Vacation for Four Ch. 02

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Vacation for Four

The Art of Comparative Fellatio

A gentle tapping at the door to the corridor woke us. The three of us were sprawled and folded together under the tangle of the thin sheet, and I was somehow closest to the door. Not bothering to grab my shorts, I went to the front room and opened it a crack.

The Two Sams, Samuel and Samantha, were standing there, dressed in white shorts and polo shirts, happy to see me. “Can we come in?”

I swung the door open to admit them, and Samantha took a lingering glance up and down my naked body before kissing me hello. They walked in and I shut the door. “What’s up?”

Samantha smiled shyly, and pointed to my morning wood, stiffening with the effort of getting out of bed and waking up. Her platinum hair drifted about her shoulders, and I instantly recalled how that hair had looked when she had gone down on Claire last night. “Did you sleep well?”

“We all did, Sam…”

Samuel, ignoring my hard-on, said, “We’re headed down to brunch, and Sam wanted you to invite you and your wife down to join us.”

“Sounds great, but we’ll need to shower first, and brush our teeth.”

Samantha looked very pleased with herself. “I’m sure you all need to do that. I took care of it this morning, but we were up early,” she cooed, leaving very little to the imagination about how she and her husband had awakened. “Sam’s guest left before dawn, so it was just the two of us in the bed. And in the shower.” She stepped closer, not quite rubbing up against me. “And the sofa. And the hot tub.”

I wanted her again, and she knew it, was playing on it, but I knew it wasn’t teasing, but actual foreplay. “Let me get Claire and Rita out of bed and into the shower.” I took a couple of steps toward the bed, then turned back to her. “You guys see Bill since last night?”

Samuel smiled faintly. “He and I shared a lovely lady last night, in the hot tub.”

“We saw.”

“Did you watch Bill blowing me?” It looked like he was good naturedly trying to gauge our reactions, not just bragging, but I didn’t rise to the bait.

“Yes, all three of us watched from the deck. Rita did the same for me, and I came right after you blew your load in his mouth.”

He smiled knowingly. “The buffet tables here are very impressive, and you can get just about anything to gratify any palate. Sam tells me your wife was quite satisfying.”

“She always is, Samuel.” I set off for the bedroom, and roused both of my bedmates. They stumbled out of bed, and I joined them in the shower, where the stinging multiple sprays woke us all fully. The shower stall had no door, just a pair of waist-high walls framing a narrow opening. The Two Sams peered in and watched us bathe with interest, conversing lightly about the resort’s amenities and the continued excellent weather, but neither one did more than observe. We toweled ourselves off and took turns brushing our teeth at the sink, then slipped past the Two Sams to get some clothes on.

Rita passed through into her room to dress, while Claire and I dressed in front of them, chatting about the prior evening and what we might do today.

Samantha stepped over to adjust my Hawaiian shirt approvingly, favoring me with a brief kiss and desirous eyes. Samuel just watched appreciatively as Claire slid a short skirt up past her thighs, no panties, and donned a bra and shirt, tying off the latter to leave her midriff bare.

The five of us headed downstairs, and past the seafood restaurant, which I now noticed was named The Big Grouper Grille, a subtle bit of wordplay to my mind, based on the two threesomes we had separated into last night. This morning, we followed another set of signs, and wound up in line at a breakfast buffet with an omelet bar. We ordered mimosas and peach Bellinis, keeping Bill’s seat open.

Bill finally sauntered in mid-meal, freshly washed and shaven. He admitted he’d just missed us, and had taken some time to shower and dress. He’d spent the night in the same building as the Two Sams with a pair of middle-aged women on their first visit, and spent all night with and in them. He looked tired and very relaxed, and opined he might enjoy a “nap” with them later.


Heeding the warnings about fair skin and the more direct, vertical sunshine at the latitude we were at, all of us stayed mostly in the shade, but still nude of course, as the sun hit its zenith for the day, near noon. All of us seemed inclined to just take it easy for the time being, and it was little wonder, considering how much pussy juice and cum each one of us had contributed to last night’s sexual efforts.

After lunch, served poolside before we retreated to a newly vacated cabana, the six of us relaxed and watched as others wandered down to the pool and hot tub. A small number of them, also new to the Caribbean climes and the more concentrated sunlight, sported pink to vividly red bottoms and breasts, istanbul travesti their bodies now glistening with the approved amount of sunscreen, at least a day too late in several instances.

