One Night Date Ch. 05

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Satish had been gone a few days and I had managed to find myself a suitor for most of the nights. On days that I couldn’t find someone to fuck me, I would end up playing with my toys and putting up a show for the man in the opposite building.

I think it was around the 8th or the 9th day that my husband called. He told me that he was returning home the next day and in as many words told me that he couldn’t wait to fuck me.

Oh great, I thought, my small dick husband was returning, now I would be able to get at least a cock in my pussy. But the prospect of being fucked by the same man for a few days left me unsatisfied. The only man I wanted was Satish and his long dong.

What the hell, I thought. He’s my husband, let me at least make an effort to be nice to him. Later in the evening, he called me and told me that he’d docked in Mumbai and that he would be catching the first flight out and be home soon.

I prepared for him and brought out my sluttiest dress to wear to welcome him.

The old me wouldn’t have called it a dress. It was a tiny outfit that had a stick on patch for my nipples, allowing my tits to swing free and down below, after shaving my pussy and ass once again to smoothness, I wore a stringless panty, trusting my ass to hold it in place. On my feet, I wore a pair of 6-inch high black sandals. Ready before my husband returned home, I looked at myself in the full length mirror and felt the firmness of my ass. Clenching and unclenching it, I decided that I needed to join a gym to keep my figure in shape and toned.

Around 330pm, the doorbell rang and as I opened the door, I was shocked. My husband stood there and with him stood four of his friends. They were enroute to their homes and my husband, Deep, had asked them to stop by before heading onwards.

There I was, standing in the door way, nearly naked in front of my husband and his friends. At first, I was as embarrassed as the men, but then the prospect of being naked in front of all these strangers excited me. I decided to play along and not change my clothes.

“Sweetie. I am sure the boys have had a good look at you. Now, why don’t you dress up?”

“Why? They’ve already seen most of me, let them see me as I am. Let them get their rocks off to me. Maybe, I might let them get naughty with me. What say, boys? Should I get dressed?”

“Nooooo..” Came the answer even as my husband turned red in the cheeks.

As I walked in with the men following me, I made sure to swing my ass a little extra to let them have a good look at what was in store for them if they played their cards right.

“Sit down, I’ll open some beers and serve up some snacks.”

Dumping their luggage in a corner, the boys sat down in the drawing room and began talking about what a surprise Deep’s wife was. I could hear them talk and praise my body even as Deep sat quietly in one corner. I decided to up the ante a bit.

First I opened the pints and carried them to the drawing room. As I set them on the centre table, I leaned over a little too much, allowing the boys to have a good look at my swinging tits and ass crack.

Next, I carried the snacks from the kitchen to the drawing room and went about serving them to the boys.

“Deep, your wife sure is a snack herself,” said one of them.

“Thanks, bro,” Deep was beginning to get the hang of it and enjoying the fact that the others were making him feel as if he had a trophy wife at home.

“Deep, you are one lucky fellow. All of us would love to have a go at her,” said another.

“I don’t mind,” I said as I responded to him, leaving Deep speechless.

“What do you mean, sweetie?”?”I just mean that I haven’t had sex since you left and I could do with a good fucking. Why do you think I am dressed like this? My plan was to get you into bed straight and have you fuck the brains out of me. But with all these boys around, I might as well fuck them as well and be satisfied. I hope you won’t mind. I’ll let you fuck me first and then the boys can fuck me. What say?” I lied as I stood up and felt myself all over.

One of the boys let out a soft whistle at my words.

“I’ll tell you what, Deep. I am going to fuck these boys whether you like it or not. But before I fuck them, I am going to fuck you. Now, boys, would you like that?”

“Yes,” they shouted in unison.

I turned on some music and did a slow dance for the boys, taking off the nipple patches and removing the panty before I went and stood in front of Deep and pulled out his hard penis.

“Someone likes the prospect of being fucked and seeing his wife fuck his friends, I think.”

Turning around, I showed my ass in Deep’s face and let him smell my aroma.

I looked at the boys and they were all wide eyed at my antics.

“Take off your clothes, boys, I want to see what all I am going to fuck once I am done with Deep.”

Like a well-trained unit, the boys stripped and milled around me as I inserted my husband’s penis in my pussy and began riding him.

