Master’s Pocket Watch Pt. 01

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I’ve had this story finished for a few months already, and the feedback I’ve gotten on it has been good, but I never got around to putting it up on Literotica.

I wanted this story to be heartwarming but also very erotic and exciting, it’s light but sexy and slutty. I’m pleased with how things turned out to be.

Let me know how you’ve enjoyed it in the comments or through a PM, I’m always happy to hear from anybody who enjoyed a story of mine.



Emmy’s eyes flicked to the clock, 1:34 PM… a whole minute later than the last time she’d checked. A thrill of nervous excitement fluttered in her belly, and she reached for the gold pocket watch that dangled between her breasts. It no longer ticked, but Simon had made her put it on 2 PM days ago, and so far nothing had happened.

She checked the clock again, 1:36 PM. Damn it. How was she supposed to get any work done? What would he make her do, and when? She needed to know.

Emmy had just gotten herself focused again when her phone buzzed. It was 2 PM. She swallowed and unlocked her phone.

Master: Little girl, take off your underwear in the next fifteen minutes and send it to my address through the company mail. After it’s sent, set my watch to 6:30 PM, I’ve got a special night planned for you, and I want you to be ready the second you’re home.

Emmy locked her phone without answering, and her cheeks glowed. He’d learnt from last time, she’d taken off her panties and bra in the toilet and then put them back on again. This time she had no way out except disobedience, and she’d never disobey her Master.

She got up from her desk and floated down the hallway like she’d lost her panties already, and everyone she walked past could tell she wasn’t wearing any. Would they think she was a bad girl? She shook her head and swallowed. Simon’s games always messed with her head. She was a grown woman, a professional, and the people in this office respected her.

None of that stopped her blush from deepening when she picked up a large file envelope and mumbled something about a big report to the mail guy. She hurried out of the room, her heart ruffling in her chest. Would he suspect anything? What if he opened the envelope, curious about why she was so flustered about it? A wave of embarrassment made Emmy’s step falter. She’d have to squash her bra between two big stacks of paper, that way he’d never find out. It should be doable with one of her small B-cup bras.

How about that? Maybe it wasn’t that bad to have small breasts for a change, not that Simon ever complained, he loved to… Emmy cut off her train of thoughts, her panties had already gotten way too damp during her short walk. Don’t go there.

She pushed the toilet door open and took the furthest stall. How would she do this? Take her underwear off and stuff it in the envelope? Then what? She’d figure something out. Her fingers trembled as she reached around her back and unclipped her bra. She slipped it off through her sleeve and shoved it in the envelope.

As soon as the soft fabric of her blouse hit her naked breasts, her nipples hardened into little pink erasers. She ran her hands along her chest and the little humps brushed against her palms. A soft moan escaped her lips as she squeezed her supple flesh and pushed her breasts together.

Her hands slid down her body, and her fingertips drew circles first on her flat belly and then on her sensitive thighs. She sucked in a quick breath when she ran one naughty finger over her pussy, still covered by her damp panties. Emmy moaned when her finger bumped into her clit, and she froze.

Did someone hear her? What was she doing? Oh god! She slipped off her panties and tossed them in the envelope. Her body was hot all over as she marched back to her office and jammed the envelope into one of her drawers. Her phone glared at her, and she unlocked it to send Simon a message.

Emmy: I’ve taken them off, Sir.

Master: Good girl, have you mailed them yet?

Emmy: No, Sir.

Master: Do it now, and change the watch when you’re done. I’ll let you open package five tonight.

Emmy bit her lip hard to keep herself from screaming. Ever since she’d left to come work in this city for a few months she’d wondered what was in the heap of packages Simon had given her. Number five was the biggest one, and she’d felt it up to figure out what was in it more times than she wanted to admit. There could be anything inside, and he’d make her use it on her poor body, but not before he’d made her wait hours to open it, after he’d already made her wait five whole days since their last play session.

Every day, she’d sat at her desk, and she’d watched the minutes crawl past as the clock neared 2 PM, and now the wait was over, and everything had gotten so much worse. She ripped her drawer open, thumped a big stack of paper on her desk, tossed her underwear on top, and then sandwiched it in the middle. It fit inside the file envelope, but it looked so lumpy, she could Sahabet never send it off like that. Emmy lifted off her seat and sat down on the envelope, that would have to work.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, she had herself under control again, and she focused on getting some work done. Her excited body still simmered, but she held her own, and when she dropped off the envelope, she was calm even though her blush had decided to never go away.

