Layla Pt. 01

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The unnamed forests were quiet save for the sparse wildlife that roamed freely. Their guardian passed between the trees, silently and unbothered by any who would detect him. He’d been a fixture there for a number of years already and just about everything that lived there knew he was no threat. The massive snake man slid between the trees with a practiced ease. The path well travelled and worn down by his scaley underside. Every morning and evening the serpent made a habit of patrolling the lands. Ever since he was charged with protecting the lake within.

The sun was low with the sky turning violent shades of red and pink, contrasting with the vibrant green canopy a good 20 to 30 feet above him. The 90 foot long snake took a pause at a small clearing. Hoisting himself up to a ‘standing’ position a good 14 foot tall. Reaching into the single garment he wore, a tightly bound shoulder pack, and grabbing a bottle of water for a drink. He’d lived remotely for so many years that nudity didn’t bother him. That and finding clothes his size was just unnecessarily expensive.

Not only that he took pride in his physique. A sleek torso leading down to a frankly astonishing pair of hips. If it wasn’t for what was just below them, he wouldn’t be surprised to be confused for a woman. But no, the absolutely massive bulge of his balls and the sheathe above gave that game away. The former looked to stick out a good foot or more from his waist, though it was pointless to measure them usually. As they tended to bulk and fill out rather fast.

Putting the bottle back he gave a satisfied sigh he went to turn around and head back, patrol complete, when a sound caught his senses. He froze, trying to understand what he was hearing. It was a high pitched whining, it didn’t sound like it was coming from anything living. Getting louder somewhere off to his right way past the tree line. It began to get distorted, like someone was trying to find the signal on the radio. Crackling accompanying the ominous sound. Turning towards it, there wasn’t a lot he could make out. Flashes of coloured light could just be made out reflecting off of some damp tree trunks but nothing more. Then it stopped.

All told it must have lasted only 5 or 6 seconds but the silence afterwards drew on so much more. He stood there, still frozen in place. Staring, unblinking, towards those lights. Every single sense pointed towards it, tongue flicking out to get a taste of the wind but caught nothing. Off behind him a ways he could hear the scurrying of something getting away but there was still nothing ahead. He dropped low and slowly slithered forwards. Much slower than normal, taking every care not to let his presence be known.

That silence was oppressive. Giving no much sought information as to what just befell his lands. This wasn’t exactly the first strange phenomena to occur but that just made him even more cautious. It was only a few minutes before some things began to make themselves known. An odd coppery taste in the air. Some wisps of heated smoke passing by, not enough to signify a blaze thankfully. Some birds flying overhead caught his eye as none of them seemed to give a cry of alarm. Whatever this was, it did not seem aggressive or a major danger at the moment. Then he caught the first glimpse of the scene.

His eyes went even wider. He decided to stop approaching directly, instead circling around. Getting a look from every angle. At first glance it was a crater, but the more he looked at it the less that description seemed correct. There was a circular groove in the ground and trees were pushed away, but nothing looked violently disturbed. The moss on the ground was there as if it had always been there. Roots still dug into the ground with leaf litter undisturbed. The trees were all pushed back, glancing up he saw the gap in the canopy it had create. But there was no bark or splintered wood on the floor. Apart from it’s un-natural arrangement it was as if this was how it always was. A perfectly circular groove looking to be about 20 foot across, side to side. If it wasn’t for the slumped furred person in the middle of it, he’d be immediately up close taking a look.

The air above them seemed to shift, like a heat haze but without any warmth he could sense. They were laying on their front, still alive judging by the steady rhythm of their chest. As he circled the site, his eyes were trained on them the entire time. Studying them from every angle he could see from about 30 foot away. They were fairly large, looking to be between 7 and 8 feet tall. Thick legs leading to hooves, clad in a pair of slightly charred black slacks. A similarly broad torso in a white taut shirt. Arms covered in fur with splotches of white and brown for their markings. Hair looking to be about waist length and an almost fiery red colour. But that was all he could make out from his position. Hissing quietly, he considered his options. Normally he would call out to individuals in need and help escort them out. izmit seks hikayeleri But there were two problems. First, it was close to night and getting to the edge of the forest takes a half day at best. Second, this person clearly had some ability or potential to be a problem. He had to lay low for the moment and assess the situation before making any actions.

