A Kiss Led to This Ch. 06

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Joe’s fascination with Sandi continued. There was an unexplainable connection between them and just holding her hand still made his pants bulge.

By continually adjusted their schedules they found they could see each other several times a week behind their spouse’s backs, even if it was just for a kiss. Most of the time, however; they would be able to do much more. Sandi’s incredible flexibility and willingness to make Joe come just about anywhere made almost every meeting end with her swallowing his loads.

It was more than just cheating to them; it was a blending of souls.

Sandi also made no bones about the fact she wanted Joe’s cock inside of her, something they had not officially done yet. Joe knew she was fertile, and that was a dangerous game with another man’s wife.

Whenever they were able to get naked Joe would go down on her immediately, his giant head between her firm thighs, watching her big tits swaying as he lubricated her nipples with her own pussy juice and saliva. He loved doing this for her, and it just felt like home to him. Sandi would always moan until she couldn’t stand it anymore as his tongue circled and sucked her tiny clit. She was getting more comfortable with him, not afraid to grab the sides of his head so that he gave just the right amount of friction.

When she couldn’t take it anymore she would pull him up, immediately kissing him so they could share the slick nectar from her loins. They would also share her nipples now that Joe had encouraged her to do so, moving two tongues across them until she had to close her eyes and move her head back.

Normally after this routine she would lay him back, rub his stomach and chest, then lick his usually sweaty armpits and nipples before sucking his cock. Lately however, she was taking more control. On their last meeting she surprised Joe by laying him on his back, his giant erection sticking straight up, leaking pre-cum from the mushroom end. Sandi sucked and licked his shaft to clean it. Then she inspected and licked his balls to make sure they were fresh as well.

Once she finished orally cleaning him she straddled him. Her tiny body was now on top of his, a knee on each of his hips. Joe stared at her beautiful face. Her normally perfect auburn hair was already a mess. Looking down her big tits were a mix of tan and milky white, no doubt she had been sunning herself recently. As he followed the freckles down from her DD chest he saw that familiar little tuft of pubic hair that accented her mound.

Sandi leaned back on him, putting a hand on each knee so he could see the tiny slit that lived below that mound from end to end. As she bent back he could see not only her tiny love hole, but also her asshole. Joe noticed it was clean as whistle and bright pink. And looked just as tight as the opening in front of it.

Sandi looked him right in the eyes as she presented herself. It was obvious she loved being on top, and Joe loved the feeling of having her there.

“You just relax, ” she said, as he admired the view.

Sandi was so light compared to Joe having her full weight on him was not a problem.

Carefully she laid her pussy lips on the base of his rod, just above his balls. She moved side to side till the vein split the tiny pink folds and then began sliding up to the circumcision line of his purple cock.

“Oh Joe,” she moaned, “This fills so good. Come on, baby. Put it inside of me, just for a minute.”

“I can’t. You know I’ll come before it even gets all the way inside. I’m already leaking out.”

Joe looked down at his cock. He could see lipstick marks from where she had been sucking him clean. There was also a puddle of clear pre-cum developing on his abdomen from her sliding along his shaft. As she arched up her love hole would be just short of the tip of his cock, exposing her small opening. The next time she did this Joe took the opportunity to insert a finger in her. It popped out as she slid back down. He inserted it again the next time she rose up, turning it to massage the ridges near her G spot. With his other hand he scooped up the liquid gathering above his tip and rubbed it on her nipples, her chest, her neck and across her lips. She licked and sucked on his finger, eyes still open wide, staring at him as she tasted his seed.

This was the amazing thing about the two of them. Words were unspoken but they moved as if someone was directing the show.

“You are just too beautiful.” He told her as her slit soaked him.

“You’re the one who’s beautiful.” illegal bahis She replied. Joe had been called a lot of things in his life, but this was not one of them.

“Okay, he said, “I’ll look into getting some rubbers. I haven’t bought any in thirty years so I’m not quite sure how to do it. Maybe I’ll get a teenager to buy up for me.”

“I think it’s easier than that,” she replied.

“Then you can pick them up.”

“I’d have a hard time explaining to Keith why I have rubbers in my drawer.”

“Maybe you could write ‘Save for Joe’ on them.”

“Really? Look, you get the condoms and I’ll help you get ready to put them on. Kind of like this.”

Sandi leaned in and put her hands on his shoulders. She kissed him then slid downward until her knees were on the bed between his. She pointed his cock straight up by grabbing the base of it like the handle of a bat, smiling as she began licking the length of it. The feeling was incredible and Joe watched as she lapped up his glistening fluid and cleaned hers off. Her small tongue ice-skated up his purple vein, zigzagging to catch any spots she may have missed.

“There,” she said, “See? You’d be clean and just about ready.”

“I am ready. Ready to blast.”

With that information she moved her head back down. Joe brushed her brown hair aside so he could see his solid member move fully into her mouth. The sight was so amazing to him. He never got tired of seeing such proper in public woman be so cock craving in private.

