Warren and Tracy

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The cool breeze lights briefly over Warren’s naked flesh. His gaze seems focused on the stars; his thoughts however are focused on his senses. He can still see Tracy nestled between his thighs, hear her moans of pleasure escape her pink hued lips, and taste her essence on his tongue. Warren’s cock jerks gently as his senses slowly begin to speak to him. His hand reaches down; casually his fingers begin to stroke the soft flesh. It hardens under his touch. The callused fingers wrap around the muscle, gripping it with more purpose. A grunt of pleasure leaves his throat; his nipples tighten while his breath catches.

“Ready again?”

Warren’s hand momentarily stops. He turns his head, sitting up slightly on the rumpled blanket. His brown eyes, meet Tracy’s blue ones. “Perhaps…you?”

Tracy chuckles softly, walks the few feet that separate them, and kneels down on her knees. She places the opened bottle of wine, and two Styrofoam cups on the grass. He watches her lick her lips, and wink. The moonlight, the stars, and the glow of the house behind them, seem to surround Tracy in a halo of purity. Warren smirks at his assessment; if heaven exists…Tracy wouldn’t want to go; she enjoys being “dirty.”

“I could go again,” she whispers, seconds before pushing Warren’s hand from his dick. She wraps her fingers around the hard cock; her thumb toys with the pink mushroom head. Slowly she traces the small slit with the tip of her digit, then slides her hand around the entire shaft’s girth.

Warren groans softly, before laying back. His eyes focus on her hand and how she moves it up and down the rigid flesh.

“You like?”

He grunts; a smirk forms on his lips. “I do…but…”

Tracy chuckles. “But?”

“Well, what else ya got?”

Another soft eruption of laughter spills from his lover’s lips. He watches, with both arms tucked behind his head, as her long red curls spill over her face, blocking the delicious view of what he knows will be quite an enjoyable experience.

Soon his cock is rewarded with the warmth of Tracy’s mouth engulfing first the head, then the shaft. Warren hisses his pleasure. Tracy chuckles; the rolling vibration brings a new sensation to the erotic play. He feels her bob up and down several times, before moving so she can begin sliding the flat of her tongue along the swollen veins. The moans of pleasure, that dust his cock with air, tell him that she too is enjoying the oral act. His hand comes up to scoop several thick copper strands away from Tracy’s face. He holds a fist full of silk, watches her lips and tongue push, press, and suck on his skin. “Fuck baby,” he mutters, grins when she winks back at him.

Tracy slides one hand under his testicles. He shifts on the blanket; his ass tightens as she begins to massage the hard spheres hidden behind the shaved flesh. A groan fills the night air; his balls are treated to a tender caress of fingers, rolling and kneading sensitive skin.

“You know…you still taste like me,” she whispers; her voice carries easily on the night air. Tracy opens her mouth, dips her head down, and sucks on the sack between his thighs. “Mmm…” she moans, before drawing one into the warm blanket of tongue, teeth and cheek. Warren’s body jerks; the edges of her teeth stroke his flesh. The thrill of danger drives his cock wild. It leaps in her other hand; she strokes it firmly, as if to calm the worried flesh. At the same time, she continues to draw in the second testicle. Her tongue laps at them both; pushing them together, separating them, and gliding them against the smoothness of her cheek muscle. All the while Warren keeps her hair out of the way so he can watch. Mentally he thanks the gods that they have blessed them with a full moon, and he has been blessed with a wicked, sexy woman.

“I do taste good,” she whispers again, breaking through Warren’s thoughts.

“Yes, you do,” he mutters.

Tracy laughs again, before moving her mouth back to the cock that aches with need. Warren’s hips instinctively buck forward; his shaft desperately seeks the warm heat that Tracy’s mouth promises. Her long nails dig into his hips as she pushes her face into his crotch. He curses softly; both of his hands become tangled in her hair. “Trace…oh, fuck Trace.” Her nickname falls easily from his lips as he pushes his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. The soft gag that interrupts the night, gives him pause; the firm bite of her nails in his flesh tell him he had better keep assaulting Pendik Escort her face.

