Annie’s Teacher

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My name is Annie and I’m an 18 year old curvy girl. I have big tits, decent ass, and a flat stomach. I also have big green eyes and a pouty mouth. I usually can get away with anything just by sticking my pouty mouth out and pushing my tits out, at least with the men in my life. But then I only surround myself with men.

My parents are divorced and I live with my dad. He treats me like a princess and all I have to do is push my breasts into him whenever we hug. He loves giving me hugs, especially after my breasts came in. I’ll admit I’m getting curiouser and curiouser to see how far he’ll go. One time I caught him looking at teenage porn on the computer, I came into the room and he turned off the monitor. But I saw enough. So I came over and jumped in his lap to give him a good night hug, I could feel his thick hard cock on my ass. I wanted to grind into him, but I just hugged him and went to bed. I think I’ll try to get into a few other situations like that with him.

My dad isn’t the only man in my life though. I have a teacher, Mr. Banks, who is hot and always staring casino siteleri at my tits. I think he is testing me. He grades me lower than he should and threatens detention for minor infractions. Usually things that everyone else is doing, but he ignores them. I try to get out of the bad grades and detention with my luscious mouth and pert big tits. He let’s me off, but he keeps lowering the bar. On my last exam, he gave me a D, I had the same answers as another student and they got a B! I’m going to confront him today after school when hopefully no one is around.

After the last class, I go to the ladies locker room to freshen up. I am wearing a tight tshirt and a mini skirt. I remove my bra, but keep the thong on. Now I’m ready for my confrontation.

I walk into his classroom, excited about the possibilities. My nipples are hard and poking through the tshirt. I stand right next to his desk and his face is at tit level, although he is looking down. I say, “Mr. Banks, I need to discuss my exam with you.” He looks up at me to discuss it, but no words come out canlı casino because he is just staring at my hard nipples. He licks his lips like a predator and I shiver a little, my nipples actually get harder.

He says something about me getting the grade I deserved. I protested and asked him to take another look. He said he doesnt regrade tests. I cross my arms slightly under my tits and push them up a little even more into his face and ask if there is anything I can do. He licked his lips once again and told me I can remove my shirt.

I dont even protest, I lift it up and throw it down. He stares a little surprised, then grabs for my left breast while his tongue finds the right. He plays with my nipples while I helplessly stand there. My legs getting weak and my pussy getting wet. He then pulls me into his lap and I can feel his hard long cock through his jeans. I dont think its as thick as daddy’s, but it might be longer.

I adjust my seating until I can feel his sizable bulge just under my clit. He continues to rub and lick and suck my tits. I start grinding kaçak casino my pussy over his jeans. We just started, but I’m getting close to cumming. I grab his head to pull him even closer to my tits as I can feel my orgasm coming. I start bucking and moaning as I climax.

When the shaking finally subsides and I’ve pretty much soaked his jeans, he unzips his pants and pulls out his beautiful big cock. He says he will change my regrade my test, if I get down and suck his cock.

Forgetting that he already promised that with the removal of my shirt, I drop down and stick my tongue out towards the upward pointing cock. I lick the head and then wrap my pouty lips around it while my hand comes up to grab the shaft. I hear him groan as my tongue swirls around his head. My mouth, tongue, and hand find a good rhythm and I suck Mr. Banks’ cock. He grabs my head and begins fucking my face. Soon I can feel him getting close, and suck harder and move faster. Then he explodes in my mouth. I keep sucking until he is done. Then I lick my lips and look at him expectantly. He says he will regrade it and I can expect at least a B. I thank him and head back to the locker room for my things.

I wished he would have fucked me though. Yeah I had an orgasm, but I’m still horny. Hmmm, I wonder what daddy is up to tonight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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