In It For The Long Run Ch. 07

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I looked at Alice’s smiling face as I walked back into the house. She portrayed a smug, dominant persona now, contrasting the caring submissive wife she had been previously. What happened to you? I thought as I minced past her back to the bedroom. Alice stayed behind, though, her eyes twinkling with lust and mischievousness.

The lights were off and I had snuggled myself into the bed sheets, waiting for Alice to come to bed, when the door creaked open to reveal a long dark silhouette.

The shadow had the figure of my wife, the slender legs and hourglass waist being dead giveaways. But this figure had an ‘extra’ part, so to speak, located between its legs. It hung its long shadow roughly 7″ down and swung as she walked. Soon enough, she had made her way over to my already exhausted body. Her body was backlit from the light of the hallway, which made her face unknowable, her presence intimidating, and her body lined with golden rays of light as if she were a goddess.

“Suck,” she commanded. “Now.” The command came from the void, and my current state almost couldn’t handle it. I now had a better view of her extra appendage, my eyes now having fully adjusted to the light level of the room. It was a long black strapon protruding 7 inches from her waist. The veins on the fake cock stood out, and it was leaking a suspicious white fluid from its tip.

My body started to move on its own, and I grabbed the strapon with my left hand, starting to stroke it and caress its length. It was as if I had no control over my limbs nor my head, the latter of which had started to make its way to the large fake cock. The smell of the rubbery cock was intoxicating for some unknown reason, and it only enticed my body to go forward even more. I felt my lips make contact with the strapon and I instinctively pursed my lips, kissing the tip of the rubber penis.

After that, I blacked out.

A throbbing pain in my cock shot my brain awake and I clutched my groin in a desperate attempt to quell whatever conflict was happening in my nether regions. My hand was met with the unforgiving steel cage that encased my groin, and the pain was unrelenting. The flesh inside the cage desperately clawed its way out, trying everything in its power to become erect, but it just couldn’t find any space in which to grow. It continued like such for, well, I don’t really know how long, and eventually the pain from my penis’s efforts to grow subsided.

Not long after, I became acutely aware of the soreness emanating from my rear end. What the hell happened last night? I thought, as I cautiously touched at the entrance to my anal cavity. It was sensitive, and it made me recoil at the touch. Blinking hard, I tried my best to push aside the constant pain in my rectum to focus on why things were the way they were. Bits and pieces of yesterday came to my mind but the memories were all blurry; it was as if I had gotten wasted out of my mind last night. No, I’d been wasted before and I have had plenty of experiences similar to this one, but this time it was just different.

I sat up in bed, making sure to be extra careful when placing my asshole onto the bed, and I just went through yesterday’s events as best as I could Anadolu Yakası escort remember. I remember eating out Alice’s pussy, and then she went off to work, right? I rubbed my temples, trying to remember what happened next. But there was nothing, just a black, empty, and unforgiving void of nothingness where my memories should be. Next thing I can remember, then. I was… masturbating? I think I remember picking up Alice’s panties off the ground at some point. Yeah, that’s right, the pink ones with the lace that felt really nice on my crotch. And then she caught me. My head started to throb when I tried to remember the next part. Flashes of memory blew past my mind, and just as I thought I had a grip on what had happened, they were gone. The last thing I remembered was seeing Alice wearing that… whatever it was, it was strapped onto her pelvis, and it was large. After that, it was as if there was just an empty space where the memories should be.

“Alice!” I called, “What happened last night?”

I heard the clicks of her heels against the floor coming closer, and she opened the door to reveal herself. She was wearing a full latex bodysuit, topped off with a black corset, piercing black makeup, and the cherry on top: two black 6″ high heeled boots. What struck me the most, however, was the large black strapon bolted to her pelvis. Upon looking at her, I was awash with confusion and lust, but my gaze kept getting dragged down to the large strapon. It was… mesmerizing, so to speak. Like a light in an endless darkness, I was drawn to it almost by instinct.

Again, I blacked out.

This time, however, I didn’t wake up in my bedroom. In fact, my eyes were practically blinded by the sheer pinkness of the room’s decorations, a stark contrast to the darker tones I had chosen for my bedroom. Moreover, the bed had a pink tulle canopy, draping above its even brighter pink sheets, and the bed’s four pillars had pink hearts engraved into their painted white wood.

The scent of sickeningly-sweet flowers and perfumes filled the room, causing me to scrunch up my nose in response. It seemed, however, that the scent was determined to make itself known to my nose, and so even clamping down my hands on my nose didn’t deter it from seeping in. In a minute, though, I had adjusted to the smell, and although I still wasn’t a fan of it, it was bearable.

After the initial shock wore off, I peeled the sheets off my body and took in the rest of the room’s décor. Pink, as was to be expected. It was like a little girl’s dream room, but even pinker and more effeminate than that. The walls were a soft pink and covered in various white shapes arranged in a pattern; hearts, stars, polka dots, bows, etc. Not only that, but in the corner there was a white vanity filled to the brim with what looked to be makeup products, and standing next to the vanity was a full-length mirror. In front of the vanity stood a pink armchair lined with white ribbons and bows, the legs of the chair wrapped in white lace. A bookcase stood at the opposite end of the room from the vanity, and it looked to be full of magazines and books of every kind.

What really stood out to me, however, was that there was no door. Just four Anadolu Yakası escort bayan walls and nothing else. My breath started to quicken in its pace and I looked around desperately, thinking that I’d just missed where the door was somehow. I hadn’t, because there was no door. In fact, this wasn’t even really a room.

