Home for the Taking

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Big Tits

I was hooked there was no doubt in my mind never had I felt anything so intense and wonderful, plus the way she did it made it even more incredible….

My name is Lynn, I’m twenty-three and even though I had known for several years I had a very overly sexual nature I had suppressed my urges with self inflicted stimulation. The reason for this was simple I had several bad experiences growing up and dating guys who treated me badly. I attracted the worse having a body that sent out those “come get me” kind of signals. Sure I was gifted with big, big 36G-cup tits, slender waist and hips with a round high set butt with shapely toned legs, but my choice of men was awful. When I was twenty I got lucky with a job working for a small company that allowed me limited contact with other workers and made my life easier to control. I know it might sound pitiful but it was an existence I could control, even my desires, or so I thought!

I was living in a small house I had rented just outside of the city on a secluded lot surrounded by trees allowed me the privacy to relax. The one big thing that I never denied myself was buying sexy lavish lingerie I loved feeling sexy under my frumpy outer wear. I spent hours upon hours on my computer at home enjoying sexual sites and playing in chat rooms as well as buying lingerie on-line. It was a life I could have gone on living even without Nora….

How things changed that summer day mid-June when I was doing some house cleaning dressed as at home in skimpy lacy lingerie when the doorbell rang. I rarely had anyone come to my door so I peeked out seeing a very attractive female possibly in her early thirties standing at the door. I quickly slipped on a long silky robe and tying the sash notice how much more huge it made my tits look, but there was no time to change into something else.

I went to the door opening it just as she was walking back down the steps of the porch, “Can I help you?”

“Oh hi, I’m Nora Simmons and I’m running for school board I just wanted to have a word with you if that was ok?” she answered walking back to my door I could now see she was truly gorgeous. I could care less about voting for anything but I felt something that told me I should invite her in.

“Ummm…sure please come in, I’m Lynn Walker” I held the screen door open and let her enter.

“Is your husband home too,” she said turning to me after she was in.

“No, there isn’t one, just me,” I confessed with a slight laugh offering her a seat on the sofa.

Nora was wearing a light summer weight pale yellow suit with a white blouse and even though she had the jacket on it was easy to see she had a sensational figure. She was going to get her share of votes just for T&A reasons! Her skirt was short and rode up on her nicely shaped black nylon covered thighs same as she sat. She had short cropped black hair that framed her almond shaped face that was perfectly made up even if she did wear more make-up then she should she looked exotic.

“All alone out here hey Lynn, I often wondered who lived in this house it is such a nice setting,” she offered breaking the ice.

“Yes I love being out here away from the city,” I replied taking a seat across from her in a wingback chair as I sat my robe split falling off my black patterned nylon thighs was well.

“I don’t blame you honey it is much more peaceful,” she said with a polite smile noticing my rather elegant nylons and heels said, “I hope I’m not holding you from anything it looks as though I might have caught you getting dressed?”

“Oh no I was just trying on some new lingerie I bought,” I blurted out not thinking.

She only nodded and returned a smile. Suddenly it dawned on me I had never seen this woman around town. I grew up in this city and while I didn’t know everyone it was not so big I’d miss someone as beautiful as she was.

“So school board hmm?” I said as a question.

“Oh..umm…yes, I just decided to see if there was something I could do…you know get involved in the community,” she answered very unconvincing.

“I see, have you met the members like Craig Donnelly or Mary Willis?” I threw out two fake names to test her story liseli porno immediately seeing some uncertainty in her eyes.

“Oh…Mary yes, but not Craig. Mary was very helpful and wants to see another female on the board.”

“Really well that will be progress,” I was not ready to let the cat out of the bag noticing her eyes taking in more of me and frankly I was enjoying it.

Suddenly her look changed she got a snide kind of smile and sitting back said abruptly, “I know you’re onto me honey, I came out here for another reason actually!”

The sudden change in tone startled me. I looked at her with a questioning look not responding. She got up walking towards me and said, “I came out here to fuck you!”

W…W…W…What!” I exclaimed stammering and looking up at the gorgeous woman standing right in front of me.

“I said…..”to fuck you!” I have been watching you for a while now and baby with that hot body and living way out here like something is wrong with you but I’m going to make it right!” she said forcefully still looking down at me.

“But…but..why would you be watching me?” I asked weakly.

“I work for the same company you do you’ve never seen me but I’ve seen you and I know you’re a sex-aholic baby, you should be more careful on your work computer it is company property,” she said with a scoff.

She was right on all counts I didn’t know her nor did I know anyone could access my computer even though I usually only did some minor porn surfing and some chat room on it later in the afternoons.

I was nervous and feeling like the best way to handle this was apologize and see if I could end it without a scene, “I guess I made a big mistake but I honestly love my job Nora and it will never happen again could we just leave it at that?”

