Morning Routine

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I wake up rather grumpy in the mornings. This particular day seems to be worse. I lovingly roll over and look down at my slave laying on the floor looking so pitiful and helpless. He is wearing the rope waist harness I bound him in the night before. His wrists and ankles are bound in leather cuffs. His wrists are attached to his ankles by a long chain.

The night before I snugly bound his balls in the rope harness and had attached the chain through the rope harness so that any movement from his arms or feet would remind him where he was and who he belonged to. He hears me stirring next to him and he looks up in that anticipating way he has when he knows something is about to happen. I give him my famous sadistic grin.

I sit up, swing my feet around to his head, place one foot on his cheek and the other over his ear so that he is facing sideways, and then I stand up and stretch, yawning all the sleep out of my body. I hear him grunt beneath me and feel him struggle to hold the weight of me on his head. He tries to bend his body into a fetal position, but the reminder of my bondage keeps him still. I place my left foot onto his chest and move my right foot to his throat. He is gagging from the weight of my foot on his neck. I push harder until the pain hits him and he tenses up. He moves his head side to side and tries to escape my grip and catch a breath. I decide to be lenient this morning and release my foot from his throat but continue to walk down his body, over his stomach. Again, he tries to bunch up his body, but the restraints are just too much for him to handle and he keeps his body perfectly straight and tense.

My feet reach his mid-body and I find the place where I have restrained so intricately. I begin to lightly kick. His crotch is already sore from being bound all night, so even the slightest touch makes him wince in pain. I wrap the chain around my foot and begin to pull upward. He tries to accommodate the chain as best he can by bringing in his feet and hands, but all I do is continue to take up the slack until I have his bound balls up in the air hanging by the chain.

I can see the tension and strain I have put on them by how red and tight they are getting the more I pull. I hear him lightly groaning the more I continue to pull. Then, I point my foot towards his body and the chain falls onto his stomach. He sighs with relief. Just as I hear that relieving sigh, I stomp on his crotch with the heel of my foot which makes him really double over in pain, groaning hysterically and squinting his eyes with the rush of pain that just filled his entire body.

I step to the side of him and start the morning kicking ritual. This time I start at his thighs, and kick continuously up his hips, sides and arms. I walk on top of him to get to the other side and do the other side of his body in the same fashion until I get to his calves where I stomp right on top of those with my heel. All this time, I’m not so much laughing as I usually am as much as I have this evil glare in my eyes.

I get to the side of his body that faces the bed and I sit, placing my feet on his face again and order him to lick my feet and kiss them, thanking them for the pleasure they just gave him. As he does this, I light a cigarette and inhale deeply enjoying the stomping he just received and enjoying the feel of his slick tongue on the soles of my feet.

After a few minutes have passed, I take my feet away from his face and place them lightly on his stomach, in an almost aiming fashion. I then lift them rapidly and slam the heels down into his gut making him almost want to scream and gag from the force which makes him open his mouth in a sort of silent scream. At the moment his mouth opens, I dump the ashes in his mouth that have been building up in the prior few minutes that he was seeing to my feet. I watch disgust fill his face as he closes his mouth, still doubled over in two from the pain of the heel kick and swallow.

“Ah,” I say. “You have many uses, don’t you?” He replies with, “Yes Ma’am, I’m here for your pleasure.” The statement that always makes me smile.

I then announce that it’s time to begin my morning orgasms and straddle him, standing over him with both my feet against the sides of his stomach. He looks at me with anticipation again, knowing that just sitting on his face would be too easy, but praying that that’s exactly what I’ll do. Instead of just sitting down though, I reach down and grab the chain and give it a good yank which makes him cry out in pain. As his mouth goes open this time, I sit down on his mouth with some force and shove my pussy in there.

He immediately starts his licking motions, which brings me into a whole new dynamic. I start to feel the waves of pleasure going through my body as his tongue goes back and forth over my clit. It makes me start to shiver and tense up. He sucks just enough to make my thighs close on his head.

