House of Lana’s Breast Milk

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Cream Pie

Christine’s 2004 Prius looked so out of place when she parked in the affluent neighborhood. She was a mostly-broke college student who did small jobs for menial pay, which included babysitting. Hopefully, today she’d be landing one of those jobs.

She straightened her casual outfit when she got to the door. Briefly, Christine wondered if she was dressed too informally for the occasion, standing at the doorway in her sneakers, jeans, and a t-shirt with her university logo.

As the door opened, Christine realized she should have dressed a little better. Standing before her was Lana, a statuesque and sophisticated looking woman. This lady had a commanding demeanor which was unmistakable.

By contrast, Christine was petite and looked as meek as she was.

“Right on time,” Lana smiled. “Come in, I have coffee and some food waiting.”

Pleasantries were exchanged. Christine removed her shoes after entering the home, then Lana closed the door and gave a brief tour of the first floor. It had the swanky feel of a New York suburb. Big, but not too spacious. Clean, but not neat-freak clean. Paintings and sculptures were liberally displayed, which suggested a certain level of worldliness.

Inside the living room, food was waiting on the coffee table. There was also a non-disclosure agreement sitting in the center of the table with a pen on top. Christine had already been told that she’d be signing one of these before discussing the terms of the job. Lana was a well known city prosecutor.

“Have a look,” Lana said, gesturing to the document. “If you sign it, we can talk about the details. Sorry, but I’m big on privacy.”

“I get it.”

Christine was an English major, but even so, all the Latin sounding legal jargon was out of her depth. She made her way through the one-page document then signed it. It seemed a little excessive for a babysitting job, but she understood.

“Excellent,” Lana said. “Have a seat. I’ll pour you some coffee, and we’ll discuss the nature of the job.”

Christine could hardly relax as she sat. This woman was intimidating and every bit the high powered attorney. Nonetheless, she tried to appear as confident as possible inside the woman’s home. Coffee was served and so were the pastries on small china plates.

“This looks great Mrs. Taylor,” Christine smiled, feeling uneasy that this gorgeous, well-respected woman was serving her food.

Lana sat right next to her. “So, I hear you’re a diligent worker. You come highly recommended.”

“I try my best. I was raised to be a hard worker.”

“Wonderful to hear. Tell me about yourself.”

Lana took a sip of coffee and stared intently at Christine. This felt more like a job interview for obtaining national security clearance and Christine could feel herself getting nervous.

“Well,” Christine said. “I’m a first year college student. English is my major and I write for the school newspaper. I do these kinds of jobs during summer breaks because it gives me a chance to be helpful, stay busy, and make some extra cash. But, I also like to learn a little about myself and other people through my summer jobs. Basically I’m wired to constantly work”

“That sounds a lot like me. I’m a workaholic by nature.”

“With a career like yours, I’m sure you are.”

Lana smiled. “Now, about myself. I’m married and have three young children. Hence, my need for someone like you.”

“That number doesn’t scare me off. I’m the ultimate multitasker.”

“Perfect. The reason I’d need your help is because a few weeks ago I was named the temporary head of the grand jury division at the DA’s office. For political reasons, I’ll be stuck in that job for the foreseeable future until they can find someone else. That means I won’t be taking vacations with my family anytime soon. Most likely my schedule would free up at the end of summer.”

“I’m accustomed to dealing with busy parents, so I understand what you’d expect of me.”

“Wonderful. Now onto the details of the job,” Lana said professionally. “First off, I want you to know that I can be very strict and that I have a dominant personality. This can be off-putting to some, so I wanted to get that out there right off the bat. Secondly, the hours you’ll be working will vary depending on my schedule. Sometimes I work at night, and so does my husband. We’ll definitely need you for babysitting duties for the summer.”

Christine nodded. “Got it. I can keep an open schedule in the evenings for the next few months.”

“Excellent,” Lana noted. “And thirdly, most importantly, I’d like to assign duties that are rather unusual for someone in a babysitting role.”

There was a serious tone in the woman’s voice, and Christine hung on every word.

“I’m open to that.”

Lana took another sip of coffee. “Since our kids started summer break, my husband took them to see their grandparents for the week. Normally I’d go, but with the temporary promotion, I’ll be stuck in court.”

“Oh, bummer.”