It took a few minutes but the individual finally started to stir. A low mumble started to become a rather impressive string of expletives. Some of which were completely new to the snake which was a feat for sure. Slowly they began to pull themselves up. Revealing a couple details. Their red hair came down as they took a kneeling position revealing two horns, a few inches long and with dull points. Their face came down into a large nose and muzzle, definitely taking on a bovine appearance. And that lead to another point as two rather large breasts were pulling that shirt tight. With their stature, he didn’t want to guess at their size. Easily looked to be a match for their head. Upon kneeling they took a deep breath of the air and opened their eyes. Taking in their surroundings while fumbling in their pockets.

Taking out a small device and seeming to compare it to another device on their wrist. Their brow furrowed before looking in exactly the huge snakes direction. Causing his own hushed expletives in turn. They called out in his direction. “Hey… I know you are there. Could you–ARGH… shitfuck… help please?” Their voice was gruff but had a feminine lilt to it. His cover seemingly blown along with the face she clutched her abdomen that he could now see was blood-stained, he started to come forward. Still slowly.

“Okay, I’m coming out. Please don’t be alarmed” He calmly stated. Watching them with the same intensity despite their wounded state. One hand immediately going into his bag for some bandages as he began to slither into the light of the broken canopy. Standing tall and moving slow, so as to not spook them. Curiously, as they laid eyes on him they barely even flinched beyond the pain of having to look up with a stiff neck.

“Wh-why would I be alarmed? Huff…” They panted out, trying and failing to get to their feet. Causing the snake to immediately rush forward and try to catch them before the collapsed too hard. He didn’t quite get there in time, causing a pained groan from the stranger.

“Don’t move too much. You’re wounded, let me treat it for the time being. Could you life your shirt a little please?” He asked while he started to work his long body beneath their torso. Easing them up onto the smooth scaled surface and getting out various supplies. A couple clean cloths, bottles of water and the gauze from before. They dutifully lifted the hem of their shirt, revealing a fairly deep cut but thankfully no exposed bone. And judging by the amount of blood, no major blood vessels were hit either.

As he worked on their side, cleaning the wound out and wrapping their abdomen in bandages, the stranger was mostly silent. Just some grunts from being treated and curses whenever they checked their devices. After a few minutes all seemed to be completed. He started putting things away as he looked up to their face and spoke quietly. Still unsure whether this was the right course of action. “All done. Should be a nice scar in a week or two. Now. Would you mind telling me who you are and how you did… whatever it is you did?” He folded his arms and stood up above them, still laying on his tail.

For their part, the glanced up and scoffed. Going to sit up before another wince of pain caused them to stay laying. Offering out one hand to the snake. “The name’s Layla. As for what I did. Honestly I have no fucking idea. I was just demonstrating some transmutational magical theorem to my class. Derek was being a fucking chump and then I was here in bumfuck nowhere! Ack…” They hissed in pain as the exertion from chewing out whoever Derek was caused them to tense. The snake just listened and couldn’t help but chuckle at the lively display. But he took their hand to shake it. Marvelling in that moment at their surprising strength in that moment. They huffed and looked up to the snake, expectantly staring up to them.

“O-Oh, right. Call me Lanjat, Lan, or whatever gets my attention, I don’t really mind.” He said with a shrug, looking down to the wound again and assessing their ability to travel. Reasoning to himself that to get anywhere he would have to give them a lift for any reasonable speed.

“Alright fat nuts.” They said with a smirk towards the offending package just off to the side of them, waving their hand. “Now… could you tell me where exactly bumfuck nowhere actually is?” Afterwards they attempted to sit up again. With a groan and a hushed familiar string of expletives they managed to do so, albeit with a slightly pained expression on their face.

He couldn’t help but laugh at this, at least they weren’t blind. “Well… you are about 15 miles from anything even remotely civilised beyond my place. Err… this place doesn’t really have a name. But if it helps, we are in the north of the Central Continent.” He offered them the remains of his bottled water. To ominous silence as they just stared at him. Calculating what was just said. Steadily getting more and more aggravated by the looks. Muscles tensing in their neck before it just… vanished.