We talked about what we would do later in the day when the sun would eventually begin to creep towards the horizon. Claire and I told Samuel about his wife’s play with us on the beach, and he nodded knowingly. “She has done that with me by our pool at home several times. She likes to go very slowly. Like a good mystery writer, she is expert at building tension and not giving everything away in the moment.” Samantha nodded, acknowledging her husband’s compliment with a faint, cool smile.

Rita dove into the pause. “What do the two of you do at home? For sex?,” she added.

Samuel chuckled. “Everything but share with other couples. Sam is very accomplished at the art of sporting sex, and very seductive, as you and Claire have already discovered.” He turned to me. “Tell me, do the two of you entertain others when you’re not here?”

“Only once, with Bill and Rita.” That was Claire. “It’s why we decided to vacation together here.”

“Completely freely? No hesitation about sharing each other?” He looked at that moment like a particularly sage and wise professor, if that professor was naked near the pool of an adult resort.

“Of course! Big house, plenty of room for the four of us in any combination. Or six, if you and Sam ever…”

“Out of the question, I’m afraid. We have an agreement that we only share each other here, no other playmates at home, ours or theirs.” He sounded quite firm, but I noticed his wife nodding a bit ruefully. Clearly she would have entertained quite a bit more if she’d been able at their home, or elsewhere. Samantha smiled at me, a lustful, secret smile, even though we all knew Claire and I had been with her last night, and her fingertips trailed between her breasts in a clear effort at renewed seduction. Samuel paid her no mind.

A little later, I excused myself and made my way over to the poolside bar, remembering to stay in the shade from the palm trees. Ordering piña coladas for Claire and myself, I felt a warm pair of breasts against my back. Reaching behind me, I touched the rear end of my mystery assailant, and she laughed. When I turned, I was surprised it wasn’t Claire, Rita or Sam.

Her waist-length black hair, surmounted by a wide-brimmed sun hat, were instantly familiar. She was tan from the brim of her hat down to her sandaled feet, a deep, sexy bronze uninterrupted by tanlines. Her breasts were full, and I tried not to stare, but my eyes refused to obey, wandering down to her bush, as dark and sleek as her hair. It was shaped and shaven in the shape of a certain famous bunny’s head, with her clit peeking out from the eyehole. She looked just as spectacular as she had on our first day. “Sarah?” Her four-way blowjob by the pool had made an impression on me, and on Claire.

Her lips curled upwards happily, lecherously. “Have we met?” It was implicit in her tone that she would have recalled that meeting, naked or not.

“No. A couple of your playmates here gave me your name.”

Her laugh was bubbly and promised a delightful time. “Buy a girl a drink?”

I laughed back. “All-inclusive resort, and I don’t have my wallet on me anyway, but I’ll be happy to order you one.” It felt completely natural to chat with a female stranger completely naked, although I was glad the water was slightly cool. Or was I? I gave her my name, and passed along her request for a Campari and soda to the barkeeper.

Carrying Claire’s drink and mine, I led her back to our cabana. Before I could introduce her to Claire, Samuel called out, “Hello, Sarah.” There were a couple of spare chaise longues in the cabana, between Sam and Claire, and she settled into the one closer to Samuel without spilling a drop.

They greeted each other like old friends, and Samantha leaned in to join the conversation. Soon it was clear Sarah had a native sense of comfort with us all, probably with anyone. The Campari and soda downed, Sarah ordered a banana daiquiri, and convinced Claire somehow to move over, taking a seat between us.

She turned first to Claire. “I remember you from yesterday. Watched me sucking Sam and three others, and you practically threw your clothes off. Very sexy. It’s usually guys that do that, and then wander over to join the fun. Not that I mind…”

Claire grinned at her. “It was a great icebreaker! Made me want to get naked right away, and as soon as we got to our room so did my husband…”

“So glad I could help… You liking it here at Scandals?”

“Reminds me a little of my junior year in college. Already told my husband a little about that…”

Sarah turned and regarded me with cool interest, and a faint smile played across her face. “He’s not so wild as you, then.” It seemed to relax her, knowing I wasn’t…wild. Maybe she wanted istanbul travestileri me to get wild with her, or her and Claire. “Anything fun so far? Any details I should hear?”

