A Virgin Roughly Handled Ch. 01

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All the characters who appear in this story are over 18. Sandy turned eighteen the month before she graduated from high school. Two months later she got caught sneaking on to Jim’s computer. Jim is old enough to know exactly what he is doing. Enjoy! -Ariel Racine


I was surprised but I suppose I shouldn’t have been. Sandy used the computer in the den to read porn stories on the net one afternoon while she was babysitting. They were all listed in the log. Nothing too unusual, looked like she preferred the ‘swept away by strong men’ sort of stories, mostly.

Sandy began taking care of my daughter a few years ago, in the middle of my divorce. Her parents are extremely strict, perhaps medieval is a better word for them. She had no access to the internet at home, no cellphone or computer. Pretty much the opposite of the way things are here, with my software consulting business.

She hung around to play with Jackie as often as she could after she finished high school. I couldn’t blame her, Sandy was lucky to have gotten out of the house at all. Before I decided how to handle the situation, I wanted to take a closer look at the stories.

A few days later I asked Sandy if she would like to start earning more money. My cleaning service did an okay job but I’d rather have her do the work, if she wanted to. She was happy to take over the household cleanup, all smiles. I asked her to start the next week.

She arrived a few minutes before 9 AM Monday morning, right on time. When she asked where Jackie was I explained she was with her mother. Then I took her into the den and sat her down on the sofa. I took a seat at the desk.

“Sandy we have a problem. I know what you have been doing on my computer.”

She looked down and almost started to cry. “I’m sorry…”

“This isn’t about how sorry you are that you got caught. You didn’t have my permission. You deserve to be punished.”

At that Sandy teared up and started begging, “Please don’t tell my parents, oh please don’t.”

“You realize this is serious. You’re an adult now, you should know better than to be visiting sites like that on someone else’s computer. What would you have done if Jackie woke up and found you in here?”

That hit home, she started bawling.

“What if I had come home early and found you?”

Her pale face flushed a deep red.

“You didn’t think about the consequences much at all, did you?”

She sniffled. “No…”

“There have to be some, you realize that.”

She nodded, looking more scared.

“At the very least this kind of behavior deserves a spanking. Do you agree?”

“Yes Jim.”

“You’re not having a conversation with your friend Jim now, you’re in trouble. Show some respect. Say ‘Yes Sir.'”

“Yes Sir.”

“Come over here. Now.”

She was startled, but stood up quickly.

“Lay across my lap.”

I took her by the hand and helped her down. I gave her the first swat and her hands came back instinctively to cover herself.

“Stop that! Stand up. What do you have to say for yourself, trying to cover up like that?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry SIR. You have a lot to be sorry for, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.”

“Turn around.” I pulled a pair of velcro cuffs out of the drawer and handcuffed her hands behind her back. “We won’t have any more of that, will we?”

“No Sir.”

This time I had to hold her shoulder to help her lie down across my lap.

With each swat I asked her a question. “Were you being naughty when you read those stories? Tell the truth.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you a naughty girl?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you take off your clothes when you were reading?”


Two swats, she still wasn’t clear about calling me Sir.

“What SIR and you heard me. What were you wearing when you turned on the computer?”

“My bathing suit.” Swat. “SIR SIR!”

“Did you take it off?”

“Yes Sir it was wet.”

“So you were sitting in this chair naked, reading those stories?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Stand up.” I pushed her to her feet.

“You need to be punished for that.” I took off the cuffs. “You sat naked on this chair last week and you will be naked for your spanking.”

“Oh no… I can’t Sir.”

“Shall we march down the street and tell your parents exactly how naughty you were in my home, on my computer?”

“N-n-no oh please no Sir.”

“Take off your shirt.”

Sandy bit her lip and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

“Keep going.”

Sandy is a full-bodied girl, about 5′ 3″. The bland white bra she unsnapped looked like a D cup, probably a 36 D. Her pink nipples were already tightening and her face blushed a deep pink to match. Her eyes were almost closed. She was looking down at the floor as she dropped the bra. Her hands began to fumble with the belt on her shorts.

“Leave your underwear on.”

“Thank you Sir.”

She kicked off her sandals and stepped out of the shorts. Her wide hips were covered by a standard-issue pair of white panties. Her thighs were strong and her butt was full. She looked like casino siteleri Botticelli’s Venus, with bigger breasts. Frizzy blonde hair, mussed from taking off her shirt.