Emmy: I mailed the envelope, Sir.

Master: What took so long?

Emmy: I had to sit on the envelope to make it flat, underwear and paper don’t stack.

Master: Clever, did you check for smudges?

Emmy growled and locked her phone. She did not check for smudges, but that didn’t mean there hadn’t been any, her pussy was dripping right now. What if there was a spot? What if the mail guy thought she’d spilled something and swapped out the envelope for a fresh one? He’d know, and he’d look real close when she passed by the mail room on her way home.

Stop, just stop. She shouldn’t think about it, but it was hopeless. Her Master had her where he wanted her.

Emmy got home with ten minutes to spare after a healthy dose of speeding, and she lobbed her keys onto the couch, followed by her clothes. The cool air chilled her skin as she ripped open the doors separating her from the cupboard that held Simon’s gifts. On the left side, she’d stashed the packages she’d already opened, on the right she kept the still secret ones. There were so few left, but that was fine, just five more weeks and she could go back home, and this time home would be Simon’s place.

She smiled as she took package five and laid it on her bed. Her hands itched with excitement as she ripped the paper to shreds and found six smaller packages inside, each one of them numbered. So many. Emmy startled when her phone rang, and she rushed back to the couch, naked. Simon’s deep voice greeted her when she picked up.

‘It’s time, little girl. Are you ready?’

“Yes, Sir. I’m not wearing any clothes.”

Simon chuckled. ‘And the package?’


‘And what about your sweet little pussy? Is it wet?’


‘You were wet at work too, weren’t you? Do you know what that means?’


‘Tell me.’

“I’m a horny little slut.”

‘You’re my horny little slut. Open the first package.’

Emmy pressed the phone against her chest as a wave of excitement swept through her. She was so ready, it wasn’t even funny. She wanted to feel Simon’s body against hers, have his hands mold her into whatever position he desired as he whispered to her and commanded her. The heat of his body was far away now, but she had his voice and his devious mind, so she’d cope, but the moment she returned to him, she’d make him pay for all the times he’d made her squirm at her desk.

She switched her phone to speaker and put it on the bed. Inside the first package was a beautiful black blindfold, trimmed with lace. She slipped it over her head and darkness greeted her, not even a glimmer of light made it through the thick fabric.

“I’ve put the blindfold on, Sir.”

‘Good girl, get on the bed and lie down on your back. I want you to focus on how the cool sheets feel as they rub your skin. Feel the breeze as it brushes your stomach and your thighs. Don’t touch any part of yourself yet, I’ll tell you when and where in a few minutes.’

Emmy put her hand to the edge of the bed and walked around it so she could lie down on the side not scattered with packages. The flannel sheets hugged her back as she lay down, cool and soft, but with a promise of comfort and safety. The breeze that blew through the open window had more danger to it, goose bumps popped up on her belly as the wind bumped into her hot skin, and her nipples turned into hard little pebbles.

A little flash of cold touched her pussy as some of her juices cooled, and she rubbed her thighs together, which brushed the flannel against her thighs. Simon had taken her on this bed before, and she’d spread her legs wide for him, and with every thrust she’d felt the flannel’s dry caress on her sweaty skin.

The longer the silence lasted, the more her body squirmed, caught between her own fantasies and the stirring sensations the blindfold brought to life.

‘Reach up and touch your lips, Emmy. Trace along the edges and feel how soft they are. Bite your lip and feel how it changes.’

Simon’s voice stopped Emmy’s squirming, and her hot breath brushed past her fingers as they hovered over her lips. She kept her touch light, skirted the edge of tickling as she traced along her pink lips. The slight roughness of her fingertips, the edge of her polished nails, the faintest scrape felt so obvious on her lips.

She trapped her bottom lip between her teeth and imagined it was Simon nibbling her as his warm body hovered over her small frame. A caress soothed the sting of her bite, her lip was wet under her finger tips, like she’d been kissed. Sahabet Giriş It felt so different from her untouched lip, so much less innocent.

‘Move down to your throat, use the tips of your fingers, nothing more.’