As he realizes that I am close to orgasm, Tipobet he starts to suck harder, which again forces my thighs tighter around his head. He isn’t able to breathe as I grab his hair and pull hard trying to almost pull him inside me. The force of the weight I am pushing on him trying to grind my pussy into his face, the pressure of my thighs around his head, the sting of my fingers pulling his hair and his inability to breathe along with my moans and screams is making his heart beat with a passion it’s never felt before. I can actually feel his heart beating where I’m sitting on him.

He wants a breath and wants the pain to go away, but he also wishes that I would orgasm…and quickly…because he fears he is about to pass out. I look down and see his beet red face and the fear in his eyes and see him trying to wrestle his head back and forth, but he can’t because the grip I have on him with my thighs is far stronger than he is at this moment. I scream out with pleasure and the juices flow out onto his face just as I release him enough to catch a breath. He pants hysterically trying to get as much air as he can, catching about three breaths and then realizes that I am in the middle of an orgasm and then he continues his licking until I am shuddering with pleasure. He is trying to make sure that he catches all the juices flowing out of me, savoring the taste.

I then, without warning, begin to urinate in his mouth as I hadn’t made a trip to the bathroom yet, because I was saving it all for him. As the tangy, sour liquid begins to flow into his mouth, he swallows as fast as he can. I start to laugh sadistically at the thoughts of using him in such a manner as I continue to flow in his mouth, occasionally looking down to watch him catch it all. When I am finished, I again sit down on top of his mouth and let him lick my pussy until every drop of urine and every trace of orgasm is gone.

He is still breathing hard as I start to get up. I grab the chain as I come up to a full stance which forces him to follow. I continue to pull until he is standing next to me. When he is looking down at me with an incredible look in his eyes, which says to me, “Wow, I can’t believe she’s really doing this to me.”, I turn him around and push him harshly onto the bed, where he falls backwards.

After pushing him onto the bed, I undo the chain between his wrists and ankles and release it from the grip of the rope harness between his legs. He sighs with relief thinking that it’s all over and that he is finally going to be free. He stretches his arms and legs out to the sides as I put the chain away, trying to relieve the muscle aches that have developed from being bound so long. He also reaches down and feels his stomach where I had previously walked looking for any developing bruises and/or marks and rubs at the rope harness trying to ease the pounding pain.

As he reaches out his arms to stretch again, I grab one and quickly restrain it to the side of the bed. It catches him off guard as he thought I was just reaching down at the side of the bed to put the chain away. He sees the wicked look on my face as I look into his eyes while going around the bed restraining his feet and other hand and I say to him, “Oh yes, bitch, we’ve only just begun.” He responds with a nervous laugh and says, “Yes, Ma’am.”

I go back around to the side of the bed and reach into my toy bag. I come out with a leather/leopard fur blindfold. I sit down on his chest and reach down and put it over his eyes. He lays his head back drinking in the comfort it brings, but also fine tuning his listening skills trying to hear what I am reaching for next.

He hears rattling of chains and rustling of leather restraints. The next thing he feels is the tingly, sharp feel of a metal instrument going down his torso. I start to giggle as he twitches under the wheel’s touch against his skin. I run the spikey wheel over his arms and under his arms where the skin is most tender and over his armpit where he twitches uncontrollably. I run it down his chest and across one nipple over the other nipple, under his other armpit and back down his arm. He takes a breath of relief when I pull it away from his skin and stand up.

I turn my body around and sit back down on his stomach, now facing one of my favorite areas of his body. I reach down with the wheel and run it along the shaft up towards the tip and then back down again, finally reaching his balls where I continuously run the wheel over and over. I’m giggling rather hard now.

Then I run it along the inside of his thighs, watching him squirm as much as the restraints let him. I back myself up his body till I am, again, sitting on his face. He immediately starts to tongue my clit again. This time though I move in a back and forth motion rather than just sitting hard and smothering him.