I jumped out of the bed and felt my bare feet hit the soft, pink, fuzzy carpet. I dug my toes into it instinctively, feeling my toes curl up into the material like a warm blanket. I made my way over to the chair and picked it up. The chair felt sturdy and wooden. This should work, I thought, and swung the chair into the wall. It bounced off harmlessly and bonked me in the noggin. That’s right, it ‘bonked’ me, sound effect and all. The experience was almost surreal, but my confusion grew even more when I noticed that the wallpaper was unscratched by my attack. Moreover, the chair that I had flung into it was back in position in front of the vanity.

“What the fuck is going on here?” I whispered to myself.

Not long after that, a bright light started emanating from the mirror on the vanity. It was blinding, and I couldn’t bring myself to look at any longer than a few seconds. Soon enough, though, the light had died down to where I could approach the vanity to see what was happening.

“Sit!” said a bright and cheery voice. The voice sounded like one of a little girl, it was much too high and girly for it to be pretty much anything else. “Please…” it pleaded, and I could hear the pout in her voice. And so, I sat down as cautious as I thought was necessary.

“Hello?” I asked, furrowing my brow at the glowing vanity mirror. “Who are you?”

“Why I’m you, silly!” The voice giggled at my question. “I’m just in charge right now. Lucky you! We’re gonna have so much fun together!”

“What do you mean, you’re in charge?” I asked, my eyes widening as I started to put the pieces together.

“Well,” she started, “whenever your mistress wants me to come out, I get to take control of our body for a couple hours! Isn’t that great! Sharing is caring, after all!” You could hear the smile in her voice.

“It’s my body! Give it back!” I started to grow angry at the whole situation.

“…” The voice went quiet as she presumably pouted. “You’re mean.”

I stood there, stunned, for a second before I responded. “Look,” I blinked hard a few times to calm myself down, “I just want my body back. Is that okay?” No response. I waited a few more seconds before noticing that the glowing light in the mirror was starting to fade. “Wait! Please wait!” I pleaded, grabbing at the mirror’s sides in a desperate attempt to stop the voice from leaving.

The light stopped fading away and returned to its once bright state. “What do you want? I’m not giving it back.”

“Please, I just want answers! What even are you?” I screamed into the void.

She pouted. “Hmph. It’s who are you, and my name is Chrissy. What else?” She sounded a little bratty, which made sense, y’know, considering.

“Can you tell me what’s going on?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” she pondered, “well I can, but you’re gonna be upset over it…”

“I promise you, Chrissy, escort bayan I won’t get mad. Promise.” I lied through my teeth.

“Well okay then! The first thing that happened was that Mistress ‘A’ woke me up and told me to become the girliest girl possible, which wasn’t hard *giggles*, and eventually she told me that I was going to get my turn in your body!”

Mistress A? Alice?! It couldn’t be…

“Then,” she continued, “the hypnosis that created me kept doing its work and I kept getting stronger! Strong enough to finally take that last step to take over!”

“So last night, you took over my body to make love to Alice?” I asked.

“Yep! And boy oh boy, did she enjoy ‘your’ new attitude. She was a bit surprised with your enthusiasm in sucking and fucking her strapon, but she quickly understood that it was me in charge and her surprise went away.” Chrissy giggled. “We’re gonna have so much fun, Chris. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

That last part left me speechless, and the light quickly faded from the mirror, only to be replaced with what looked like a live recording of my body’s vision. Imagine seeing through your eyes, but you can’t control anything, you can only watch as your body performs actions that you’d never, ever, do in a million years. That was what this was like, but it wasn’t like being possessed by a ghost, it was more like I was trapped within these four walls and I was being given a front seat to the theft of my identity. The walls around me were already starting to look stale.

An unknown amount of time later…

I woke up with a start, finding myself out of the pink room and back into my own body. Well, it wasn’t really the body I knew anymore. This body could barely even be called my own body at this point with all the primping and pampering that had happened in-between the last time I saw it and now.

For starters, I was hairless from the eyebrows down. That much I could tell straight off the bat. I also only had on a frilly apron and what felt like a thong, the way it stuck itself in my ass crack. My lips felt waxy and my eyelids were heavy; it felt like every time I blinked I was causing a mini-tornado due to my long lashes. I had to spend all that time watching Chrissy apply her makeup and do her hair, after all, so it was no surprise that some sort of makeup was currently slathered on my face.

“I’m back!” I proclaimed, smiling my ass off as I jumped for joy. “YES! I don’t know how it happened, but I’m back!” I quickly assessed my situation, however, and smoothed out my apron in an attempt to regain whatever dignity I had left. It looked as if I was in the middle of cooking up dinner for when Alice returned home from work, evidenced by the overcooked chicken in the oven. My hand brushed against the apron and I recoiled, instantly bringing my finger to my mouth to suck away the pain. It was a burn. Huh, fancy that. Looks like little Chrissy burnt herself while cooking. Must’ve allowed me to take back control. I still was a little fuzzy on the details of how I managed my newfound freedom, but I sure wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The cage on my cock was still there, which was oddly enough a blessing. I hope all this crap is reversible, I thought, as I looked at the small budding breasts on my chest. Those pills Chrissy was taking all that time were hormones? I really hope this crap is reversible.

It was more than time that I took back my life. This had gone way too far. But where do I even start?

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