“It’s a sacrifice for the job. I love altyazı porno the work that I do.”

Christine nodded. “I totally respect that. Someone has to do it.”

“Exactly, and while I’m home alone for the week, my breasts will need to be stimulated to maintain their natural milk production.”

It felt like a bombshell and Christine was caught off guard. In all her years of babysitting, she had never been asked to do something focused solely on a woman’s lactating breasts. But, judging by the size and location of the house, Lana was most likely going to pay good money for this unexpected request.

Christine sat upright. “I think I’m up to the task. I’m not exactly squeamish about this, but I don’t have any experience with it either. Can you give me more details so I can decide?”

“I told you. Stimulate my breasts to make sure I produce adequate milk at all times.”

Lana grinned as she spoke. Her fingers stroked the coffee cup lightly, which distracted Christine for a moment

Christine swallowed loudly after she almost choked on her coffee. “Oh, so you don’t use breast pumps?”

“No, I hate the feeling of a breast pump. It’s too mechanical for me.”

“I understand.”

“And there’s something else, too.”

“Yes?” Christine asked hesitantly.

“This is the part where our confidentiality agreement becomes critical. My husband and I are very open minded. And, I am very dominant. I would like to hire you to nurse from my breasts.”

The conservative side of Christine wanted to run for the door. But another side, her more sexually curious side, wanted to stay and listen to the rest of the proposal. Christine remained seated.

“Have you done this before?” Christine gulped.

“No, never. I’ve had many babysitters over the years and this would be a first. At work, I have several cases which need to get to trial, and my schedule is very busy. This is my preferred method of keeping my mammary glands stimulated when the kids are away. Are you with me so far?”

The idea of nursing on a breast was something Christine had never considered before. It was an intriguing idea, though she wouldn’t outright admit it. Everyone has a sexual side, and Christine’s was making her feel warm and slightly wet. Of course, the fact that Lana was a stunning, elegant woman definitely made the idea seem more appealing.

Christine nodded. “A little unorthodox, I’ll admit, but I think I’m open to it.”

“You think?” Lana asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s just…I’ve never done this before.”

“Fair enough, which is why I’ll give you time to think it over. Think deeply and let your intuition guide you.”

“Thank you,” Christine replied. “Will there be anything else for the job, you know, besides that?”

“There are a few other tidbits that would be expected of you. Part of your responsibilities would include making sure that my body is in perfect condition for nursing.”

Christine gave a quizzical look. “How so?”

“It means, you’ll be expected to keep my breasts nice and healthy, which includes cleaning. Also, my nipples tend to get a bit irritated, and you would need to gently rub cream on them to keep the skin from getting chaffed.”

Christine’s pursed her lips at the thought of Lana’s nipples. “Oh. Okay.”

“Does that make you uncomfortable at all?”

“I’m just a little surprised, to be honest.”

“Have you ever assisted with the nursing process?” Lana asked.

“I’ve seen it, but have never actually assisted. I do know how it works though. I’ve researched it as part of my babysitting duties.”

“Good, so you have a starting point with knowledge.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Have you ever been with another woman before?” Lana asked casually.

Christine’s toes curled inside her socks. “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?”

“Yes, you know exactly what I mean.”

“Then no, I’ve never been with a woman before.”

Lana unabashedly eyed the young sitter. “That’s a surprise. A pretty little thing like you, in college of all places. But you’re still young, you’ll learn.”

There was no ambiguity as to what that meant, and it made Christine flash an embarrassed smile.

“Have you?” Christine asked, then instantly regretting it.

“I get what I want. Whenever I want.”


“I won’t lie, your duties will be mostly sexual. It’s not for everyone. Try this, later tonight, when you’re relaxed and alone, I want you to imagine yourself laying across my lap and looking up into my eyes. I’ll be completely naked, as will you. Your head will be cradled in my arms and I’ll be stroking your hair as you start to suckle on my breast. My warm milk will be squirting down your throat and I’ll soon move my hand to your pussy and give you the attention that every good girl deserves. While you’re thinking about this tonight, touch yourself. Let me know if you bring yourself to orgasm with these thoughts. If so, then we can discuss our business arrangement amatör porno further.”

Orgasm? Business? What an unusual combination. And such vivid thoughts, too! Christine was definitely aroused from the taboo imagery.

