Her Story

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This is a third person re-writing of the story titled ‘Your Story’ which was originally written for someone specific (and in the first and second person).


As he lets himself in, he notices the door is unlocked, so he figures she must already be back. There’s no sign of her downstairs, so he keeps an ear out as he swigs milk from the fridge, to see if he can hear her in the bathroom. He calls out a greeting, but not loudly – just to let her know that he’s back so he doesn’t startle her. As he walks upstairs it strikes him how quiet it is. The bedroom door is closed, which is particularly odd. He figures she must be having a nap, although it’s an unusual time for it as it’s already evening, and late in the year so it’s dark outside.

He opens the door quietly, so as not to disturb her if she’s asleep – the lamp throws light across her and he gasps as the door swings back to give him the full picture. She is asleep, in a manner of speaking, or rather she’s dozing, exhausted. She’s spread eagled on the bed, face down and with a silk blindfold bound tightly around her face. Her wrists and ankles are tied to each corner of the bed, and her hips are raised up on a pillow beneath her. Her body is still shining with sweat – it’s hot in the room, and it smells unmistakably of sex. As he moves into the room, he can see between her spread legs where her swollen and open pussy is gaping angrily, and leaking onto the pillow. The cheeks of her arse are a deep pink. She stirs as he kneels on the bed – “You’ve had a busy afternoon” he observes. “Mmm-hmm” she agrees sleepily, with a little smile. He notices her hair is matted with cum. He leans in and kisses her on the lips, cradling her head in his hands – her lips and chin smell and taste strongly of pussy.

His cock lurches at this: he kisses her mouth deeply and it’s like plunging his tongue into the unknown girl’s cunt. She give a little moan as he kisses her. “You’re such a fucking mess” he whispers in her ear, and pinches her earlobe between his teeth. He hasn’t untied her yet. He doesn’t intend to.

He grabs his laptop and phone from nearby, and it only takes a second to set up screen mirroring, and open the camera on his phone. Now he can point it at her, and the laptop screen shows her in all her cum-smeared glory. He places the screen up by her face, and pulls the blindfold from her, staring into her eyes searchingly for a second and bringing a palm slapping down hard on her arse to surprise her. He kisses her some more, still marvelling in the scent of cunt on her face. Then he lets her look at the screen while he holds his phone so she can see herself and she bites her lip and watches intently. She still can’t move, so he can roam around her and inspect her. Not only can she feel his eyes on her, she can also see what he sees. He shows her her seeping, open pussy, and then he parts her scarlet arse cheeks with one hand, and they both are stunned at the sight of her glistening wet little arsehole, still forming a surprised little ‘O’ at the thorough dicking it has clearly had. Her gently-gaping rim is pink and a little tender-looking, with a ring of cum around the hole, like a glazed donut. He moves in close so it fills the screen by her face – “It looks like your little arsehole has taken some heavy traffic, darling” – he can’t keep the smile out of his voice. “You’re going to be shitting cum for a week”.

He was trying to shock her. But she replies “Not if you fuck it all back out for me” and wiggles her bum towards him. His cock is so hard it almost hurts. “Why certainly, I’ll give it a try”.

“But first let’s see you prove it’s in there” he says mischievously, and he holds the camera towards her with his mouth, and uses both hands to pull her cheeks apart. He’s quite close, and he can smell her cunt and feel the heat coming from her, and he notices that her arsehole also smells of the sweat from many heavy bollocks that have slapped up against it as each successive cock was buried up there, and each grunting fucker shot his load up her arse. “Push!” he commands, and he checks to see that she’s watching the screen, enrapt by her own display.

She winks her hole, and at first nothing happens, and then a pearly bead of cum appears from inside her and slides down into a little trickle, which runs between her cunt lips and off her clit to join the soaking patch on the pillow Starzbet beneath her. He brings a palm down suddenly again on her round arse and it causes a little more to spill out. He begins to spank her rhythmically, and chastise her playfully between blows, and she watches her arse shake with each one. “I find you tied up [smack] and leaking cum [smack] from every sloppy hole [smack] and your face stinks of cunt-juice [smack]. There’s so much cum in your arse [smack] that you can’t keep it inside [smack]. What do you have to say for yourself? [smack].

“I love you?”

He laughs, as he can’t maintain the pretend outrage, and he falls down beside her and kisses her wildly, kissing her face and her eyelids and her neck. “How many times have you come?” he asks. “Four or five – it seemed to go on for hours. She came a few times too.”

“Who was she?” he asks.

“I’ve no idea, I don’t even know what she looks like. But she has an incredible tongue.”

“Yes, I expect she thinks the same of you – did she come in your mouth?”

“Mmm-hmm. She had a butt plug in.”

“Fuck! And the men- were they big?”

“Mostly normal I guess. One was big – I screamed a bit when he first put it in my arse. Or I would have, but my mouth was full.”

“I see. How much cum have you swallowed?”

“A fair bit – one guy came in my throat suddenly while I was coming and I thought I would drown. I spluttered it everywhere. But I spat quite a bit into her mouth too.”

