The Neighbor Girl Grew Up

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It all started on a beautiful Saturday morning in early June. I just started fixing a few sections of the fence between my house and my neighbor’s. It was already very hot and the sun was moving up over the trees in my back yard making the work extremely hot and sweaty. I removed my shirt for a little relief from the heat and was just wearing a pair of old jeans and some work boots.

I just finished removing an old section of the fence when I saw something that made my heart skip a beat. I wasn’t expecting my neighbors to be home because they spent most weekends during the summer at their little cabin on the lake and both their kids were off at college. But to my surprise I heard their sliding glass door open and saw a gorgeous little figure in a string bikini step out onto the back deck. It was my neighbor’s daughter Julie who must have come back home for the summer after her first year in college.

I had known Julie for a while since I moved into the neighborhood 3 years ago, but I had never seen her like this. It wasn’t just that I was seeing her in a bikini for the first time, but how much she had changed after a year away at college. I remember her as a young teenage girl that seemed to have a crush on her older neighbor and was always shy and nervous around me. The little crush wasn’t really all that surprising seeing that I was in my mid-twenties, had a job, had my own house and was still in pretty good shape after playing sports and lifting weights throughout high school and college. I never really thought much about it because she was just a little girl with an innocent little crush.

What I saw that day on my neighbor’s back deck changed my whole perspective. She walked out wearing a cute little string bikini with some sort of pink tropical pattern. However, it wasn’t the bikini that caught my eye, but the amazing little body that it was just barely covering. Julie must have been a late bloomer because the petite high school soccer player I remember from a year ago developed into quite a little hottie with deliciously tight curves. She was on the short side, probably about 5’3”, and very toned from her soccer days. She had sandy blonde hair that was pulled up into one of those messy ponytail/bun type things that just looked so cute. What really caught my eye was her perfect c-cup breasts, flat stomach and amazing little “muffin” ass. The kicker was her beautiful skin tone, no doubt developed while away at college in Florida, which accentuated her tight, toned body.

I was captivated as she walked onto the deck, laid her beach towel on a chaise lounge and began applying suntan oil to her body. The sight of the sun glistening off her chest, stomach and legs as she applied the oil had me mesmerized and I had stopped working all together and was just standing there taking in the sight. The growing bulge in my jeans is what snapped me back to reality and I shook myself off the beautiful sight across the yard and tried to get my mind back on the project.

Luckily I don’t think she noticed me across the yard and was focused on applying her oil so my obvious gawking most likely went unnoticed. I went back to work on the fence but couldn’t help sneaking several peeks as I worked. She was lying on her back and appeared to be asleep so I figured my admiring glances would be safe.

I kept working, sneaking peeks for a while and was just getting back into the flow of my work when I heard from across the yard, “hey Jason, can you help me with something?”

I looked up and she was propped up on her elbows looking my way. “Uh, sure” I said, “what’s up?”

“Come over here for a second, I need a hand with something.”

My stomach began to knot up as I wondered what she could need help with; hoping it was what I thought it was. As I got closer and a got a better look at the little neighbor girl, I realized that she really wasn’t a girl anymore. What I saw from across the yard was further confirmed when I got closer. Her body had really filled out. She was still very fit with nice muscle definition in her legs and abs, but looked so much more like a woman with amazing tits barely covered by a small triangle of material great curves packed into a tanned little body.

By the time I got to her chair I was hoping that my growing bulge was not noticeable underneath my jeans. “So what did you need Julie?” I managed to blurt out while trying to keep eye contact and not stare too hard and my sexy neighbor lying right in front of me.

“I just wanted to get a little sun on my back but need a little help with the oil. Do you mind?” she said as she handed me a little bottle of Hawaiian Tropics Dark Tanning Oil.

“Uhh….sure” I croaked as my mind raced and my cock twitched in anticipation putting my hands on this tanned little beauty.

