Karen’s First Time

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Throughout college, I didn’t spend much time creating relationships or pursing fun. I was driven to achievement; studying, working as a teacher’s assistant for my professors, and becoming the president of the school business fraternity. I studied marketing and economics, so between the double major and all my extracurricular activities, I didn’t have a time for a boyfriend. I’d always felt the immense need to prove myself. As a black woman, in the male dominated business college, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I deserved a seat at the table. Of course, there were a couple flings and drunken hook-ups, but nothing major. Right after graduation, I was offered a position as an assistant fashion buyer with a huge retailer based in Atlanta. Despite not knowing anyone in the city, I was so excited to start a new journey in a new city.

I’ve been described as a pretty, girl-next-door type. At 5’2″ and 120 pounds, I’ve always maintained a lean, athletic body type. Years of long distance running having sculpted my legs, thighs, and heart shaped ass. My flat stomach made it easy for me to keep up with the trend of wearing midriff bearing cropped tops. Caramel colored skin and a huge, shoulder length mess of tightly curled tresses, typically worn loose made it hard for people not to notice me.

Moving to Atlanta, on my own, at 23 was incredibly exciting. I rented myself a tiny studio in the midtown area because I was determined to not only excel at work, but also to develop an exciting social life. My studio was perfect, one exposed brick wall and exposed ducts along the ceiling — the place felt incredibly modern. I was so proud to have it! Decorating kept me busy for a while, filling the place with cozy chic furniture. A small, gray sectional covered in blush pink and ivory throw pillows, my queen sized pillow top bed, lushly topped in a fluffy white down comforter, along with girlish artwork and succulents made my place a dream come true.

Work was off to a good start too. There were four other assistant buyers who started at the same time as me. The hours were long and the work tedious, so we all became fast friends, able to easily commiserate over the rigors of the position and share best practices. Since several of the other assistants were new to the area, we also formed an easy group of friends outside the office. We frequented a midtown Atlanta bar on most Friday nights after work for Happy Hour and karaoke. We’d do planned outings around the city too; soccer games, music festivals, and clubbing kept us busy outside of work. I became closest to Gina. Pretty soon, the two of us were inseparable.

“Gina and Karen, always together,” our other colleagues would tease.

But, I genuinely felt a connection to Gina. She really had become my best friend. I was able to share so much with her without feeling judged or having to edit myself. I’d found that other girls can sometimes be so catty that I’d find it hard to really connect.

Gina only lived a couple blocks from me, so we spent a lot of time together outside of work. Our favorite routine was a Saturday morning hot yoga class followed by a quick shower at the gym and brunch. We liked to do hot yoga because then we felt less guilty for ordering a second pitcher of mimosa at brunch!

It was during our Saturday morning hot yoga classes that I first got a really good look at how amazing Gina’s body was. Since the room for hot yoga is heated to 105 degrees, and 40% humidity is piped into the room, you generally don’t wear a lot of clothes to practice. Seeing Gina in her sports bra and short spandex shorts revealed that she was in excellent shape. Gina was a bombshell. Creamy white skin with piercing blue eyes, guys couldn’t get enough of her. She’d typically compliment her gorgeous, ocean blue eyes with perfectly applied mascara onto her long lashes. 6 inches taller than me and 115 pounds, Gina was model thin and really commanded a room. Gina had light blonde hair, usually worn straightened and down to her middle back, if she was feeling lazy, or coming back from yoga, she’d pile her blonde hair into a top knot on top of her heart shaped face.

If we weren’t too tipsy, we’d typically spend some time shopping in the afternoon or binge watching The Office at either mine or her place. After a quick power nap, either on the sofa together or sharing the bed, we’d both be ready for the night. Since we’re both girls, it was never weird or awkward for us to share a bed, or to spend so much time together. Women are typically more comfortable letting other women into our personal space.

Our nights were generally spent bar hopping in Buckhead with other young professionals, getting free drinks from the guys hitting on us. The bars were fun, they played hip music and had good, strong drinks. Gina and I loved to dance. Most of the time, we’d both uber back home once our night was finished. Occasionally, I’d leave early to hook up with a guy I’d been flirting with on any given night. However, I never saw Gina hook up alt yazılı seks with anyone. I know that’s not everyone’s style, and she’d explained that she wasn’t really into Atlanta guys, so I never thought anything of it. She never judged me for being a little slutty sometimes, and I loved her for it.

