A Little Fantasy of Mine

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I’m at home, all alone. Something that rarely happens to me as there is usually at least on other person in the house and privacy is only something I’ve seen on t.v. That’s the price I pay to live with my parents virtually rent free.

But tonight it’s just me, my parents having gone on a weekend break to sort out their marriage, one brother out clubbing and probably not gonna come home and the other at my aunts. So I’ve camped myself in front of the t.v, a bowl of popcorn within arms reach and a blanket to snuggle under. My only problem? I can’t find a decent thing to watch!

So anyway, I’m lying there, silently yelling at the actress on screen not to enter the dark, dingy room or she’ll be the next to die in the cheesy horror film, when a loud ring pierces the silence, making me jump and my heart race. I glance at the clock on my phone and see its almost 1:30 in the morning and wonder who the hells at the door at this hour. My first thoughts were homicidal maniac, but I quickly squash that idea because surely they wouldn’t ring the door bell? Then I thought police and something’s happened to my parents or brother. This makes me jump up and run into the hall, my heart in my throat. I yank open the door and freeze. I sigh with relief as i see it’s not the police, and them grin with excitement as I recognise you in the dark door way.

“Hi.” I say, wonderingly as you were supposed to be out drinking with your work mates.

“Heeelllllooo gorgeous!” you reply, your words slurred slightly by the drinks you’ve had. I laugh and look down at myself. Hardly gorgeous I think as I check out my worn checked sleep shirt, faded from years of washing and wear.

“What are you doing here? Thought you had a birthday bash to get drunk at?” I ask teasingly. I’m thrilled really that your here, having missed spending time with you. Both of us work long hours that leave little time for getting together and phone calls and texts can only go so long before the absence gets too much.

“I was drinking with the guys. Decided to come here instead.” you answer as you move towards me, your strong arms embracing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me as you pull me close. I can smell your cologne as I bury my face in the hollow of your left shoulder. You sigh into my hair and press closer. That’s when I feel your arousal.

“Ah, so that’s why your here.” I chuckle, letting my hand wander across you chest and down the flat abs of your stomach. Even through your t-shirt I can feel the hard muscles bunch. My finger slowly dip into the waist band of your jeans and you bury your fingers through the soft strands of my hair, pulling my head back as your mouth descends on mine. Your kiss is ruthless and consuming. Demanding me to submit. I groan and lean further into you.

As our kiss ends you laugh and tell me “Why would I want to be out drinking with guys I see everyday when when there’s a horny little thing like you at home all alone?”

“Mmm why indeed.”

Our lips meet again and as our tongues duel for control your hands wander across my back, down to my ass where you squeeze and knead the muscles ringing a moan from deep within me. I place my hands around your neck as you devour me, moving my body towards the stair. At first I think you’re going to pick me up and carry me to bed but soon learn that you have other plans. Your large hands cup my ass beneath my shirt, caressing the smooth skin of my thighs as you lift me slightly and sit me halfway up the stairway. The wooden floor is cold against my naked skin but your own heat soon takes away the chill. Your lips leave mine, trailing instead across my cheek to my jaw and down the column of my throat to my collar bones. You rough hands snatch apart the buttons on my shirt and wrestle it off. Before I know it, I’m naked completely and your fingers trail intimate little circles around my body. You stroke my thighs. Caress my stomach. Fondle my breast. All while your wicked tongue dances across my skin. I moan and whisper your name, my hands locked in your hair. It feels so good. My hips thrust subtly agains the open air as you tweak and pinch my little nipples.

My own hands soon güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wander and with effort I wrestle your black top from the confines of your jeans and over your head. The hard muscles of your shoulders twitch as I massage them, digging my fingers and nails into the skin causing a bite of pain with the pleasure. Just the way you like it.

I soon trail my fingers down your chest, following the soft downy hairs as they lead me further south, beneath the denim encasing your lower half. I make quick work I the button and zip and soon find your long, hard shaft in my little hand.

“No underwear?” My words tease as my fingers stroke. You feel like hot velvet in my grip, pulsing with each heart beat. Your magic tongue soon finds its way across my chest to the hard little nubs of my breast, torturing them to further attention. I cry out against the onslaught and pull your head closer by the thick strands of our dark hair. My hips thrust invitingly and you accept, thrusting two thick fingers in my slick channel. My cry is louder at the sudden invasion and I’m thankful I’m the only one home. I lean back on the steps, the wooden ledge digs painfully into my back but I don’t care as you work my body closer to orgasm. Your fingers stroke and thrust inside me as your mouth creates a vacuum against my chest.

“Please!” I beg. Needing more.

“Mmm?” you moan questioningly and I know what you want immediately.

“Please make me cum!” I whisper softly.

You ignore my plea and I know it’s because you want me to say it loader, to hear me beg.

“Please, baby, let me cum!” I yell my hips rising and falling with every thrust of your talented fingers.

“Anytime.” You groan, as your mouth lowers to my sopping pussy.

I scream your name as you flick my clit hard and fast with the tip of you tongue before nipping it between your teeth. Your fingers scissor inside my hole and my orgasm floods through me with force. My back arches, pushing my hips into your face as I grip your hair in my fists.

As I come down from my high you lock and suck my juices güvenilir bahis şirketleri from my lower lips, slipping your tongue in every now and them to drink from the source. I stroke your hair, feeling guilty that I probably hurt you with my death grip.

“Did you like that baby?” you chuckle.

” Do you have to ask?” I smartly reply.

You claim my lips in a fierce kiss and I feel your hands skim over my thighs to my arse.

“That was just an appetiser.” you promise as you line your cock against my opening. With one thrust you enter and I grunt with the contact. Not out of pain but merely due to the force as your hips drive mine against the hard ledge behind me. You cup my bottom in your hands, squeezing and pulling them apart as you roughly rock against me. Each thrust send shivers up my spine and pleasure through my body. My clit rubs bluntly against the base of your shaft and I groan as I feel another orgasm building.

You move faster now, taking what you want from my drained body and your crude treatment send my senses into overdrive. Harder you pound me as you whisper lovingly into my hair.

“You feel so good baby. So hot and tight on my dick.” I moan and grunt with every movement and soon feel my pleasure peakingy again. I feel you teeth tugging the skin neck and growling low in your throat. I cum again, this time as you bury your tool in my box over and over. Soon you groan too and I feel each squirt of your spunk shoot into my womb.

Both of us collapse against the steps, satisfied but exhausted. Your weight soon becomes too much and I push against your shoulder.

“Sorry babe.” you mumble as you move away.

I look down at the mess we’ve made. A mix of our juices pools on the step beneath my arse and I can’t resist scooping some up to taste while you tuck your softening manhood back within your jeans. Once you’ve finished fighting with the button, you reach for me again, scooping me up into the cradle of your arms.

You carry me upstairs to my bedroom and place me in the centre of the large bed that dominated the room. I quietly slip beneath the covers while you undress completely and once you join me I snuggle deep into your embrace. With my head pillowed on you chest and our arms wrapped around me I quickly start to drift asleep. The last thing I hear is your soft whisper “I love you.” to which I sleepily reply “I love you too.”

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