Claire leaned further in, her breasts dangling down, swinging with the motion, incredibly sexy and desirable, and I wanted to take her right then in front of everyone. She acknowledged my desire with a quick wink, then said, “Lots of fun. Sam?” My wife pitched her voice to make it clear she meant Samantha, and not Samuel.

Samantha came over and sat beside Claire, their bare hips touching. Claire, unfazed by the sudden contact, continued. “Sam here was nice enough to show us some yoga on the beach, and then in her room last night.” I found the openness and relaxed way everyone seemed to deal with sex here very refreshing. It was still intimate, not entirely casual, and that atmosphere was certainly one of the draws for the resort.

Sarah’s delight at the scenario was clear. “Sam has a bit of a rep with us regulars. Although she hasn’t been down to the beach with me just yet…” Her eyes strayed over to Samantha, taking in the whole vision of her glorious nudity from her feet past her shaven pussy, then lingering over her midriff and breasts before alighting on her face and the silvery hair framing it. Licking her lips, her voice became husky. “We should do that sometime, Sam. Maybe tonight?”

“Maybe, Sarah. Just us, or do you have a male companion in mind?” Sam had no inhibitions about being on the beach with anyone she liked, and none about someone else accompanying her.

I felt Sarah’s hand on my thigh as she reached over, eyes still fixed on Sam. “I’ll have to see if I have anyone in mind. Call it a game-time decision!” Her hand slid further up, just past my pubes without quite brushing my penis, which had awoken at the prospect of further erotic beach play, despite the fact my wife was right there. Sarah turned to me, fingers still on my skin, a playful hunger in her dark brown eyes. “Want to go swimming? Promise I’ll stay naked, and you’ll enjoy it. Loads.”

Glancing over at Claire, I saw her slow nod of consent as Sarah stood. She whispered, “Enjoy her, baby.” I resolved to get further details from my wife about those college days, the semester before we had met. We stood to go, and Sarah grabbed her now half-full banana daiquiri, cradling it in her free hand, and took my hand with the other.

We walked over to the pool holding hands. The sun had travelled further towards the West, and the shadow from the many palms covered half the surface of the pool. I couldn’t tear my gaze away from the new girl, the new nude girl, leading me to the edge in every way. My cock was at full salute, and one or two of the others around us stopped to watch her, watch us. She stepped in, drifting down into the water, letting it take her slowly into itself, stopping when it just covered her ample cleavage. I followed, and realized the water didn’t feel nearly as cold as it had been an hour ago.

Sarah led me over to the shallows, and motioned for me sit on the edge of the pool, feet dangling in the water. The water here took itself only up to her waist, and I watched as glittering jewels of water ran down her oiled torso. Only a few people were in the pool, and a game of naked Marco Polo occupied the deep end, with a lot of giggling and squealing. Spreading my knees, she stepped into me, and took my thickened rod into her hand, kneading it like bread, making it rise, and she looked into my eyes. “You have a great wife.”

I nodded in agreement, not quite sure the point she was making.

Moving closer in, her voice was confidential in its lust, its promise. “Most women, most wives that come here aren’t so willing to let their men join another woman in the pool like this. Not the first trip. She really trusts you.”

“We’ve been married almost thirty years…” It sounded to my own ears like an excuse not to do it, not to let this raven-haired seductress take me in her mouth and make me shoot my load on and in her. That was what I wanted, though, and her broad smile acknowledged that fact.

“Ah. So that’s why she trusts you so much. That kind of trust deserves a reward.” She stepped all the way up to me and stood skin to skin, me still sitting on the pool rim, her standing with her tits just at the level of my cock. Rigid and quivering like a tuning fork, it came to rest between her breasts, and Sarah lifted and lowered herself slowly in the water, humping me with her tits, but very subtly. “I think you’re probably one of the nicest guys here, and I want you to finish first.”

She bent her neck downward and settled further into the water. Opening her mouth, she flicked her tongue out, swirling it over my now-swollen head, and I felt a fiery passion ignite and begin to roar inside my loins. I wanted more than anything to fuck her right there, spectators be damned, but I held back, waiting for her to show me travesti istanbul what she had in mind.

