A Life of Service chapter 2

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Hey hope u enjoyed the first chapter. In this chapter we see more of Sandra’s service to her new master. the story skips ahead a few months. basically skipping her whole training but it will be covered in later chapters. Keep the comments coming….enjoy.

He awoke with Sandra’s head on his chest, her arm around his torso. Usually she slept at the foot of the bed, but she had come so far in the last month. She had accepted her fate, even grown to love her master. He had trained her well. She obeyed without hesitation. In public she stayed by his side and acted in an obedient fashion. He had even let her out in public alone. He knew she was dedicated to his cause. He had even watched her masturbate to the video of that first night.
He drifted back to sleep….

Sandra loved to wear the gimp suit. She loved how the latex sealed to her body, made her curves shine. She loved the stretch of the latex between her healthy breasts. She knew master loved it too. She loved the big zipper between her legs and over her mouth. She often wore it when master was out or when he was sleeping. She would play with herself in front of a mirror. Sandra was beginning to feel wet, she began to rub herself. Servant needed master’s touch, but she would not wake him. She went to the room were he kept his tools
She entered slowly, her hands sliding down the door frame. Laid out before her in the dark and spacious room, was a wide collection of items made for her pleasure. In the middle of the room was a chair the master had made for her. She climbed into it. It kept her legs wide and her body tilted back. It had buckles and clamps to tie her in. The chair could pivot on all axis, he could lean it back till she was up side down. Master had used this chair many times with her. She rubbed her snatch at the thought of how master had tied her in and had put his tools to work on her body. How the anal beads had made her cum over and over. How he would flip the chair back so he could fuck her mouth. How many times had he sprayed his cum on her face or in her throat on this chair? She wanted master’s cock right now.
Sandra hopped out of the chair and walked over to the table where master kept his collection of tools. She needed to be stuffed. She grabbed her favorite dildo that master had used on her. It was large and long. He had forced it into all her holes. It was the dildo he had trained her with. She dropped down to her knees and opened the zipper to her mouth. She began to suck it. She licked the length of the shaft. She began to slide it into her throat; she gagged but did not stop. She could feel the bile rise from her stomach but she did not stop till the toy was all the way in. Her eyes began to water. As she knelt there in the room in her gimp suit, her head tilted back all the way with the master’s dildo in her throat, she began to play with herself. She reached back and pulled down the zipper that kept her bottom closed. She pulled the dildo from her throat, it was dripping wet with her spit. She grabbed it firmly by the base and without any hesitation she slammed it roughly into her ass. She flinched and whimpered, her ass had never fully healed from her first encounter with master. She needed the pain, wanted it. The pleasure washed over her as she began to work herself with the toy.

She knew master was watching her from outside the room. She could feel his gaze on her body. Like a good servant Sandra lean forward till her face was on the ground, her ass stuck out in the air like a cat in heat waiting to be fucked. She reached back and pulled the dildo out of her ass and slid it into her dripping snatch. She placed it all the way in. Then with both hands reached back and grabbed her asshole and began to spread it as wide as she could.
“Please master……” was all she needed to say
He walked into the room and knelt behind her. He could see into her anal cavity. In one motion he was fully inside her all the way to the base. She whimpered and he smiled with pleasure. He placed his hands on her hips and began to thrust inside of her.
“I can feel your cock moving my guts around Master” Sandra panted.
She loved being his animal. She began to breathe hard as he stabbed her with his cock. Her mouth open, she drooled for more. Her ass burnt from the friction of his fucking. Master lean forward and fish-hooked her with both hands as he raped her ass. Spit began to leak from her mouth. She reached back and began to move the dildo in and out of her hole. She was Cuming. Her pussy sprayed her cum out across the floor, master pulled harder at her mouth. Her vision blurred, her legs buckled, her ass clenched which made the master grunt. He was Cumming soon and she knew it. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head back till he could look into her eyes. Sandra’s head was arched back as he pulled out of her ass. He began to cum on to the back of her head, spraying his junk in her hair. He managed to get some in her left eye. She closed it so it would not burn but it was too late. When he was done he spit into her open mouth and wiped his dick off with her hair.
As he stood up he said to her “clean yourself, you’re a mess”
“Yes master” Sandra purred as she licked what she could of his jizz out of her hair. She was happy
“We escort london have a guest this evening” is all he said as he walked out of the room…..

