Grace’s Friends

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It was a boring day. The drizzling rain and the low cool temperatures made it hard to even consider going out to the local clubs, so Ann, Caro (short for Carolyn) and Char (short for Charlotte) decided to drink themselves into a giddy frenzy.

Ann, 23 years old, 5’3″ tall with short brown straight hair that tickled her neck. Her soft, round face accented her entire body. Her breasts were very full and very round with tiny areolas that contained constant erect nipples. Her legs flowed into her ass that begged to be touched. She had the domineering personality, but held it in check with her friends.

Char, 22 years old, 5’2″ tall was a petite version of Ann with longer hair. She was far more reserved that either of the other girls, but she seemed to have a devious side of her that showed in her smile.

Caro, 23 years old, 5’2″ tall as well, but she was more developed than either Char or Ann. Her firm 36C breasts looked and felt a lot more than the bra size that held them back. Caro, however, was a little more of a flirt and like to flaunt her assets in a teasing manner… sometimes a little too much around her close friends that made her look like she wanted to explore something more. She always dressed in sexy tight pants and shirts that were too small, accenting her over-filled bra. When she smiled, it gave anyone and everyone sexual chills.

All three friends were over their friend Grace’s apartment since she was away on business, they could hang out at her apartment and clean out her liquor cabinet. Aside from work and the occasional dates, any combination of the group were tied at the hips. This afternoon was no different.

Since Grace was due home late the next day, the trio decided to raid the alcohol supply Grace owned. Polishing off every drop, the girls overindulged into a naughty playful group. But it was too much for Char to handle as she got really sick and headed home. Ann and Caro were a little surprised by Char’s quick departure but chalked it up to the partying they did the night before. Getting into a rambunctious mood, Ann found Grace’s laptop in her desk drawer and popped it open. Both girls were really feeling good and mischievous as they poked through Grace’s laptop until they opened a folder that shocked them both. As both girls gazed through the images and the stories in the file, they were finding their close friend to have a very naughty side they never knew. And both girls were not sure how to react, whether they were appalled or excited at the new information they found on their friend.

Even though the girls were best of friends, their sexual side of life was rather secret to the others, until now. As Ann flipped through the most private of Grace’s files, both girls realized that their friend was extremely sexual… with both men and women, at least, in her files. Silence filled the room as each and every intimate sexual file was read or viewed. There were lesbian stories, hardcore sex stories, mostly female nude images and a plethora of lesbian-related websites. After close to two hours of viewing the material on the laptop, both girls stared at each other. There was new enlightenment in both their eyes but neither of them knew how to handle it. Both had soaked panties that neither wanted to mention and lust-filled desire permeated from both of them. It was really hard for Caro to hide her ultra erect nipples pushing through her bra. Ann’s modest shirt covered her nipple reaction but her dry lips made it really hard to hide her constant lip licking. The sexual heat in the room was reaching scorching and desires were starting to come out as Caro made a subtle move towards Ann. A deafening thunder strike woke both girls out of their sexual desires and brought them back to reality.

Ann spoke first, “Ah, um… let’s not mention this to Char or Grace…”

Caro nodded. “We better head home.”

“Yea.” Ann’s reply was really empty and both girls knew it.

Placing the laptop back in its drawer, the girls left Grace’s apartment in silence and ventured home.

The next morning came quickly and Caro’s desires never left her once she realized that her best friend Grace was into girls. She found all her friends sexy and admired their sexual aura, but now knowing that Grace was more open changed everything. She had to admit to herself that she had masturbated a few times to thoughts of her girlfriends but it was just fantasies. She thought of spanking Ann’s cute ass and having Char play with her breasts, but she was enamored with Grace’s whole body. She even fantasized once that she got to taste every part of her body… to which, she came hard and long. These fantasies were rare, but they seemed to be much more vivid and ‘real’ now.

Wondering into the shower, Caro started to wash herself but couldn’t wash the thoughts out of her mind. Giving in, she fingered her pussy into one of the most intense orgasms she ever gave herself. So much so that she had to sit back in the tub for a while until her intense reaction wore down. It was the cold water doeda that came first helping her back into focus. Finishing quickly, she needed to contact Ann and do something about this.