Warren knows his dirty girl wants face fucked; he knows not to deliver would be unfair to both of them. He drives hard as she anchors her face to him. He pumps in and out; his hips and ass rise inches off the ground. Over and over he uses her; he knows from the sounds surrounding his dick that Tracy is close to coming; the act alone always drives his girl to come.

An eruption of thick, creamy milk shoots from Warren’s cock. His balls are tight as he fills Tracy’s throat and mouth with seed. His head drops back; his fists relax their hold; his body pumps the juice she craves. She sups well, licking, slurping, and swallowing all he offers. Eventually Warren feels her lick the sticky, salty surface, knowing she is being thorough, not only for his benefit, but for her own. He also knows she’s prolonged her pleasure, something he will remedy without complaint…soon. When she is finished, he gazes down on her with eyes glazed. “Baby…as always, simply beautiful.”

Tracy grins, licks at his balls and smiles wickedly. “I aim to please,” she tells him, before reaching for the bottle of wine and pouring them each some. “Drink up,” she whispers, before handing Warren his cup. “The night’s still young…”

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Birds chirp outside the bedroom window waking Warren from his slumber. He rolls to the right and stares at the redhead who rests next to him. He smiles, noting the few bits of grass that seem to have found a temporary home in her hair. Gently he plucks them out, before bringing his gaze back to her upturned nose, and lightly freckled skin. The memory of last night is still fresh on his mind; his morning arousal wants release.

Warren bends down, kissing the exposed flesh of Tracy’s neck. Gently she shifts under the covers; Warren pauses, notices the smirk which is proof she’s awake. “Shower?” he asks, and moves to capture her lips. Their tongues dance briefly before both separate. A soft pout forms on Tracy’s lips and a whimpered “no” comes forth.

Laughing he pulls the blankets away, exposing her naked form to not only his viewing pleasure, but to the room’s cool air. She mutters again, but rolls out knowing there will be no winning to this argument.

“Come on baby…I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Promise?” she asks.

A raised eyebrow is the only answer Warren gives her before he turns and pushes the blankets from himself. He watches out of the corner of his eye as Tracy leaves the bed; her body moves slowly as if every muscle fights the unwanted awakening the shower will give.

His mischievous nature shows when he opens the drawer of his nightstand and pulls a waterproof toy from its sanctuary. The silence between them does not worry Warren; he knows his lady is not a morning person. He says nothing as she adjusts the knobs and sets the water to a temperature they both will welcome. She steps behind the curtain, sighing as liquid heat splashes against her skin. Warren follows suit; his sound of pleasure goes unnoticed by Tracy, already washing away the evidence of their nighttime play.

Warren waits patiently, wiping at water that splatters his face, until he becomes annoyed with the constant action. He reaches up, adjusts the nozzle so that it barely grazes either of their faces and reaches for the bottle of shampoo. Soon his hands are buried in Tracy’s hair. He lathers the thick tendrils, enjoying the sound she makes as he massages her scalp through the soapy suds.

“You do that so well,” she tells him, then turns when he nudges her side. His gaze caresses her wet body, noting how her neck stretches out, beckoning him to kiss, suck and nip at the pulse beating beneath the ivory skin. Her eyes are closed, water cascades across her face, down her hair, flows across her collarbone. The suds slide in clumps, then in small rivers of white silk. Warren eases his fingers through the tangled mess of wet curls, until the water flows clear. He has her turn around again. His being aches to touch the rest of her, to press her against the shower wall and drive his cock into her slippery home. He does take control of his emotions and desire, instead adding conditioner to her long tresses.

“There,” he says, before reaching around and cupping the full bosom that he admired moments before. Tracy moans, leans back and relaxes against his chest. He feels her ass rub his shaft. She wiggles provocatively. Pendik Escort Bayan “Behave.”