Sandra toweled herself off, Soaking the hot water from her long lean figure. She admired her body in the full length mirror.
He had moved her to his home, a large town house in the city. Master was wealthy. Her life had improved since she was his now.
Sandra eyed herself in the steamy full length mirror, her full figure, ample breasts with tight, small nipples. She knew master loved her tits; she loved them too, many a time she had used her cleavage or her figure to get her way with men.
She looked at the color of her eyes, Dark brown with a golden ring around the iris. Sandra was tall at 5’9; her dark brown wavy hair was black now because of her shower. Her hair was long past her shoulders, Sandra had always taken care of her figure, and it showed. She began her make-up ritual. She never wore to much make up anyways, it never took long. Twenty minutes and she was done with her whole routine. She was eager to see what he had chosen for her to wear for tonight’s guest. He had told her nothing about who was coming over but it wasn’t for dinner because it was already getting late. She heard the doorbell ring. The guest had arrived.
She walked naked out of the bathroom into the Masters bedroom. She was surprised to see what we had chosen for her to wear. He had left a white button blouse and a short blue skirt with white knee high cotton stockings. He had also picked out a pair of white cotton panties.
She couldn’t believe it. He wanted her to wear a school girl’s outfit. She sat on the edge of the bed and began with the long white stockings; she pulled them up over her knees. She noticed at the foot of the bed a pair of black high heels which she put on right after the stocking. She looked herself over in the mirror with just the stockings and high heels. … Fuck she looked hot. She grabbed the white cotton panties. She slid them up her long legs and pulled them tight over her ass cheeks and pussy. Again she eyed herself in the mirror turning her body and thrusting her ass out to look in the mirror and admire it. It did not take long for there to be a little wet spot forming between her legs……she was excited for the night’s events

The door bell rang. He stood up from the couch and walked to the door. He heard Sandra moving around up stairs. He stopped in front of the mirror along the way and looked himself over. He was ready. He walked to the front door and opened it
“Hello lovely how you doing? Come in…. quick …..It’s cold out.” He smiled widely at Kate

Kate was a very attractive young lady. She was about five and a half feet tall and maybe weight 110lbs. She was tight and ultra fit. A supple ass and athletic legs .She had raven black hair that she kept chin length in a trendy hair cut. She had an olive complexion and had delicate features. A long straight nose and pointy chin. But it was the dark eyes that made everyman she met melt.

Kate smiled a broad smile and walked in. She kissed him on both cheeks and gave him a hug. He reached out his hand to take her bag and her coat. Kate handed him her bag and he eyed her form as she removed her coat
“I love this place….. Very nice” she smiled
“Thanks” he said “come in have a seat. Would you like a drink?” he asked
“No I think you know what I want” She pushed him back gently to the wall and began to kiss him, her lips where soft on his. He placed his hands around her hips and pulled her to him. He could smell her fragrance. She was damned sexy and she knew it.
She pulled away from him then and turned around and leaned back into him. She began to rub her bottom on his manhood and leaned her head back onto his shoulder.

“I’m in need of a good fucking “she purred into his ear as his hands slide up her trim figure to rest on her breasts. His left hand shot down between her legs
“I can see that “he said
She leaned forward and placed her left hand on the wall before her and turned her face back to him. Seduction came very easily to Kate.
“I want it now “She commanded as her right hand came back to raise her skirt over her buttocks to allow him easy entry.
He complied
He reached down to his pants and pulled out his rod and began to slide his head between the lips of her waiting clam.
“Don’t tease me” she pleaded “fuck me”
He teased her for a moment or two more till he finally slid it in. Her warm wet snatch fit him like a glove. She purred and moaned as he proceeded to take her. Her feet barely touching the ground. He fucked her with passion. He fucked her deeply. She twisted her body around to reach behind and grab him by the neck, to look at him while he fucked her.
“This is why you called me didn’t you” She asked, panting,”You need a good fucking too didn’t you”.
Kate’s legs where trembling. She loved dick. She had had plenty of it in her 22 years, and she knew she wanted plenty more.
She whipped around and fell to her knees right before he came. She put his head in her mouth and stroked his shaft. He came hard into her mouth. She gulped it down and continued to suck him off for a moment.

By the time escort service Sandra came down to join them, they were sitting rather cozily on the couch enjoying a glass of wine. They both stood to greet Sandra.
“Sandra I would like you to meet Kate. Kate this is Sandra” Master said.
Sandra reached out her hand to be polite; Kate took it and pulled herself in to kiss Sandra on the cheeks.
“Like your outfit” Kate said to her.

