Master of My Dreams

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It was the sensation of kisses at first, feather-light and electric, that penetrated the shroud of sleep that separated my conscious mind from waking reality. Lightning pulses of pleasure arced through the thin layer of my skin wherever a pair of velvety soft lips caressed, nipped, sucked. Each touch sent a key made from pleasure, seeking and unlocking doors, releasing memories from all the hidden places in my mind where they had been shuttered from me during the day.

Master! My voice hummed to me.

Still fast asleep, my body reacted as if it had been infused with a drug, slowly rousing with a growing, familiar craving.


It flooded my veins, igniting my nerves like a match to a trail of black powder. A sleepy groan escaped my lips, my nipples hardened and swelled, tension sending jolts of desire into my core that was almost painful.

“Wake.” Vibrations against my skin beckoned me like a delicious treat. The sultry rumble of his voice parted the foggy haze in my head and I instinctively pushed my skin closer to his lips, seeking more contact.

I had gone to bed alone in my empty apartment, yet it wasn’t fear that thrilled down my spine and pooled into a simmering heat between my legs. It was recognition. I knew this man. Every inch of my soul knew his touch and the renewed connection between us was as brilliant as the dawn breaking over the horizon, shedding light and color into a world that had previously only been two dimensional.

I moaned in pleasure, at the heated touch of soft lips that blazed a burning trail over my shoulders and then licked up the back of my neck. I couldn’t stop the shivers that radiated from every spot his lips touched on my body, making my breathing race and hitch with excitement. The quiet susurration of the sheets as my legs scissored in a languorous dance added a counterpoint to the music of our heavy breathing. I needed friction in my most intimate of places and clenched and writhed my thighs together, hoping to soothe the burning ache simmering deep inside me.

Small, breathy sounds of desperation crawled up my throat and flowed past my parted lips, arousal pulling me faster and faster away from the comforting embrace of dreams and plunging me into the roiling storm of desire. As if my cries were a signal he that had been waiting for, his calloused hand slid down the slope of my stomach and cupped my dripping mound.


The command came again and I reacted by wantonly thrusting my pussy into his waiting palm, grinding myself in shameless abandon. With his stubbed cheek pressed into the nape of my shoulder, I could feel his facial muscles twitch into a predatory smirk of satisfaction. He pressed two fingers into my slippery wetness and applied a gentle, but undeniable pressure to the swollen nub of my clit.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

Tension mixed with electricity sending bursts of sharp desire Sahabet throughout my body. My clit pulsed with radiant heat and my nipples ached, demanding to be sucked. Fingers dipped into my opening, making obscene slopping sounds as he pumped them in time with the swirling motion of his thumb.

“Now,” he growled, pressing hard down on my clit and igniting a powder keg in my belly. My body violently jerked as if I’d been touched by a live wire and I screamed, my unseeing eyes flying open in shock. The orgasm blasted through my core, leaving me gasping and quivering, unable to think or move.

“Good girl,” he murmured, hot breath ghosting over my face.

Am I wake? Am I asleep? I wasn’t sure. I felt suspended in an ethereal state, somehow trapped between the two.

His hand drifted up my naked side, the backs of his fingers ghosting up my flesh leaving a damp trail of my own juices in their path. I squirmed against him and he stilled me with a quick “Stop.” When I complied, his hand continued its journey; first traveling up the length of my side, then along my arm and back the way it came until he reached my hip. He pushed the covers down, exposing me to the knees and brought his hand back up my body, snaking it forward until his big palm gathered my right breast in his grasp. I mewled quietly but with increasing desperation as he kneaded the flesh and rolled my nipple until it peaked hard between his thumb and forefinger. The rough calluses on the pads only intensified the friction on the sensitive nub and I fought against the urge to push myself into his hand. He sensed this and increased the pressure until I almost cried out in pain, or pleasure, both were so intertwined with each other that they were one and the same.

He pulled me close, tight against his hard chest, both hands encircled my torso and his long legs wrapped over mine. I was pinned to him like a fly in a spider’s web. He ground his erection into the crack of my ass and squeezed my breasts in both his hands. His mouth came down on the hollow between my shoulder and neck and I could feel his teeth as he sucked and nipped at the skin.

“Who do you belong to?” He whispered hoarsely into my ear, pushing his arousal against my rear.

He was holding me so tightly that I gasped out, “You Master. Only you.”

One of his hands left my breast and caressed its way south, stopping at the triangle of hair that covered my mound. He ran his fingers through the damp curls and I quivered under his touch, still buzzing from the orgasm he’d just given me.

“Please Master,” I whimpered, lust making me beg for release. I could feel the tension building again with just the heat of his hand against my pussy.

“Please what?” He answered, dipping his fingers inside me.

“Please make me come again, Master.”

He chuckled and the dangerous tone made me shiver and grow even wetter. “Greedy Sahabet Giriş girl.”