“Thanks!” she said with a little giggle as she turned onto her stomach giving me my first up-close look at her amazing ass. I’m a real ass man so this was almost too much for me to handle. She had one of those perfect heart shaped asses that was escort bursa tight and firm, but a little bigger than your average ass. Not quite a bubble butt, but almost. By this time I had a full hard on and could only think of getting two big handfuls of her tanned ass cheeks.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she said as she gave her ass a little wiggle, and then to my surprise and utter joy, she unclasped the back of her bikini top so I could get maximum coverage.

As I started rubbing oil on her shoulder and back, my mind was spinning. I couldn’t believe this was happening. This could be an innocent favor from her older neighbor, but she seemed a little flirty and a little too comfortable undoing her bikini top with me sitting on the chair right next to her.

After I was almost done covering her back, she broke the silence. “I have to confess, I have been watching you work on your fence since I came out here.”

“Oh crap!” I think to myself, “she caught me checking her out.”

“You look pretty good with your shirt off” she said, “I’ve always liked the way guys look when they are all sweaty.”

I am speechless at this point because it is becoming pretty obvious she is flirting with me. A year at college did a lot more than transform her sexy body. This was an entirely different Julie than the shy nervous girl that I would bump into while doing yard work.

“All finished” I said, almost wanting to head back to my yard being so caught off guard by her brazen behavior.

“Oh no, could you do the back of my legs as well?” she said wiggling her legs and ass again.

“Uhhhh, sure” I said as my trembling hand picked up the bottle of oil. Her legs were so smooth and firm that I swear my mouth began to water. I was rubbing her hamstring, not going too high, and calf when she said it.

“I noticed you were watching me as well.” There was a little pause and I stopped my rubbing. “Well, do you like what you see?”

I didn’t know what to say. Was this girl really trying to seduce me right now? I knew she had a crush on me, but I never thought anything of it because she was so young. But she grew up a little, went off to college and became true young woman; and she was sure acting like it!

She didn’t wait for a response and instead changed the subject. “Make sure to get everywhere; you can go higher.”

I had been very careful not to go too high on her thigh and get close to her ass. I was probably a little too conservative and only went about half way up her thigh. I grabbed more oil and started applying in just under her ass, still making sure not to touch the beautiful cheeks peeking out from under her skimpy bikini.

“Higher” she said as she wiggles her ass for the third time.

At this point it became so obvious what she was doing that I stopped thinking like the proper older neighbor that didn’t want to take advantage of a younger girl, and my horny male instincts took over. I got another squirt of oil and dove right in. I started rubbing the oil directly on her ass and even began slipping my hand under her bikini a little.

“Mmmmm, that feels good” she said softly as she pressed her ass into my hands slightly.

Now I was pretty much massaging her ass and digging my fingers into her firm, tanned flesh. As I got a better handle on the situation I decided to take a little of the control back.

“So Julie, how was your first year in college?” I said softly as I applied a little more pressure in the center of her glut muscles causing her to let out a subtle moan.

“It was great, lot’s of fun.” She said relaxing a little as she adjusted to the increased pressure.

“I bet. I loved college, especially my freshman year.” I moved down a little and started massaging her thighs and continued, “So do you have a boyfriend? I bet the boys at school loved you.”

“Oh, not really” she said as she subconsciously spread her legs a little more as I continued massaging her thighs. “The boys at school were kind of annoying. They were always drunk and acting like idiots. I kind of avoided the boys at school.”

“Well that’s too bad for them” I said, “You really have become a beautiful young woman.” With that I could see her face start to blush and a little smile appear.

“Really, do you think so?” she said with a small tremble in her voice.

I didn’t respond but began messaging her inner thigh and moved higher and higher trying to gauge how far she would let this go. As I inched my way higher she spread her legs a little more and actually raised her hips very slightly as if to invite me to take things to the next level. At that point I didn’t really need the invitation and I reached the point of no return.

I slid one had up her inner thigh and slipped two fingers under her bikini and lightly ran my fingers over her soaking wet slit. Julie immediately let out a soft moan and buried her face in her towel. I gently stroked her lips a few times sinking deeper and deeper with each pass. After teasing her a little bursa escort I reached down a little further and found swollen clit and tracing very light circles with my middle finger.