I’d hooked up a couple times with the same guy that we’d met out in the bars. Since the first times we hooked up, after randomly running into each other at the bars, we exchanged numbers and would hook up randomly whenever either of us needed a booty call. The sex was great, but he wasn’t much to talk to. He had a chiseled frame; Crossfit was incredibly popular in Atlanta, and he wasn’t immune to the craze. He had light brown skin and wore his hair close cropped. But his dick is what kept me coming back. He never hesitated to eat my pussy. He’d stroke my clit with his tongue, while he played with my nipples and get me sopping wet with anticipation. Then he’d slide his long, thick dick inside me and leave it buried to the hilt for what seemed like forever. The first stroke would always leave me shuddering with pleasure.

Every stroke after that would drive me further and further into ecstasy. His name was Michael, and while the sex was great, I couldn’t see myself being in a relationship with someone I didn’t enjoy talking to. After we finished our sessions, he’d always make sure to leave before morning and he’d never try to chit chat too much in our text messages. It was a great arrangement.

This Saturday was no different, after more than 6 months on the job, and 5 months as what can be described as best friends, Gina and I hadn’t bored of our Saturday routine. Gina and I had confirmed on Thursday that we’d get together for 9 a.m. hot yoga on Saturday. But Gina had been a little weird all week, she seemed irritated and a little distant. Nothing overtly rude, just perceptible enough for me to pick up.

“Everything okay,” I asked her during lunch on Friday.

“Yeah,” she said, hesitant. Her eyes shifted down to her salad.

“Oh that’s bullshit, what’s going on?” I pressed, putting down my fork.

“Oh my goodness, you make a big deal out of everything, work has just been super stressful, I’m behind, that’s all.” Gina said.

I felt like she was lying, but I let it go, picked my fork back up and kept eating. I knew it’d come out eventually. I changed to conversation topic and moved on.

“Do you wanna karaoke tonight?” I said teasingly.

“No, not tonight — but we’re definitely on for our Saturday, right” Gina asked.

“Geesh, I’m not used to going out without you! You sure you don’t want to come tonight? I mean, of course we’re on for Saturday, what else would we do on a Saturday?” I said, laughing.

Since Gina wasn’t going to karaoke, I decided not to go either. Instead, I spent the evening catching up on some emails from the week and drinking wine. Mostly, drinking wine. My friends with benefits, Michael, offered to come over, but I turned him down. Its weird for me not to be in the mood for sex, but something had me feeling a little off. Maybe it was that I couldn’t get over feeling like Gina hadn’t been completely honest with me.

I decided to take a hot bubble bath and read my novel to take my mind off everything. I was re-reading Fifty Shades of Gray. After spending time in the bath and shaving my legs, I toweled off and grabbed my vibrator. Between feeling a little tipsy after the wine and the steamy scenes in the book, I was feeling turned on. I sprawled across my bed, caressing my smooth legs and bare pussy lips, gently easing the vibrator between my legs and into my pussy. The sensation was divine. The vibrating beads circling my clit, timed with my rhythmic strokes had me bucking my hips forward in desperate search of my orgasm. When I reached my peak, I gasped slightly, pressing deeper and harder onto the vibrator allowing the waves of my orgasm to crush over my body. Once I was finished, I slid into a black cotton spaghetti strapped night gown, put my vibrator into my nightstand drawer, and crawled into bed.

When my alarm went off at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, I knew hot yoga was gonna be a bitch. I’d definitely had too much wine. I considered not going. Despite being clad in full yoga gear; black yoga pants with mesh see thru panels along the front of my quads and lavender colored strappy sports bra, I was not in the mood to sweat it out this morning. I piled my curls into a huge pineapple-looking ponytail at the top of my head, put on my tiny gold stud earrings, grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door. I didn’t want to ditch our Saturday ritual, and I knew I’d feel better after class.

Gina greeted me at the studio with a huge smile. Her cheeks were a bit flushed, she probably jogged here. All evidence of the weirdness I sensed yesterday was gone.

“Hey girl” I said as I approached. We began walking into the locker room to put down our things. “Did you jog today? porno 92 Gosh, you’re so healthy! #goals” I teased her.