“Right, that’s it, I’m going to join the list of people who have fucked you today.”

“Yep, last but not least… come on in, it’s lovely and warm”

“I bet – it’s a sloppy mess. I’m going to feed you all the cum I dredge out of you with my cock”

He pulls her hair slightly as he says this last bit, holding it like the reins of a horse, and he presses himself against her. He wants her to feel power and he wants it to make her heart jump, and he wants his words to flash back and forth between her brain-stem and her clit. He holds her around her throat just tightly enough to make her pupils dilate, and he bites her bottom lip. It’s not physically possible to fuck her as completely as he wants to in that instant, he realises.

He plunges into her sopping slit in a second, and it’s boiling – her wet lips kiss his balls and her whole cunt seems to suck him in and massage him. She shoves her hips back against him, and he holds her throat again and thrusts for a few strokes, growing even larger inside her. He can flex his cock and it makes her squelch lewdly, as his shaft displaces the mix of her cum and theirs. He grabs the phone again so she can see as he draws it from her, slick with a creamy coating. Just above it, her anus still gapes a little, full to the brim again now there’s less room. He crouches over her and starts to slam it in with abandon, and this makes her moan slightly with each thrust (and the bed struggles a bit under the strain). His cock is splashing in and out of her, and he can see that he has forced a little more cum out of her arse to run down her thighs – he has to stop though as he knows it will make him cum any second. He pulls from her suddenly, and her cunt gushes a little as he leaves it.

He grabs her head with both hands, tangling his fingers through her cum-streaked curls. He lets his cock swing in front of her, pulsing and coated, before pushing it through her lips (her hands are still tied wide so he’s in charge). She gives a little moan as she tastes herself, and he watches her cream gather on her lips as he pushes on into her throat. Her eyes widen and she gags a little so he pulls back. She starts swirling her tongue against him, licking his cock clean, and looking up at the effect it has on him – she’s making the muscles of his stomach jerk and flutter. He tightens his grip on her and flexes a bit for her, and starts to move his hips so that he’s fucking her mouth.

“Keep your mouth open, I want to see you drool!”

“OK…Fuck my throat like you own it” (this stuns him, and he feels like his cock grows an inch).

He pulls the whole shaft free of her lips as she keeps them wide open, with a string of spit connecting him still, and then drives back in until he feels her throat around the head of it. He waits for a beat before pulling back out and repeating, each time with more saliva, and with Starzbet Giriş her mouth open it’s noisier as she gags and gurgles and coughs spit onto his balls.

He reaches down and strokes her clit in circles and she grinds her hips against his hand. His fingers slip into her almost by accident as she’s so wet, and he easily curls three of them far into her cunt to rub her velvety interior. He can wiggle them inside and make her wetness slosh audibly, and he likes the feeling of her moaning around his cock. He withdraws it, and slips his hand out of her. With his other hand he holds her face looking up at him, her mouth open, and lets his fingertips drip her cum into her mouth, and trace along her lips, before reaching inside with them to play on her tongue, all the while looking directly into her eyes. Fuck, she’s beautiful, he thinks, and tries to communicate the sentiment with his gaze. He reaches suddenly under her with both hands and pinches her nipples hard. He imagines the many hands roughly squeezing her tits – the girl holding them, less roughly, as she rode her face. And her whimpering with her mouth full of pussy and someone fucking her messily.

“Did you take two at the same time?” he asks, still pulling on her nipples.

“Yes, I came straight away, but I couldn’t move, so they just kept fucking, and squirting into me and swapping places.”

“Wow, show me how you can do it.”

He leaps from the bed and grabs her pink lifelike dildo from the drawer, and returns to kneel behind her. He buries his cock balls-deep in her cunt in one slide, with a groan. Before he lets himself move inside her, he spits on the dildo, although there’s no need as her arsehole is still bubbling up cum from the reservoir they left there. She makes a little noise as the head of the dildo touches against her puckered hole. As she bears down on it, he pushes until the realistic head pops through, and his cock pulses – she feels wetter against his balls. Normally he would take this slowly, working it into her tight tunnel as she relaxes around it, and finding the depth that sets her off like a rocket. But right now her arse has had such a fucking all day, and is so slippery with the multiple loads of spunk fired up it, that he gives the rubber dick a gliding shove and in an instant its balls are pressed against her stretched arsehole, and the head of the thing is deep inside her. His cock is straining just millimetres away through her wall. She squealed as it went in, and now he’s moving both cocks, sliding in and out in time. He loves the way her arse grips the shaft as he pulls outwards, like it’s trying to keep it in, and when pushing it in, he loves to watch it disappear. He positions the phone again so that she can see on the screen what’s happening, as he stretches out her holes and ploughs the cum from them. She gasps as she watches. All afternoon she had to imagine how it all looked – indeed how everyone looked – from within her blindfold, as everyone fucked her merrily. But here on screen she could see herself clearly, lewd, sloppy and hardcore. Seeing it, combined with the rhythmic stabbing of the large cocks moving inside her is enough to send her over the edge again.