This got a nice reaction from her as she lifted her hips even more and started breathing very heavy. To get a better angle I slipped off the chair and kneeled on one side and continued to work her clit softly. I looked at her face still buried in the towel and noticed that she was trembling quite a bit. I realized that despite her confident and skillful seduction of her older neighbor, she probably wasn’t very sexually experienced.

Soon she lifted her head from the towel and turned it towards me to allow herself to get more air as her breathing got heavier and heavier. She then started moving her hips back and forth grinding her pussy into my hand. I could tell she was getting very close to an orgasm and I decided that it was a little too quick and I wasn’t going to let her off too easy. Besides, if I was going to make her cum, I wanted to taste it.

As soon as I pulled my hand away she gasped and opened her eyes. She was still breathing heavy and it looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t catch her breath. I slid my hand across her ass and up her back. I leaned in close and whispered softly in her ear, “why don’t you roll over and let me finish what I started?”

Still breathing heavily and glistening from the tanning oil and sweat that started to build up from our activity, she rolled over giving me my first look at her perfect tits. They were beautiful. They were perfectly tanned and had nice dark nipples that were fully erect from the stimulation she was receiving. As I was taking in her beauty I realized that she was becoming a little self-conscious realizing that she was half naked with me kneeling right next to her. Her arousal was starting to wear off a little and she began trying to cover herself up a with her arms.

I reached out, placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “don’t worry, you are beautiful.”

I then leaned in for one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had. She hesitated slightly at first but once she felt my tongue touch hers she opened her mouth wider, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in. We kissed very forcefully for a few moments before I broke away and started kissing my way down her neck. She just tilted her head back, closed her eyes and began breathing heavily again.

I slowly worked my way down her neck to her heaving chest. Her skin was smooth and slick from the tanning oil and it actually had a nice coconut smell and flavor which I found very arousing. When my mouth reached her breast I began to circle her nipple with my tongue. She really liked this as her breathing got heavier and turned into a quiet moan. Without losing contact with my mouth I rose to my feet and crawled onto the chaise lounge and positioned myself between her legs. Once I was situated I slid one hand up her stomach and began massaging one breast with my hand and took the nipple of the other in my mouth. Both nipples were very hard and it was clear that her tits respond very will to stimulation. I then alternated between sucking and kneading each of her tits, gradually getting more and more forceful. Once she lifted her hips to start grinding her pussy into my chest I knew she was ready for more.

I kissed my way down her stomach and kept pinching and pulling one of her nipples with my hand. As I got to her bellybutton her stomach muscles pulled in from the anticipation of the stimulation to come. I kissed and licked her stomach just above her bikini line teasing her a bit. I then moved down and began kissing and massaging her inner thighs. She spread her legs wider, tucked her feet under her ass and started pushing her crotch towards my face like she was trying to make me eat her pussy. She wouldn’t have to wait long but I wanted to tease her more so I continued licking between her legs just outside her bikini line and brushing my nose against her soaked through bikini a few times.

She couldn’t take much more and finally managed to whisper “do it baby, just do it” between heavy breaths.

On that queue I slipped two fingers under the strings of her bikini on both sides of her hops and slowly slipped it passed her ass, up her legs and off her feet. As I tossed the bikini aside I looked down to see her give me a wicked little smile as she spread her legs wide and invited me in. I kneeled back down between her legs and began kissing her inner thighs again. However, this time I quickly moved my mouth to her pussy and parted her lips with my tongue. I was in heaven. She was extremely wet and tasted so sweet.

“Ohhhh yessss” she sighed as I began moving my tongue up and down her slit. She started rubbing her tits with both hands so I reached up and started tugging on one of her nipple as I found her clit and began circling it again.

“Mmmmm, ahhhhhh” she began to pant as the stimulation on her clit and nipples was starting bursa merkez escort bayan to take over. Her hips were gyrating as she started to lose herself in the moment and had her first orgasm, quietly screaming “oh god, ohhhh, ohhhhh god.” Her body tensed up and she grabbed the back of my head pulling my face into her pussy.