Then, she had another thought. Christine had been so wrapped up in the conversation about breastfeeding duties that the whole concept of money had seemingly slipped her mind. Business was business.

“How much will I be making?” Christine asked, trying to steer this conversation back to appropriate terms.

“Will knowing your hourly wage help you cum faster?”

“Not at all, it’s just that…”

“I’m only teasing. Can you come back Saturday morning?”

Christine nodded. “Yes, what time?”

“9 am. I’ll pay you $200 and put you through a series of tasks to see if you’d be right for the job. If we have chemistry with each other, like I think we do, then you’ll get the job. But only if we’re both 100% on board with the plan. I want this to be a positive partnership where we both benefit.”

As crazy as this was, Christine felt certain about her decision. She felt an unusual connection with Lana. She also felt suddenly desperate to add some excitement to her life of academics and part-time jobs. Christine had always done the right things, the safe things. Maybe this was her chance to let loose. After all, she’d be making good money, spending time with a refined woman, and exploring a different side of her sexuality. Overall, it seemed like a win on so many levels.

It’s not like anyone would ever know…

“Actually,” Christine said hesitantly. “Since I’m here, why don’t we start now?”

Lana’s lips slowly formed a wry smile. “So you think you’re ready?”


“Are you sure?”

“Why not? I don’t see any point in waiting.”

Lana took a moment to look the girl over. “Okay, we’ll do it your way. Wait here while I change my clothes. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The lady of the house gracefully stood and walked towards the stairs. Christine was mesmerized by the sway of Lana’s hips, which were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body. Change her clothes? The notion of a quasi-sexual job starting immediately gave her an erotic rush. She felt herself becoming nervous and restless as she heard the footsteps upstairs. She wondered what Lana was doing and what was being planned. Christine felt her heart rate increase and found that she looked forward to Lana’s return and the close physical contact that she hoped would follow.

Would they be ‘working’ on Lana’s breasts today? Christine could only imagine. And she wondered if she had truly gone crazy in the heat of the moment. Nerves got the better of her and she thought about canceling the offer.

When Lana came down the stairs everything changed.

Now, Lana was barefoot, with an ivory silk robe covering her body. Her hair was down and she looked like a goddess. She stood tall and moved elegantly, with a strong sense of control. In her hand, she held a woven basket.

The sight gave Christine pause as she realized that her soon-to-be boss was probably topless underneath that silk robe. Christine wondered if Lana was wearing underwear. The thought of Lana’s naked pussy made Christine’s mouth water.

“Ready for work?” Lana asked playfully, holding the basket up.

Christine gulped. “Yeah, I…uh…I’m ready.”

The basket was placed on the table and Lana sat on the couch again, right next to Christine. She very gently took Christine’s hand and caressed it slowly. Lana’s touch was not demanding, and yet, it seemed to stoke Christine’s desire.

“You seem nervous,” Lana noted.

“Yeah, kind of. I mean, how could I not be?”

“You’re a hardworking young woman, who’s auditioning for a job. What we do only takes place in this home. Please keep in mind that everything you’ll be doing is for my maternal benefit.”

Christine gave an exaggerated nod and playfully fixed her posture. “Thank you. I can handle this. I’m actually quite mature for my age.”

“Well then, let’s get started.”

Lana’s eyes never left Christine’s as she untied the knot of her robe and opened it slowly. Christine seemed mesmerized by the deviant look on Lana’s face, until the robe began to reveal the prize that lay underneath. The center of her bare chest was the first to be exposed. Then, Lana pulled the top of robe behind her shoulders to reveal a pair of pendulous breasts, which hung like full globes and had large brown areolas. The plump nipples were just begging to be sucked.

Lana removed her arms from the robe and kept the robe closed around her bottom. But patches of her trimmed pubic hairs were still visible in the gap between the two sides of the robe.

All the while, Christine couldn’t help but gawk at the marvelous view of a mature woman.

“They’re just breasts,” Lana said proudly. “Although mine have become a bit more, useful, shall we say.”

“I can see that,” Christine gulped, trying not animasyon porno to be rude by staring.

“The truth is, I’ve been lactating for the past 6 years, so I’m used to my newfound shape. I know they looked enhanced and swollen, which must be a surprise for you. My nipples especially look so ripe.”

