Hannah’s Magic Ch. 04

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS – This series is a series about a girl named Hannah who has discovered that she actually has magical powers (levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and a whole heck of a lot more). She in turn uses her powers to have amazing sexual adventures with various partners as well as her friend Cindy. This series has many parts, but we like to think that each story can stand alone just fine.

While the ‘magical’ aspect of things mostly sets up the scenarios that Hannah enjoys, there are various times where she does use her magical powers to enhance her sex. The sex mainly found in this series is that of the lesbian nature, but expect to occasionally find heterosexual and group sex. If you do not believe that is in your interest, we advise you to look elsewhere. If you are open to this idea, enjoy.


Cindy couldn’t sleep. It was a hot night.

Cindy continually found herself tossing in turning in her bed, rolling her sheets blankets about as she lie half covered by them. In her pink tank top and her tiny spaghetti string panties, she lie their sweating and unable to keep her eyes closed. Her sexy curves and bare skin glistened as the powerful moonlight poured in the window. Her perfect ass cheeks seemed to glow as their round curves bounced the white light off of her skin.

Uncomfortable with the night air, Cindy tossed onto her back. She found herself staring up at the ceiling in her massive bed, her sweaty cleavage spilling out of her tiny pink tank-top. Her chest moved up and down with each breath as Cindy tried to cool herself down. Sweat dripped down between her massive breasts as they sank and rose with her breathing. Cindy tossed the blankets completely off her body and lie there in her tank-top and thong, staring at the ceiling and hoping for a wink of sleep. But the heat of the night air and the constant thoughts rolling around in Cindy’s head kept her eyes wide open.

Just two days ago, Cindy had the best sexual experience of her life. Never before had Cindy taken on multiple partners, and in this moment she was in the middle of a foursome. Herself, Hannah, Hannah’s lovely friend Erica, and an amazingly handsome and well hung man named Jack. Not only that, but these four exceptionally gorgeous people had their sexual romp in the middle of a lingerie store. Cindy had braced herself up against the check out counter of the store as Jack fucked her wet pussy from behind with his massive cock. While she bounced with every thrust of his tool, customers bought underwear and gift cards right next to her. They continued to shop as if nothing was out of the ordinary as Hannah sat next to Cindy, letting her brunette friend Erica glide her tongue in and out and all around Hannah’s pussy.

Cindy stared at the ceiling of her apartment, wanting to do that again. Three months ago she never would have thought anyone could get away with such a sexual display in public. It was Hannah, the busty blonde babe who possessed amazing magical powers that made it possible. It was Hannah who loved to take part in such erotic sexual acts. It was Hannah who kept herself, Cindy, and her friends invisible and intangible to the customers in that store. It was Hannah who introduced Cindy to her imaginary friends Erica and Jack, imaginary friends who Cindy could touch and feel and talk to, but more importantly; get fucked by. Cindy knew that an average day with Hannah was a sexy magic filled romp of epic proportions. Cindy also knew that she was on her way to becoming more and more magical, just like Hannah.

Then Cindy had an idea. She remembered her old ex-boyfriend had taken sleeping pills in the past. She wondered if they might still be above her refrigerator in her kitchen. Longing for sleep, Cindy’s busty body bounced out of bed and she ran down the hall in her tiny thong and tank-top. As she arrived in the kitchen, she noticed a slight problem. Her ex-boyfriend had been much taller than her and had placed his little stash in a very tall cabinet. Cindy had forgotten them for she had no way of ever seeing them or reaching them.

Cindy looked at the high shelf and decided to see what chance she had of reaching them. She stood up on the tips of her toes and reached with all her might, but the cabinet above her refrigerator was well out of reach. Up on her toes, she wobbled at the lack of balance, and soon fell back to the ground. After a sigh, she regained her composure, and reached yet again with all her might. She knew what she would have to do in order to reach her sleeping pills.

As she climbed onto her toes yet again, and reached upward. She reached upwards, balancing on the very tips of her toes and longing to reach the small white container that stared down at her. Her desires radiated out from her mind, and suddenly her toes were simply plucked up from the floor completely. She hadn’t jumped, but merely lifted herself up off the ground with her thoughts to reach masaj porno the cabinet. Now ever-so-slowly rising from the ground, she continued to float upward toward the cabinet, reaching previously unreachable heights and not startled at all by the fact that she was simply levitating up off her kitchen floor. It was because of newly discovered magical powers that she was able to float.