He runs his tongue from my clit, down to the opening where he can still taste remnants of the previous Tipobet Giriş orgasm, and then back to my ass where I make him linger for a minute and let him continue to lick there. I sigh softly at the sensation. Then I rock back again so that he is tasting my juices again, this time knowing that the juices are beginning to flow from the orgasm about to come and not just from the previous one.

I then bring his tongue to my clit again and linger there as he begins to lick in a steady motion. He can hear my sighs go from soft to a low moan. The next sensation he feels on his stomach is something that he thinks might be hot. It drips onto his stomach and then pools there and begins to take on room temperature. He flinches with the sensation and begins licking faster.

Now I sit fully on his face as he starts to feel trickling sensations all over his stomach and chest. He can’t really tell if it’s hot or cold. It first feels like a hot sensation dripping onto his nipples, but as the liquid goes down the nipple onto his chest, he realizes that it might be a cold liquid rather than hot, then it pools and again, becomes room temperature. I continue to alternate between the melting of the ice and the dripping of the hot wax all over his stomach and chest all the while sitting fully on his face occasionally giving him a breath of air. I can feel him try to suck in air with his lips against my clit which forces me to sit harder and start grinding as I continue the dripping sensations.

Just as I am about to come to another orgasm, I put the ice fully onto his skin and rub it up and down his stomach which makes him tense up, flinch and start to shiver while his mouth is sucking and licking in almost a panic to get me to orgasm so that I will stop the torture. As I start to shudder and moan loudly, he licks with a passion and I again, press down harshly and grind until I am finished. I then ease up as he gasps hysterically for air. I get up just enough to move my crotch down to his chin so that now my ass is on his mouth and I again order him to start licking.

This moves me into a position where I am now able to reach his crotch area and I again, start the sensations of alternating hot and cold liquid drips over his cock and balls until they are covered all the while smothering him with my ass and letting him have a breath every few moments, before sitting down again. I like the feel of his tongue in my ass after having such an intense orgasm.

Every once in awhile he gets a taste of the juices flowing down between my legs. When his cock is completely covered in wax, I take the remainder of the ice cube and rub it between his legs over his balls and down the sides till again, he is shuddering and shivering until the ice is completely melted. I then stand up and walk away.

He is there alone for about 15 minutes, thinking about what I have just done to him, shivering, and wondering when I’m coming back and what I’m going to do next. Just as his heart rate and breathing finally get back to normal, he hears the footsteps in the hallway. I turn on some music which inhibits his ability to hear the noises that are being made, so he is unable to determine what I’m doing.

All of a sudden, he feels hands all over his chest and stomach, cock and balls ripping the wax off his skin. He is measuring how fast the wax is coming off, grunting with each pull and realizing that I couldn’t possibly be pulling it off that fast all by myself and that there must be someone there with us helping me pull the wax off. This makes his cock twitch with anticipation at finding out who it could be and wondering what we are going to do to him next.

I see the twitch and flick his penis several time with my fingertips. I see this just gets him more excited so I grab hold of his cock and press my fingernails into it. To no avail, again, just a bigger hard on and a slight wresting of his body to let me know it bothered him. I laugh.

As the wax is coming off his body, it is pulling out hairs with each tug. He is saying, “Ouch” each time by now. This just feeds me further to continue pulling until all the wax is gone.

I then get off the bed and walk around to the end of the bed and untie his feet. I pull the chain between his ankle cuffs over him so that his feet are in a rather awkward position like the beginning of a backwards roll. Yes, his legs are now being chained to the head of the bed. He pulls in his knees to his chest the best he can and realizes that he is having a problem breathing. This position leaves his ass and crotch area fully exposed and he realizes that since there may be another person in the room, that they are seeing this also. A humiliated feeling comes across his mind for a brief moment, but then he realizes that what’s to come next may be worse than his being in this position alone.

He feels a hand cover his balls and start to squeeze, slowly, but firmly and harder and harder until Tipobet Güncel Giriş he starts to groan with pain. I see his face tensing up and watch his eyes squinting with the pain as it just gets more intense and harder. As the grip retreats and lets go altogether, he feels a sharp sting to his balls as something just slapped them. He thinks it might have been a hand, but isn’t sure.

