Banging the Boss Ch. 06

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Working with Jack can be hard. I spend most of the day watching him or imagining myself getting fucked by him. But of course we are there to work and earn a living and so sometimes when we are busy it can be days and days before we get a chance to be together. You’ve no idea how frustrating it can be to have to work along side someone as sexy as him and not be able to touch them.

Saying that, not having sex for a while gives you chance to let your imagination run wild and think up new things to try together. Mine was racing. We had done lots of naughty things together, all mind blowing but I wanted to go further, push the limits and see how far we could take it.

The shop had been busy for over a week, we no chance of sneaking a sly session of lovemaking in, we had not even been able to masturbate each other. I was in a mood, I felt grumpy and out of sorts, like an addict denied her fix I was getting twitchy. I found myself stomping around and tearful, I had to have his cock in me soon or I’d freak. I went home most nights and touched myself till I came but it just wasn’t the same. I needed Jacks cock so badly it hurt.

At last, a quiet day. We plugged in my laptop, opened a bottle of wine and shared a kiss. I buried my face in his neck and inhaled his aroma, instantly my pussy throbbed and became wet. Never before have I experienced a chemical reaction like we have.

‘What shall we search for?’ I asked smiling at him.

‘You choose,’ he said running his hand up my skirt.

We searched the net and watched various sexual acts, all the time getting hornier and hornier. I ran my hand over his crotch and stroked his rock hard cock through his jeans. The smell of sex was in the air, the hormones were raging and I had the desperate desire to be fucked.

We drank the wine within a short space of time, we had not yet had lunch so almanbahis it went quickly to our heads. Alcohol lowers the inhibitions and makes you horny as hell. I could feel my pussy leaking through my panties and soaking my skirt. I had had to start wearing black as a matter of course so it didn’t show the wet patches. The only down side was I ended up going home with white dried on sperm marks that stood out against the pitch black of my clothes.

Jack kissed me passionatly and rubbed my clit through my knickers. His hand slid easily over my dripping pussy and he pushed his index finger inside. I groaned and opened my legs further pushing myself onto his hand. I was so fucking horny and started to scan the room for a toy.

‘What are you looking for?’ Jack asked between kisses.

‘Something to fuck me with.’ I gasped biting his chest.

‘What about this?’ Jack grinned picking up the wine bottle and slugging back the contents.

I smiled and nodded. ‘Looks good to me darling I said moving my swollen pussy closer to him.

He rubbed the top of the bottle against my pussy and I squealed at the coldness of the glass. It felt fucking amazing, I wanted to cum there and then.

‘Wait!’ I gasped and reached into my handbag.

‘Now what are you doing?’ Jack laughed peeling my top down and running his tongue across my swollen nipples.

I laughed and pulled out a pot of hand cream. I unscrewed the top and scooped out a big blob of lotion, I rubbed it into my breasts and then scooped out another. As Jack rubbed the cream into my tits I rubbed the second blob into my aching pussy and over the neck of the bottle. It was cold and slippery and it felt fucking wonderful.

Jack smiled as he saw what I wanted and took the bottle back from me. Slowly yet firmly Jack moved the bottle over my clit and down to my arse hole. He circled almanbahis yeni giriş it slowly over my hole and then pushed gently as it slid inside my vagina. I groaned and moved my hips back and to, fucking myself on the glass neck. As the air caught inside the container it made little sucking, pinching sensations. I opened my eyes wide with delight – it felt so good!

‘Oh! I squealed, ‘that feels so fucking amazing!’

Jack laughed and bit my neck thrusting the bottle faster and faster inside me. I held onto his neck and gritted my teeth as he rammed the toy inside, as I looked down I saw that the lotion had started to melt and mixed with my own juice was running freely over his hand and wrist.

‘Fucking hell! That looks so sexy.’ Jack gasped seeing the creamy white lotion snaking down his arm.

I came at that point, hard spasms forced even more juice out of me until his hand was soaked. I love it when Jack is turned on, I find it hard to put of cumming when I see his face grimace and contort with desire. Jack loves to see me cum too and fucked me hard and fast with the bottle as I came. Afterwards he removed it and licked my cum from the neck, savouring the taste and aroma of my sex.

I lay back in my chair and panted as I tried to get my breath back, the orgasm had left me breathless. Although Jacks cock must have been throbbing he wanted to play with me a little more. He grabbed my legs and pulled me further down in the chair so he had better access to my bottom. The bottle was still slippery with my juice as he rubbed it against the nub of my arse, I felt myself become instantly horny again and opened my legs wider.

I gasped as he pushed the neck into my arse hole, twisting in and out as he fucked me with it. I looked down and saw he had managed to get most of the neck inside.

‘Oh fuck!’ I groaned as I almanbahis giriş watched the creamy covered glass sliding inside.

Jack pulled the bottle out with a pop. ‘Get on the floor.’ He commanded.

I pushed the chair to one side and lay down on the carpet, all the time customers were coming and going from the store. He lifted my legs high and rammed his hard-on into my hot arse. The bottle neck had loosened me up so he slid down to the balls with ease. I screamed out loud as he fucked my arse hard and fast looking me in the eyes and watching my expression. This was the first time he had fucked my arse without me having my back to him and it added to the experience to see his face full of desire. I smiled at him and told him how good it felt to have his cock in my arse, he asked if it hurt and I nodded but said I fucking loved it, he fought off the waves that started to flood his body untill he saw me rubbing my swollen clit and pinching my nipples. That was it. He came like a fucking train and filled my bowels with his delicious hot seed. Wave after wave erupted inside me, filled me, blasted my ravished insides until it spilled out and flowed freely down my bottom until it collected in a pool on the carpet.

Jack collapsed down on top of me gasping for breath. His cock was still buried in me and I wanted to keep it there forever. I felt him grow flacid and slowly he pulled it out releasing a gush of cum with it. He kissed me and rubbed me gently feeling how hot my hole was, how much it now gaped and how wet and sticky I was from his sperm. I felt sore but amazingly I was becoming aroused again! What would it take to put out this fire he ignited within me?

We got to our feet and cleaned up as best we could. I’ve never met a man like him before, he’s definately the best lover I’ve ever had. He always left me wanting more.

‘There’s another chapter for your memoirs.’ He laughed kissing me and slapping my bottom.

‘Thanks.’ I laughed. ‘What are we going to do for the next one?’

‘We’ll think of something.’ He smiled.

He was right, we did.

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