Fantasy Vacation Ch. 02

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The adventure continues with Terrie and Mike spying on there neighbors and getting aroused themselves and fucking twice in one day, something they haven’t done in sometime.

Mike rolled over to snuggle with Terri when he discovered she was not here. Sitting up he looked at the small clock located next to the bed. The large red numbers indicated it was only 2:00 AM. Thinking that maybe she went to the bathroom Mike looked in that direction but there was no light coming from under the door. It was not like her to wonder off alone in the middle of the night so Mike decided to get up and look for her. Still naked he walked to the cabin hatch and he could hear the faint sound of music coming from outside and thought maybe she went on deck to check it out.

The night air was warm so Mike did not bother to put on his robe besides nobody would be up roaming around at this hour of the morning. When he reached the top step, he opened the door slowly and gazed outside. The music was louder now and he knew it was coming from the houseboat anchored across the dock. When he stepped out on deck, he spotted Terri standing in the shadows next to the railing watching the couple on the houseboat again. Hoping not to frighten her, he walked up behind her and planted a kiss on her shoulder. Startled at first, Terri disengaged her hand from the rail and started to turn around when Mike stopped her.

“What are you doing out here?” Mike asked, slipping his arms around her waist before she could fully turn around.

“I woke up to use the bathroom and I heard the music and thought I’d see what was going on.” Terri said.

“I guess those people never sleep?” Mike replied, moving his hands up and cupping both of Terri’s heavy breasts as they keep an eye on the couple next door.

The couple was sitting on the couch naked and the man was fondling the girls pointed breasts causing her nipples stiffen as he kissed her. After a few minutes of this, they broke the kiss, his head dropped to one rigid nipple, and he passionately sucked the swollen peek between his lips. The scene across the way caused Mike’s cock to inflate for the second time tonight as he stood behind Terri. Feeling his cock pressing up against her Terri press back and slowly rotated her hips letting Mike know she was just as excited as he was.

“Looks like you enjoy watching them?” Mike said, while his hand creeping inside her robe, tickling her moist vagina.

“It is kind of exciting to watch someone else!” Terri replied, bumping her rear end backwards, and wiggling her tailbone against Mike’s naked prick as they focused their attention on the loving couple next mersin escort door.

They both watched as the girl’s hand gripped the hard cock between them and began stroking faster and faster on the male shaft causing it to grow harder with each jerk. Then suddenly she stopped, bent over and sucked him into her open mouth. Her head began to slide up and down on his shaft then her long red hair fell across her shoulders, blocking the view.

“Damn!” Mike mumbled into Terri’s ear. “Her hair got in the way!”

After a few minutes, the young woman removed her lips from mans rod then lowered herself to the floor. There on hands and knees like a bitch in heat, she wiggled her naked ass at her other half. Terri and Mike watched as her lover, knelt behind her shapely ass and rubbed the head of his cock over and between her smooth ass cheeks. Next, the girl lowered her head and he gripped her hips and thrust forward, impaling her to the hilt. Then with his heavy balls hanging under his cock, he started moving in and out of her tight pussy very slowly allowing her to get accustomed to his size. Then as she began to shove her ass back, he started pumping her pussy hard.

Still standing behind Terri massaging her breasts, Mike decided it was time to move on. He released her tits and unfastened the belt holding her robe closed. Then reaching inside he squeezed one fleshy breast gently in his hand while he continued to play with her dripping pussy with the other. Her nipples were stiff with desire as she leaned back toward him and moaned.

“That feels so good, baby,” Terri moaned. “Keep it up!”

“This performance is getting to you again isn’t it?” Mike asked continuing to fondle her breast and pussy.

“You better believe it,” Terri answered reaching behind her and squeezing Mike’s cock. “It looks like it’s having the same effect on you too?”

Before Mike could ask Terri if she wanted to go back to bed and finish what they had going, they heard the girl next-door scream. “Fuck me, baby! FUCK ME HARD!”

They both looked over and saw the girl’s boyfriend was holding her hips with both hands while he pounded his stiff member into with a hard, steady rhythm. Her ass was thrusting rearward with each powerful stroke while his stomach slapped against her rear cheeks.

“Fuck me, fuck my pussy!” she bellowed, reaching for her clit as the stud worked his cock rapidly in and out of her.

“He sure knew how to make her happy,” Mike said as he watched the guys’ hips moving from side to side thrusting inside her fiery red pussy.

“You can say that again,” Terri kocaeli escort replied.