“I’m…coming…fuck me…ungh…harder”

He starts to fuck her fast, and piston the dildo in her bum as her body shakes, trying to force some cum out around it. He pulls it out suddenly, and they both watch her gape obscenely and release a little torrent of cum from her depths. The dildo is streaked with it. He leaves it lying close to her face, in case she’s overcome with the urge to lick it clean.

She pulls her body off his cock with a slurp, and sways her arse from side to side looking back at him, and looking down at how hard he is.

“Come on then, fuck me up the arse with that” (He almost come on her there and then, and he growls slightly).

He grabs her cheeks with both hands and parts them wide – she smells incredible. It’s an intoxicatingly powerful aroma, her horny cunt and arsehole, and an afternoon of sweaty fucking has accentuated it. “Shove it in and fetch that cum!” she gives a little giggle.

“I’m going to, open wide” he says, and his heart races.

She feels like tight hot butter as the shining head of his cock pops through and pushes on into her – no waiting, he’s going for depth. He holds her around the belly Starzbet Güncel Giriş with one arm, and guides her back onto him. She moans and relaxes onto it, deliberately to fit it all in, and his cock throbs gleefully in her cum-flooded rectum – his bollocks kiss against her cunt-lips and he’s in as far as he can go.

Again he shows her herself on camera, and she pushes back against him and watches her sticky ring stretched around the wide base of his cock. She flexes her interior with a whimper, and some cum squirts out onto him. At this, he starts to fuck her properly, to see if he can force more out around his thrusts. It’s noisy and her cheeks are burning as she blushes, and bites the pillow. He grabs the messy dildo and pushes it into her mouth, which she opens obligingly. She closes her lips around it and use it as a gag. Her eyes flash and roll, half-closed, as she taste its arse-cum coating, and it sets her off once more.

He feels her orgasm deep in her bowels – her body sucks and squeezes him, and she gushes a little bit onto her thighs. He reaches a hand forward and pushes the rubber cock deep into her throat while she’s still cumming hard, and pulls her curls tightly in his fist. She feels his full weight press down on her, and his full length penetrating her, churning her arse-load to a messy froth around his balls.

He undoes her wrists and raises her up, so he can pin them behind her, and holds her throat tightly with his other hand as he tries to drive still further in – she moans as he tightens his grip on her throat, the dildo still protruding obscenely from between her lips. (Again he pictures her with three cocks stretching her, and her little pussy coming uncontrollably). He can finally reach her tits properly, and he sees that her nipples are raging hard, and raw from having been tugged on. He gives them a pinch and feels her anus try to close around the base of his cock. He slams it up her to make her tits bounce, and he can feel the cum still sloshing inside her. With her raised up like this, his cock is the only thing stopping it from all rushing out (long drips slowly dangle and fall from her cunt as what’s left there is squeezed from her by his cock next door). Without warning, he grips the cheeks of her arse with both hands and holds them wide, and slides the whole of his cock out of her depths with a slurp. A torrent of cum follows, and he’s holding her wrists, fighting her urge to reach under and stem the flow. Her arse gurgles as it chokes out all the loads fired up it, spattering it onto his swinging cock and dousing the sheets. He holds her by the throat and takes her earlobe between his teeth, and whispers to her. “Listen to it emptying. Let that dirty cum run out of you.” He slides two fingers into her cunt and massages more out. He pulls the dildo from her throat, stringing drool onto her tits, and tosses it aside.

“Time to suck me clean”

His cock is dripping with the cum he’s dredged from her arse. He moves in front of her, holding her by her hair. She kneels in the puddle on the bed below her, and looks up into his eyes. With a twinkle, she opens her mouth. He watches it gather in the corners of her mouth and cascade off her lips, and moans as her tongue caresses his shaft. She make little sounds as she sucks him, pausing to lick his balls, and thoroughly cleaning the length of him. He very nearly comes in her throat, and has to pull free suddenly – she gasps, and then smiles.

“Clean enough?”

“Yes, excellent work. Now spread your arse for me.”

“Cum in me. I want one more load ” – she holds herself wide open and he watches her gape, before letting himself in with a pop and a sigh. She starts thrusting herself back against him, engulfing his cock each time, and grunting as it nudges deeper.

“Shove it…up my…fucking…arse…unghh…yessss…harder”

He holds still as she continues to grind back against him, and he’s struggling now to maintain composure. He grabs a fistful of her curls and tugs her back onto him further still, and informs her that he’s about to shoot his cum in her rectum. She squeezes tightly around him repeatedly, and he quakes as he starts to fire jet after jet as deeply into her as possible.

“Ahh fuck… fill me up!”

He collapses forward onto her, his hips jerking into her with the last of it, and he turns her face towards his own, and kisses her at length. His cock is softening in her arsehole, and she lets him slip out wetly while they’re kissing.

His cum seeps silently out of her onto the bed and he holds her against him, his mouth next to her ear. “Happy Birthday.” he whispers.

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