Floating higher above the ground, Cindy reached her ex-boyfriends secret stash. As she plucked it from the high cabinet, she calmly remained in midair with her toes well over two feet from the ground. She wondered what her ex-boyfriend would think if he saw her now, floating in the air in her thong and tank-top pulled tightly over her new tantalizing body. She giggled at the thought of him realizing that he not only dumped a girl with a body as amazing as hers, but that he dumped a girl would could fly. It was a revenge fantasy she unfortunately could not fulfill.

Pleased with the practical use of her magical powers, Cindy looked down to the ground far below, and then slowly lowered herself back down to the ground with her thoughts. Her toes calmly touched the kitchen floor once more, and she ceased her flight. She was getting better at flying having learned how to use her magical powers with greater ease. Being that she needed to hide her new found ability of flight, Cindy had only used this power within the confines of her own small apartment. She tried gliding down the halls of her apartment, and even lying on her ceiling and looking down at her living room. Her record was twenty minutes. She would practice floating above her bed, seeing how long she could keep herself levitating.

Eager to sleep, Cindy tried to open the small bottle of pills. She turned the childproof cap and slowly walked out towards the living room where she had left a water bottle. Her living room was a little messy having spent all her time trying to master her flying abilities. She latched onto her water bottle that sat upon her coffee table, and dropped two pills into her palm. As she drank from the water bottle and prepared to take the sleeping aid, she was stopped by something she did not expect.

The French doors that lead to Cindy’s balcony suddenly blew open with a gust of wind, and Cindy was forced to shield herself as the wind blew her hair about. She dropped the pills and the water bottle on to her carpet as she covered her eyes from the sudden gust of wind. She watched her curtains flap as the air currents circled in her small living room. Through her fingers, Cindy saw something she least expected to see that evening, and thanks to her exposure to Hannah’s magic, she was always on her toes and ready for anything. Anything, but this.

A sexy long pair of legs in light blue heels seemed to lower down from the sky above. A woman, a voluptuous and tantalizing woman in a tiny glittery turquoise bikini floated down from heavens above so elegantly and carefully. She had a tiny sheer turquoise sash around her waist that blew in the winds that she created. The tiny turquoise triangles that covered her giant breasts did little to hide them as they burst out from the bottom and sides of her bikini. She smiled as she gracefully lowered herself down onto the cement balcony, watching her sexy blue stiletto heels as they softly touched down. Cindy’s jaw dropped as this gorgeous bikini model, with her breasts busting out of her tiny top and her long sexy legs climbing up to her tiny waist, had ever-so-calmly glided down from the night sky and touched down on her own balcony.

This woman was Erica, the thirty-five year old bombshell-of-a-woman who Hannah had introduced to Cindy just a few days ago. It was this older, curvaceous woman that put Cindy’s own magically enhanced body to shame with her enormous breasts, her full and shapely thighs, and her 20″ waist. She had the face and smile of a 1950s pinup girl. She had hair like dark silk that blew in the magical winds. She looked every bit the part of a bikini model who was fresh out of a modeling shoot.

Yet Erica wasn’t real. She wasn’t human. She wasn’t anything. She was nothing more than a figment of Hannah’s own imagination. What made Erica so amazing was that although she wasn’t even real, she could talk, she could think, she could even use her own magic. Cindy could touch her. Cindy could feel her. Cindy could taste her. Cindy could fuck her.

Cindy welcomed Erica’s presence, but was amazingly confused at the same time. Hannah had told Cindy that Erica could not exist unless Hannah was nearby. That’s what shocked Cindy that night, because she was there in her apartment now, standing on her balcony and examining her surroundings after what was most likely a long flight through the night sky in her microscopic turquoise bikini and heels, and Hannah was no where to been seen. Then again, Hannah could be invisible or something like that like she liked to do.

“Cindy! I found öğretmen porno you!” Erica said. She then kicked her blue heels up off the ground again and slowly floated through the double doors in her bikini, refusing to walk, and calmly moved towards Cindy. As she entered the living room, the doors behind her magically closed and sealed shut. Cindy had suddenly found herself in her living room with a floating imaginary bikini model, and that didn’t happen every day.