Underneath her boring oversized clothes she was Venus. I stared for a second or two, she was breathtaking. My plans began to shift.

“Turn around.” I snapped on the cuffs again and took her over to the sofa. I sat down, started to pull down her panties.

“But Sir…”

“I never said they would be staying on. I said you would be naked.”

“Yes Sir,” as she stepped out of them.

I reached up to help her get across my lap, cradled her with one arm under her breasts and the other holding her tummy.

Back to the swats. “You were sitting on my chair, naked, reading naughty stories. Which one did you read first?”

“I… I don’t remember Sir.”

“Let me help you. You read the pirate story first, didn’t you?” The swats were turning her bare skin pink.

“Yes Sir.”

“What did the pirates do with the woman they captured?”

“They took her to their ship Sir, they made her do things. Sex things.” Her breathing got a little ragged and her butt cheeks tightened up.

“Did they make her use her mouth?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What did they call that?”

“Sucking Sir, a blowjob.”

“Then they had sex with her?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What did they call that?”

“Fucking Sir, they fucked her.”

“Did she like it?”

“No Sir, not at first. Then after a while she liked the pirates. But she never knew which pirates were the fathers of her babies.”

“What happened in the next story you read?”

“A girl wanted a boy to tie her to the bed and get her pregnant and marry her.”

“Did that story make you wet and get you excited?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Does thinking about that story make you horny?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you wet now?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Spread your legs and show me.”

Her lips were glistening, not fully open but definitely moist. She started to squirm, like she knew what might happen next. She was more than a naughty girl, she was a woman who wanted to learn how to be naughty. I held one cheek and gave it a squeeze. Then a swat.

“You read another story that day. Tell me about it.”

“Yes Sir. It was about a man and his wife, they just got married.”

I began to stroke her thighs lightly, first one, then the other. She opened her legs wider. I gave her a little pinch. “Go on.”

“The man taught his wife all about how to get pregnant Sir. He told her she was going to have sex and be pregnant all the time.”

“Does that idea turn you on?”

“Yes sir.”

We were done with the swats. It was time to draw her out, to make her ask for the things I knew she wanted. “What was the name of that story?”

“‘His Fucktoy’ Sir.”

“Did he teach her to take his cock in her mouth?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Did he lick her sex?”

“Yes Sir.”

“What did he call her sex?”

“Her pussy Sir.”

“Do you call your sex a pussy?” I began to stroke very close to her lips.

“No Sir.”

“You will call your sex a pussy from now on.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You wish you could touch your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Ask me to touch your pussy for you.”

“Please play with my pussy Sir.”

I began to open her, gently at first, then I probed more forcefully. Her belly got tight and she began to squirm. I could feel her hymen, still there. She was fully virgin.

“Did you come when you read that story?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you want to come now?”

“Yes Sir, please make me come.”

Circling her clit I asked, “Do you want to learn all the things that man taught his wife?” I began stroking and snapping it.

“Oh god… SIR… Yes… SIR.” Her body shook as she came.

I looked over at the clock. She had been here less than an hour, our day was just beginning. The cuffs came off as she relaxed. “You need to lie down and rest.” I lifted her and carried her to my bed.

“I have to make some phone calls, would you like a glass of water?”

“Yes, please Sir.”

I spoke with clients and called my travel agent. Today was going to be more than an exploration of possibilities. Sandy was a submissive girl. She wanted all the things she read about in those stories. She wanted to learn about her body and how to please a man. She needed to be claimed. She would surrender to her man whenever he asked and have as many babies as he wished to give her.

Sandy was snuggled up under the covers. I helped her sit up and held the glass to her lips as she drank. Thirsty, even after it was drained. I lifted her chin and brought her eyes up to meet mine.

“I’m glad you told me the truth today and took your punishment without complaining. We’re going to rest for a few minutes more this morning. I have a special surprise planned for this afternoon.”

Her eyes got wide as I stripped, but she scooted over and made room for me on the bed without a word. I took her in my arms and pulled the covers over us, all cuddled up. When I tilted her head canlı casino back for a kiss she closed her eyes and relaxed her lips. I teased her lips open and began to play with her tongue.

“Let your tongue caress mine. Don’t think, focus on the sensation as our lips touch.” She learned quickly.