Tracy laughs, but stills her movements. Conditioner rests in her hair, the ingredients doing whatever they’re supposed to do, while Warren grabs a bar of soap and begins to drag it tenderly against her body.

Her breast, arms, neck, back, shoulders…eventually all of her is covered by the bar. Warren puts it back on the shelf and uses his hands to massage the bubbles into a thick froth before the water defeats their cleansing purpose. More moans of delight escape Tracy’s lips. Warren covers every dip and curve of his woman with his fingers, leaving her gasping for more.

Warren laughs, reaches back and wraps his fingers around the toy he had brought with him. Tracy hisses when she feels the vibrating rabbit push against her pussy lips. Instinctively her legs open, and her hand moves to grasp the thick shaft. Warren allows her assistance; together they push the rabbit into her, adjusting the extending tip so it rests upon her clit. “Now…about that promise,” Warren whispers against her moist neck.

A shudder of expectation rolls through Tracy; Warren feels it, smiles wide and presses the ‘on’ button. Instantly the shower water is forgotten, though it coats both Warren and Tracy. He holds her; one arm wraps possessively around her waist, skates up just enough so he is able to cup and knead one of her tits. The other pushes the vibe in, pulls it out, and then pushes it in again. The small rabbit tip pulsates and teases the tiny nub. He knows Tracy wants more; her whimpers tattle on her. Warren increases the vibrating speed. Tracy curses. Her hips thrust forward; one hand moves to the shower wall; she helps Warren support her; she rocks back and forth on the faux cock. “Fuck…oh fuck, yes. Don’t stop!”

A chuckle rolls easily from Warren’s lips. “Nice…” he says, before twisting her nipple, and tweaking the hard pearl. “Hold this right there, baby,” Warren tells her, then leaves the cock to Tracy’s ministrations. He steps back a few inches and reaches for a bottle of lubricant, which he uses on his cock before placing it back on a side shelf.

Tracy pauses, readying her body for Warren’s newest invasion. He enters her puckered hole and begins to thrust as she fucks herself with the toy. Strong hands grip slender hips as Warren takes his woman. The sound of pleasure fills the shower, water splashes across the couple, and Warren drags out his own pleasure, waiting to hear the tale-tale sign that Tracy is coming. It isn’t long before Tracy screams.

Warren grins, relaxes his desire and erupts into her tight home. His seed pumps out. Tracy’s come coats the toy, cascades from her pussy and splashes against her thighs, eventually sliding slowly down her creamy flesh to wash away with soapy bubbles. He pulls free; his hands come up to wrap around her body. He holds her close as she rests against him.

“God, baby,” she whispers, turns and presents her mouth to his; they kiss, tongues dueling passionately, a thankful praise leaves her lips, before her hands move down to his shaft. She strokes the member, reaches around him for soap, and begins to wash down her partner.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

The song “Bad Girlfriend” is easily heard when Warren walks through the door. He chuckles knowing the music is too loud, knowing Tracy doesn’t care. He takes off his work boots, jacket and begins to unbutton his shirt. It’s been a long day and he’s more than willing to let Tracy be the center of attention for the night. He walks into their bedroom and grins; she leans provocatively against one of the posts of their bed. It’s long, smooth wood glistens and shines while his lady rubs it with her backside. “How was work?” she asks, while using her fingers to stroke her glistening skin.

“Long and hard.”

Tracy smirks. “I hope so. Have a seat.”

Warren doesn’t need to be told twice; he sits on the leather chair that waits in the corner of the room. A brief glance of the room tells him that candles glow, and the day’s light is waning. The fragrance that wafts toward him carries a scent of musk and sex. Tracy has already come once, most likely with her anal beads shoved deep and her rabbit vibe shoved deeper. His cock twitches. The song replays and Tracy begins to slowly slide her lithe form onto the bed, and then over to the first post.

