Moving to Seattle Pt. 03

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That night I woke up just past midnight, an aching boner between my thighs. I thought to myself that there was no way I could get to sleep, dealing with this. I started to look up some porn to just get it over with, pulled up a few classics that always got me off. I started to stroke, but.. it wasn’t really hitting as hard as I was expecting. I stopped to switch to another video, bothered that the first try couldn’t get it done. That’s when I thought about what happened yesterday. With Matt… the dream… the snap. My dick instantly stiffened. God, it really ached, how hard it was.

Frustrated, I gave up and rolled over, trying to get back some sleep. The feeling persisted, and really all I did was torture myself for a few minutes. I sat up from my bed and pondered what my next step should be. Matt should be able to fix this. It would suck to wake him up so late, but apparently he knows just how to put me to sleep, so it’s at least worth a try.

I decided calling him would be best, since it was the least intrusive. It rang four times before he picked up. He must’ve really been asleep, he’ll probably hate me for this. “Hello?” he said in a groggy voice.

“Uhh, hey man. It’s me. I was just… well I just randomly woke up and now I’m having trouble going back to sleep. I was wondering if maybe… maybe you could..”

His tone lifted from tired to alert and interested. “Oh, you’re saying you want a session?”

I squinted my eyes. “I mean yeah, if it’s not too big a deal. And I guess it is isn’t like, a SESSION session, I just want to go to bed, y’know?”

“I gotcha, it’s no worries. I’ll be there in just a sec!” He sounded almost out of breath. Was he excited for this? Before I got to thank him, he hung up. Oh shit! I cannot let him see me in my soaked boxers with a tent in my pants. I hurriedly put on a t-shirt and some gym shorts, and he walked in as soon as I put my arm through the second hole. But he was only wearing boxers, isn’t that a little indecent anyway? Whatever, I guess we are buddies at this point. Might as well not think about it. His smile told me he was quite excited for this though…. for a night session? Why was he ever so excited to just put me to sleep, anyway?

“So, uh, where do I? Should I just lay down?” I asked, sitting down onto the bed. He swiftly came over to me and sat next to me.

“Where you are is just fine, but I need to ask you something first.” He looked directly at me now, something in his eyes.

“Yeah?” I said, feeling a little uneasy at his look.

He reached over with both hands and began to massage my head. I instantly felt dazed. It was strange that this was his method, but it didn’t really matter. He was going to put me to sleep in just one sec-

“Why did you wake up at this hour of the night?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

“I.. had a dream..” I responded.

“And what was this dream about, hm?”

“We… were on the couch.. you said something.. and then you snapped..and… nn..” Did I just moan out a bit? sivas seks hikayeleri Was I… getting harder?

“Ahh… and this dream.. did it turn you on?”

I stirred a bit at that. How did he know about that? “Turn… wha-?

Matt pulled my head close to his and he whispered in my ear, “Shhhh now. Just be a good boy and tell me. There’s nothing to worry about, it’s just Matt here. So tell me, did it turn you on?”

I couldn’t think. It’s just a stupid question. I could answer the question for Matt. I could be a good boy for Matt. “Yes.. I’m… so hard..”

He smiled mischievously, “that’s all I wanted to hear. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Giving me an answer and obeying me?”

“I… I guess not..” I said lazily.

“Well youre going to learn obedience tonight, since you still seem to struggle with it.” I tried to turn my head to look at him in concern, but then- *snap* “Sleep.”

My body slumped forward into his arms as I mumbled into his stomach, “I’m hard and mindless.”

He pet my hair lovingly, saying, “There’s my good boy. back down into trance for me. So hard for me. So mindless for me. Doesn’t it feel good?”

I nodded my head gently. “Yes master.”

He reached over and felt up my cock. “My, it seems you were quite hard already indeed. You must have been really excited at the thought of dropping down for your master, hm?”

“Yes master.”

Matt sighed, “As much as I would love to take this much further, you arent ready yet. You need to learn what it means to obey. What it means to be my slave, my property.” He lifted me up to lower my back onto the bed. “So I’ll give you a simple training exercise. Lets get you into position.” He helped me to get fully into a laying position. “And now your silly clothes need to come off.” I pulled at my clothes but could barely muster the strength in this state. Thankfully, Matt – I mean master, was there to help get rid of my shirt and shorts, but he left my boxers on.

Master started to play with my shaft through my underwear. “Feels so good to have master play with you like this. There is simply no better feeling in the world.” He giggled, kissing my thigh. “When you are under trance, this is everything. Just obeying and getting hard. Nothing feels better.” I began to moan uncontrollably. His fingers teased me as they played with my tip, more precum soaking the fabric.

“Do you want master to go further? Would you like for him to take off your boxers?”

I rolled my head around uncontrollably as lust took me over. “yes.. please… please take off my boxers, master.”

He licked his lips as he began to pull down the waist. “Good boyyy,” he moaned out to me. He slowly pulled them down, my cock flung up as soon it was freed, so ready to be pleased. “My my, you have quite a nice cock here, good boy. Seeing that tent in your pants really did not disappoint..”