She smiled reached with her right hand allowing her fingers to toy in my long dark hair she said softly, “Yes, I think we can darling,” then hissed, “after, I fuck you until I’m satisfied!”

I tried to brush her hand away but she gripped my hair tilting my head back leaned down looking in my face said, “you can either enjoy it baby or I’ll just fuck you anyway!”

I know I looked frightened as she took her other hand and pushed my robe open looking at my huge tits in the sexy pink sheer bra, “I love big tit babes and you have the biggest fucking tits of any slut I’ve met so far in this job!”

I was shaking a bit but managed to ask, “what is your job, I never have seen you how do I know you are who you say?”

“You dumb bitch, I’m network security I catch the employee’ that use the fucking company network for their own perverted pleasure. Believe me baby you are the best catch I’ve had. Guys get fired and I love doing that, sexy fucking sluts like you get treated better, much better and you are a prime catch” she said stroking my hair as she smiled evilly at me.

“If I do as you say can I keep my job?” I asked feeling some perverted excitement now knowing how she had come to be here.

“Not only keep it but judging from those sexy fucking huge tits and the way you like to dress I might even improve your way of life baby!” she said now pushing the loosened robe off my shoulders revealing my heaving fleshy tits in the skimpy sheer bra.

I breathed deep looking at this demanding but positively gorgeous female I nodded and said nervously, “I-I-I-I’ll fuck you Nora!”

She had a sneering smile and stood back tossing off her jacket and reaching to undo her skirt I noticed something I had not seen before there was a slight impression of something. Surprising her I was more excited now then afraid I slipped to the carpet on my knees and reaching out told her, “allow me to do it, Nora.”

She sniffed a smile at me knowing she had me right where she wanted me, I knew it as well so why fight it. I used my fingers to undo the button of her short skirt and pulling the sipper down I caught the hem and pulled it down. Under it she was wearing black lacy garters and stuffed inside the thigh band of her expensive nylons was a big real-look cock strapped around her waist with a black satiny harness. I looked up at her smiling mobil porno with excitement and whispered, “you really did mean you’re going to fuck me!”

“Oh yes indeed baby, fuck and fuck and fuck you!” she said softly in reply undoing her blouse showing me her own big luscious tits cradled in a sexy black lacy bra.

I moved my head forward and began to kiss the lesbian dick through her sexy sheer nylons trailing my red lips up the firm rubber texture of the cock slipping my tongue out to lick it.

“You are the slut I knew you’d be Lynn, show me how big of a slut you’ll be for me, baby!” she said caressing my hair.

I breathed harder and munched up and down the side of the concealed fem-cock wetting it with my mouth. My hands slid slowly up her body feeling her big soft sexy tits in the flimsy bra cups finding her hard nipples and giving each a nice finger massage.

“That’ it slut show me the kind of sex depraved fucking whore you want to be, like you have told so many of those stupid chat female’ how much you need them to fuck you!” she said gripping my hair firmer and revealing something that convinced me she had been watching my actions. Indeed I had chatted many times with other women or guys faking to be women on those sex sites about my deep desires to be ravaged and fucked by a sexy female!

I moaned and cooed as I munched the sexy lesbian cock, “yes Nora I’ll be your fucking whore, fuck me all you want make me your fuck lusting slut!”

Nora laughed at my admission and pulling my head back looked down at me and said, “baby I’ll fuck you until you pass out!”

I worked the big cock from the confines of her sexy nylon and took it in my mouth sucking it like I was sucking a real cock giving this sexy woman a blowjob! I noticed the dildo was secure in the harness and as I pumped my hungry mouth on it she moaned as though she could feel me sucking the rubber cock. I was amazed when she took hold of my head and told me to suck it faster.

“Oh yes suck that lesbian dick you fucking sexy bitch, suck it, suck it!’ she moaned beginning to fuck into my mouth, “Oh fuck that feels good on my clit, suck you fucking slut!”

I moved a hand under and felt the dildo realizing the backside had an extension that was fitted against her smoldering pussy and must be massaging her sensitive womanhood as I pumped my mouth on the dick.

She fucked my face making my mouth emit slobbery wet sounds as I gave her the feverish blowjob.

She tugged my hair back looking down at me the cock drawing a big wad of suck juice from my mouth falling into my cleavage she hissed, “enough sucking baby I want to fuck you now and fuck you good!”

I knelt waiting for her to tell me how she was going to fuck me I was panting so amazingly turned on by her aggressiveness. She told me to stand up and turned me around undoing my wet sheer sexy bra she reached under my arms and caressed my huge tits giving my hard nipples a pull whispered to me, “you need it hmmm baby…tell me you need me to fuck you, slut!”