With a faint sadness, Emmy moved away from her lips and let her hands slip past her jaw down to her throat. She loved it when Simon touched her there, loved the feel of his lips and the stubble on his jaw as it scraped along her skin. She curled her hands more, and a shiver ran down her chest as she dragged her nails along her throat.


Emmy froze for a long moment, until Simon’s voice filled the room again.

‘Move further down now, little girl, don’t touch your breasts. All you’re allowed to touch is the part of your stomach below your belly button, understand?’

Emmy cleared her throat and said, “Yes.”

‘Start with the palm of your hand flat on your stomach.’

The warmth of her palm soaked in the skin of her belly, but her hand was so small. Simon’s were much bigger, he’d touch her, and she’d hold her breath as he inched down, and down, until he went where she longed for him to go. She wanted to go there herself, but as soon as she reached her soft curls, Emmy knew she couldn’t go further. It stung, but she pulled back, and the tips of her fingers brushed her belly. She couldn’t go far though, her belly button was right there, and she had no way to go but down, closer again, right up to the edge, but no further.

The heat between her legs grew. Any moment now, and she’d hear Simon’s voice again, and he’d tell her to slip her nimble fingers inside her tight little pussy while she teased her clit and moaned for him.


Startled, Emmy jerked her hands away from between her legs, she’d very nearly touched herself. “I’m here, Sir.”

‘I said your name three times, are you so horny you can’t even listen?’


‘Do you even want to make your little pussy cum?’

“I do! I want to cum so bad, Sir.”

‘Do you think you deserve to cum?’

“I do, I’ve been a good girl.”

‘Is that right? So you haven’t been thinking about sex instead of work?’

“I… yes.”

‘I can’t hear you, little girl.’

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you, Sir.”

‘Such bad words, do you think good girls have dirty fantasies at work? You think they take off their panties and bra in public? I don’t think so, but you did all of that, didn’t you? You know what that makes you? It makes you a bad girl, and what do bad girls get?’

Emmy’s voice was hoarse when she said, “They get punished, Sir.”


“They get punished!”

‘That’s right, and do they get naked in their office and play with themselves?’

He’d never make her do that, would he? Splayed on her desk, her traitorous hands all over her body as his voice thrummed in her ear, guiding her, teasing her, making her cum. Her door had no lock, what if someone walked in, would he let her stop? Would she have the breath to tell him she got caught? What if she was cumming right when the door opened?



‘Answer me when I ask you a question, do you want to cum?’

“Please, Sir. I need it so bad!”

‘Open the second package, and hurry, you’ve got twenty second. Twenty…’

Emmy ripped off the blindfold and blinked to get out of her daze, she rolled on hands and knees and crawled to the other side of the bed. She tossed the packages around until she found number two and ripped the paper right off. Inside she found a heavy wooden spoon and a bottle of lemon scented coconut oil. Her breath quickened as she squeezed the spoon’s sturdy wooden handle.


“I have it, Sir.”

‘That was slow, do you want to get punished that bad?’


‘I don’t believe you. Rub your cheeks with the oil and get in position, you’ve earned sixteen spanks on each cheek.’

“Sixteen? Sir—”

‘Do I need to make it the full twenty?’

“No, Sir.”

‘Get ready then.’

Emmy’s hand trembled as she squeezed out a huge dollop of coconut oil, Simon would use even more, he’d make her whole tush shiny with the stuff, and then when his hand connected… She squeezed out even more oil, it was cold as she spread it over her hot skin, but it smelled of lemons, and she loved lemons. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

She smiled as she had a cheeky squeeze of her breasts to get rid of the last of the oil on her hands, and she moaned in the back of her mouth, way too quiet for Simon to hear. He’d never find out.

The spoon’s handle felt huge in her hand, and she hid her face in the crook of her arm as she pressed her head against the bed, spread her legs at a slight angle, and then pushed her ass up in the air as much as she could. She folded her free arm over her side and laid the back of the spoon against the curve of her ass.

“I’m ready, Sir.”

‘You can’t harm yourself with the spoon, so don’t hold back. It’s not a punishment if it doesn’t Sahabet Güncel Giriş hurt, is it?’

“I know, Sir.”

‘And you still know why you’re getting punished?’

“Because I’m a slut, Sir.”

‘That’s right, and I’m the only one who knows, so I have to keep you in line. Punish yourself, slut. Do one cheek at a time, all sixteen in a row, fast.’

“Yes, Sir.”

