The Not-So-Sweet Cheat Pays

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Reverend Alicia has been especially kind to me this week. I guess it’s because of how well things have gone at school. I think she thought I was a bit of a slacker—well, compared to my first superior, Leslie, almost everyone is!! So when I told her I would be an assistant principal in the autumn term, and that I had passed the NCTE exam, she said I did deserve some praise and I think I’ve moved up a notch in her regard.

You know, darling, that doesn’t mean that much because I guess it’s like you with Miss I—-, I need Rev A to take me down a peg now and then when I sort of lose track of myself. It’s awful, I suppose, but I do feel cared for when she slowly takes my panties down and makes me get across her lap to be spanked.

About Jan, I finally found out from Rev Alicia that she is sort of an apprentice minister, called a novice, almost like in a convent, I guess, or a novitiate or something like that. It’s been about three months since I last saw her at Rev A’s for that famous scene where she whacked me right where I felt it the most intensely. This time, though, was a lot different. When I arrived from school in my nice outfit, I saw her sitting in the little room outside Rev A’s study. She had been given tea and was sipping it. She smiled at me and said she hoped I didn’t hold last time against her, since she really was sorry for what she did to me and felt Rev Alicia had been totally right to punish her for it.

I tried to be nice to her because I figured she was plenty scared. She told me that she had been caught using notes during a written examination at the seminary where she is a graduate student. They apparently were really ticked that she had tried to cheat and were about to throw her out and she would never get into the clergy. But the dean or whatever there was an old friend of Alicia’s and knew Jan was her niece. She told her that she was going to have Alicia deal with her and smiled that she knew she would do it properly, Jan said, and then Jan would be allowed to sit for the exam again as if nothing had happened.

Jan told me how appreciative she was to both Alicia and her dean but she was scared to death about what “Aunt Alicia” was going to do because she knew this was a very serious matter. I told her that her aunt has always been fair with me and hasn’t given me anything I didn’t deserve. That covers a multitude of things, of course, that she’s done to me that have made me scream and want to kill her at the time, but I didn’t tell Jan that!

The door to the study opened and Alicia’s very severe secretary, Marian, told me I could go in and acted like Jan wasn’t even there. When Jan stood up, as if to go in with me, Marian snapped at her, “You just stay where you are until your aunt tells you to come in.”

When I entered, Alicia was dressed in her formal vestments. For her sect I guess they can be almost like Episcopalians or Anglicans, who are almost-Catholics anyway! Alicia, who is a large woman, actually looked good in the purple vest and surplice and formal gray skirt and starched white blouse. She smiled at me and told me to sit down, pointing to a chair.

“I’m letting you be a formal witness here, Cynthia,” she said, “and you will sign the papers I have to send to the dean of the seminary that you observed all this. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

I resisted telling her how happy I was to see Jan punished and responded, “Yes, Reverend, I understand that this is serious and I will do just what you ask me to do.”

She smiled and repeated what she had said the other day about how proud she was of me and that Leslie clearly had seen something in me. Then she went on, “Jan behaved very stupidly. She is not a stupid person but she must have been scared about the exam, which isn’t as difficult as all that.”

She mentioned that Jan’s mother, her sister, was not too bright and she wanted to make sure that Jan made the best of what she was given and did not do anything like this ever again.

“You have to understand that the dean is thinking of me and my position much more than she cares a hoot about Jan,” Rev Alicia said to me. “She’s doing this because I’m an old friend and she knows it would hurt me personally and professionally if she were drummed out.”

Then she sat at her desk and pressed the phone button to call Marian. urfa escort “Bring her in now, please,” she said in very business-like tones, “and make sure you take her by the hand and lead her in here.”

Shortly, the door opened and Marian very bossily led a very frightened Jan into Rev A’s study.

Alicia let her stand there, with Marian not rushing to let go of her hand, for a while. It must have seemed like eternity to poor Jan.

Jan is dowdy-looking even though I’m sure she’s no more than 24 or 25. She wears her hair in plaits and had on a school skirt and white blouse that I swear made her look about 16. She wore no make-up.

“That’s fine,” Alicia said to Marian, as if Jan were not even present, “leave her here and you may go.”

Marian ceremoniously dropped Jan’s hand as she turned to leave and Alicia just pointed to a very low chair, on which Jan immediately sat.

When Marian was gone, Alicia lit into Jan.

“You know that I pulled a lot of contacts to get you into that seminary because you don’t impress people even though I know you are not stupid,” she began as Jan cringed in the low chair. “And you reward me by trying to cheat on a stupid exam that any of us could pass easily, including you.”

“I don’t know what came over me, Aunt Alicia,” Jan said in a small voice. “For some reason, I got scared about it and just wanted to have my notes but I know now that it was both wrong and stupid and I appreciate it that you have managed to get them to give me another chance.”

“Stand up,” Alicia suddenly barked at her, very sharply.