I was breathing hard heaving my fat fleshy tits into her massaging hands and moaned, “Yes…please fuck me…fuck me as much as you can, give me the kind of hard fucking I fucking need!”

Nora pushed my head making me bend over my huge tits dangling free she pushed me to the winged arm chair and my hands came to rest on the arms gripping it waiting for her to ravage my hot pussy…

I waited then suddenly I felt her move close and I could feel her hand bumping my firm round butt, she was stroking the dildo as though jacking it off.

“Baby get ready…get ready to beg me to stop!” she hissed and then I felt it but she was off course or so I thought until I moaned and the head of the slick fem-cock pushed open my asshole I shrieked, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah baby tell me….come on tell me you fucking need it!” she commanded.

“Not OHHHHHHHHHHHH, not there!” I moaned.

“Don’t you fucking tell me you horny fucking bitch, take it up that sexy fucking ass like you beg those women to do to you on those filthy chat sessions!” she ordered me to submit.

“OHHHHHHHHH, öğrenci porno OHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” I hollowed as she pushed more of the female cock in my tender asshole opening to suck it in she began fucking in and out of my asshole.

“Tell me bitch!” she hissed holding my hips and fucking into my ass.

“Oh yes, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck me, please fuck me Nora!” I moaned as my ass accepted the thickness of the slick cock plunging in me.

“I knew you would love this…I knew from all the nasty fucking things you said in those filthy chats you thought were so private!” she cooed fucking me in a hard steady rhythm.

“W…Wh..What did you say?” I moaned gripping the arms of the chair taking her hot fucking thrusts.

“I’ve been watching you for a while baby…its my job to find out these things and you are a special case,” she said with a laugh and leaning over me dragging her big sexy tits over my back.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NORA KEEP FUCKING ME…….OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK…YES FUCK ME HARDER!” I said tossing my head and rocking my own body back into her pumping lesbian dick.

“Yes baby I’ll fuck you as long as you can stay conscious you fucking love this and I have wanted to fuck you for months since I discovered your perverted pleasures!”

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME YOU SEXY FUCKING BITCH!” I screamed as the heat intensified feeling the sweat of our sex rolling over me dripping off my huge heavy swinging tits.

I pushed back harder taking that dick now fucking myself on it I could hear her breathing become labored. I was fucking her back and she was loving it as much as I was.

“FUCKING CUM, CUM YOU ASS FUCKING BITCH, FUCK MY ASSHOLE AND CUM FOR ME!” I as taking control and out of my mind with lust I knew she was close and so was I!

“YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU, SLUT OHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Nora screamed as I knew she was cumming I pushed back harder and felt my own orgasm race through me.


I cried out trembling as my pussy creamed down my legs I lifted my own huge right boob to my mouth and sucked.

“CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!” she yelled back at me leaning over me her sweat streaked heavy boobs gliding on my back she crawled harder into my ass.


“OH FUCK….FUCK…CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!” she moaned loudly finally laying full weight on my back forced me to my knees and we moved slowly still feeling the effects of the tremendous orgasm.

As we slowed Nora was holding my heavy sweaty tits her head resting on my shoulder she cooed in my ear, “I’m never going to fucking leave you bitch!”

I rubbed my ear into her soft lips feeling her tongue work in it and purred, “I’m never letting you fucking leave you fucking bitch!”

She rolled me over both of us panting with spent lust she laid on me my hot sweaty heavy tits meeting hers she kissed me deeply as I slid the big lesbian dick into my hot steamy pussy I moaned, “More baby, I need you to fuck me a lot more!”

We fucked on the floor again intensely for another long period both of us getting off huge as we seemed to be a very sexual balanced couple.

After the second fuck we went to the bathroom and showered together but the dildo stayed on and I took her lesbian dick in my ass again under the spray of the water she fucked me good once more.

Nora got out drying off she looked at me as I stepped out and said, “I was expecting someone a bit more difficult to be honest Lynn, its nice finding someone as fucking willing to fuck as much as I am!”

“Well I always knew once the right woman fucked me and I got the chance to get a real fucking in my ass I would love it. I have a few hand dildo’ I use so that made it easier to accept. Nora, you know how to fuck and honey you are a fabulous fuck too!” I cooed with a smile.

She walked over her fat sexy tits still cool from the shower met mine and we kissed deeply holding each other with complete lust.

We got to my bedroom and as I laid down I asked her, “so what happens now?”

She walked over toying with one of my nipples and said, “I could make you an offer to work with me but that means traveling. We could fire the guys and fuck the girls!” she said with a big laugh moving down and sucking one of my huge fleshy tits.

She had come to take me but I was the one doing the taking now…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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