On the other side of town, Ann was handling her new awareness in a different manner. Secretly, she was a sex dynamo. Her friends didn’t know that she loved sex and craved it all the time. She had such an appetite that she would wear out her boyfriends and then continue with her own masturbation. Her collection of toys were very well used. She had a girl/girl experience when she was fifteen, but didn’t find much in it since the girl couldn’t keep up with her. Since learning Grace’s secret and getting home, Ann had fucked her pussy with every toy she had a few times over. She had experienced at least a dozen fairly intense orgasms through the night and into the morning. She never thought of her friends in a sexual manner, but now, it was different. Hell, she knew Char was still a virgin, at least that is what she claimed. Finally finding time to shower and clean up, Ann made a late breakfast as her phone rang.

“Hey Ann… how are you this morning?” It was Caro.

Ann knew it would be her. “Hey… I’m… well… I’m…” Not finding the words.

Caro gave her the words. “Hot and horny?”

“Yea. Actually, yea… I’m very horny! And I’m so wet!”

This was the first time either girl had openly spoke about their sexual desire or feelings. They had talked about sex and guys, but never taking it deeper.

“I hear ya.” Caro replied. “My pussy won’t stop drooling.”

“Let’s go to Grace’s apartment, she won’t be home until really late tonight.” Ann suggested in a more commanding manner.

“Char is going to her parent’s house, so, we need not worry about her.” Caro said with a little more excitement than needed.

“Meet you there in an hour?”


As they both hung up, each wondered how far this was going to go.

On the way to Grace’s, Ann stopped at the liquor store and bought a twelve-pack of beer to help ease the feelings of anything that could happen. Both arrived at Grace’s apartment within seconds of each other. They embraced as they normally did, but this time, on cue, they kissed on the mouth. The kiss lingered longer than any time before and it seemed to fuel their desires even more. The kiss broke and both girls looked glossy-eyed at each other. Somehow they ushered each other into Grace’s apartment and found the laptop.

Both girls were dressed rather sexy. Caro’s shirt was fairly transparent showing her lace bra. Her tight white pants showed the outline of her thong panties. Ann wore a dark shirt that clung to her shapely breasts and a pair of jeans that fit every curve very nicely. As they fired up the laptop, each girl checked out the figure of their friend and admired the sight in front of them. After several beers and numerous opened files, both girls were extremely horny and the desires were flowing freely.

Grace was finally on her way home from a tough business trip. She was very fortunate that she caught an earlier flight and would be able to relax at home much sooner. Grace, just turned 24 years old. Her sweeping soft colored blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders encircling her lightly freckled innocent face. Her athletic body was the desire of many, both men and women. Her favorite part was her firm ass. She loved how she could wear just about any of her outfits and it would make her feel erotic. She loved dressing up and showing her ass off. Many of her short skirts barely covered her ass cheeks and she would wear them specifically to tantalize her potential lovers. But now she was in her business outfit that still made her feel sexy… and she was extremely horny. She was itching to get home and play hard. Spending two days on a business trip with her co-worker, Helena, sent her over the edge. Grace had intense desires to take Helena to bed but she was proving to be a challenge. At times she would toy with Grace, only to leave her extremely horny and frustrated. This trip was another one of those frustrations. So, Grace planned to take it out on her favorite toys. Getting home, she noticed that the lights were on. Dejected a little that Ann was probably over and would want to spend time together, she would have to wait to satisfy her sexual urges.

Soft moans and labored breathing emanated from both of them. Each had a hand in their lap idly rubbing their oozing pussies through their pants. Finding a video clip of two women in a sixty-nine had sent Ann over the edge and she turned to advance on Caro and let the desires take over, she looked over Caro’s shoulder and gasped.

The gasp was nothing to the expression on Grace’s face as she realized that her two best friends had violated her and found her most inner secrets. Almost oblivious to the meeting of the eyes between Ann and Grace, Caro parted her thighs more to rub harder and lean back in her chair. It was at that point that she felt Grace’s presence.