“Okay… remind me to scream in a couple of days would you? If I do so, I might actually fire a rib out of this wound.” Layla stated with a barely maintained calm. He glanced down to their wrist as they looked at their own lap. They caught him staring at the wrist computer. “You… know what this is right?” Concern finding their voice. To which he just shrugged.

“Uhh… dumb question. What year is it?” Their eyes were wide now and some sweat beginning to form on their brow.

“Last I checked… 2034” Lanjat said plainly, trying to understand the concern.

The outrage could not be contained this time. They wrenched themselves back, slamming their back and head into the scaled body. Roaring like a barbarian of old for almost a solid minute before coming back to their senses, panting hard and clutching their side.

“I’m gonna fucking regret doing that in the morning…” They sighed

“Uhhh… care to fill me in?”

The large cow sighed with almost disgust in their tone. “Short answer is I’m fucking stuck. Somehow I am about 100 years out of my time… fucking Derek…” They spat under their breath while Lanjat just stared. Magic was not unknown to him but he had no clue how to use it.

“I… see. Well, in the meantime, you want a roof over your head for the night to figure this out?” The snake offered rather lamely. He was very much out of his depth but they were clearly not a threat in the moment and leaving them in the wild overnight would be a death sentence.

They barely even glanced in his direction and just barked out “Yeah whatever, thanks I guess” Before making an attempt to get on their feet. Which was stopped by Lanjat holding out an arm.

“Ah ah, just hold onto my back, don’t want you making it worse and bleeding out by the time you get there. This will be faster anyway.” The large cow magician grumbled but didn’t have the strength to argue. Shifting themselves up his body until they were straddling his tail just behind his back. Reaching around his waist and bracing themselves as he slithered off at what he considered a gentle pace. Slowing down temporarily whenever he heard a wince from his passenger. And very adamantly trying to not think about those large lovely looking breasts he could feel pressing into his back. Every time he pushed those thoughts down his balls gave an angry gurgle he hoped Layla didn’t catch.

About 20 minutes of travel went by without any issues beyond some more cursing of Derek’s name. The trees began to thin out and a large clearing with his home perched atop a sheer cliff came into view. As it seemed everything with this snake was massive, it only made sense that the home was too. Looking to be a single story but about 50 foot tall, the log walls were dark with some moss beginning to climb the sides. Light was billowing from the far side of the building out off into the valley past the cliff edge. Flanking the building were a couple ‘small’ farms. On one side was purely crops, simple things like lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes. On the other an orchard consisting of maybe half a dozen fruit trees.

Layla was silent as they looked over this, but as the pair crossed the threshold even they couldn’t stop from gasping a little. Which, of course, caused a flash of pain and an inventive swear. The inside seemed to be majorly one room. Rich bare wooden walls and floor. The far wall was almost entirely glass save for some structural beams. Looking out over the dusky valley beyond. On the left wall as they came in was just a single door cracked open, revealing some white tiled walls and floor. It was easy to assume that was the bathroom. In the immediate right corner was a large kitchen area with a floating breakfast bar. The surfaces standing about 10 foot off the ground to suit the massive snake. But a curious glance behind the closest cabinet would make a couple stepladders visible.

On the right wall, seemingly totally out of place, was a large TV with a couple entertainment systems lined up below. In the middle of the floor was a large pit. A circular hole about 30 foot across but it was hard to determine how deep it was. As it was filled with an eccentric array of duvets, pillows and cushions. There didn’t seem to be any other furniture around beyond some chaotically arranged dressers and drawers.

“Welcome to casa du Snek!” Lanjat exclaimed, chuckling at his own shitty introduction. Slithering into the room towards the comfy pit. Layla scooted back away from his waist and allowed him, albeit begrudgingly, to pick them up and place them in the curious arrangment.

“Just know if I wasn’t wounded, that sort of shit would cost you your arm.” They snapped at him rather weakly before sinking into the pillows with a grumble. To which he just chuckled and went off to the kitchen.