The next sensation he feels is what he believes to be the laces of a flogger going up and down his thighs and between his legs and over his ass. Yes, he is sure that’s what it is, as it is tickling his skin and it’s a soft caress. However, as I start to fling the whip, he starts to feel the sting and thuddy sensation going across his thighs, cock and balls and ass. Over and over again, I whip his legs and crotch. Now he can feel two whips. He isn’t sure again, if it is just me swinging two whips or if there is another person there helping out.

About a half an hour later, the whippings stop and he comes out of his mental state that he goes to in order to not feel pain. The next thing he knows, something is being shoved into his mouth. It seems to be a dildo? His tongue runs along the shaft and he realizes that’s exactly what it is. He closes his lips around it as I say, “Let’s go bitch. Show me how you suck my cock. Make it nice and hard and wet. That’s it….suck it harder.” I’m shoving it in further and further with each stroke. He opens up his throat to accommodate its size. When it’s all nice and wet, it’s taken away from him.

Someone sits next to him and then there is the sensation of something touching his face. He realizes that it is a foot and he obediently opens his mouth and starts licking it as he’s been taught to do. However, all of a sudden, he also feels a liquid sensation and something touching the open exposed area of his ass. A nervous feeling comes over him as he realizes that he is going to be raped in a rather humiliating position with someone’s feet rubbing on his face and over his mouth and tongue. It is a rather interesting feeling to have such pleasure and such discomfort at the same time.

All of a sudden, he feels an incredible pain as something is shoved into his ass. It’s too big, he thinks. He’s not sure that the pain is going to go away or that he is going to be able to handle it. The item is shoved into him and stops. He continues to lick the foot that is at his mouth. He feels hands on his legs and the item invading him is now moving slowly in and out of him. He feels caresses on his legs and down to his crotch. He feels the stroking of his cock as the stroking continues in his ass.

The foot moves from his face and he is left there with his mouth half open wondering if they were just adjusting their position. However, the next thing he feels is a pussy on his face, and so, again, he obediently begins licking. His cock gets harder as it’s being stroked. Then he feels a slap on his thighs. He is sure that someone just smacked him with their hand, because it stings. This makes him lick even more furiously as he hears, “Come on, bitch, lick…suck!”

The slaps continue to come as the pounding gets harder and harder in his ass. Finally, the person on top of him is moaning so loudly, he is sure they are about to cum and so he continues licking and sucking to bring them to orgasm. The item is removed from his ass and he groans with relief. However, as the person is moaning and coming to orgasm, he feels a sharp sting on his ass as it spreads into a deep heat and spreads across his ass cheeks. He guesses that this must be the riding crop as there is nothing else that can possibly make that sensation.

There are five more whacks from the crop as the person on his face comes to orgasm. He is aching from being tied in such a position and from being abused in such a way. His legs are throbbing by this time. The person urinates in his mouth and he swallows it as fast as he can realizing that there will be hell to pay if any is spilled onto the bed.

When they are finished, they get up and he is left with his throbbing ass and aching legs tied in this awkward, humiliating position. He hears giggling in the next room and realizes that, indeed, there were two girls in the room with him. He is relieved that it was a girl and not a man. He hears the footsteps come back to the room and is sighing with relief as his legs are untied and allowed to rest on the bed.

However, just as he is stretching his legs out as much as he can, he feels a kick to his side and then a heel kick in the stomach and groans with the pain and doubles over. Then the footsteps go away and fade into the next room again. He takes another breath of relief wondering how long this could possibly go on. It feels like it’s been hours now, but he has no idea since he is unable to see anything. It could be dark outside by now for all he knows.

He is left there for what seems like an eternity just smelling the remnants of the person who came on his face and feeling the aching of the welts on his ass and feeling the reminder of the invasion of the most private part of his body. The footsteps come back into the room and he is wondering if it is one or two people now and what’s in store next.

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