The eş değiştirmeli porno silence in the room was deafening. The anger and hurt was very evident on Grace’s face, but there was something…toying with her in the back of her mind. It was coming forward as she moved closer to her two drunk friends and saw that Caro’s hand was digging deep in between her thighs. She knew that look. Caro was close to cumming before she realized that Grace was home. Deep down Grace had desired Caro in the worst way. There was something special about her friend that made her desire her more and more… but she realized that it could never be. Grace felt she would have better luck taking Charlotte or Ann to bed before Caro. Oh, but those nights where her dildo worked overtime fantasizing about making love to Caro… Grace was now in a dilemma. Caro and Ann knew her secret. Confusion was taking over. Was she losing her friends, or were they honestly interested in some… play.

Five minutes of silence was too much… Caro broke the silence.

“Hi sexy!” She blurted out.

“Er, hi…” Grace’s response was reserved, but she did realize what Caro said.

“Oh come on… why don’t you get ‘really’ comfortable and join us.” It was slightly slurred but Caro’s voice was very inviting.

Sensing that this might be the day she might score, she nodded. “Sure… let me get out of my things and get more comfortable.”

Disappearing into her bedroom, Grace whipped her clothes off leaving the sexy black thong and matching sheer bra on while slipping on a pair of very loose fitting silk pajamas that allow her undergarments to be seen. Even though she felt violated by her friends, they were drunk and they were extremely horny. If there was ever going to be even a slight chance of tasting the fruits of her friends, this was it. So, dressing in sexy pajamas and exposing herself even more was playing on the hope of some experimenting.

“Hurry up Grace, Ann is trying to take my shirt off.” Caro’s squeal broke Grace’s daze.

As she walked out to her living area, she saw that it was true… they both were stumbling to take off each other’s shirt. The giggling was infectious. They both prided themselves as they had gotten each other’s shirt off and flung it at Grace. On cue, Grace grabbed her digital camera and shot a picture of the girls posing in their bras. In a bold move, Caro popped off her bra and exposed her breasts to her friends, flaunting her incredible assets, to which, both Ann and Grace stare in pure awe. Her breasts were firm as hell and her nipples were protruding predominately. They screamed to be sucked… Grace snapped a few pictures quick to remember this night. She wanted everything recorded. Not to be out done, Ann popped off her bra and her pants leave a very sexy lace pair of panties. She definitely had suckable nipples as well… Her feisty look needed to be captured… and Grace snapped more pictures. The laughter and giddiness rose as Caro and Ann toyed with each other in front of the camera. Then the whispering… smiling and they both looked at Grace. It was her turn… In a flash, Caro had removed her pajamas and Ann had several photos. The laughter continued as Grace tackled Caro to remove her pants. Fighting her off, Caro ran into Grace’s bedroom and onto the bed where Grace caught her and removed her pants.

“NICE!!!” Ann called from the door as she whistled at Caro’s pink lacey thong panties.

Being a little playful, Caro posed in sexy and alluring poses as the camera snapped up every sexy pose. Grace watched in amazement. Her best friend was posing in only see-thru panties on her bed and she was extremely horny. Grace’s hands were massaging her own breasts as she drooled fervently.

“Say, let’s go look at more pictures and really get horny.” Caro said looking directly into Grace’s eyes.

“Yea… I want to see more of those sexy videos.” Ann quipped as she bounced back to the laptop.

The three girls planted themselves practically on top of each other on the sofa with Grace in the middle. Ann was controlling the action on the laptop as the others watched. Her breasts were rubbing on Grace slightly as she moved the images around on the computer. A few more beers were polished off and the girls were really getting naughty and very playful. In a bold move, Grace softly touched Caro’s breast mimicking the image on the screen, to which, she moaned pleasantly. There was no resistance to Grace’s hand fully cupping her friend’s breast, so, she left it there idly toying with her nipple with her fingers.

“Okay… next picture I will imitate.” Ann stated as she watched her friend’s breast being played with.

Flipping to the next image… Ann found a voluptuous woman in a couple of fully naked poses showing her breasts, clean-shaven pussy and sexy ass. Smiling, Ann lost her panties and fully exposed herself to her friends. Both girls focused on her ‘landing strip’ pubic hair that lead down to a tightly closed genç porno pussy. Caro took the pictures as Ann flaunted her sex appeal. When she flipped over to she her ass off, Grace moaned at the sight of a nice ass with a very wet creamy center. Ann wiggled her ass at the girls and teased them even more.

“Come on… you know you want this ass, baby!” She giggled. “Ohh… spank me!”