“What … how are you here?” Cindy asked, not yet aroused by the sexy woman before her.

“I escaped. Hey, nice place.” Erica said.

“From where? Hannah’s mind?” Cindy asked as she turned to follow Erica. Cindy quickly noticed that as Erica floated before her so gracefully, that several other things around her living room where now weightless as well. A potted plant, a magazine, even television lifted up off the stand where it sat and calmly moved upward, yet Erica seemed to have no interest in them. The pillows on her couch floated uncontrollably, as if gravity had been stripped from the room due to Erica’s mere presence. Erica giggled as the items floated around her bikini-clad body. Her telekinetic powers were seemingly unstable. Then as suddenly as she arrived at Cindy’s balcony, she flew around Cindy, and floated back towards her kitchen.

Cindy watched Erica, in her tiny bikini and thong unsuccessfully hiding her round exemplary ass as it flew away from her. Erica didn’t answer her previous question and merely floated right through the wall into Cindy’s kitchen. Cindy sighed, and walked after the flying knockout of a woman who had just vanished through the solid wall. In her white thong and pink tank-top, Cindy strutted her sexy curves in the moonlight, pursuing the magical wonder that was Erica.

Cindy opened the door and saw the bikini bombshell now seated on her kitchen counter with her legs seductively crossed over and her immense and glorious cleavage hanging out for Cindy to drool over. Cindy found herself staring at this thirty-plus year old woman with a million dollar body and five dollars worth of fabric covering it up. Erica just sat there on her counter, grinning her seductive grin, knowing that Cindy was falling captive to her looks. It was like Cindy was under a spell, despite the fact that Erica wasn’t actually using any magic whatsoever to seduce her.

“Yeah, but I can’t stay long. I wanted to see you again.” Erica said, and she coyly bit her lip, trying to let Cindy know what she wanted.

“But … you escaped? How?”

Erica sat up and held her arms out for Cindy to come to her. Cindy didn’t budge, that was until she felt invisible hands grab her and pull her towards Erica. She quickly found her face embedded into Erica’s amazing breasts as Erica pulled Cindy against her with her telekinetic powers and wrapped her arms tightly around her. Erica ran her hands down Cindy’s back, feeling her and holding her close.

“It just wasn’t fair. Hannah has got to fuck you like ten times by now. I didn’t get you at all, and I love being used as a sex toy.”

Cindy realized her awkward predicament. It wasn’t a bad predicament, it was almost comical. Somehow this imaginary woman: a woman created with a beyond perfect body, the ability to use magical powers, and the sexual prowess and orientation of a horny college party-girl, had come over to her apartment to have powerful lesbian sex. She wasn’t like Hannah or Cindy. She didn’t grow up normal and learn magic; she was created with magic. She didn’t understand how the normal non-magical world worked or acted. She hardly even knew how to walk that well; she preferred to float. Without Hannah around, she had no guidance, no authority, or really any rules. She was going to use her magic to get what she wanted.

As she kept Cindy against her nearly naked body, as she held Cindy face firmly inside her cleavage, as she ran her hands down Cindy’s back and tried to cop-a-feel of Cindy’s lovely ass hardly covered by her tiny thong. Cindy knew what Erica wanted. It was hot but also a little scary for Cindy to be stuck there. Although Cindy was real and Erica was not, Erica was much more powerful. Cindy had no idea what magical powers Erica was given. She knew Erica could fly, she could walk through walls, she had telekinetic powers, and in the past she had created a bikini for Cindy to wear. Erica longed for sex that night, but the sudden ‘attack’ that Erica had done was keeping her from getting in the mood.

“We can change that.” Erica said, displaying another magical power she possessed: telepathy. She then vanished from the edge of the kitchen counter, displaying yet another skill: teleportation. As Erica’s body disappeared before her eyes without warning, Cindy fell forward on to the tile. As Cindy leaned against her counter, she saw that Erica was not all gone, for her bikini and sheer turquoise sash were still on the counter. With Erica’s leftover oral porno clothes in her hands, Cindy turned and saw that Erica was gone from the kitchen. She sighed a deep yet eager sigh and knew that she would most likely have to find Erica in her apartment somewhere. Not only that Erica was in her apartment somewhere, but that she was most likely naked. The evening was quickly becoming less boring.