Jan froze and then stood.

“Lift your skirt well above your waist and make sure it stays up there,” Alicia went on, as if talking to a child.

Jan complied and we now saw once again her granny panties on full display. I can’t believe she wears those things. Maybe it’s the seminary, and they figure no guy would even try to get into them or try to get them down to have it off with her.

Rev Alicia opened her desk drawer and took out something I recognized. It was a fairly large martinet and I knew right away where it came from. “This is a present from a friend of mine whom Cynthia knew very well and whom you should be trying to emulate, Janice,” Rev Alicia intoned. “It’s a shame she is no longer with us but her name was Leslie. She had a distinguished career in law and education and would probably be pleased her present to me was serving such a worthwhile purpose.”

Jan saw the martinet, which had long tails and I think there may have been metal studs on the ends of them. Boy, was I glad this wasn’t going to be used on me! She blanched and for a second, I thought she would faint.

“Now lower those panties, girl,” Alicia ordered, “and get up on the desk here.” Alicia had thoughtfully cleared her desk prior to my entering the office.

Jan bent down and pulled the ridiculous panties down and then weakly asked her aunt, “Aunt Alicia, please, this has made me need to go. I’ve been sitting out there for a long time, too. Can I first use the bathroom?”

I swear I think I saw a tiny smile on Rev Alicia’s face just as she responded, “No, Janice, I don’t think you deserve that privilege right now.”

Jan’s jaw dropped but she knew enough to get up on her back on the desk and sure enough Alicia lifted her legs into diaper position! Alicia then very ceremoniously looked at me.

“Cynthia, please come over here and assist me,” she said, as she told me to hold Jan’s legs up.

I put my hands around Jan’s legs and tried to keep from staring at her exposed parts. She did have one of those pussies that bulge out in the rear when in this position and then below it was a small dark rosette that was her now exposed anus.

Alicia backed up, holding the martinet, and told Jan she had better stay in position. She then fired the first stroke at Jan’s bottom, with the tails clearly also touching the girls’ exposed puss and anus.

Jan screamed but Alicia told her to pipe down and kept firing strong strokes at the exposed bottom until it began to look splotchy red and even black and blue from the fusillade.

I found I was in a trance of dazed excitement as I watched Alicia punish her niece in such a painful way. Those tails were clearly snapping balıkesir escort on the delicate flesh of Jan’s pussy, even striking the excruciatingly sensitive surface of her little clit, and arousing the sensations in her anal rosette. Deep down, I told myself I was truly a mean girl because I also realized that these seemingly random hits by those nasty tails would soon make her lose urinary control, given that she had clearly needed to pee badly when she made her plea.

When Alicia gave her about the eighth stroke, I was amazed to see Jan flinch at the stroke and then release what clearly was a jet of pee from her pussy that was exposed from the rear!!

Alicia saw it, too, and said rather perfunctorily, “You know that I must impose extra discipline for that little social error, Janice.” She picked up the martinet and moved in closer and began whipping her bottom with close-in, repeated strokes.

Then she looked up at me. “Hold her legs apart, Cynthia.”

She looked at Jan and said, “You’d better keep those legs apart until I’m finished with you.”

She picked up a small whip and began to whip Jan right on the pussy. It hurt me to watch it and I felt Jan momentarily trying to close her legs. I held them apart and luckily for Jan, she has one of those pussies that has lips that don’t move apart just because she spreads her legs.

The Rev was clearly very very peeved at her niece, so she managed to flick the whip right at Jan’s puss so it snapped on her lips and exposed clit and peehole in a way that clearly was quite painful. However, I recalled one horrible punishment when I had to hold myself open and Jan wasn’t getting hit, at least not much, on her open pussy.

After giving Jan a good dozen or so nasty strokes with that whip, Alicia told her to get up and get off the desk. I let go of her legs and helped her stand up and step down from the desk.

Jan was sort of moving around like she really needed to pee. Alicia saw that, smiled, and handed her a glass bowl.

“Squat down and do your business, Janice,” she said, rather peremptorily.

There were tears in Jan’s eyes and her hair was mussed when she squatted and held the bowl under her punished puss. We heard her pee stream make a loud ping noise when it hit the bowl and started filling it with a bubbling yellow brew. When it was clear that she had stopped, Alicia stood in front of her and held her hand out until Jan handed her the bowl, which the Rev proceeded to set on her desk. It was still bubbling and seemed a lighter shade of yellow.

Jan realized she had better adhere to her aunt’s precise instructions if she didn’t want to incur further punishment, so in a small voice, she asked if she could get up.

“You may rise, Janice,” Alicia intoned, “and then you may place yourself across my lap.”

The Rev was sitting in an armless wooden Windsor chair and Jan duly draped herself, sans panties, across Alicia’s commodious lap.