As I rode, I gaziantep escort bayan looked at the four penises raising to attention in my honour and noticed that three of them were massive while the fourth one was also a decent size. They were all bigger than my husband.

I leaned forward and caught hold of one of them and pulled him to me and began slobbering it with my saliva.

Deep had by now gotten his act together and was holding on to my waist and bouncing me on his cock. A few minutes later, he whispered in my ear that he was going to come.

“Come inside me,” I told him.

And with that, he pushed deep inside me and let loose.

“That felt good. Next, you are going to watch me fuck these boys. And if your dick gets hard, you can fuck my asshole too.”

I got off Deep and standing there in the middle of the boys, I picked one and told him to lie down. Once he was on the floor, I began sucking his cock. With my ass sticking up, it was an open invite to anyone of the boys to fuck me. I felt one of the boys spit on my ass and insert his finger in my asshole and began fucking me with it.

“Stop playing with my ass and start fucking my pussy,” I told him before stuffing my mouth with cock again.

The man did just that and stuffed my cunt with his penis. This was the closest I had come to being fucked by a dick as similar as Satish’s.

I could see Deep sitting on the sofa, looking at me unbelievingly.

A few strokes later, the boy pulled out of my cunt and made me lie down on the sofa and raising my legs, he began fucking me. The rest of the boys looked at me being fucked.

“Don’t just look at me. Give me something to suck on,” I told them.

One of them climbed up on the sofa and put his cock in front of my mouth and as I opened my lips, he shoved it into my throat, almost gagging me.

A few minutes later, the boy fucking my cunt grunted and let loose his semen inside me.

“Don’t come inside her, you jerk,” Deep said.

“Don’t worry. I want all of them too cum inside me.” I said as I looked at Deep. He was now holding his dick in his hand. Pushing the boy off me, I got off the sofa and went up to him and squatting in front of him, began sucking him. A few minutes later, I stood up.

“Fuck my ass now,” I ordered Deep as I bent over in front of him.

Deep, still as shocked as ever, put his cock at my asshole’s entrance and began fucking me.

But my asshole was too much for him. He lasted in my ass for a couple of minutes and then shot his sperm inside me. After his dick popped out of my asshole, I stood up and looking at the boys, laid down some rules.

“Now that Deep has fucked my asshole, I want all of you to fuck me silly. Use any hole, my mouth, ass, pussy whichever. Titty fuck me, if you want. But at no given point in time should any of my holes be empty. Double fuck me if you want.”

Saying this, I told the closest boy to lie down on the floor and then impaled myself on his cock. It was long enough for me to feel it deep inside me. Next, I called another of the boys to fuck my pussy. Once both were firmly lodged in my ass and pussy, I asked for a dick for my mouth and was promptly given one. The fourth fellow decided to have a go at my tits. Putting his cock between my tits he squished them hard and began titty fucking me.

We continued like this for nearly two hours. Deep joined in time and again.

Once all the boys were done fucking me, Deep asked me if I had truly not had sex since he’d left.

“No. I lied to you. I have been having sex every day. And I am sorry to say that I have become a slave to men with long, thick cocks. I love being fucked. Your friends here have satisfied me today. I wouldn’t mind them fucking me whenever they wanted. Sorry, Deep. I didn’t want to hurt you, but my physical desires are far too much for you to handle or even fulfil. I do love you, and hope that you won’t let my sexual desires come between us.”

Deep had no words. I looked at him and felt sorry for him, but a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

My body was sticky with sperm and my orifices were leaking cum, but I wanted more sex. I wasn’t satisfied yet.

“Deep, maybe you should introduce her to the Horse and his friends,” one of the guys said.

“Horse? I may have fucked you guys, but I’ll be damned if I let an animal fuck me.”

“No, no. Horse is our friend. He’s hung like a pole. Wait, let me call him,” said one of them.

A few minutes later, the boy had called and summoned Horse and told him to bring his gang along.

“They’ll be here in an hour. You might want to freshen up before they get here.”

“Ok” I said as I walked out of the drawing room and into the bath.

Deep followed me.

“Nikita, I didn’t know you were such a slut. What do you mean by this behaviour?”