Emmy took a deep breath and lifted her arm high in the air. The spoon was long, but she knew where to aim. Her arm snapped down, and she sucked in a breath when the wood connected with a thud. It stung, it really did, but she could take it. Her arm lifted again, and when the spoon connected again, she sobbed in the back of her throat. She couldn’t take it. It hurt, but her arm still rose, and she spanked herself again.

She’d been a bad girl. Snap.

She wanted to fuck Simon so bad. Snap!

Suck his cock. Snap! Snap!

Taste him.

Feel his hand punish her ass, instead of this stupid spoon. She wanted to feel his big hands dig into her glowing ass as he slipped inside her and fucked her. She wanted to feel free again, alive.

“Sixteen, Sir!”

‘Do the other cheek, even faster.’

Half of her ass was on fire, and the heat fueled the sparks in her pussy, she wanted to cum so bad, but she wasn’t done yet. The spoon rose and fell, and she gasped every time she hit herself in a furious barrage, again and again until all of her ass was one burning inferno.

“Sixteen! Sir, please!”

‘There’s a reward for you in the third package.’

“Please! There’s no time, I need to cum!”

‘Do as I tell you to do. Set my pocket watch to fifteen minutes from now.’

“Now? I don’t know what time it is.”

‘Figure it out, and hurry.’

Emmy growled in frustration and grabbed her phone to check the time. She tossed it back as soon as she had it, and then fumbled at the pocket watch’s twisty bits until she had it set to the correct time. Why did he have to be like this? She just wanted to cum. Her ass throbbed as she crawled over the bed, and she moaned as a pulse of excitement shot through her belly. She grabbed the package and obliterated the paper that wrapped her present.

Oh God, this was too much. Inside the package was a short dildo thicker than her wrist. She wasn’t big down there, and whenever she played with something like this, it filled her so much she’d cum so fast.

“Why did I have to set the watch, Sir?”

‘Because you get to cum fifteen minutes from now, but only if you’ve got that toy shoved all the way inside you before the time’s up.’

Emmy shivered when she put the toy against her dripping slit, sparks crackled all over her skin. The toy’s fat tip pushed against her, and she moaned as it stretched her. She’d never make it, never ever.

“I can’t, Sir.”

‘Yes you can, don’t you want to be a good girl?’

“Yes, but—”

‘No buts, little girl. You can do it.’

“I… I’ll try.”

Her little fingers gripped the fat toy’s flared base, and she took a deep breath as more of it filled her pussy. It pushed her everywhere, and she couldn’t stay still, not for the life of her. Her hips ground back and forth on the fake cock, and it rubbed inside her.

More slipped in, and she squeezed her eyes shut when her tender lips stretched almost painfully to give way to the toy’s widest curve. She had to stop, it hurt, and she wanted to make the pain go away, but if she pulled out, she’d have to start all over again, and how would she even do that? Emmy closed her eyes and took a deep breath, now or never.

Emmy thrust her hips back and her sharp hiss of pain dissolved into a soulful moan when the rest of the toy nestled inside of her. So full. She sat frozen on the bed, her hand on the base of the toy, inches away from her clit. One little touch, and she’d cum all over her bed. How much longer?


‘Five more minutes, little girl. You can do it.’

Was she just going to going to act like a statue for five whole minutes? No, she refused. Why make things easy on herself when she could make them harder? A tight little grin curled the corner of her as she moved her finger up those few inches and circled her clit. Liquid fire burst free in her belly, threatened to drown her and drag her far into its depths.

Slower now, careful.

Her breath came in sharp little bursts, and with every accidental graze of her clit, she bit her lip and froze as a tortured moan welled up from her throat. Still she never stopped, her Master wanted this for her, and she’d make him proud, she’d be a good little slut for him.

‘Now, cum for me, Emmy!’

For a few long seconds, Emmy froze. If she released everything she’d fought so hard to hold back, it would all be over, and this little world she’d built in her head would shatter.

Her body screamed for release though, and this time when her finger set off sparks throughout her body with a careless touch, she didn’t dance away. She put two fingers on her clit and grabbed the base of the toy with her free hand. Her fingers blurred on her clit as she fucked the fat toy inside of her and toppled over on the bed, her hair stuck to her sweaty face, and her moans turned to desperate gasps as her hands sped up.

“I’m cumming! Oh my fuck! God!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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