Sandra did not like her one bit. Why had he brought her here Sandra thought?
“She’s very pretty your girl” Kate said to him
“I’m glad you like her” he answered back. “I’m quite fond of her “he said
Sandra of course perked right up and smile at Kate as if to say “he’s my man now fuck off” oblivious to the fact that “her man” had just dick this little hottie in the entrance of his home before she had even had her panties on.
Kate caught it but did not react. Instead she walked right up to Sandra’s master and placed her hand on his package through his pants and began to kiss the master on his neck.
Master just patted her on the ass. Master gestured for Sandra to come. She came reluctantly. Sandra was hurt and shocked. She did not want to share him. What if he did not want her anymore? Where would she be then?
“kneel” he told her. “lick her feet” he told her
Sandra approached and did as she was told. Master left the two of them then and sat on the couch before them to enjoy the show. He could see the lovely cotton panties that he had chosen for Sandra.
Sandra licked at Kate’s feet. “who the fuck is this bitch “ she thought to herself. Why was master being so different with her.
“Higher” Kate ordered. Sandra did not comply. She was master servant and no one else’s.
“Higher’ Master said. Sandra complied.
“Eat my snatch” Kate ordered. Sandra Turned to look at her master. He nodded for her to proceed. Sandra had never done anything sexually with a woman before. Sandra slid her face up under Kate’s skirt. Kate’s hand came done to rest on Sandra’s head just as her tongue found Kate’s clit.
“Mmmm” Kate moaned.
“Play with you” Master ordered.

Sandra slid her hand under her panties and began making circles around her clit. Master could see the commotion under her panties and was pleased. Kate began to remove her top. Soon her young perky breasts were free and she quickly began to roll her nipples between her fingers.
“Lay down “master told Sandra. Sandra quickly lay on her back and could see that master was smiling at Kate.
“Sit” he said to Kate
Kate lowers her self onto Sandra who resumed her munching. But this time Kate lowered her head between Sandra’s legs and pulled her panties aside and began to tongue fuck her
Sandra breathed deeply and brought her hands up and placed them on Kate’s hips and ass
Master was pleased with the display. Aroused. He wanted to join in but was patient.