“That’s a long time to be nursing. Do you ever get tired of it? I mean, I’m sure they must be sore all the time.”

Lana shrugged it off. “They serve a wonderful purpose. And let’s just say that my husband and a female friend of mine really enjoy them too. Breast milk is quite a fetish, and I’m a people pleaser.”

A female friend? Christine didn’t even want to ask.

“Well, they’re gorgeous. They make you look so womanly.”

“Speaking of which,” Lana said. “It’s time for your audition. Part of your duties, should you get the job, is to keep my breasts clean and sanitary. You’ll be using wipes to do that. Let me show you.”

Lana reached inside the basket for special wipes, which are designed to clean, soothe, and nourish the skin of a nursing woman’s breasts. She handed the opened packet to Christine.

“I’ll be gentle,” Christine said.

“Don’t worry, they’re only wipes. You have nothing to fear.”

With a sense of anticipation growing inside her, Christine pulled one of the wipes out of the packet and prepared to use it. The wipe was soft and moist. She kept her eyes on the luscious, milk filled breasts right in front of her. They looked so full and the nipples looked insanely delicious.

She started with the right breast. Reaching forward, she gently rubbed the large heavenly looking orb along the sides. She traced the breast in circles, slowly zeroing in on the generously sized nipple.

“You can go a little harder than that,” Lana said. “But I caution you, a little too hard, and you’ll find yourself covered in milk. My breasts are highly productive and squirt with very little effort.”

Christine tensed at the imagery of squirting nipples. “Oh…Okay.”

She pressed a little harder, feeling the firmness of the breast. It reminded her of an overfilled water balloon. She moved it side to side and watched ripples form in the taut skin from the motion. In her heart of hearts, she was hoping that the oversized breast would spray just a bit of the nectar within.

Finally, she reached the prize; the nipple. In reverence, she swabbed the wipe over the swollen teat. Only a thin sheet of moist tissue separated Christine’s fingers from Lana’s nipple, which had seemingly become stiffer as a result of the rubbing. She hoped she wasn’t crossing the line by touching her soon-to-be boss in her private area, but this is what the woman had requested. Besides, if she got the job, Christine would be sucking on that nipple anyway.

“Not so bad,” Lana said amusingly. “Is it?”

Christine traced around the nipple twice more. “Not bad at all. How am I doing?”

“You’re a natural.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Taylor.”

Without being asked, Christine folded the wipe and placed it on the table. Then she took another wipe from the packet and repeated the same process on the other breast, using the same rubbing technique and motions. She had much more confidence in doing it now and she actually enjoyed it. Her eyes never left Lana’s bountiful breasts, which were capped by those epic nipples.

After it was done, Christine folded that wipe and put it on the table.

“Are you ready to stimulate my mammary glands now?” Lana asked. “I need to make sure that my production remains high.”

“Do you want me to use my hands? Or…the other thing?”

“I can tell you’re a bit nervous. Don’t be.”

Christine took a deep calming breath. “I’m trying not to be.”

“Can I tell you a brief story?”

“You can tell me anything.”

“I was once in your position,” Lana explained. “So I know exactly how you feel. It was during my first year of law school. I had no idea what kind of lawyer I wanted to be, until the middle of my first semester in criminal law. A professor, who had been a former prosecutor, inspired me. I was mesmerized by her command of the law, and the ideals to which she held. As it turned out, she had just returned from maternity leave, which I found impressive.”

She continued, “Anyway, I struggled with a few of the legal concepts. I’m an overachiever by nature, so I met with her after class. We really hit it off. The two of us had great chemistry and I really admired her.”

“The professor invited me to her office one day because she sensed that I was needlessly stressing out over exams. We talked in her office and she helped me with my writing. Surprisingly, I noticed two wet spots forming on her blouse. When I pointed it out, she looked uncomfortable and told me that she hadn’t relieved her breasts for hours. Keep in mind, this was decades ago, before there were breast pumps and special bras to handle this kind of situation.”

“Is that when your fascination with this began?” Christine asked.

“Yes, I was in awe of the process. She explained everything to me and I found myself becoming secretly aroused. I even offered to help. I insisted. Though, what I meant was that I’d help bring her paper towels or whatever. Instead, she asked if I’d nurse from her to relieve the tension. I simply couldn’t believe it.”

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