After the Wreck

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I slowly opened my eyes to a white room. I tried to move and couldn’t. Almost in a panic, I let out a moan, then slowly calmed down. Closing my eyes, I tried to remember what had happened.

I could see the images, but not very good. I was on a bike and going down a highway. Then I saw a huge truck come into my view from my right. I remembered hitting the brakes and the bike sliding sideways toward the truck. Then everything went black.

I slowly opened my eyes again, not knowing how long I had been asleep. Trying to sit up, my movement was restricted. Looking down, I saw a cast covering each of my legs. In a haze, I let out a deep groan. Suddenly the door flew open and one of the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen walked in. This woman was dressed all in white, looked like she was almost 6 feet tall and had a figure that just wouldn’t quit.

She looked at me with a smile and said hello, welcome to the world of the living. I asked her how long I had been here and where kurtköy escort was I. She said that I was in a rehab center and it had been 6 weeks since my accident. As my eyes slowly traveled up and down her body, I could feel a deep familiar stirring in my loins. Embarrassed, I tried and couldn’t move my legs, so I let out another deep groan. She was at my side in a flash looking over me. She asked me if I was in pain and I shook my head no. Then she smiled and whispered if you need anything, my name is Nancy. Looking down, she said and it looks like you could use some help now. Almost in another state of shock, all I could do was nod. Smiling, she unbuttoned her uniform blouse and showed me the most beautiful black lace bra holding up one fantastic set of breasts. I slowly reached out and gently caressed one through the bra. Gently squeezing and massaging it, she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Then bending over me, her hand gently levent escort grasped my hard thick cock. Slowly she stroked my long shaft with her small hand. As I raised my head up, I watched her in amazement and gasped when her lips touched the blood engorged head. Slowly her head moved down, her lips tight around my throbbing cock. Then back up to the tip where she pushed the tip of her tongue to my slit and captured the drop of precum. My hand squeezed her breast harder and faster while my other hand grabbed the sheet. Gasping and panting, my head lolled back and my eyes closed as I received the best blowjob I had ever had in my life. Her head bobbed up and down hard and fast, then I let out a loud moan when I felt her teeth scraping my thick shaft. With my cock almost about to explode, she slowly pulled her head back and off of my cock.

Looking up, I saw her take her pants and panties off with one quick move then slowly she crawled mahmutbey escort up on the bed and straddled my hips. Smiling at her, my hand went to her breast and my other hand reached for her shaved pussy lips. Gently rubbing her wetness on my fingers, I brought them to my mouth and tasted her sweetness. Then holding both breasts, my hands squeezed and teased her hard nipples. She moaned and slowly lowered herself down on my hard cock. Letting out a deeper groan, my hips slowly twisted, driving my cock in deeper. Then she started riding me slow and steady. Watching her, I licked my lips and swallowed. She moved faster and harder, slamming down on my thick cock. Feeling the hot friction and her tight walls clenching me, my balls soon tightened. Crying out, I grabbed the sheets and my balls exploded pumping hot thick cum deep into her tight wet pussy. She rammed down hard on me and threw her head back. Then she screamed as her release covered my cock.

After we had finished, she told me all about my wreck and what happened. My bike was totaled and the truck driver had been checking on me every day he was in town. The Doctors had to rebuild my legs, but after another 6 months of therapy and my special nurse, I was finally able to go home.

Oh yeah, she moved in with me. Her excuse? Just in case I needed anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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