Sandi’s eyes closed as she savored having him fill every space in her mouth, and she braced herself for the blast of cum she was about to receive. She began to suck harder. Joe could feel her tongue pushing in on him, forcing the flow toward her waiting throat. He did not disappoint, grabbing a handful of her hair from the back of her head and pushing down hard.

“Oh shit, Sandi, I, I… Ohhhhh.”

“Ummmmm,” was her involuntary reply. Joe realized he had never come in her without her responding with such a sexy sound. Even when she had sucked him off in earshot of her husband she still would moan, although muffled. He wondered how many men never got to experience this type of blowjob response in their lifetime. It was like a soundtrack to a favorite movie playing as his cock bucked into her head. His body and joints cracked and he found himself suddenly laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just can’t believe I’m here. With you. You are without a doubt the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Can I just stare in your eyes awhile?”

“What about you? Where the heck were you thirty years ago?” She replied.

“Jacking off while thinking about a woman like you.”

Sandi was sitting up now, legs open at the end of the bed, still between Joe’s thighs. He looked her in the eyes and ran his hand across her cheek, down her big tits and across her nipples. He made a little circle as he passed her mound and stuck his middle finger into her still wet hole.

“And this, I just love this. Your pussy is just magic.”

“You know, everyone at my work said I’ve never seemed happier. So you’ve got some magic yourself.”

His finger went in deeper, past both knuckles. When he pulled it out he put his little finger in, burying it fully and soaking it thoroughly before withdrawing. He then took his middle finger and put the bottom of it on the top of the nail of his ring finger. Keeping them paired he worked them inside of Sandi’s vault. It was a tight fit, and Sandi moved slightly to give him a better angle at entry. As the two fingers made there way in deeper Joe’s little finger rubbed up against her pink asshole. He made small circles with the wet digit, looking her right in the eyes as he did.

“Ohhh,” she sighed.

She leaned back slightly, not hiding her exposed slit or her now visible ass crack. As just the tip of his finger continued to circle the hole he pushed the tip lightly against the entrance. Sandi simply closed her eyes and moved her head into a sniffing position. The little finger pushed against the opening and her butt cheeks clenched. If Joe thought her pussy was tight her asshole was ten times that. And although the finger never actually went in, her reaction spoke volumes about what their future might hold.

That night the couples got together for an impromptu dinner. They had dinner at Keith and Sandi’s house, but a chill in the air kept them from going outside so splitting up the group, so groping each other was never an option. Neither of them had even illegal bahis siteleri had time to digest each other’s cum from their afternoon session, but given the chance there was no doubt they would have done it one more time.

At the end of the night Joe gave Sandi a polite kiss on the cheek. Keith held the door for Janice who walked out. He was shaking Keith’s hand and as he did so he felt Sandi’s hand grip his ass cheek. Joe caught himself starting to involuntarily reach back for her tits. He stopped just in time as Janice was waiting for him just outside on the porch. He did feel his dick begin to stretch and left wanting more.

The very next afternoon Joe showed up at Sandi’s right at lunchtime. He had spent the morning feeling like he was like an animal in heat. They hadn’t set this meeting up and for her it was an unexpected visit.

Instead of parking down the street and sneaking in the back he pulled in the driveway and parked. Then knocked right on the front door. She looked surprised to see him. She was wearing a brown skirt and button up blouse, hiding those 34 DD’s as usual. Her perfect auburn hair shined in the doorway, parted in the middle with a sort of Olive Oil bun in the back.

“Joe, Hi.”

“Uh, Hi Sandi. Sorry to bother you but I think I left something here last night.”

“It’s just me here Joe, and I’m on a tight schedule today. I don’t really have time…”

At that second the phone rang. Sandi checked the caller I.D.

“I’ve got to take this.”

Sandi gave him the “shush” sign by putting her finger in front of her lips. She picked up the portable phone in the kitchen and leaned her elbows against the butcher-block table. Pen in hand, she took the call.

“Hey Keith, what’s up.”

Joe stood silently as she fielded the call from her husband. He wanted to tell her how he had felt that morning, how his dick kept growing and leaking as he thought of her, and how he needed to feel her in his arms and his mouth.

“Yes, I’ve got some paper right here.”

He moved in behind her until he found himself staring at her backside. She had one foot up on the shelf at the bottom of the table. He looked down at her calf muscle, watching how it was flexing as she talked and moved her foot. It had great definition from her workouts. Looking lower he marveled at how tiny her ankles were. He made a mental note to kiss them next time they were in bed.

“Yes, that sounds good.”

Joe moved in behind her ass and put a hand on each hip. She was so tiny his thumbs touched each other.

“How much was that check?”

He reached down below her skirt and ran his right hand up between her legs. By the time it reached the base of her pussy his fingers felt the wetness coming through the thin fabric of her panties. His cock immediately filled with blood, fast enough to move the car keys that were in his pocket.

“That’s great Keith, better than last time.”

Joe pulled her skirt up and her panties down, lifting one leg out of them and letting them hang on her other foot.

“Well, what else do they need?”

Joe leaned in, he could tell it was Keith’s voice but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. He kissed her neck as he removed kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. She still didn’t turn around.

