Soccer Moms Ch. 07

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Soccer Moms — Part 7

[Author’s Notes: 1) there are underage characters in this story but they will neither have, see nor even hear any sexual activity; 2) this is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story are not completely accurate but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story; 3) there is still a lot of story to go and a number of twists and turns; and 4) thanks for the wonderful comments about the story. I hope it continues to live up to your expectations.]

“He’s in!” Carol practically shouted as they began their walk around the practice field the next day.

“That’s great Carol. I know this is going to be amazing.” Jen was equally as excited about this. She knew she wanted Carol. But also, she knew that this was going to be an important event in Carol’s life. So Jen also knew she would have to be teacher, mentor and participant all in one.

At this moment, there was also the first bit of trepidation for Jen. Carol was an amazing person and she relished that thought that their friendship could go to another level. But she hoped that this would not carry their friendship into uncertain waters. “Carol and I will just be friends with benefits, nothing beyond that, right?” she thought. Jen quickly brushed the thoughts aside though. Carol had Paul and Carol had been the one to put the brakes on things and would not go any further without Paul. Carol was not going to make this anything more than it was.

The only problem now was how and when to get together without it being suspicious for the girls.

This weekend’s tournament was going to be the last one of the season. It was also one where a lot of family would come to watch. Melanie would have both sets of grandparents and Paul would be there to watch Katie. It meant that Carol and Jen would not have any alone time together, but it would also provide a little more time for her and Paul to get better acquainted. Plus, it would give Carol a chance to meet Jen’s parents and get some stories that Jen would never tell.

As usual, the Rogers family was one of the first to arrive and Carol sat in the lobby while Paul and Katie went to the room to unpack. She noticed an elderly couple walk into the hotel and look around searching but not seeming to find anyone. The woman had gray hair but piercing blue eyes and Carol took a guess and went up to them. “Mr. and Mrs. Olsen?” Carol asked.

They both turned to her and said “Yes” together.

“Hi, I’m Carol Rogers. My…”

But before she could get anymore out, the woman said “Oh, you must be Katie’s Mom.”

“Why yes, I am.” was Carol’s response.

The gentleman than said “We’ve heard a lot about you and your daughter over the last few months. I’m Karl Olsen.” He offered his hand and Carol shook it.

“And I am Barbara Olsen.” said the woman, but she stepped over and gave Carol a big hug. “We were a little worried when our girls moved away from us and that it might be hard for them to make new friends. But they each found such a good friend so quickly and you and your daughter have really been a big help for them getting settled into the new area.”

“Well, it’s been my pleasure. Jen is a great friend and Katie and Melanie have hit it off so well. They are not only great friends, but they complement each other so well on the field. You’ll see, it’s fun to watch when they’re in their games.”

Just then Paul and Katie came down and Carol introduced them to Jen’s parents. There was talk about the Blue Lightning Program and Carol and Paul’s other daughters, when a shriek went up from the door. “Nana! Pop Pop!”

Melanie burst into the lobby and gave her grandparents big hugs. They had not seen each other since the move except on Facetime calls and Zoom. Jen followed behind and gave her parents big hugs as well. When she turned from her parents, she also said hi to Carol and Paul, giving each of them a big hug, much to Paul’s delight.

They all sat back down; Jen on a couch between her parents, Katie and Melanie shmooshed together in a single chair directly across from Jen and Carol and Paul in a loveseat in between, the furniture forming a “U.” Jen and Melanie got caught up with Karl and Barbara.

After a while, Karl said “and here’s the rest of the group.” as he looked to the door at another elderly couple coming into the hotel.

Once again Melanie’s squeal of excitement burst forth as she said “Grandma! Grandpa!” and went charging over to the couple who put down their bags and welcomed her into their arms. The Rogers family stayed back as the Olsens and Smiths welcomed each other. Once again, Karl was shaking hands and Barbara and Jen were hugging. After all of their hellos had finished, Melanie said “Grandma, Grandpa, this is my best friend Katie.” Melanie turned to Katie and held her hand out and Katie came over to be introduced to Melanie’s other grandparents.