“I don’t mean anything. I just want sex. The bigger and thicker the dicks, the better. That’s all,” I said as I got into the shower even as Deep watched me wipe the cum off me.

Watching me bathe, Deep began having a hard on and got into the shower with me and turning me around, he inserted his cock in my asshole and fucked me there.

He fucked me in the shower for a few minutes before he turned me around and made me squat and came all over my face.

“Have it your way. Fuck all you want, but don’t forget me or leave me,” Deep said.

“I won’t as long as you won’t leave me.”

Out of the bath, I dried myself and put on my high heels. As I began putting on some lingerie, Deep asked me to let it be.

“Go wait in the hallway and greet Horse and his gang. And leave the door open.”

I did what he asked and walked out of the flat and waited in the hallway. Pacing up and down in only my high heels. The lift stopped a couple of times on my floor and the people who got off gawked at me before running away to their flats.

At one point, the lift man stopped the lift there and just stared at me.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked him.

“Yes. Good. Come over tonight to my flat and I’ll give you a closer look,” I told him as I shooed him away.

Horse arrived about 10 minutes later with four others. They were all built like tanks. Wide shoulders, narrow hips, muscles rippling and handsome. And all of them were 6 feet and taller.

“Are you Horse?” I asked the man in front.


Without any preamble, I squatted in front of him and opened his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was humongous. It was even bigger than Satish’s.

“Has any girl been able to take this completely in her pussy or ass?”


“Let me try then,” I said as I led him and the others into the flat.

Inside, Deep and his four friends were still lying around naked on the sofas and having beers.

Deep saw Horse and the others and stood up.

“I am glad you’ve met my wife. Her name is Nikita and well, she wants dick, the longer and thicker the better, she says.”

“This little lady won’t last too long,” Horse sniggered.

“Take off your clothes, please and then we’ll see,” I said.

The five men took off their clothes and I was amazed at mother nature’s injustice. These men were all easily at least a foot and a half long in the dick department. And all five of them were thicker than my forearm. A sense of fear ran through me as I wondered if I would be able to take them into my stretched pussy and asshole. I was willing to give it a go.

Squatting in front of Horse, I opened my mouth to suck on it and could barely accommodate the tip of his penis. I decided to spit on it and lick it as much as possible before letting it get anywhere close to either my cunt or my asshole.

A few minutes later, I felt myself being lifted up.

“Enough,” said Horse as he picked me up like a child and put my legs over his broad shoulders. Next, he lined up his massive dick at the door of my cunt and shoved it in in one go pushing in at least a foot of it.

I screamed as it stretched my pussy like never before. It filled me up beautifully. He began bouncing me on his dick like a rag doll and a few strokes later, I orgasmed. I threw back my head and let loose a long moan as he continued to fuck me through my orgasm. By the time my orgasm ended, Horse was fully inside me. My pussy lips were banging against the bottom of his penis and his balls were banging against my asshole every time I descended on his cock.

He wasn’t done yet. Looking away from me, he nodded at one of his men, who came and stood behind me and still holding me like that he stopped bouncing me. I felt something poke at my asshole and next thing I knew there was a cock buried deep inside my nether hole. I had nearly two and a half feet of man meat buried deep in my groin.

The two men began bouncing me up and down in a rhythm driving me to intense orgasm after orgasm. Every orgasm was more intense than the previous. About half an hour of being fucked like that, Horse said that he was going to cum and where did I want it.

“Inside me. Always cum inside me.”

As if on cue, both men impaled me on their cocks and shot their baby making fluids inside me. I could feel both my asshole and my pussy getting filled. Having been fucked in that position allowed some of the cum to trickle out as they pulled out of me and put me down. I could barely stand and needed some support.

Lifting me up from the waist, Horse carried me over to a sofa and draped me on its back as if I was a piece of cloth.

“Alright boys, she’s yours. Give this slut a good time,” he said slapping my ass.

Horse sat down on the sofa and began playing with my tits as one by one the men lined up and began fucking my asshole or pussy whichever they took a fancy to. The three men who fucked me were all built beautifully and had great staying power.

As one or two of them fucked me from behind, the rest of them held small talk. Most of it was about me. They spoke about how Deep’s wife was such a slut and how maybe they could pass me around time and again or maybe organise weekly fuck fests with me as the entertainment. I liked the direction in which their discussion was going.

