The Long Weekend Ch. 3

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I should warn everyone that the “point of view” has changed to the first-person for this episode, based on a great deal of feedback. Thanks for all the kind words and helpful suggestions. Thanks also for relaying comments regarding similar experiences. I feel fortunate to have gotten these responses and welcome any additional comments.

* * * * *

The emotional overload after my first experience sucking someone off was overwhelming. We leaned back against the rock outcrop. The combination of the warm sun and a cool breeze immediately pushed me into a deep contented sleep.

Sometime later I awakened to that now familiar and very delicious feeling of Larry squeezing my groin. As I awakened, he was already undoing my pants and soon had both pants and briefs worked down near my feet and had sort of bent my knees up a little. The nakedness and vulnerability made me feel even more excited, if that’s possible. Larry stared right through me as he slowly massaged my naked balls. Then he maintained eye contact as long as possible while he slowly leaned over, turning his head just in time to slowly engulf my penis.

I was in heaven! The sensations in bed last night were like nothing I had ever felt before, but somehow now I was now able to take in more of what I was feeling. The wetness, the smoothness, the warmth were all registering together antalya escort in a way that was even more incredible. The stimulation of Larry moving up and down my shaft was actually making my nerves jolt and sending tremors down my legs.

I thought this must be the absolute best something could feel when Larry slid his hand down from my balls and began to tickle me with a finger right in the start of my crack. Jeez if my nerves were jolting before, I was about to go into orbit now. He continued to work his finger further and further down until he was actually pressing on the outside of my asshole! I’d heard guys joke about things like this, but thought that really wasn’t something people did. Now I could tell by the way this felt that they probably did this a lot! I never dreamed there were places back there that felt this good to touch.

Larry slowly slid his hand out for a moment and I felt a break in contact with my penis. Larry squeezed my penis and I felt a good load of the clear pre-cum stuff come through. Larry sort of pinched the tip then returned his mouth too its ministrations. Immediately I felt his hand insinuate itself into my crack again, this time going quickly to my hole. This time when he pressed on it everything felt very slippery. That’s what he was up to! Just then Larry pushed antalya escort bayan a fingertip in until it sort of bottomed out against my natural reaction to squeeze and resist him. At that point he began to move his fingertip around in circles and in and out slightly, slowly forcing me to relax. At some point he pushed a little more and the fingertip felt like it sort of broke through the resistance. I felt a lot of pressure and almost some pain in a way, but with the slippery sensations it felt really good at the same time. Larry moved the finger in and out further and further until I could tell he must have most of his finger inside me. By now it clearly felt tremendous.

I realized then that Larry had once again stopped sucking my cock. When he pulled his hand out and reached up again, I could tell I had leaked stuff all over the place. Larry sort of rubbed his fingers all in it and, yep, started working his hand back down to my hole again. This time he fairly quickly got one finger in deep. Then I felt the pressure of a second finger trying to insinuate itself in right next to the first. He kept working at this until he eventually had two fingers deep inside me. It’s a good thing he had stopped sucking me because I was about to lose it just from what he was doing inside my butt.

Larry escort antalya began to move his fingers around a lot up deep inside me, sort of twirling and pressing, causing the most incredible sensations. There was a place sort of in front, behind where my penis was but deep inside that made me feel like I was going to cum when he pressed on it. My eyes were rolled back and I was seeing stars. Larry’s manipulations deep inside me were driving me over the edge. As if sensing this, Larry brought the pressure inside back up to that place in the front just as his warm, wet mouth literally swallowed my cock again. This time I swear I felt his nose in my pubic hair and my cock all the way down his throat. He maintained this position and sort of started swallowing or something, which put me over the edge once and for all. Just as I began to swell up in Larry’s throat, he pushed and stroked that special place deep inside my ass. That was it! I came like I never had before. What he was doing inside me just seemed to turbo-charge my cock. I didn’t know I could come so much and for so long. Larry let up enough to gasp in some air but then continued to gobble up my cock and play in my ass until I finally went completely limp.

I was lying there afterward feeling like I had gone into another dimension or something. I felt Larry sort of tenderly tug up my clothes and dress me like I was a kid or something. Then I opened my eyes and looked at Larry. He was smiling in sort of soft warm way. The only thing I could think of to say was “thank you”, and I did. Larry sort of laughed softly and said, “Oh, your quite welcome, but that’s nothing compared with what I have planned for you back at the camp tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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