Bathroom Remodel

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Paul and Mandi had been married just over five years and had just purchased their first home. It needed quite a bit of work but they had figured that into their budget so they had remodel money available. Paul, 27, was an IT Manager. He was in pretty good shape and he filled out his 6′-1″, 200 lb frame nicely. Mandi, 25, worked as a bank manager, walking distance from the new house. Paul never got tired of watching his 5′ 4″, 115 lb wife get dressed each morning. He still hated to see those beautiful 34 c breasts get covered, even if it was with some very sexy bras.

The first project Paul and Mandi decided to do was the master bathroom. The drew up some plans and started to interview some contractors. None of the first four contractors met their needs. They were about to give up when a friend suggested a contractor they had used and they loved him. So they gave him a call and set up an appointment for the next evening after work. Josh arrived promptly at 7 and Mandi answered the door. She caught her breath when she saw him as he was stunning. Josh looked to be in his early 30’s. He was taller than Paul by a few inches and probably outweighed him by 20 lbs. The first thing Mandi noticed was his piercing blue eyes. She realized she had been staring when Paul walked up and told her to invite him in. Unlike the other contractors they had interviewed, Josh was well dressed, well spoken and really good looking. They all went into the living room to review the project. Josh immediately casino siteleri had some ideas that both Paul and Mandi loved. They talked for about an hour, checked out the existing master bathroom and made a few plan revisions. Paul and Mandi really liked Josh and hoped his bid wouldn’t be too far out of their price range. Josh explained that if he got the job he would work only on this project until it was completed. He worked alone as he hadn’t found anyone who did the work as well as he did. This meant the job would take longer but he assured them they would love it or he would makes the changes needed to make sure they did. Josh promised them a price by the weekend.

Mandi and Paul were so excited. They were sure Josh would build them the bathroom of their dreams. The wait for the bid was nervewracking. On Saturday Josh called and gave them the price. While higher than any of the other bids it was doable. They all agreed to terms and scheduled the start date for the following Monday.

Josh arrived early Monday morning. Paul and Mandi greeted him at the door with with what would become a morning ritual. Over coffee Josh would explain what he was going to do that day. They soon all looked forward to this morning get together. Once done Mandi and Paul would head off to their offices. They all would meet back up at the house, have a quick glass of wine, go over progress and Josh would head home. Mandi was pleased that Paul seemed to have a new vigor in the bedroom. canlı casino She knew Josh turned her on and she wondered about Paul. For now she wasn’t complaining.

Mandi worked pretty close to home so she would sometimes come home for lunch to “see how it was going”. She and Josh would eat and chat and they both got to know each other better. Once Mandi arrived home to hear Josh swearing. She ran into the bathroom to see Josh soaking wet trying to stop a pipe leak. His already tight shirt was drenched and left nothing to the imagination. Mandi could do nothing but watch. Something she did not at all mind doing. Soon Josh got it under control and for the first time realized Mandi was there. He apologized for his language. She accepted his apology without taking her eyes off his chest. Mandi thought to herself “I could so fuck him”. To make matters worse Josh pulled the shirt off and stood before Mandi bare chested. She wanted to reach out and touch him but she remembered she was married and turned to get Josh a towel.

All of Josh’s clothes were wet. Mandi told him to go put Paul’s robe on and give her his clothes so she could put them in the dryer. She was a little surprised when he only handed over pants and socks. When she asked if there was anymore Josh sheepishly admitted he liked to work while going commando. With this thought in mind, Mandi went and found the dryer. She and Josh meet back in the kitchen for a little lunch. As they talked Josh leaned in and told kaçak casino Mandi he thought she was a beautiful women and Paul was a very lucky guy. A flustered Mandi dropped her glass which caused Josh to jump back. When he did so the robe opened and Mandi got a full frontal view. He was even more beautiful than she had imagined all those times she pictured herself fucking him instead of Paul. Josh closed the robe but maybe not as quickly as he should have. Mandi’s eyes lingered and Josh followed her gaze to his groin. Mandi got up and said she needed to get back to work. She nearly ran out of the house with the vision of Josh’s cock playing fresh in her mind. She called Paul and asked him to meet her at a coffee shop near his office. They would do this every so often so he didn’t think anything of it and agreed. When he arrived she dragged him by the hand to the restroom where she locked the door, unzipped his pants and started to give him a memorable blow job. Paul wasn’t sure what got Mandi so hot but he suspected it might have something to do with Josh. And Paul was strangely ok with that thought. Mandi was a slut and sucked him dry, gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to be ready for action tonight.

During the daily debrief that day Paul though it was a little strained between Mandi and Josh. But he chalked it up to her eagerness to have some fun once Josh left. While cuddling, after some more mind blowing sex, Paul asked Mandi if she ever though about Josh when she was making love to him. At first she tried to deflect the question. But she was never very good at lying to Paul so she said well yeah maybe once or twice. Again Paul was strangely ok with this answer. The both again drifted of thinking of Josh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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