College Football Team

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Female Ejaculation

This is another story from an ex-girlfriend about her teachers college day’s experiences.

I loved watching our college football team — so much so that I joined the cheer squad so I would get to go to all the games. I loved seeing those sweaty guys running around in those flimsy little short shorts they wore. After the games there would always be a party — win or loss.

I had played around with a number of guys individually, even once had a threesome with my old boyfriend and his mate but I wondered what it would be like to offer myself to a group of footballers.

Well the team had won a match and we had a party at the college — A few of the guys and I stepped outside to sneak a smoke and a beer that one of the guys had in his car. The car park was near the oval were the team had won their big match. I suggested to the guys that maybe as a reward they might like me to do a private strip for them — well they all agreed.

So I did a slow strip — first the top which they liked and I offered each of them a feel of my breasts — it was very nice — they all kept my nipples escort fatih erect — it made me feel so horny that I then suggested to them that they each could have a turn at sucking my breast — and they did — one guy used his tongue to rub my nipples — it was very sexy.

Then I stripped the rest off slowly to show my shaved pussy — and I stepped back under the car park light for them to have a full view. I slowly turned around so they got an eye full of every angle and every view. Once fully facing them again I arched back to push my pelvis forward to give them a better view of my pussy.

I asked them would they all like to have a feel and almost in unison they said oh yes. I told them to come over to the grass and like the pied-piper I had them follow me obediently. I laid down with my legs apart and they all sat around me having a feel — it was wonderful having them all caressing my breasts and pussy at the same time — did I mention that there were four of them. I have one each on each breast and one rubbing my clitoris and one probing inside of me at the same time escort istanbul — it was pure pleasure.

I was so randy I wanted them all to fuck me — so they took it in turns while the others played with my breasts. It was so sexy — I loved being the centre of attention and seeing them all panting for their turn and for more — I had a real power over them. They all came in me.

I offered them all another turn if we could find somewhere to go — we never went back to the party — we ended up going back to a friend’s place who had a flat nearby and we partied for the rest of the night — me the only girl and these four guys and their mate who lived in the unit joined into the fun. I had each of them one after the other — each was different in how they played around and how they screwed — I loved it as each slid into me.

I then started having two at a time — one being sucked while the other fucked me from behind as the others watched with their erections and impatiently waited for their turn. They did whatever I told them — and everything I told them made escort bayan taksim me hornier and gave me pleasure. It was the greatest number of orgasms I had ever had in a day. I definitely would like to be the party girl more often. I told them every time they win a game I will give them a reward party. It started with four team members and each game we would invite the teams top scorer to join the party. Their coach never knew but was amazed how they became to more improved team in the state competition — unbeatable winning every game since that first night. By the time of the grand final — all twelve team members were now members of our private celebration party.

After the grand final that they won our party went for three days of twenty-four hours a day constant fucking and sucking. And when I fall asleep I told them to roll me over and keep fucking me from behind. Naturally I couldn’t keep going for the full three days so fell asleep a couple of times — on each occasion awoke with a mad rooter on top of me — pounding me from behind. Next season I talked my stud of a cousin into joining the team and recruited my sister to join the cheer squad and our winners circle party group. I’m not selfish I share everything with my sister and cousin. The team became unbeatable — even starting to play trial games during the off season — I wonder why.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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