Sensing Terri’s need for cock, Mike forced her forward, telling her to brace herself on the deck rail. Then lifting up her robe he placed his cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy slipping past her moistened folds then embedded his hard shaft to the hilt. Terri moaned and set out riding her husbands’ cock, matching each stroke of his tool with the couple next door.

Staying put on his knees, Mike and Terri watched the guy pull out his massive member from ladies red hairy pussy. Slick with her love oil they keep an eye on him as he positioned the tip at the entrance of her taut, reddish-brown asshole. Then they heard him as her. “This is what you really want isn’t it?”

“Yes, fuck my ass!” She yelled, thrusting her ass at him. “Fuck me in my ass!” Then pressing her face into the cushion on the floor, she wiggled back against his cock head as he nudged her tiny butthole with his prick.

“You ready for this?” he asked his voice husky.

“Yes,” she hissed. “Give it to me!”

Holding her cheeks wide with both hands, he applied steady pressure until the head of his dick was inside. With a few steady shoves, he was in all the way, his body flush against her smooth ass. When his balls touched the back of her thighs, he stopped moving. The girl held her breath as his prick throbbed inside her, stretching deep into her ass. Unable to endure the feeling any longer she grunted, urging him to start moving.

The guy withdrew all but the head of his massive cock then plunged in again and they were soon fucking like a well-oiled sex machine. He was squeezing her ass with both hands and the throaty sounds of pleasure growing louder as his thrusts grew out of control. He was going to explode at any minute.

“Cum in my ass!” The girl howled, teetering on the brink of orgasm. “I want to feel you’re cum shooting in my ass!”

“Not yet,” the guy said between clenched teeth. “I want to see the look on your face when you cum.” He responded.

Terri’s knees began to wobble as she kept an eye on his cock thrusting in and out of the girls’ tight ass. At the same time her own fingers were busy teasing her clit as she rode Mike’s cock hard and they watched as the couple changed positions again.

She was now lying on her back as she held her legs high and wide while he speared her ass again. There were no needed preliminaries this time, just a hard hot prick filling her.

“Look at the size of his cock,” Mike pointed out to Terri. “Think you could handle that in your pussy?”

Judging samsun escort by Terri’s increased tempo the concept of having sex with the young blonde next door went flashing through her mind. She pictured him between her wide spread legs, sliding that ten-inch cock into her pussy because before she had time to think, the answer escaped her lips. “Oh God, Yes!”

Her response stunned Mike at first. Then the likeness of Terri and the male next door flashed across his mind, causing his cock to thicken even more. They were now bucking against each other, harder and faster, their moans of pleasure filling the night air. Mike could feel Terri’s pussy pulse and throb around his plunging cock and he knew she was approaching her own orgasm.

Feeling his cock pumping into her harder, Terri began to tremble, spasming wildly, her cunt clenching Mike’s cock. With every thrust of his prick into her pussy made her grow wilder and wilder as she neared orgasm. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder, Mike!” Her cunt began to spasm around his shaft as she climaxed.

Mike bent forward and seized Terri’s breasts as his cum roared up and out of his cock. The enormous waves of raw sexual pleasure rocked him, one after another in a steady progression as his balls pumped his hot semen into his wife’s pussy.

Mike and Terri’s attention returned to the couple on the houseboat when they heard a loud cry. “Fuck me!” The redhead yelled. “Fuck me up my ass.”

The man did just that, humping her rear end with long, hard strokes that filled her with his cock. Moving in and out of her tight, glove like opening, she moaned again, urging him to fill her hungry ass to the hilt. Then she rolled her hips, fucking back at him, squeezing with a practiced move that involved her sphincter and some internal ass muscles

With Mike’s cock still hard inside Terri’s cunt they watched and listened to the girl give her lover orders.

“Give it to me,” she squealed working her clit with two fingers. “Fuck my ass harder! I’m cumming! Oh God!” she screamed, as he rammed his prick to the hilt emptying his balls into her bowels. When it was over, they collapsed in a tangled heap of arms and legs.

Terri and Mike remained in the shadows watching the couple as they went through their orgasm together. When they were finished, Mike withdrew his cock from Terri’s cum-filled pussy and stepped back. The cool night air swirled around his cum covered cock as he looked down at Terri’s ass. He wished he could persuade her into trying anal sex but she wouldn’t hear of it. She was afraid that it might hurt too much so he didn’t push it.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.” Mike said, turning her around to kiss her sweet lips.

“That makes the two of us,” she replied as she returned his kiss. “It’s been a long time since we’ve fuck twice in one night and I’m tired. Let’s get some sleep.”

To Be Continued……….

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