He began to massage it with his hand, making a mess with all the precum. It felt better than any time I had ever touched myself. It was one thing to be dropped by master… but to have him rub me like this… oh god…

He stopped performing large strokes to rub the bottom of my tip with his thumb while his other fingers very lightly massaged my shaft. I moaned out a bit louder in response. “Ahh, so this is your weak point, is it?” He pressed on it a bit harder, rubbing so slightly.

I arched my back, “uhhhh..”

“Mmm, this is just where I want you. Perfect time for you to learn.” He looked up at me and said in a more serious tone, “Do you want to cum, slave?” He stopped rubbing and moved his had to my inner thigh. It ached so bad to not be played with anymore. Any moment without master’s touch was like edging.

I regained my composure a bit (or as much as one can in a horny trance), “Y-yes master.”

“Oh I’m sure of that. But do you want to cum FOR ME? Do you want to cum for master?”

I nodded. “I.. I do. I want to cum for master.”

*snap* “Again.”

“I want to cum for master,” I said, out of breath. How long was he going to do this to me? it felt like it had been minutes since he touched me. Please, stroke me again master..

“And if master lets yoy cum, will you promise to obey him completely as his slave?”

“Y-yes master. Please…”

“Shhh, I am in control here.” He put his hand back into position, but kept it still. “You will think about me every day all day. And you will get hard. You can’t stop thinking about me. You can’t stop thinking about going under. Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes master, I understand.” I had no reservations. I needed to cum, and I would agree to anything in order to get it.

“I have complete ownership over you. The rest of your life is mine now. Anything I say you will do. If you understand, tell me that you are my property, and tell me that I own you.”

I shook my head in agreement. “I am your property, you own me.” This was torture. Please just touch me again!

Master put his hand back into motion. “Good boy. Now all I need you to do is to keep repeating for me: ‘Matt is my master, and I must obey him.’ Do that, and you’ll cum harder than you ever have before.”

I nodded excitedly and started to chant for him. “Matt is my master, I must obey him. Matt is my master, I must obey him. Matt is my master, I must obey him. Matt is my master, I must obey him.”

My voice was beginning to become more robotic. “Matt is my master, I must obey him.” Matt is my master, I must obey him. It was like a matter of fact. There was no inflection in my voice, not even excitement anymore.

Matt is my master, I must obey him.

Matt is my master, I must obey him.

Matt is my master, I must obey him.

Mast is my master.

I must obey him.

I have no thoughts. I barely even cared about cumming anymore, even though I was on the edge. Matt is my master, I must obey him. That’s all I cared about. That’s all I thought about. It made me horny to have Matt as my master. It made me horny to obey him. But that didn’t matter as much as it mattered that he is my master, and that I must obey him.

Matt is my master, I must obey him.

Matt is my master, I must obey him.

It was a simple truth that I believed. There was nothing else in my head but these words. Nothing else came out of my mouth. I actually barely even noticed when I came. I really only knew because I felt it hit hot on my chest, streaming down onto my bedsheets.

I didnt stop saying it. I couldnt stop saying it. Matt is my master, I must obey him. Matt is my master, I must obey him.

Master chuckled to himself as he rolled off the bed, leaning over to wipe the cum off my chest with my blanket. “That oughta teach you. You’ll never think twice about obeying master again.”

I didn’t respond. I was too busy reciting my truth. “I think you’ve got it down now. Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day for you. I hope youre ready to practice what you preach.” *snap* “Sleep.”

I woke up to my alarm clock going off at 9AM. I felt pretty well-rested, once again. But once again, I woke up with a raging boner. Morning wood isn’t so unusual for me, but I’ve never gotten it twice in a row like this. Also, my underwear was pulled down past my crotch. I mean I guess that’s not that weird for clothes to shift in sleep, but I’ve never had it happen like this before.

Last night… what happened? I remember Matt coming to my room.. I asked him for a session… and…

Nothing else to really consider there. I asked for help, and my roommate came to my rescue. He really is such a helpful guy, I should get him a gift sometime.

I noticed some clothes of mine laying on the floor next to my bed. What the hell was that about? It’s not some big mess, but I’m a generally tidy person, so this was strange for me. I shrugged and put them on, heading to the kitchen for even more food from Matt.

“Really?” I jested, “Breakfast again? I’m already in too much debt.”

Matt smirked at me and pointed at the pancakes on my plate, “Better eat them before they get cold. I even made a syrup for it. Secret Matt recipe.”

I looked down at my plate after taking a seat, seeing the hotcakes had some kind of semi-translucent white sauce on it. I furrowed my brow as I picked up my fork. “What do you use to make the syrup? It doesn’t look like any I’ve ever had before.”

“Oh, it’s nothing really. It’s not so much sweet and may be a bit saltier, but it goes great with the pancakes. Just be a good boy and trust me on this one.”

I didn’t even catch the ‘good boy’ this time around, I was used to being called that. It did make me feel a little good, though. I cut a piece of the stack off and made sure it had some extra syrup on it, putting it into my mouth and chewing. He was right, it definitely didn’t taste like syrup, but it went well together. “Not bad!” I said, as I began to eat the rest of the stack. “Today’s my last day before I officially start my job at the firm. So, how should we spend it?”

Matt took his place at the bar. “Oh, I’ve got a few ideas,” he said as he ate a cut of food. He didn’t have any of his special sauce on his plate though.

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