As she came over, Jeffrey Smith said “Well, güvenilir bahis it’s nice to finally meet you Katie but I feel like I’ve known you forever as much as Melanie talks about you.”

Paul and Karl went over and pulled another loveseat over and completed the square so they could all talk. They talked a lot about the trip there and caught up on what had happened since the move. The Rogers family were more like spectators. Not that they weren’t included here and there as everyone was very polite, but this was more of a mini reunion.

Carol noticed that the two families were close. This was a nice thing as certainly the death of John at such an early age could have been something that kept the families apart. But it seemed that the Smiths had been a strong part of Jen’s and Melanie’s lives all these years later. For the first time Carol realized just how lonely this move must have been for Jen.

Eventually Paul and Carol excused themselves. They told Katie she could stay another 15 minutes if she behaved herself and they went off to bed. About twenty minutes later, Katie arrived in the room and let her parents know that everyone had gone to bed. Carol asked her “So, is Melanie glad to see her grandparents?”

“Yes, she’s told me she misses them. Both sets of grandparents had been a part of her life for as long as she could remember. She says it was tough when her Mom told her they were moving. But now she’s really glad they did. It’s been an adventure for her and she likes adventures.” Carol and Paul looked at each other as Carol mouthed, “me too.”

The games went well that Saturday for the team and for Katie and Melanie in particular. In their first game they played a team they had played before and which had been burned several times by Melanie’s amazing speed and Katie’s long passed to her. So they played their defense deep which left room in the middle for Katie to maneuver. While Katie didn’t score, she was able to dish out four assists, including one to Melanie. The second game featured a very high defense opposing them and Katie managed to send two long balls to a streaking Melanie for breakaway goals giving the Blue Lightning two wins and two games the next day.

All the girls had extra fans this week and so each family tended to stay together. However, the Rogers, Smith and Olsen families were one big group, on the sidelines, at lunch between games and at dinner that night.

With all the relatives around, there was no team room that night. Coach Hochbauer did get everyone together and thanked the parents for all their support and the girls for all their hard work through the season. It had been a very successful season; the new players had integrated well and all of the girls had made great strides in their skills. That was why they had joined the Blue Lightning program and she was pleased with their year.

“Three cheers for Coach!” shouted Katie and the team gave her the loudest cheers they could.

Now it was time for bed. Since Jen’s parents were going to be staying through for Thanksgiving, Melanie went to the Smith’s room for the night. Katie went with her; with the promise they would not keep the Smith’s up all night. Jen and her parents went to their room, leaving Carol and Paul by themselves.

They decided that they would take advantage of this and quickly shed their clothes once the door to the room was closed. They began kissing right there at the door. Carol leaned against the door for support as Paul leaned into her. Tongues dueling and hands roaming as they finally could give freedom to the simmering lust they had been feeling.

With parents and children around Carol, Paul and Jen were not able to talk about their as yet unplanned adventure. However, they would exchange looks every now and then, each knowing what the other was thinking. It had kept things at a low boil the entire day and it was now about to bubble over into the passion of the moment.

Carol pushed off the door and started moving them to the bed without stopping her kisses or her fondling of Paul’s manhood. When they reached the bed, Carol finally broke the kiss and used her hands to unbuckle Paul’s pants. She then pulled them down and took his shoes, pants and underwear all off from around his feet. Then Carol pushed Paul onto the bed. Carol jumped right on after him and immediately took him into her mouth. Carol began sucking Paul’s cock and vigorously rubbing whatever was not in her mouth.

It was clear to Paul that she was not doing this for his benefit, at least not directly. Carol was working to get him hard as quickly as she could, and once he was erect, she stood up and took down her own pants and underwear. The Carol moved up, lined up Paul’s penis up with her slick entrance and plunged herself down. Carol began humping up and down as fast as she could, grunting each time she bottomed out on Paul’s cock.