Gina rolled her eyes in response. “Yeah, I jogged, I’ve been in a feel funk lately, but I’m feeling a little better today” she said.

“Good” I said, “I can’t wait to hear what it was all about over brunch.” I shot her a look letting her know that I didn’t buy her whole story about being stressed from work.

She looked gorgeous, long hair in a high ponytail with small pearl studded earrings. Her dark gray yoga pants showed off her small tight ass and previewed a small camel toe. She took off the t-shirt she’d jogged in to reveal an emerald green sports bra. She had bigger breast than you’d expect for a girl of her size. I envied her perky C cups, I had a small A cup, so I could often get away with not wearing a bra under my weekend sundresses, but Gina’s full breasts were beautiful. We headed into class and set up our mats. During the practice, only the teacher would speak, so we spent the next 90 minutes aligning our bodies and sweating out toxins. Class was a huge relief.

We headed straight to the locker room after class. Stripping out of our soaking wet clothes. Some women are a little more private and undress in the shower, with the shower curtain closed, but Gina and I are pretty free. Both of us strip right in front of the locker. When your clothes are that wet, its tough to pry your clothes off you. A spectator in a post-hot-yoga locker room would get plenty of full boob shots, squeezing out of those tight tiny sports bras was tough, and sometimes you’d get your arms stuck in the bra. Bending over to peel sweaty yoga pants off would also provide a nice full view of all types of asses.

Gina and I chatted while in the shower, discussing brunch options and finally settling on an old favorite that we hadn’t been to in a while. We walked a couple blocks to the restaurant called Three Brother’s Craftsman. Once we had our table, and had placed our drink order we commenced on our first pitcher of mimosa. We’d been seated outdoors, on the rooftop area. Since it was still relatively early, there were only a couple other guests seated outside, so we had a good bit of privacy to tell bawdy jokes and laugh loudly. After a couple glasses each, I finally felt brave enough to ask my questions.

“So what was up with you this week?” I asked.

“Well,” Gina hesitated and lowered her eyes “I guess I’m just feeling a little down about my relationship status…it seems like forever since I’ve gotten laid. I see you with Lover-boy Michael, and I guess it’s just got my self-esteem a little down.”

I scowled, then sighed with genuine concern “What do you mean girl, you’re smart, gorgeous and successful. Do you see how the guys at work look at you?”

Gina took another long sip of her mimosa “Yeah, people have always looked at me like that, but, I guess I’m just ready for something more serious, I’m ready to be in love.”

I knew Gina had been in a pretty serious relationship in college, back in Iowa, but she was dumped when she took the job in Atlanta. She never talked much about it, but I knew her heart was broken when it happened.

“You know Michael and I aren’t in love, right? It’s just fucking.” I said.

“I know, I know, but at least you have someone to call. The only cuddles I get are from you when we have to crash in my tiny double bed!” We both laughed.

That seemed to really release a lot of pressure for her and that made me happy. We went through two more pitchers of mimosas and got so drunk we couldn’t walk back to my place, we instead had to call an Uber. All the while, I was thinking that I was determined to hook Gina up with someone that night.

We giggled our way up the stairs to my place, swaying and holding on to each other. When we got to my place, we turned on the television to Scandal reruns and started chatting.

“What’s the wildest sexual thing you’ve ever done?” I asked Gina. Not very subtle, but I was too drunk to be too clever.

“I don’t know, maybe the time I had sex in an empty classroom in college.” Gina looked excited remembering it.

“Holy shit, I would have never pegged you as the exhibitionist! What was it like, did you get caught?” I was thrilled and wanted all the details.

Gina seemed excited to share.

“Well, it was my long term girlfriend, the one who broke my heart,” Gina said that nonchalantly, but this was something she’d never shared with me.

I knew the college relationship ending broke her heart, but, she’d never told me that it was a girlfriend. I hoped my face didn’t betray my shock.

“You shouldn’t play poker, ya know” Gina said. Of course she’d been able to read my face.

“Well, you never told me ex-douche bag was a girl, did you not trust me to know? I’m actually a little weirded out that you didn’t feel comfortable to tell me before, I literally tell you everything!”

I got up and walked over xvideos porno to my kitchen area, I needed water. It was nearly one o’clock, but I still felt pretty drunk.