I moved down to kiss her breasts and lick around her nipples, pushing back the covers. “These are breasts when you feed your babies and boobs when we play with them.” I moved to the other side. “You have beautiful boobs.” I gave her a little nip, then sucked hard and nibbled just enough to start a hickey. She moaned.

I began to stroke her belly, little circles, then teased around the edges of her mound. She closed her eyes and her belly began to flex. “Do you know how many times you can come in one day?”

“No Sir.” She was still in the dream of being mine to command.

“Many, many times, so many you lose count. Pull your feet up and spread your legs wide. This will be your second time today.”

She exhaled hard, opened herself to me. Gasped as I began to stroke her inner thighs. I held her mound in my hand and squeezed. Her hips began to wiggle.

“Your pussy wants more than a finger this time, doesn’t it.”

“Sir… I’m…”

“Are you ready to learn what it feels like to be licked and have your clit sucked and teased?”

“Oh… yes Sir.”

“I need to tie your hands first, I don’t want them getting in the way.” She was breathing hard, shifting around. Uncertain. I took two scarves out of the drawer, tied one to each wrist.

“Stretch your arms out wide.”

“Yes Sir.” I tied the scarves to the bedposts.

I held her head and kissed her hard. Tongue probing, sucking her lower lip in. I moved down to her neck, then her breasts. I opened wide and clamped on, sucking deep, pulling her nipple as I let go. Moving from side to side until her nipples were stiff and long. Her legs were thrown wide.

“Your pussy wants to play now, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Go ahead and say it, tell me what your pussy wants.”

“Sir, my pussy is all wet and my clit wants your tongue. Please make me come.”

I licked up and down, opening her. I sucked her lips into my mouth, slowly and gently at first, then harder and rough. She shifted her hips up and down, trying to move me towards her clit. I sucked it in, then began to tease.

“You have a beautiful pussy, all open and ready to come. Ask for it.”

“Oh please Sir, yes… make me come.”

Her hips rolled and her tummy pulled up tight when I finally took her over the top. As she peaked I sucked her clit hard, held it with my lips. It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath.

I moved back up and began to whisper, kissing her neck and blowing softly in her ear. “I never knew how much I needed you and wanted you until today. You’re good and kind and loving. You’re not a little girl, you’re a woman, in bloom. Look at you, all laid out, ready to be claimed.”

“W-what? Sir…”

“Jim. This is Jim, holding you, kissing you, watching you come.”

“Jim… I’m not ready…”

“But you are.” I reached down, slid my finger inside, stroking, opening. “Tell me the truth. Tell me your pussy wants to play with my cock.”

“I do want you… but I can’t get pregnant.”

I shifted over, between her legs, “Of course you can Sandy. That’s what a wife does.”


I raised up and began to drag my cock over her clit. “You want me inside. Will you take my cock? Will you marry me?” I let the head slip between her lips. Her hips raised instinctively, wanting more. “Look at me darling. We both want this. Say yes.”

“Yes… oh, god yes.”

I worked my way in, until I came up against her barrier. “This is going to hurt, just once, this first time.” I lifted up, then slammed down hard. She shrieked and moaned.

“Relax, we’re going to rest a second, the pain will stop.” A few minutes later I began to move, grinding slowly, letting her adjust. As her hips began to press against me I pulled her legs up, until her heels rested on my thighs. I leaned down for a kiss, then began to take longer strokes.

“I’m going to make you mine now, fill you up and give you a baby.” She pulled on the scarves, a little scared, still not sure. They held tight. She surrendered and began to push up, panting. Her legs clung to me, her hips thrusting and rolling.

Sandy started coming and I let go. I went deep and rocked against her, shooting stream after stream. Her pussy squeezed and released, milking my sperm into her womb. After the last quake and throb she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. “I’m going to have your baby.”

“Yes, you are Mrs. Thompson.” I rolled to the side and untied her hands, held her close. “We have a lot to do this afternoon. We have to get up soon, we need to shower and get moving. Is your ID in your purse?”

“Yes, I always have it with me.”

“Good. We’ll have to eat fast food for lunch, what would you like?”

“Tacos! I love tacos.”

I took her into the shower and began to soap her up, touching her everywhere. When it was kaçak casino my turn she blushed and giggled when I began to get hard. She soaped my balls gently, then looked up. “I have your sperm inside me. There’s more here. You’re going to keep filling me until I’m pregnant, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I will. Everything changed today. I’m in love with you Sandy.”