“Is that before commission or after?”

Joe released his engorged cock from its boxer nest, discarding them as well.

“Really great. So what is that after taxes?”

Sandi began to jot down some figures as Joe worked her hole and managed to get one finger in.

“I see. Uh. Yes.”

Her voice was too much for him. Joe pushed her up slightly on the butcher-block and bent down as low as he could. He placed his leaking cock at the top of her ass crack and slid it down leaving a trail of clear we fluid. As it went past her asshole it pushed forward until it was between her legs, directly under her slit, splitting the lips apart.

“Can they make a copy for us?”

Joe paid no attention to the conversation. The small head was now in full control of the big one. He cupped a hand below her cheeks and found her pussy leaking like a broken faucet. He grabbed himself and circled his cock around it, lubricating the entire area with a mix of their juices. Bending down, back, then forward he put the tip right against her love hole.

“I…I…yes that would be fine.”

Joe slid just the head of his cock inside her. It was their first time. She was so fucking tight it was unbelievable. canlı bahis siteleri It was like a vise squeezing the end of his rod. Joe was dumbfounded that he could even fit that much in. He pushed forward, literally lifting her up even more with just his hard cock. He moved slowly in and out until the vise loosened and the entire member disappeared beyond the tiny pink lips that guarded her hole.

While fully inside he yanked out her still tucked in blouse and literally pulled down her bra cups so her tits came out. He began making circles on her nipples. Her body moved left and right as his hands and cock stimulated her senses.

“Oh…no, no I’m fine, this portable phone…um… connection sucks.”

“Yeah, we should get a new one.”

Joe now pulled back until the head was right and her entrance, then buried himself fully inside her, so deep he expected his cock to be interfering with he vocal cords.

“So..so.. I’ll need the check stub too, Honey.”

Joe closed his eyes and continued to thrust as Sandi talked business with her husband. He could easily have come inside of her.

He made another thrust, holding her hips. Then again. Two, three, four, five more times he pushed his massive cock into the tiny opening. Sandi’s body rocked and lifted with each thrust. After bouncing her and the phone two more times her pulled out.

“Great dear, good job. I’ll see you tonight.”

Sandi hung up the phone and turned around, tilting her head and looking up at him. No words followed, just a glare from those brown cat eyes followed by deep kissing. He dropped her skirt and within seconds she had removed her blouse and bra. Joe pulled off his shirt.

“That was…I…I don’t have much time today,” said the naked beauty.

Joe picked her up and kissed her as he held her in the air and swung her around. Her nipples were hard against his chest and her breasts soft and warm. He put his arms in her armpits and lifted her up onto the cold countertop just next to the sink. Sandi frantically reached around, trying to close the shades so that the folks next door wouldn’t see their prim and proper neighbor naked on her countertop.

Half kneeling Joe took her pussy into her mouth as she gave up on the shades and held onto his head. He lapped up her juices, working her clit into frenzy. Lunch was served.

“Ohhhhhh god.” She moaned, her stomach rolling down into his face. Success!

Joe looked up and smiled at her. Her neck and chest were fully flushed.

“Now you can go.” He said.

Sandi hopped down and patted on the wet spot on the counter where she had just come.

“Jump up here baby, I can’t lift you.”

“I’ll probably break it.”

She patted again and he hopped up. His bare cheeks felt the same sensation of cold she had felt. He found it kind of refreshing and leaned back as his hard on pointed right at his lover.

Sandi went to work on his cock like it was a military operation. Joe was careful not to grab that hair like he normally did, it was obvious she had places to be. With one hand she grabbed the base of his rod and with the other his balls. She looked up at him to make sure she was pleasing him then dove in swallowing his cock. Virtually thirty seconds later she would be swallowing his cum. Joe gripped the countertop edge as his shaft erupted.

“Ohhhhh…god, Sandi.”

“Ummmmmm.” There it was, her signature sound.

She popped up. Joe looked down at his drained cock; it has a bright red circle near the base from her lipstick.

“That,” she said, “Was a tasty treat.”

Sandi smiled and redressed in record time, including her wet panties. By the time Joe got himself together she was applying lipstick to finish the ensemble. Joe reached down and squeezed out a final drip of cum. He wiped it behind her right ear.

“Final touch.” He said.

“Perfect, thanks,” she said, smiling. He knew she wouldn’t be washing that spot.

“You’re the one who’s perfect.”

“Not if I don’t get out of here immediately. And can we kind of, sort of, maybe think about condoms next time?”

“Sorry, you just bring out the beast in me.”

“Mmmm,” she growled as the two of them walked out of the house. “You’re just lucky I have to go.”

“No, I’m just lucky you’re in the world.”

Sandi touched him on the arm as she headed to her car. Joe gave her a wink. Ms. Proper was heading back to the business world once again. Hopefully her panties would be dry by the time she arrived.

He was back to dreaming about her. Maybe they would see each other for dinner that night. If not, tomorrow was another day, and another lover’s adventure.

On the drive home Joe hit himself on the forehead at a stop sign.

“Rubbers, idiot,” he said to himself.

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