“Don’t be mad, Karen. It’s not that I didn’t trust you to know, I just didn’t want you to feel weird around me.” Gina followed me to the kitchen area. I handed her a glass of water.

“I’m not mad at you, but I do call bullshit on you thinking I’d be weird around you. You’re my best friend bitch.” I widened my brown eyes. “I guess I won’t be calling Michael over for a threesome tonight!”

We both laughed hysterically. We continued to share stories and re-hydrate until around 7 o’clock, when we decided to start getting dressed to grab sushi dinner and head out for dancing and more drinks.

As I exited the shower, I wrapped up in my towel and headed over to my nightstand to put on my lotion while Gina showered. By the time she got out of the shower, I still hadn’t gotten dressed, I’d lazily had started watching Law and Order on the couch again. Gina walked out of the restroom, dried off and wrapped in her black silk kimono style robe. The way the black silk contrasted on her skin was incredibly sensual. Gina was by far the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.

She noticed me watching her and walked over to the couch. She stopped in front of me and we locked eyes. My pussy lips started aching and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She slowly untied her robe and slipped it off her shoulders. With one shoulder shrug, the robe pooled at her feet and she stood before me completely naked. She walked slowly over to me as I took in all of her, the curve of her hip and the soft swell of her mound, the way her thighs didn’t quite touch. The way her slightly wet hair hung down around her shoulders reaching down to below her breasts. I stood to meet her and she released the velcro on my towel. She stepped back to take in my body. My dark brown nipples, already hard with anticipation, my bare pussy, waxed to perfection. I looked her in the eye, one last time, holding her gaze. Both of us seemed to realize we were about to cross a line. With the slightest nod of affirmation, she said yes.

At once, we were in each others arms. I felt like her hands were everywhere at once, stroking my ass, my back and the soft sides of my stomach. The sensations were off the charts. She seemed to touch me with varying intensity, stirring up every bit of longing within my body. Without warning, she grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking my head back and descending onto my neck with her mouth, moving her lips and tongue to drive me insane with lust. I cupped her breasts with both hands and lowered my head to suck her pink nipples. Her breasts were perfect, full heavy C cups that were soft and fleshy. She sucked in air and flung her head back as I lightly bit down on her nipples, then harder, grabbing her ass at the same time. Kissing her mouth hard, she walked backwards, leading us to my bed. Covered in my fluffy down comforter and an array of feather pillows, we were cocooned in white bedding and tangled in one another. I sat on top of Gina, as she ran her hands up my stomach and grabbed my breast. She lightly rubbed her index fingers across my nipples, making them stand out even more, then she squeeze them hard between her thumb and index finger. A moan escaped my mouth and I ground my pussy against her mound.

I roughly grabbed her full breast into my hands and lowered myself further down her body. Kissing and biting my way down her stomach and across her smooth inner thighs until I was face to face with her pussy lips. Her light pussy hair was trimmed into a neat landing strip that led the way right down to her small nub of a clit. I gave her clit a light flick with my tongue, then began to trace the alphabet with my soft tongue.

Having not been with a woman before, I did things that I tend to enjoy and watched for her responses. I spread her legs more with my hands, then dragged the pads of my fingers down her inner thighs. As her pussy got wetter and wetter, I slid my index finger into her warm pussy and began slowly pumping back and forth. She bucked her hips into my hand, prompting me to insert a second finger. She was dripping wet but she seemed to crave the pleasure I was giving with my mouth and hand. I looked up across her body to see her back arching up and her hands roughly kneading her breasts and nipples. My attention was quickly diverted back to the task at hand when I felt her hips jerk forcefully onto my hand. With a few more forceful thrusts, I felt her pussy walls begin to spasm around my fingers and heard the wanton moans escape her lips. Her flushed cheeks revealed how intense the orgasm was for her. I was so excited watching her that I realized that my own pussy juices were wetting my thighs.

I crawled back up her body, straddling her body with my legs and grinding my clit against her hips. I leaned in for an intensely passionate kiss, flicking my tongue into her mouth. Gina pulled away and moaned again, obviously still feeling the intense sensations from her orgasm. I gently kissed her soft thin lips again, lightly nibbling on her bottom lip. A sensual smile spread across her face. I rolled over, so we lay side by side, kissing more and exploring each other’s bodies.

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