“Who’s cunt is this?” He demanded and thrust two fingers roughly inside me. I moaned at the burst of pleasure the intrusion caused. He repeated the movement adding a third finger and pushed them deep, fucking my cunt with impatience. “Answer me,” his voice growled in my ear. “Who’s. Fucking. Cunt. Is. This?” Each word was punctuated with a rough pounding by his invading fingers.

“Yours Master. Only yours,” I cried out as he ground his palm against my clit triggering another powerful orgasm. I turned my face into my pillow and screamed my release, bucking into his hand uncontrollably.

“Good girl,” he whispered gently, holding me secure against him as the convulsions clamped my muscles down around his fingers. He stroked them in and out more slowly now, helping my body to calm, yet keeping the fires of lust smoldering for more to come.

He withdrew, sat up and rolled me onto my knees, pushing my shoulders down into the mattress. I looked sideways to see him silhouetted in the darkness, stroking his erection as he idly caressed the upturned globes of my ass. My desire increased as my body anticipated what was coming with eagerness.

It was Master’s turn now.

Without warning, fire bloomed on my ass cheek as his hand came down sharply. I stifled a yelp as my body jerked in surprise. Smack! Smack! Smack! Left, right, the last falling on my swollen cunt causing me to cry out. My skin rapidly heated and moisture dripped from my opening as pain transformed into raging need with every blow he landed. I lost count of the strikes and thrust my ass further into his connecting palm as if to taunt him into hitting me harder. I needed this as much as he did and he knew it.

One minute, I was being spanked six ways to Sunday, the next, his hand grabbed my hip and without warning, he impaled me on his cock. I screamed and almost lost my balance but he steadied me with both hands and thrust himself roughly in and out. Each time he forced his cock inside me he growled: “Mine!” Over and over again until I was lost in a haze of fury and lust. The orgasm caught me by surprise, ripping through me like white hot lightning, searing my flesh in its wake and turning my muscles limp and boneless. He gathered me tightly to him, bit down hard on my shoulder and plunged his shaft into me one more time. His body jerked and he collapsed over my back, his hot seed filling me, his body twitching and shuddering with the force of his own release.

Once the spasms stilled, he lay us both down on the bed, side by side, still joined together. Strong arms drew me in close, his chest pressed so tightly to my back that the pounding beat of his heart resonated throughout my own chest. He gently stroked my sweat soaked hair away from my neck and kissed me tenderly, soothing the mark Sahabet Güncel Giriş his teeth had made with his tongue making the sting fade into pleasant tingles. The ragged sound of our breathing eased, settling into the cadence of the deeply relaxed and we molding into each other as if we were one solid being. His thick cock was semi hard but still fused our bodies together, twitching and pulsing inside me like a living tether binding me to him.

I sighed and relaxed, letting a deep sense of contentment suffused me as he caressed my body and whispered unintelligible sentiments that made my heart sing, even if I couldn’t understand the words.

I would stay like this for the rest of my life and die happy, I thought as sleep claimed me.

He used me several more times that night, sometimes waking me, other times just sliding into my body and taking what he needed while I drowsed in his arms. Each time, I fell back into exhausted slumber nestled securely in a nest made from his body.

I awoke late the next morning, my body aching with a rawness that only intense sex could leave in its wake. The sheets were cool and damp, carrying the masculine fragrance of him mixed with the heady aroma of sex, making me wet all over again. A satisfied smile spread on my lips and I rolled over to reach for him but my hand found only cold, empty cotton.

I was alone. Again.

A crushing wave of loss and loneliness made my breath stutter and jam up in my throat. I choked on sudden sobs that robbed my lungs of oxygen and left me weak and shattered. Not again! I cried and pounded my fists on the empty mattress.

He had come to me like a dream and was gone in the light of day. How I cursed the offending sun filling my room as I gathered my abused body and headed into the shower.

Walking naked, I passed the mirror in the bathroom and my eye was immediately drawn to the red handprint practically glowing on my ass. My eyes moved slowly up my body, taking in the bruises just beginning to darken and finally landing on the angry crescent of teeth marks imprinted on my shoulder.

It was real! I rejoiced. He was real – and he’ll be back. The vivid evidence of my dream lover’s visit helped me regain my sanity and hope bloomed, chasing away the grief. I turned around again, taking in my reflection and reveling in the aches and marks he had left me with. I knew with absolute certainty that all I needed to do was wait out the day until sleep would bring my Master back to me again.

I looked at the angry bite mark and gasped as it began to fade before my eyes. I quickly scanned my body and watched in disappointment as one by one, each mark, each bruise, disappeared leaving unmarred skin behind. Even the sticky traces of his semen streaking my inner thighs evaporated, taking all evidence of our frantic fucking with it.

A buzzing filled my head and I had the unsettling feeling of unravelling as the memories were drawn back into their hiding places, leaving me dizzy and off kilter. Before the last of my memory reset itself to normal, I closed my eyes and whispered into the air, praying that my words would find their way to his ears, “I’ll see you soon Master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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