Sandra began to moan loudly. Her hips began to roll. Kate was also approaching orgasm. Kate was the first to cum. She came hard and loud. Sandra went next breathing hard and trembling. Kate was surprised to find that Sandra was a squirter . Sandra sprayed her face and as Kate pulled back Sandra shot her cum out onto the floor.
Master stood then and walked to them
“Lovely” he applauded
The girls sat up smiling and woozy. Master stopped before them and pulled his fly down. Sandra quickly reached in and pulled him out. She stroked his shaft gently. Kate spit on his dick and on Sandra’s hand. With her free hand Sandra began to undo the buttons of her shirt stopping right below her breasts. She opened her top and her breasts sprung free.
Masters rod quickly found its place between her tits as she began to stroke him with them. They were firm and burning hot, and he loved them. He pets her on the head like a good dog. She was pleased.
Kate found her place immediately. She placed her head between them and licked sucked his cap every time it poked through from between Sandra’s cans. Sandra began to move faster, Kate’s licking became more intense.
His cum flew out in long white strings on to Sandra’s neck and chest. Kate pulled away before he came. She hated getting cum on her face. Sandra on the other hand relished his offerings.
He turned his dick to Kate and she began to clean him off, she did not care about the taste, but not on her face, she was not a whore
Sandra rubbed the jizz all over her breast and then licked her fingers clean. Master watched her.
“Good girl” he said to Sandra who beamed a smile back to him
Master turned to Kate “you on the other hand”
That was the first time Kate tasted piss. Master had proceeded to piss in her mouth. She coughed and spat it out onto the floor. She tried to get up but master forced her back down and began to piss on her body. Sandra knelt beside her and grabbed Kate by the hair.
“Open” master said to Sandra. She opened and he filled her mouth with his urine.
“Spit” he said and she turned to Kate and spit the urine out into her face.
Kate looked up at him “what the fucks the matter with you” She yelled
Sandra slapped her across the face “that’s no way to speak to the master”
“Master???” Kate asked passing her glance between the two of them
“You will learn” is all he said to her
“Get escorts in london my new toy” he said to Sandra
When Sandra returned with the toy she saw that master had Kate flat on her back with her legs pulled back so that her ankles were next to her ears almost. He was kneeling at her head fucking the arches of her feet.
“You fucking animal” Kate said to him
He spit on her feet and it dripped into her face. She turned her head to not get any in her face and that’s when she saw Sandra returning from somewhere in the house, her large firm tits bouncing perfectly with each step. Kate saw no toy in her hands but when she looked down she saw rising out from under her skirt a long thick plastic cock. Sandra reached down and began to stroke it
“Do you like it” she laughed
“Fuck her cunt” master said
Sandra came around and stood over Kate, knelt and despite Kate’s protests she slid the strap on into her open snatch and began to pump her furiously. If Kate was suffering or pleased it made no difference because she said not a word nor made a sound.
Master watched Sandra fuck his new animal. She was good. She was holding Kate down by her calves keeping them close to her head. Her amazing d cup tits bouncing perfectly in rhyme with her thrusts. He looked down at Kate and spat in her face and began to slap her in the face with his dick.
“You will learn to love being my animal. You will even thank me for this when we are done”
“Fuck you, you crazy freaks “Kate yelled “let me go”
Master stood then and turned his dick to Sandra’s waiting mouth. He proceeds to slid it back and forth in her mouth. He placed his hand over her head and forced his dick all the way down she drooled and coughed.
How lovely it would be to watch this he thought, A beautiful brunette with large breast in a school girls outfit getting fuck in the mouth while she strap on fucks a rather hot well to do young woman.
He pulls out from Sandra’s mouth and walks behind them and kneels. Sandra is praying that he fucks her ass then but he does not. Instead he pushes her forward till she falls on to Kate, Sandra doesn’t miss a beat and keeps drilling Kate who is beginning to look scared.
In one thrust master is all the way in Kate’s virgin ass. Kate lets out a scream. She sees stars and loses consciousness. Master continues to drill her as does Sandra, entering her holes at the same time. Kate would not have it easy.
Kate awakes to them fucking her. Her legs beginning to cramp from this infernal position. They are fucking her hard and fast. She feels her intestines being pushed around, her guts getting packed. He has both hands on Sandra’s tits, pulling on her nipples
“Your ass is so tight for such a whore. Am I the first” he asks
“Fuck you” Kate says
Sandra slaps Kate across the face. “Animal” she says
Master is fucking Kate hard now. He feels his cum rising from within him. Her ass is so tight it almost hurts him.
Just then he pulls out of her and slams his rock hard dick into Sandra’s ass who never saw it coming. She lets out a raspy yell of pain right as his finger come around to fish-hook her.
Kate can hear the hard packing sounds of his thrusts into Sandra’s ass as well as her whimpers and cries.
Sandra hears her masters grunt and can feel him filling her ass with cum. It burns her ass but she likes it. He pulls out of her and says” sit on her face “
She does this as he holds Kate in place some of his cum still dripping from his shaft. Sandra sits on Kate’s face or rather her ankles above her face. Master then grabs Sandra’s hair violently and pulls her forward. He crams his dick in her mouth, He grabs her head with both hands and just plows at her face like never before. Sandra’s mascara is running down her face drool is pouring out of her mouth onto Kate’s pussy. He is ravaging her face. He’s fucking her mouth at an incredible pace.
“Stroke her strap-on” he tells Kate. She does not comply. He slams two fingers in her ass roughly. Kate cries out and quickly begins stroke Sandra’s faux cock
Puke sprays out the sides of Sandra’s mouth into Kate’s waiting holes. The vomiting makes Sandra’s ass muscles relax and the cum begins to leak out running down her pussy. It falls in long strings onto Kate’s nose and into her eyes and mouth
“Make sure you get it all out” master says to Sandra as he fucks her face. She quickly reaches around and spreads her hole open and more cum gushes out onto Kate’s face
“Of my god, this is so disgusting” Kate says
“We’ve only just began with you” master says
He then pulls out of Sandra’s puke hole and crashes his cock into Kate’s ass. She cries in shock as his cum from Sandra’s ass burns her eyes. Sandra is coughing and spitting now that she can breathe.
Master pumps Kate’s ass as hard as he can till he erupts spraying into her anal cavity, all of his junk.
He stands and forces Sandra’s head down into Kate’s and says “clean up this mess.”
She tongues Kate’s ass He lights a smoke, standing back admiring his work. He looks at Kate’s tear and cum soaked faces, cum still leaking down on it from Sandra’s clawed open ass. He takes a pull from his smoke and begins to piss in Sandra’s open ass till it is full and begins run down on Kate’s face
When he is done He shakes himself off walks up to Sandra who is still feasting.
“Put fuck holes in the animal cage, and make me a sandwich”
“Yes master” Sandra says
“And for god sakes clean yourself off. You stink”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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