Paul decided that since Carol seemed fully prepared to see to her own needs, he would güvenilir bahis siteleri focus on his as well. He felt Carol go up and down a few more times to gauge her rhythm and began thrusting up to meet her as she was moving herself back down his pole. The first time she felt him do this, Carol eyes went straight to his and she gave a devilish smile. Clearly, she was happy with Paul’s response to her lust. This was all about the sex and they both were going to go after it and cum as hard as they could.

After several minutes of this speed fucking, Carol stayed down and looked again to Paul’s face. Realizing that she had stopped, Paul looked at her, somewhat quizzically and then he stopped too. Carol again smiled and then began to thrust her hips forward and back while staying with Paul still all the way inside her as she ground down against him with her pelvis.

Paul again let Carol settle into a rhythm first and now he raised his hands and grabbed her breasts. He rubbed and kneaded them while occasionally running a finger or thumb across her nipples. The added stimulation was just what Carol needed as she continued to grind against Paul’s body.

The pleasure finally overwhelmed Carol and she felt her body reacting to her orgasm. Her legs were trembling and her cum began to flow out onto Paul and she began to slide along his body as the wetness coated his skin. Feeling that she was coming, Paul began to pull on her nipples and quickly run his fingers back and forth across them, causing Carol to moan out as she continued to ride out her orgasm. Carol finally dismounted Paul and realizing that he had not yet cum, took him back into her mouth, this time for his pleasure.

With the frenetic pace of their sex now slowing to a more leisurely one, Paul relaxed a bit and allowed himself to fully appreciate the feeling of Carol’s mouth and tongue on his still very hard member. “You left so much of your cum on me, you must be able to taste it. So how does it taste to you?” Paul asked Carol.

This was not the first time Carol had ever taken Paul into her mouth after she had cum on him. But it was the first time she had done in since she was planning to have sex with another woman. She had never really pondered her own flavor before and now she began to think a bit more about this whole plan.

While Paul had started this conversation trying to get some dirty talk going, he quickly realized he had only distracted Carol and what was worse, he appeared to maybe have made her self-conscious. So Paul put his hand under Carol’s chin, pulled her up so she was looking at him and said “Hey, I know I love how you taste. And I love when you cum on me and I get to feel and taste you. And you are so very good at making me feel good.”

“But you didn’t come yet.” Carol replied.

“It’s not the point. What we just did was incredible. That was so hot and so erotic, and I got to experience that amazing moment with the woman of my dreams. I want you to understand something, I don’t want to have this threesome because I want to do this with Jen. I want to have this threesome because I want to do this with you.”

“So does that mean you don’t want to be intimate with Jen?”

“Well, I didn’t say that. But the point is that what I want out of sex is to make you happy, to make you cum. If we go to sleep right now, this is going to have been an amazing night of sex.”

Carol realized just how much Paul loved her and how much she loved him. And she knew now that their plan with Jen was something that was going to be special for them both. She put her hand back around Paul’s cock and said “Thank you. It means so much to me for you to say that. But unless you have some sort of objection, I would very much like to suck on your cock until you cum in my mouth. Because I know I love the taste of that.”

Paul looked into her eyes and said “No. No objection.”

The first game on Sunday did not go as well. The team they played stayed back with their defenders and their midfielders. They seemed more intent on stopping the Blue Lightning from scoring than they were about scoring themselves. Frustration was mounting as anytime a player got the ball it seemed a defender was right on them, preventing them from doing anything with the ball.

The Blue Lightning defenders began creeping up to be outlets for passes and without realizing it, they had set themselves up for the very play they had used against teams all season. And while their wing was not as fast as Melanie and while their Center Mid was not as accurate with her long kick as Katie, it was enough to get their wing behind the defense for a breakaway goal midway through the second half. They played well in the second game and came away with third place, but it did seem as if teams had found a way to stop their offense cold. That was something that would need to be worked on over the winter.

Before everyone left with their families, Coach Hochbauer wanted to give one last iddaa siteleri speech. Much as she had the night before she talked about how well the girls had done. But she did challenge them to realize that they all could still improve. That just because the season was over did not mean the girls could forget about soccer for 4 months. And for all the girls, even the ones who would be playing basketball, they needed to spend time with a soccer ball at their feet, get better at ball control and dribbling and foot work.

