he is. One of my neighbors has dated several black men and has mention several time how well hung black men are. The beer relaxes me and suddenly I am check out Henry’s crotch to see if my friend is right.

I guess my neighbor was not lying as it look like William have large cucumber in his pants. As my eyes refocus on his face, he is smiling at me. My face turns red as I realize I must have been staring. William steps closer staring at gaziantep escort my breasts and asks if I like what I see as much as he does. I now realize why he is staring as my nipples have suddenly become very noticeable through my bikini top. I also realize I have become very wet between my legs and it not sweat.

I am speechless and suddenly William’s hands are pushing down on my shoulders and I am drop to my knees before him. My eyes now focus on huge bulge in front of me. I am try to think of something to say as he is undoing his pants and lowering them and his boxers. Now I am face to face with the largest cock I have ever seen. Although still soft it nearly twice as long and thicker than my husband’s.

Take it in your hands William says, and for some reason I do as I am told. It look so beautiful this big black dick growing in my hands. Suddenly I am taking the big head into my mouth because William said to. My eyes are looking up into his eyes to make sure I am pleasing him as I begin to rock back n forth on my knees take his long dick further into my mouth each time I rock forward.

Picture a married, petite, and normally shy asian woman on her knees moaning softly as she try to suck a nearly foot long black dick almost as thick as her arm into her throat. My mind is racing: I am cheat on my husband for first time this man simply ask and I have performed I never been so turned on by anyone, include my husband Right now my priority in konya escort life is to please this strange black man

William is suddenly grab my head and fuck my mouth like a pussy. His cock seems like it even bigger as it begin to throb in my mouth. I am gagging slightly, as his balls begin to smack against my chin (he force me take all). My body is shake and I am cum hard as William continues to feed me his lovely black pole. As soon as I come back to my senses, he groans and warm liquid begin to fill my mouth. With his large cock already deep in my mouth, all I can do is swallow to keep from drown in his hot cum. Again and again I swallow as his big dick continue to spurt.

I awake to find William sit on couch look down at me. I fell asleep lay on couch with my head in his lap. He motions to his cock which is semi-hard in my hand. Without a word this time I begin to suck his beautiful black cock. In only a few strokes with my mouth it fully hard again and I realize I truly love to suck his black dick.

This time William’s hands pull off my bikini top and play with my breasts and squeeze my nipples as I suck him. Next he peel off my shorts and play with my wet pussy as I suck on his big balls. First one and then two of his large fingers are inside me. Once again I am moaning as I suck his big dick. William then stands and easily lifts me off the couch and carries me upstairs to me and my husband bed.

He lays me back on the bed and I see this long black kayseri escort cock aim between my legs. Suddenly I feel very aware of the size and I scared wondering if it will fit inside of me. William is reminding me how he finally got all his cock in my mouth. He rubs his dick against my wet pussy (it never been so wet in my life) and then pushes the big head inside. It feel so good, but hurt to as he slowly begin stroke me with it. It feel like it hit bottom and it only half inside me.

Now William is really start to fuck me and I begin to cum hard on his cock as it go further inside. This only make him fuck me harder and faster. I feel like I’m in a dream as his big balls begin to slap my ass and I cannot stop cum on his huge cock. My husband never do me this hard or long before. William slow down and pull out of me. I begin to think I do something wrong when he tell me to turn over.

I turn over on my hands and knees and William proceed to fuck me from behind. This time he grab my breasts and slap my ass as he fuck me really hard. A totally new position for me as I usually always ride my husband. After awhile like this he turn me back over on my back and put his dick between my breasts. I am holding my breasts together around him as he stroke between them. William then tells me to stroke his cock in my hands as he is about to cum. I stroke his big dick which soon starts to shoot all over my face. I take it into my mouth again to get last few spurts as I love the taste of his hot cum.

When I awaken, William has already showered and dressed. I ask if he can stay the night with me, but he say he supposed to meet his ex-wife and kids for dinner. I cannot believe we spend whole day have sex. As William leaves he says he will call and extend my husband business trip and that he be back tomorrow to check on me some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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