I half-expected her to say something clever, or give me a salacious wink, but all she did was lean down a little further and take me into her mouth all the way. Did I say “all she did”? All blowjobs are the same thing basically. A woman, or, as I’d personally discovered only months ago, a man, opens their mouth and starts humping your dick with their face, using it like a pussy would until your load spurts out to cover their tongue or face or chest.

So why did this one feel so fantastic? Both Claire and Rita had sucked my cock, taking my jizz into their mouths, enjoying it, swallowing some or all of it, sharing it with me or each other. Bill and I had done the same while both of them watched. The mechanics were the same: open, suck, repeat, then swallow or spit, but not at all mechanical when done right.

Sarah looked up at me with real cocksucking eyes, the kind of dark pools you lose your soul in even while you shoot your load in her mouth. I realized this was as much her treat as mine. Claire and Rita were very gifted fellatrices, but Sarah was truly a notch above them. Practice makes perfect, came a wicked voice in my head. Her eyes fixed on mine, she sucked me in slowly, and I watched my cock fill her mouth by degrees, before she began pulling it out as slowly before going back in. And all that time she never looked away, never lost eye contact.

Then something changed, the shape of her mouth shifted slightly to an oval, and I saw myself go into her at a downward angle. I realized the difference was the head and the first couple of inches of my erection were going under her tongue, and it felt wonderful, different, sliding underneath instead of over it. Under her tongue was smoother, slicker, and I knew why four men had stood in front of her in the open air, unselfishly taking turns with her. She kept her lower lip over her teeth, avoiding scraping the tender skin on my dick while she used this technique.

She pulled her head back just enough for my glans to come free, and smiled, a lustful, gracious leer. “Close your eyes for a moment…” I did and leaned my head back, waiting.

A sudden shock of cold enveloped my cock, making me shiver and moan. My eyes shot open and I looked back down. Sarah had filled her mouth with a swig of her still melting daiquiri, and had gamely returned to sucking me off. Drips of slushy, bright yellow fluid crept out of the corners between her lips each time she took me inside her mouth. Her eyes were still on mine, and I felt hypnotized, the frozen ache in my cock echoed by the throbbing of my testicles, ready to shoot.

Suddenly, I became aware we were being watched by almost everyone in and near the pool. Even the joyous shouts of the Marco Polo game on the deep end had fallen still. The only sound was a trickle of water from the waterfall in the middle of the pool, and Sarah’s moans around my cock. I couldn’t even make a sound, while the pressure built up inside of me.

I couldn’t hold back any more. “Sarah, I’m going to cum…” She smiled around my shaft, head bobbing marginally faster, still looking up at me. I felt lightheaded, ready to collapse into her dark brown eyes and fall all the way into them. She saw it, and her rhythm doubled, then doubled again, until she was furiously sucking me. The throng watching us was no longer silent, and I heard moans echoing my own, male and female, but didn’t dare break my gaze from hers.

“Oh, fuck, Sarah…” The first tremors of my climax began in my balls, emanating from there to the root of my cock, and outward to the end of my shaft. It felt like an electric charge, and the iciness in her mouth made the sensation sharper. Finally breaking my gaze off of hers, I threw my head back and screamed as my cum shot the length of my dick, spurt after spurt warming the glorious fruit-flavored winter in her mouth and throat. I felt myself shaking all over, my stomach tensing as each dribble of semen launched itself forth into her.

I finally looked around us, panting. Five or six cocks dripped their own cum, at least two of them with their owner’s hands on them, the others stroked by nearby companions, and several women were likewise overcome by lust, rubbing their breasts or fingering their crotches openly.

Sarah took another gulp of her frosty, sexy banana daiquiri, washing my semen away, then winked. “A special reward for a trusted husband…” She climbed out of the pool at the steps a few feet away and circled around to me before kissing me on the cheek. “I am,” she whispered, barely audible over the receding pounding of my heart, “so happy to make your acquaintance. And I expect I’ll see you poolside again.” With that, she walked off, her hat and sandals perfectly framing her evenly tanned and lovely buttocks, swaying with satisfaction.

The intensity of the orgasm took my breath away for several minutes, before I could muster the strength to slip into the pool to revive myself, then eventually climb out. It was just a blowjob, but it felt like a marathon, and I stumbled more that walked into our cabana, and sank down onto the first open lounge chair.

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