Reaching over to her desk while holding Jan across the waist, she found her trusty hairbrush. I instantly realized that Jan’s streaked and reddening bottom would soon be making its acquaintance.

Rev Alicia began to apply the hairbrush to Jan’s already sore bottom, alternating between Jan’s cheeks. After the first dozen, Jan began to let out little cries and finally screams. It was clear that Marian, the only other person in the house, was unlikely to be disturbed.

Finally, Alicia patted Jan on her bare, very red bottom and bade her stand.

“Pull up your panties, girl,” she said in a very mocking tone.

“I’m terribly, terribly sorry, Aunt Alicia,” Jan responded.

“Well, now that you’ve been punished, I accept that and I will forget this ever occurred,” Alicia said, with a surprising smile. “Of course, there’s one more thing.”

Jan seemed ready to scream out of fear if not surprise.

Alicia went on to produce a form she began to complete.

“This is what I need to send the diocesan director,” she said as she filled in the entries. After indicating that the discipline imposed had been in response to the direction of the director, she spelled out the precise punishment and read that aloud, much to Jan’s distress.

Alicia then asked me to sign the document trabzon escort as witness. I walked over to her desk where she handed me the pen and I duly signed.


Once Alicia had completed the formalities, it was already past six in the afternoon and when we emerged from her study, Marian had left for the day.

Alicia asked us both if we would not stay and have tea with her. Jan seemed in a daze but I responded positively and Alicia more or less advised Jan that it would do her good to stay as well.

We followed the Rev through a long passageway to her private quarters. She stopped to put on a kettle and then invited us into her commodious bedroom.

We sat down on some comfortable chairs, actually sank into them, and then Alicia went out and brought back tea on a tray for us with some small cakes. After Jan, I, and Rev Alicia had enjoyed some of these, Alicia suggested that we might all wish to get more comfortable.

It was clear from her first smile of the day that Jan had been involved in this kind of thing with Rev Alicia just as I had. She and I both grinned and at the same time, we unbuttoned our blouses and unzipped our skirts. Rev Alicia was standing across from us, carefully removing her formal vestments and placing them in a closet.

All three of us sat on her wide comfortable bed in our bras and panties. I was somewhat surprised to see that Rev Alicia was wearing a thong—of all things—a maroon one, and it was also a bit weird to see how her pubic hairs pushed out on both sides as the thong barely concealed her large split. Rev Alicia, need it be said, is a large woman.

Jan seemed reluctant to proceed but Alicia motioned to her to remove her awful granny panties and unhook her grim-looking off-white bra. Jan was not a large woman and her bra was not much larger than, say, 30A and the panties quite small, which was probably to the good since they looked ridiculous enough even in her small size.

Alicia unhooked her large sturdy bra and her large breasts burst forth. At the same time I slipped down my panties and undid my nice matching pale blue 34B brassiere. From everything that had happened, my nipples were quite pointed and extended and Alicia noticed at once that my snatch was dripping.

“Cynthia,” Alicia said rather crossly, “I asked you to attend today as a witness. I do hope this has served as an incentive to maintain good behavior. I do feel responsible for you and your conduct in a way that I do not even for Janice here.”

Perhaps remembering the unfortunate consequences when Jan was last present in my company, Alicia desisted from disciplining me, which I believe she wished to do purely for maintenance purposes. She also doubtless wished as well as to make an even stronger impression on Jan as to what would happen to her should she dare to commit another offense that would result in her returning to her aunt’s study under these circumstances.

Alicia stretched out as she managed to slip her thong down and off and I slid my little panties off as well. Alicia opened her ample arms to embrace the two of us.

“Now I know I need to punish each of you now and then,” she said calmly. “But I hope you both realize as well that I have deep affection for you. You are truly the daughters I have never had.”

Before she could begin shedding tears, both Jan and I spontaneously turned to kiss her in turn on her lips. She lay back on the bed so that each of us faced one of her very massive breasts and I proceeded to dab my tongue on her dark nipples until these arose from the wide almost as dark areola and became rigid.

Alicia was smiling as Jan followed my lead and I slipped one hand down through the luxuriant forest between her legs to put a finger ever so lightly on her distended clit. My finger met Jan’s and together we massaged her sensitive button as we felt it rise and we felt the juice running from her vagina each time our fingers ran down the respective labium. Her increasingly strenuous responses made me certain she would cum soon…and hard.

As this immense explosion was developing, Jan and I sidled down Alicia’s sides to meet at the Y of her wide vulva and replace our fingers with our tongues on her clit and labia. Now the Rev was starting to move her haunches in rhythm with our ministrations on her most sensitive parts.

Finally, Alicia reached the boiling point of her sensations as suddenly, my tongue and mouth sensed the vibrations emanating from her core and the spurt of liquid from her vagina doused both our faces. We licked her calmly and repeatedly as we allowed her to enjoy her clearly long-desired climax.

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