Lovers Who Tease

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You tied me to the bed, with my legs opened wide, and so I couldn’t move. “You are not to cum without my permission and I don’t think you deserve my permission today” You whispered harshly into my ear. You knew this was torture to me. “Don’t make a sound, and don’t move,” You ordered, making sure I understand what you meant.

Then you got some ice cream and put sum on both of my nipples, and in my wet pussy. Then u licked it all up, but would not let me cum. Then, you got something to tease my nipples with. Making them hard, and then clamping them, so I was in pain. But the pain turned me on and you still refused to let me cum…

After that, you started to stroke up and down the inside of my legs with your soft fingers, but being careful so you didn’t touch my wet pussy. I begged you to do anything, but u didn’t. After five minutes, which seemed a lot more like one hour, you started to rub my pussy slightly, as it was dripping wet. You were still ignoring me as I begged you to put something inside me but you just teased my clit and refusing to let me cum. After a while, you gently began to slide a finger into my pussy but then started to withdraw it as quickly as it entered.

You then went back to my nipples for a few minutes…They were throbbing with pain, but I loved it. You flicked one of them, making Starzbet the pain worse as it vibrated for a few seconds. I tried not to move, but couldn’t help it, as I jerked my body upwards, you stepped away from me, knowing that this is punishment; someone not touching me. But u knew that you would punish me more later. You left it 10 minutes before stepping towards me again, but it felt like a lifetime. You were making sure that I was still and silent, I had known that if I had moved, or made any noise, you would leave me for longer.

After the torturous ten minutes, you went down to my pussy again and you gently pinched my clit. I had to bite my lip to stop a moan from escaping. It had felt so good.

Your touch was soft against my lips, and when u finally started to slide a finger up there, u did it hard and fast. I let out a gasp, for I had not expecting that. You ignored it, whilst making a mental note in your brain to punish me for that, and slipped another 2 fingers inside me.

My pussy was dripping wet and you finally let your tongue taste it. Your warm tongue gently nudged my clit, before going up the hole, which sent me to instant heaven.

But, just as I was about 2 climax, you stopped and left me for another 10minutes of hell as you remembered my gasp from earlier.

You Starzbet Giriş soon decided to be nice though, just for a few minutes, because you wanted to give me a present.

You untied me, but forced me down on to my knees. “Suck, swallow,” you said the two words as an order and they were clear enough to understand.

I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide along your long hard cock. You gasped slightly, but you didn’t need permission to do anything. I carried on licking your cock and gently kissed it, before I opened my mouth fully, and closed it around the head.

As soon as my lips were closed around the rod, you start to thrust, holding my head in place so that I couldn’t move. You kept this going, getting harder and faster until u managed to shoot a load into my mouth. I swirled it around my mouth for a good taste before I swallowed it all, as u had ordered me to and stayed were I was, waiting for your next command.

“Stand up, and bend over,” You spoke softly, but with authority. I did as you had asked. You raised your hand and smashed it down on to my ass, hitting it with force. I managed not to scream in the pain as you carried this on. Punishing me for the disobedience earlier, so I knew I deserved it. After 10 painful smacks, you stopped and spread the cheeks wide Starzbet Güncel Giriş before sliding your long hard cock into my ass. It hurt me, and you knew it would, but u were impressed that I hadn’t made a sound.

You began to thrust into my ass, but you had been ready to cum for quite a while, so you came quickly. Just as you could tell that I was beginning to come close to being in pleasure, you took it out.

Only then did you think about the prize that you had waited for all night. You made me sit back on the bed facing you with my legs wide open.

“Where do you want this?” you asked, teasingly.

“I want it in my pussy, please,” I began to beg but you looked at me warning me to shut up.

“Well, my little slut” you began as you sat down next 2 me. “Come and sit on my lap and I’m sure I can give you your reward”

I sat on your lap quickly, not wanting to give you a reason not to do this. I let you pick me up and lower me onto your dick. Instantly, my eyes opened wider and I threw my head backwards. This felt good! It was what I had been waiting for throughout your teasing.

Suddenly your cock was moving inside me, going in and out faster and harder.

“Moan for me” you murmured and I began to moan, getting louder because that is what you like.

Suddenly, as your moans get louder and more frequent, I felt you’re cum shoot into my pussy and you began 2 withdraw, leaving my pussy still unsatisfied.

“That’s all you get today, but tomorrow I’ll bring some toys,” you said playfully as you left me on the bed and walked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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