“I love you too.” We let the water spray down on us as we kissed.

We inhaled those tacos and drove straight to the airport, our plane left at two. That would get us to Vegas a little after three. Stops at the jeweler, license bureau, and chapel. We would be man and wife before sundown. It would be a whirlwind, especially for Sandy.

“Airport? Where are we going?”

“Vegas, we’ll be there soon.”

“What about my parents? They’ll be worried when I don’t come home for dinner.”

“Relax, we’ll call them after they get home from work.”

“What will I say?”

“The first thing I will tell them is we’re in love and we’re married. Then you can tell them that you are Mrs. Sandy Thompson and you’re the happiest woman in the world.”

“But my dad…”

“If your dad has a problem he can talk to your husband about that.”

“I love you!”

Our limo driver held up a sign at the exit. We only had a small carry-on, no waiting for luggage. First stop was the jewelers. We only looked at wedding rings, we could take our time finding a rock. I found a delicate gold band with three inlaid diamonds for Sandy. She liked a larger beveled gold band for me.

The license bureau was easy. We smiled, showed our IDs, paid, and were gone. The chapel was almost as fast. That first married kiss was long and sweet, everyone was smiling when we stopped. Sandy held me for a few seconds longer and whispered “I’m pregnant” in my ear. We walked out with the biggest smiles.

Off to pick up some things we needed for the night. A nightgown and a change of clothes for Sandy, a few things at the drug store. We checked in to the hotel just in time to call her parents. Her father answered the phone.

“Hi Bill, it’s Jim.”

“Where are you? Where’s Sandy? It’s getting late.”

“Everything’s fine. Is Ella there? She should get on the line too.”

“What’s going on? (Ella get over here)”

When they were both listening we shouted out together “We’re married!”

Bill didn’t take it too well. Ella went with the flow. Once Bill understood that we had eloped and were really married he grumped and walked off. Ella stayed on the line to talk to Sandy. “Are you happy honey, is this what you truly want?”

“Yes mama, I love him so much.” A lot more was said, all of it good.

Then Bill came back, still mad. “How long has this been going on Jim?”

“She’s been a good friend and a big help for years Bill, but the first time I kissed her was today. I’m not going to answer another question like that one, so don’t ask. This is right for us. I love her.”

He still wasn’t happy, so after a few more words we told him goodbye. When we hung up the phone Sandy started giggling. I asked her what was so funny.

“I thought about saying ‘Bye daddy. It’s my wedding night, I’m going to get pregnant now.'”

I stood there speechless for a minute. Then I smiled and shook my head. “Let’s go eat.”

After dinner we sat looking out our window, right down the Strip. I told her about Tahoe, starting Wednesday, a nice room overlooking the lake. She asked “When did you know you loved me… really know?”

“Go get dressed for bed, I’ll tell you everything.”

She came back in a sheer white babydoll, completely transparent.

“No panties?”

She grinned, “Fucktoys don’t wear panties.”

I took her to bed, sat against the headboard. Sandy leaned back in my arms. I kissed her, took her breasts in my hands. “So soft…”

“It began when I read those stories and started to learn what you liked, what you wanted. Babies, everything was about babies. That was a nice surprise.

“When you cried this morning about Jackie finding you, that was real. You blushed so deep after I asked what if I walked in. I knew you wanted me and I was glad.”

I pulled the gown up over her head. “Here take this lube, use as much as you like. We don’t want you to get dry or sore, our honeymoon is just beginning.” She opened up her legs and began to play.

“I loved seeing you naked, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. When you began to tell me about the stories I knew we could talk about anything.

“The moment I knew that I was yours, forever, was when I carried you to bed. You crawled under the covers like you belonged there, next to me. That’s when I made the calls to cancel work this week and book this trip. I was sure you would say yes when I asked you to marry me.”

Sandy lifted up. “Scoot down a little honey, I want you inside.” She slid down and took me. “Oh… hold me.”

“For a long time I thought you were the most wonderful man in the world. You take good care of Jackie and you were always so nice to me. You’re strong and you’re smart and you’re kind. Perfect.

“The day I went on your computer and read those stories I was thinking of you. But I didn’t think it would ever happen, because I’m so young. I thought about it and wished for it, but I never thought it was possible. Until today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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