His eyes darken in color as she moves like a snake, rubbing, stroking, Pendik Escort fondling the wood, then herself. Her tits bounce. Her nipples are hard pebbles begging for a mouth to suckle them. Warren reaches down and adjusts his crotch. His tongue licks his lips, as Tracy dips a finger into her pussy and then lifts it to her mouth. He watches as she slides down the pole, off the bed, and then lifts one leg to rest the foot on the mattress. She gyrates back and forth; her long red hair falls carelessly as it moves with her ministrations.

Warren watches one of her hands dip between her legs. Her hips move in rhythm to her self-pleasure, the tempo matching the music. Her expression darkens, as she pumps faster. She closes her eyes and he watches her stop her actions, take a deep breath and gather her composure. Tracy moves to the other pole and begins to move against it in a way similar to the way she’d treated the first. This time her movements are less practiced and more hurried, but she continues to intermittently fuck herself and the pole.

By now Warren’s shirt is off, his slacks open, his cock free from his briefs. The pre cum beads heavily on the slit of his cock and he uses it to lube the head of his shaft. Tracy bobs up and down, touches her breasts, tweaks her nipples, bites her lower lip. She moans and whimpers as her hands play with the soft down of her pussy and her fingers twist at her clit. He watches two fingers glide into her sweet tunnel, they remain there moving and scratching against the fleshy walls. When she calls for him, Warren is ready. He rises quickly from the chair, pulls his pants, briefs, and socks off. He moves to her, grabs her and tosses her on the bed.

His face immediately goes to her cunt. The flat of his tongue glides across the wet flesh; the sound of slurping echos in the room. A quick glance at Tracy shows her hands buried in the fabric of the comforter. Her manicured nails grip the blanket into tight fists. He pushes his tongue deep into the folds of her sex, stroking the fire she started. He tastes her arousal as well as the strawberry oil she had rubbed into the walls of her cunt. He moans in pleasure, sucking the juices of a sinful nature.

Tracy bucks against his face, trying desperately to grind her pussy into him. Warren captures her wiggling ass, holds it in his firm grip and devours her. The sound of his breathing, the feel of his five-o’clock shadow rubbing her skin, and the lathering bath of tongue on flesh makes his woman cry with pleasure. He welcomes the splash of silk on his face as she bathes him. He swallows the juice, enjoying the taste, scent, fragrance. He washes her, thrusting his tongue in and out of the sweet hole, coaxing another jettison of come to flow into his eager mouth. The sound of her begging for his cock is almost lost with his vigorous eating, but he does hear it. Warren pulls away, moves up her body, grabs his cock, glides it into the heated core and slams Tracy hard.

She screams with passion, and sighs with praise as he gives her fulfillment. Warren feels his balls slap her ass. He pushes deeper. Her nails dig into his back; eventually he feels them drag marks of pink streaks down his flesh as she grips his ass cheeks and tries to bury him further. Inwardly he chuckles, he knows she wants him deeper and so he works harder to accommodate her need. The grunts and groans from her throat tell him he’s hitting the right spot.

He pulls out; his cock head waits for a millisecond on the outside of her cut. He hears her gasp with annoyance and worry; annoyed by his abandonment; worry by the possibility of his returning entrance being slightly a jar and the moment of ecstasy lost to her. Warren watches as her face contorts while he waits for the right moment to slam back into her sensitive hole. When he does, she cries out, begs him for more, and the play is repeated several times.

Soon though Warren can’t hold back, he fucks her with abandon, there is no rhyme or reason floating about in his head. All he wants is to feel his come shoot into his girl. Her voice is far away, a distant sound to the hunger he feels in his abdomen. His balls tighten, his cock seems to thicken and when his come shoots into her, he feels her own fluids rush over him. The heat of their juices merging only adds to the heated pleasure of the event. Warren waits a moment, relishing the different sensation as she soaks his shaft and their bed.

How he loves to feel her shiver and shake beneath him. His cock begins to soften, he moves slightly, wiggling his hips so he can adjust his weakening state. Her whimpers tell him she wants more, and so he knows that if he continues to tease her, he will grow and lengthen again, answering her need at least once more before the night is over.

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