A Birthday to Remember

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This is a story about my mum and me on the eve of my 20th birthday.


My mother (Jenny) and I had always been very close and we told each other almost everything.

Maybe this was the reason why I started to think about her in a completely different way. I would often have erotic dreams with her and I having passionate sex.

She is 5f 5inches, with long black hair and a slim, curvy body. By profession she is a belly dancer which I find very sexy. I didn’t know what she would think of this so I never told her.

On the eve of my 20th birthday I returned home from the shops and went upstairs to meet my mum.

“It’s a lovely day for swimming, ” she told me. “Did you get me a costume, darling, because then we can go to the pool in the backyard.” Today I was going to train my mother to swim. She was quite scared of water.

“Sure, its right here, ” I replied.

She opened the bag and laughed out saying, “You know I don’t wear bikinis, why did you get it? Ill look horrible in one”

“Don’t be silly, you will look wonderful. Go on put it on.”

“Ok, one minute, ” she said as she walked into her bedroom. A minute later she came out looking like the sexiest women I had seen. Her big breasts were slightly revealed through the costume. The centre of her slightly tanned belly was adorned casino şirketleri by a dangly, golden, belly button ring. Her curves led to the little panties she had on.

“Well, what do you think?”

Without thinking, I blurted out, “You look very sexy.”

She smiled and walked to the pool outside our house. I followed her and got into the pool. Taking hold of her hand, I lowered her in to the pool. I held on to her and took her to the deeper end of the pool.

“Not to deep, I’m scared, ” she said

“Don’t worry, I’ll hold on to you, ” I replied

She moved closer to me and I took hold of both her hips. Then she moved even closer and our wet bodies were touching. Suddenly, she reached in and kissed me on the lips. As my hands felt her body, my tongue explored her mouth. We both enjoyed the kiss for several minutes until she asked me, “What do you want for you birthday tomorrow?”

I knew just what I wanted, so I carried her out of the pool and took her inside to her bedroom. I stripped off her bikini slowly exploring her body and took off my clothes.

“Belly dance for me, naked, ” I told her.

She started to sway her hips and feel around her moist body. The sight of her hips moving rhythmically drove me crazy. I gazed at her breasts shaking until I couldn’t take it anymore. casino firmalari I grabbed on to her body and started to suck and kiss her breasts. As I left a trail of kisses down her body, her moaning started to increase. I reached her navel and licked it. Feeling my tongue in her navel, she moaned even loader “ohhhhh that’s nice. Keep touching it.”

Encouraged I kissed it even more. Then I carried on my journey down to her sweet pussy. With one finger in her wet navel and another in her wet pussy I licked my way through her clit. Finally, I turned her around and pushed my cock into her tight ass as she screamed for more. I moved a hand onto her curves whilst keeping my finger in the wet navel as she had told me to.

I moved my cock into her pussy which was extremely wet and she screamed

“YESSSS!!!! Don’t stop I am going to cum!!!!”

Relishing the sight of her cum, I dived in to lick it all up. I then went back to licking her breasts and navel which caused her to arch her back and moan with a deep need to be filled.

I then decided to turn her on her back on plunge into her pussy once again. As I plunged in to her she said, “I didn’t know you could lick me so well. You probably didn’t know this but I love it when someone kisses and licks my belly button.”

“It’s very sexy, ” I replied. güvenilir casino

I was on top of her in-between her open legs with my tongue on hers, kissing frantically. I started to cum into her pussy as we kissed.

“I’m feeling dirty, lets take a shower, ” I told my mother.

She made her way into the shower and I followed her in. We were greeted by lovely warm water. I knelt down in from of her as the water trickled down her breasts, across her belly, into and out her navel and then down to her pussy. Feeling thirsty, I drank the water from her pussy lips, kissing them gently as she cried out for more. Soon, I was licking her pussy like a cat lapping up milk.

When I got back up, she started to sway her hips, which looked very sexy. As she did this, her belly button ring moved from side to side in a tantalising manner as if putting me under her spell.

I sat on the edge of the tub and got her to sit her pussy over my cock. Placing one hand on her breast and the other on her belly, I started to pound into her once again. Her heavy breathing was in rhythm with the movement of her flapping navel ring.

“I’m cumming, ” she cried between her sharp, loud, breaths. Within seconds, her juices covered my cock.

“You’re gonna have to clean that up, ” I told her.

Her mischievous smile suggested to me that she knew what I meant. On all fours she began to suck away at my cock. She moved the skin back and licked the very top of my cock and then worked her way down. I had never experienced a better suck.

“It’s all clean now,” she said happily.

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