As Cindy opened the door to her living room she found Erica, sort of. There was a giant white sheet hanging before Cindy, pinned to the opposite walls and hanging as if it was on a clothesline. Behind the curtain was the sexy silhouette of Erica, lit up by a bright yellow light that seemed to come from no where. Sexy erotic music played on Cindy’s stereo, a song Cindy didn’t own but it clearly set the mood with its low sultry saxophone tunes. She had created a rear-projection of herself, and she was prepared to dance for Cindy on the other side of that white curtain. Erica wanted to tease Cindy, giving her something to help her get in the mood and forget about reasons how she got there or the reality she was even in.

Cindy stopped dead in her tracks as she watched Erica’s silhouette run her hands up her thighs very slowly, around her waist, and up under her epic breasts. She lifted her breasts upward, and Cindy could see the silhouette of her tongue come down and lick her own nipples. Cindy suddenly felt something hit her in the chest, pushing her backwards. Her sexy ass bounced as she landed in a plush red chair that somehow found its way behind her. As she sat in the chair in her tight pink tank-top, the chair started to move forward towards the curtain as Erica spun about on the other side, shaking her hips ever so slowly. Erica was indeed a very powerful and magic woman, despite the fact she wasn’t even real. Unlike Hannah, she was quicker to use her powers to get what she wanted.

As Erica danced for Cindy behind the curtain in her stiletto heels, she leaned forward, pushing her ass outward towards Cindy. Cindy’s eyes popped as Erica’s naked ass slowly slipped right through the white sheet, passing through it as it hung from the wall. Erica shook her ass in front of Cindy’s face in a playful fashion, running her hands down her hips as she moved. As Cindy reached out and caressed the soft skin of Erica’s bare ass, Cindy now knew that Erica was completely naked on the other side of that sheet.

Teasing, Erica’s ass disappeared back through the sheet and returned to be nothing more than a silhouette. Erica spun about, tossing her hair around and shaking her body for Cindy. She continued to run her hands all over her naked body, feeling her perfect figure as she danced to the saxophone music. Her hips swayed as she ran her hands through her hair, spreading her legs wide and flowing to the melodies coating the living room. She then arched her back and tossed her hair back, pushing her breasts into the air. Her heels lifted from the ground as she continued to fall backwards, elegantly performing a backflip in exceptionally slow motion. It was almost like Erica was underwater as she graciously flipped in the air.

Cindy’s thighs rubbed together as Erica turned up the heat. It seemed as though there was no gravity now on the other side of that curtain as Erica’s body contorted off of the ground. She completed her backflip in slow motion, and stood up straight for Cindy’s. Cindy could see Erica’s curvaceous silhouette strut towards the curtain once more, her large breasts bouncing softly side to side as her hips swayed below them. Erica reached forward and both of her hands came right through the curtains. These two elegant arms danced for Cindy as the music continued. Her fingers calmly moved about before Cindy’s eyes, almost hypnotizing her with there soft movements. Soon Erica’s own glamourous face slipped through the fabric. Partially submerged through the fabric, she looked down at her spectator and smiled.

“Enjoying the show?” Erica asked.

“Of course.”

“Good, because it’s going to get a little … racy. No coming back stage!” Erica told her, and then she ducked her body back through the solid fabric and returned to her silhouette state. Cindy wondered what was next, but she welcomed it. She spread her legs wide and let her hand roam along the outside of her tiny thong as the silhouette ran its hands over its body even more. Cindy allowed her finger to slip under her thong and lightly probe her pussy, which was already getting quite wet.

Erica turned her back to Cindy and walked away from the sheet. She ran her hands up ass, and then through her hands outward. She then brought her hands back inside to her body and around the sides of her breasts, squeezing them together and feeling their weight. Then Erica seemed to do that little racy thing she was talking about. Cindy suddenly realized why Erica may have wanted to keep Cindy from coming back stage as Erica did something magical that Cindy had not yet witnessed. Erica swung her head harshly to the right, swinging her hair about. At the exact same moment, Erica seemed to also swing her head harshly to the left, swinging her long hair about. She then stepped to the left and the right at the same time, walking around, and spinning back to face Cindy.

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