About two hours later, during which both my asshole and cunt had been ravaged at least 10-12 times, I could feel all the sperm sloshing around inside me, I asked Deep if he could get me a bowl.

When Deep handed me the bowl, I placed it on the floor and squatting, let all the cum trickle out of my pussy and ass. The boys had cum so much that they almost filled up the bowl.

I was so zoned out that the next act was perhaps the most depraved act that I had done ever. I got on all fours and began lapping up the sperm from the bowl like a bitch drinking water. I stayed like that for nearly 10 minutes. The boys called me all sorts of names and were amazed at how depraved I was getting. When I was down to nearly half, I sat up and picked up the bowl and poured the remainder all over my face, tits and belly and began rubbing it into my skin, making sure to rub it all over my body.

Not one single drop was wasted. All of it was used up. It was either inside me or on me.

When I was done, the boys clapped and gave me a standing ovation. I was in heaven. I had been fucked long and hard and had been filled up nicely.

“I need to take a leak,” said Horse.

“Cum in my mouth,” I said as I crawled over to him and took his massive, but now detumescent manhood in my mouth.

A few seconds later, Horse began peeing in my mouth and filling me up. I had a hard time keeping up with the stream and some of it trickled out of my mouth. When he was done, he patted me on the head and called me a good slut.

“Any one else want to pee?” I asked.

Almost all of them wanted to, so I lay down on the floor and told them to pee all over me as I rolled.

I had gone from being a slave to perhaps the most depraved woman on the planet. All this in front of my husband who I had not seen in three months.

The boys gave me a good pee bath, with some of them even trying to hit the bulls eye as I spread my asscheeks.

A few minutes later, I was lifted up from the floor and Deep told me to go bathe.

I could barely walk, but I went nonetheless.

About half an hour later, when I returned, thoroughly cleansed and satisfied, and still wearing nothing, all the 10 men in the room were waiting for me.

I needed to eat something and asked Deep to order some pizzas and some more beer.

“Why don’t you put on something and we can take you out. Let us treat you to a nice dinner?”

“Just wear something slutty,” Deep said.

I wore a yellow summer dress with nothing underneath. I had bought that dress during my initial days with Satish. It had a really low neckline and was short enough for the bottom of my ass to be visible.

One of the boys knew a place where we could get a booth to ourselves and have a good time. Interestingly, the booth could fit only 10 chairs and there were 11 of us. The solution was obvious. That I’d sit in someone’s lap. We decided that I would sit in the laps of all the men one by one with the man pegging me with his cock either in my pussy or in my asshole.

Sounded fun. I got to pick whose lap I was going to sit in first.

I picked Deep first and took his cock in my asshole. The waiter who came to take the order smiled seeing me sitting in Deep’s lap and bouncing up and down. It was pretty obvious what was happening.

Deep came a few minutes later, but I continued to sit on his lap. I moved switched to another guy’s lap when our drinks came. I took him in my cunt and squeezing my pussy lips, I made him cum quickly. The rest of the boys appeared eager for their turn, but I decided to go one by one. In about half an hour, I had bounced myself to three orgasms on five cocks. Up next came one of Horse’s crew. I asked him where he wanted to put his dick.

“I’d prefer the ass, but your choice,” he said.

I took him in my ass and began bouncing on him. By now, my tits were feeling left out, so I pulled them out and began playing with them myself. When the waiter came to refill our beers, he was shocked to see my tits spilling out of my dress and me bouncing on the man. I could see a tent forming in his pants and made a note of at least sucking him off before we left.

I could feel the cum from my pussy trickling down my legs and decided that I did not want to waste it.

I asked the waiter to bring me a bowl.

Stuttering, he ran and got a bowl which he placed on the table. When the man fucking my ass filled me up, I pulled away from him and climbed on top of the table and there in front of all the men, squatted down on the bowl and let their cum trickle out of me into it.

I assumed my position again on the seventh guy and he too went up my asshole. So far, I had been able to take all the men fully into my ass, but this guy was longer and needed some work. It took a few extra strokes for my rectum to open up before I finally bottomed out on him and sat there enjoying the sensation of being stuffed.

In between bounces, I ate some of the food that the boys had ordered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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