“Would you want a cup of tea…?” He asked as he faced away and started filling the kettle. Waiting for a response but instead all he got was some deep snoring. He struggled to maintain himself and stop from busting out laughing as he listened. For the moment he made himself his own tea. Put a cover over his sleeping patient and went out onto the balcony. Enjoying the sunset while he tried to make sense of what was happening. Eventually darkness took hold of his world and he came back inside. Cleaned his cup and curled up besides the pit. Trying to ignore his balls still complaining as he drifted off to sleep.


Lanjat woke up, tired as shit, as the sun started to rise. The night had not gone well. Not only was Layla a heavy snorer, they spoke loudly in their sleep. It seemed Derek wasn’t the only one to cause them grief going by the staggering list of names that were reeled off in sleepy contempt. He did make note that there was one that was happier in tone, though there was no name just a ‘come here, fat nuts…’ before they murmured back to slumber. But all the same, he woke and checked on Layla.

First thing he noted was that their shirt was even tighter than yesterday, but he shook his head and blamed his routine being interrupted for seeing that first. The next thing was that the bandages stains had turned dark so the bleeding seemed to have stopped for now. Breathing a soft relieved sigh he staggered his way to the kitchen. Starting up the kettle once more and began grabbing some pans to make some breakfast for the pair.

Layla woke up and groaned. Their back popping loudly as they stretched and fell back into the pit of cushions. Slowly starting to sink between them before pulling back up. “Morning fat nuts…” They grumbled, rubbing the sleep from their eyes. “Mind if you use your pisser?”

“Charming” He teased, pointing a thumb over his shoulder to the only other door in the room. “Make yourself at home. There’s some towels in the dresser by the door if you want to take a shower. Don’t think I have any clothes in your size though, sorry”

“Thanks…” The grumble was a little clearer this time. They heaved themselves up onto their hooves and clopped over to the bathroom. Lanjat was confused as there were no winces or groans of pain as he would have expected. He heard Layla fish out a towel and kick the door shut to the bathroom.

Inside, Layla locked the door shut and began to strip down. Sighing heavily as the previous nights events caught up to her. “… how the fuck am I gonna get out of this…” Groaning to herself as she worked off her bra, though that turned to relief as the overworked cups came free. She instinctively rubbed her breasts to soothe the soreness from being held so tight. Noting the red line showing through her fur from the cups. “Sorry girls, I’ll empty you soon enough” Next she worked on the bandages, for the first time since she landed giving a nod of approval. As crude as the snake looked, he knew what he was doing. The bandages were tight and neat. Pulling them off layer by layer revealed the wound.

Or it should have, but instead all that was there was a neat red line. Not fully healed but almost entirely done so. Just scabbing over and just as Lanjat had predicted, it would leave a fine scar. She gave it some prods and pokes and chuckled as she felt nothing but her own finger. Taking another stretch, she went about her morning routine. Or as much as she could get anyway. Relieving herself and spending a bit too long in the shower. As it turned out, there was no cubicle it seemed. The whole room being a shower with several drains dotted around, though she did not the grates themselves were comically large. More than the water flow seemed to demand. But it didn’t take much for her to figure out why. With a devilish smirk she finished up and began drying herself off.

Once she was done and mostly clothed, having forgone the bra as the snake clearly had no qualms about nudity, so the torture device would be forgotten for now. She made her way back into the main room, hair up in the towel, and was immediately greeted by the scent of a hearty breakfast. Her stomach immediately growling as if trying to incite a riot, causing her to growl in return. “Alright, you’ll get yours!” She quietly huffed.

To which the snake looked up. “Hm? What was that?” Putting the finishing touches to the meals. Nothing too extravagant. Just some bacon, eggs, beans and mushrooms. And of course a strong cup of tea. He’d even remembered to get out a couple different sized stools for her to climb up on.

“Nothing. That for me?” Sauntering across the room and letting that smirk return when she saw his gaze drift down to her bouncing chest.

“Ahem.. ahh yes. Dig in!” And with that, the pair started the day. Getting to know one another and the curious situation Layla was in over breakfast.

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