I didn’t stop with my tongue but I slowed down to let her catch her breath. She was running her fingers through my hair while I continued to lick her pussy slowly when she said “that was sooo good. I’ve never had a boy make me cum before.” She paused for a moment to enjoy my slow moving toungue and then said “Don’t stop, ohhhh, don’t stop.”

Once she seemed ready for a little more I started to pick up the pace again. I started licking her clit again and then sucked it into my mouth like a small cock. She was getting into it again so I took both hands and placed them behind her knees to spread her legs more and push her knees up towards her chest. This opened her pussy to me even more and I took advantage by penetrating her with my tongue and started fucking her with my face.

I alternated between fucking her with my tongue and sucking her clit until she grabbed her knees to spread her legs even wider and free my hands for other activities. I continued sucking her clit and inserted my index finger deep into her very tight pussy causing her to gasp as she adjusted to the intrusion. Her reaction and tightness made me wonder how many times she has actually been penetrated. After a few minutes I added my middle finger and began finger fucking her a little harder drawing her closer and closer to her second orgasm.

I was working her into quite a frenzy and before she climaxed I decided to try something else to further explore the effects of her various erogenous zones. I continued working on her clit with my tongue but turned my hand so my thumb was facing down. I thrust my two fingers deeper into her pussy and curled my thumb up to lightly brush her puckered anal opening. This caused her to flinch a little but didn’t seem to take away from the pleasure was experiencing. I pushed my thumb forward slightly to apply more pressure on her tight little asshole and her body tensed up and she let out a gasp in surprise.

I made circles around her little rosebud which was slightly lubricated by a mix of her juices, sweat and my siliva dripping down her ass crack. After the initial surprise, the new sensation seemed to increase her pleasure and she began panting “Ohhhh my god that feels good…..ohhhhhh god.”

By now she was so worked up that I knew she was just moments away from cumming again so I just increased the pressure with my tongue and thumb until she erupted in a violent orgasm that seemed twice as hard, and much louder than the first. I looked up and could see her face between her heaving tits and she looked lost in pure ecstasy. As she starting coming down from her climax I kissed my way up her stomach and sucked her nipples while she regained her composure.

“That was amazing!” she said once she caught her breath, “I’ve never had may ass played with before. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but that felt so good.”

I’ve got to say I was pretty pleased that she enjoyed that ass play and was really looking forward to discovering what else that fine ass of hers would enjoy.

We stayed there for a few moments kissing and groping each other until she reached down and starting tugging at my belt to get her hand down my pants. It was at that moment that I became painfully aware of my throbbing cock that was straining to be released from my jeans. She loosened my belt and reached in to grasp my swollen cock with her tiny hand. The sensation made my balls twitch and caused me to let out a soft moan in approval.

“Ohhh, do you like that?” she said teasingly as she started to stroke my cock.

I didn’t respond, but continued kissing her and enjoying how good it felt to have her soft little hand wrapped around my cock. She gave it a few more strokes and then pulled her hand out and lifted my pulled my head away from hers. For a moment I thought she was second guessing this whole thing and decided to stop it before it went too far. But I was wrong.

She looked me in the eyes and in a shy, almost pleading way she quietly asked “I want to suck your dick….can I suck your dick?”

She didn’t need to ask twice. I immediately stood up and helped her to her knees on the chase lounge. I kicked off my shoes and unzipped my pants as she started eagerly pulled my pants down my legs. I finished the process by bending down and removing my jeans and boxers and kicking them under the chair. I stood up bringing Julie and my rock hard cock face to face.

She looked at my cock, up at me and then gave me a nervous smile as she reached out for my cock with one hand. She stroked it a few times as she seemed to be pondering what to do next. At this point I was dying to have my dick in her mouth so I gave her a little encouragement by stepping closer and gently placing my hand on her shoulder. She took the queue and leaned down to get closer to my cock. She was on the chase lounge so she had to lean down and forward to get the correct angle and had to brace herself by placing one hand on the chair and the other still grasping my cock.

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