So Caro did! It was so hot to hear the smack of flesh. Laughing at it, Ann got up and grabbed Caro giving her a sensuous hug.

“Okay, Caro, you act out the next set of images.” Ann said leading her back to the sofa. As the sat down, Ann placed a soft wet kiss on Grace’s neck. All the girls were being more touchy, feely as they got comfortable on the sofa. When the next image came up, they all laughed. It was a hot teen taking a shower and playing with herself.

“Awesome!” Caro screamed. “Let’s go do it!”

She was off in a flash into the shower with Grace right on her tail. The camera was taking picture after picture and Grace was drooling from her mouth and her pussy as she finally saw her friend’s private area up close. She was clean-shaven and had a very noticeable set of lips protruding from the folds between her thighs.

“Oh wow!” Grace spoke out louder than she wanted.

“OH… Grace has the hots for you.” Ann teased Caro.

The glowing smile on Caro’s face was accented even further than her dark brown eyes and cascading water over her hot body. She was almost asking Grace to join her in the shower. As Grace sized up her friend even more, she hesitated on jumping in the shower with her.

“Isn’t it cool how her belly button chain dangles down like that?” Ann whispered into Grace’s ear as they both got closer.

Even though she had a sexy chain, Grace was looking a little further south. The moment was gone and Grace missed her chance to jump in the shower with her friend as Caro turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

“Okay Grace, your turn!!!” Caro said slapping her ass. “Maybe you’ll get something really sexy.”

Out of the blue, Ann spoke out. “Too bad Char couldn’t be here… I’ll bet she would be into this so much!”

It was an odd thing to say and the way she said it left the other two wondering. They all knew that Char was truly innocent, or claimed to be, sexually. But something seemed to say that Ann and Char might have potential.

Refocusing on the task at hand, the friends huddled into the sofa in a mound of flesh. Grace was the only one dressed in anything. But as the girls watched the next set of images fill the screen, the room got awfully hot fast. The images were of a girl going down on another girl. They started with sucking on breast to full pussy licking. Grace had no problem doing that, and she knew she was good at it. But this was where everything would change. It was silent for a minute or so before Caro broke the tension.

“Oh, what the hell… I’m game… if you are Grace?”

“Sure, go for it!” Ann coaxed her on… but she was definitely feeling the effect of the alcohol.

“Yea… it’s just us.. I’ll never tell… Who knows… I might even like it!”

The last words were directly focused on Grace as Caro spoke with words and her eyes. She may have been drunk while she said them, but Grace wasn’t going to let the chance get away. Leading her onto a plush throw rug, Caro was laid down and Grace positioned herself over her.

“Lose the clothes.” Ann called from the sofa.

Stripping off her undergarments, Grace exposed herself fully to both of her best friends. She too had a very nicely shaven pussy, but it had a tiny tuft of hair just above her clit hood.

“Look at that ass, baby!!!” Ann called out. “Damn, so sexy.”

Looking down on her prey, Grace smiled at Caro.

“I’m gonna like this!” Caro whispered to Grace so only she could hear.

“Me too.” Grace replied back.

Grace followed Caro’s eyes as she brought her lips to her friend’s very taunt, erect breast. The smile on Caro’s face made it so much easier for Grace to do this with passion. Barely opening her mouth, Grace encircled the bullet-like nipple and sucked it into her mouth. Savoring the incredible experience, Grace closed her eyes fell into her own world. The silent moans from Caro were felt by her friend. Ann was no longer in the picture to either participant. As Grace’s tongue flicked over the areola, Caro whispered soft encouragement coaxing her to suck harder. Obliging, Grace got more aggressive, using her teeth to grasp the pert nipple, while her hand found the parted legs and the sodden valley between. Feeling the heat around her hand, Grace brought her cupped hand over her juice pussy enclosing on it tenderly. Her mouth had moved to the left breast and she was sucking and licking more aggressively.

“Oh YES!…” Caro’s moaning was loud and clear.

Ann was still on the sofa giving her pussy a workout watching her best friends share in an intimate moment that was beyond any fantasy. Here she was, as sexually hot as can be, watching girl-girl action five feet from her. The sloshing sound of pussy juices being mixed with her hand filled the room with the gasps and moans of Caro. Ann was amazed how fluid and smooth Grace acted with her friend. It was very apparent that she was no novice at this.

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