Katie then had a card for the coach that all the girls had signed and the parents had chipped in for some gift cards to a sports store and a local restaurant. Then Coach said there was one more announcement. The Stanz family was going to have a New Year’s Eve slumber party at their house for all the girls on the team. There would not be any alcohol or boys, but it was a chance to get everyone together after having some time apart. Jen and Carol looked at each other, both realizing that one part of the plan they still had not worked out had just been taken care of for them. While the girls spent the night with the team, Jen Carol and Paul would ring in the New Year with their own special celebration.

Over the next few weeks, Carol was not sure if she missed Jen more or if Katie missed Melanie more. The girls were on the phones speaking and texting all day and night. Jen and Carol spoke a few times a week since they did not have practice to use to share time together. It was the week before Christmas and a Saturday. Carol was sitting on her couch. There was nothing on television to interest her and she was just sitting there thinking about the last few months; meeting Jen and everything that followed and what might be happening next.

She was starting to daydream about Jen when her phone rang and it was Jen. Carol answered the phone and they talked for a while about plans for Christmas, but not about anything afterwards. Finally, Jen ask her “I think the girls are talking to each other, where is Katie?

“She’s in her room, why?”

“Is her door closed?”

“Yes.” Carol answered not quite sure where this was going at the moment.

“Where are you?” Jen inquired.

“I am downstairs in the living room, why?”

“And is Paul at work?”

“Yes, he still goes in on Saturdays, what are you driving at?”

“Well, Melanie is also in her room with her door closed. And I am down the hall in my room with my door closed. And Katie is in her room with her door closed upstairs and there is no one downstairs. Now the girls will be talking for hours. But even if they stop, we will hear one of them open their door if they were to come out.”

“So, what do you have in mind” Carol asked Jen.

“Well Carol, while we’ve been talking, I am sitting here in my bed. And I have on a plain, light gray tee shirt and shorts and panties. And also, while we’ve been talking I have also been lightly stroking and twiddling my nipples and they have gotten very hard. You should see how the tee shirt just suddenly pops outward because my nipples have gotten so hard, they push the shirt out.”

“And now…I am licking my finger and getting it all wet with saliva. And now I am rubbing it around the one nipple. And Oh!, that one spot on the shirt is now a darker gray. And uuhhh, the feel of the damp cloth of the tee shirt is causing extra friction across my nipple and sending shockwaves all through my body. Ooohhh. Can you see it in your mind Carol? Can you see my gray tee shirt with the little puffy circle of dark gray and my finger rolling over it?”

“Yes, Jen. I can see it in my mind as if I was right there.” Carol’s hand had already traveled down to her crotch as she began to play with herself over the fabric of her shorts and panties.

“Now, I’m licking my finger again and I am rubbing it on the other nipple. Ooopps, there’s a dark gray spot above that nipple too.”. Can you see that, Carol?”

“Yes Jen. Oh god yes. Keep playing with your nipples.” Carol’s voice was already showing signs of her breathing getting faster as she imagined the scene in Jen’s bedroom at that moment.

“Ooooohh, Carol. I love it when someone plays with my nipples. They are so sensitive. Uuuhhhh.”

“I’ll…try to remember…that Jen.” Carol was able to eventually get the words out as she was now using one hand to play with her own breasts and nipples over her shirt, while the other hand was inside her shorts and panties and was rubbing her hand over her soaking wet sex.

Jen’s voice continued to come out of the phone “I’m getting so hot and wet Carol. I am going to have to take off my shorts and panties so I can really take care of this. I’m off my bed now and bending at the waist as I pull down my shorts and panties. Can you see my ass now Carol?”

“Yes, Jen. I can see it. I love your ass. It is so round and smooth and I very much want to touch it.”

“You’ll be able to do more than that to it soon enough baby. Okay, I’m back in the bed and now I have one hand still playing with the dark gray circle on my shirt and my other hand is just lightly brushing up and down my tummy. It tickles but it feels nice. Do you see that?”

“Yes Jen, it’s beautiful.”

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