Ben Loves a Challenge Ch. 09

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Rumors were flying fast around work about him and Dean, and he didn’t deny any of them, even the more ridiculous ones he heard. He smiled coyly when asked, nodded when people expected him to, and said nothing at all.

Hugh stalked by his cubicle several times during the remainder of the week, talking loudly about how disgusted he was by two faced dicksuckers. Justin avoided him like the plague.

It didn’t matter. Dean was finally his, and nothing the shitbags at work may say could get through the elation he felt. It was freeing. He felt above the petty bullshit and drama of the office, floating in his own haze of happiness.

Dean set some ground rules after they made up. No lunch together, no visiting Dean’s department during the day, limit texting during work to less than ten messages total, and only the most casual greetings if they passed in the halls. Ben had protested, but Dean promised that if he followed those rules, he’d be allowed to come over Friday night.

Hugh and Justin walked by his cubicle intentionally on their way to lunch every day now, the only time Justin would come within a ten foot radius of his cube. They talked about him loud enough for him to hear, and he knew it was intentional. It made him feel itchy, that his ‘friends’ were suddenly not his friends at all, that the thing with Dean negated four years of friendship. Though, he wasn’t sure he could remain friends anyway, at least the kind of friend he’d been.

Past-Ben was a little embarrassing, he realized, and a bit of a dick.

He ignored them again today as they walked by, though his eyes followed them out as they left. He felt a wide range of emotions quickly that all boiled down to a bit of disappointment, but mostly good riddance. He didn’t like Past-Ben that much anymore, and he didn’t like Past-Ben’s friends at all.

“Sure are asswipes, those two,” Aisha said, leaning over Ben’s wall from her cubicle beside him. She rested her arms on the wall and her chin on her arms.

He looked at her, slightly confused. She’d talked to him less than a handful of times since she’d moved into the cube beside his a few months ago. “Come again?”

She snorted, staring at him with piercing blue eyes. She tucked flyaway strands of black hair behind her ear, which drew attention to the piercing in her left eyebrow and the line of piercings up her earlobe. She tossed her head and the rest of her hair, tied up in a tight ponytail, swung over her shoulder and draped down her back. It ended somewhere around her butt he knew, though he couldn’t see it from his position. “Your friends,” she said, raising one eyebrow as if it was obvious. “They’re asswipes.”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess so,” he agreed. Why was Aisha talking to him? “Not sure we’re still friends, though.”

“No big loss, in my opinion. Don’t look so afraid, dude,” Aisha said with a bark of laughter. “I don’t bite, unless you want me to.” She rubbed her nose, it looked like a nervous habit, drawing his attention to the small red gemstone in her nose.

Heat rushed to Ben’s face. “I’m good,” he said, avoiding her eyes. It struck him that before Dean, he’d have been hitting on Aisha right back. She was hitting on him, wasn’t she?

She laughed again. “I’m Aisha, by the way.” She poked her hand into his cube.

“I know.” Still, he shook her hand by reflex alone. Her skin was hot and she squeezed his hand harder than was necessary. He tried to pull away but she held him with strength he hadn’t expected. She flipped his hand over, then pulled his fist open and looked at his palm, tracing the lines of his hand with her middle finger.

He tugged again, but she didn’t release him. He stopped fighting, sure she’d let him go whenever she was done with what she was doing. He’d never paid much attention to her, he’d always thought she wasn’t much to look at, but now that she held him captive, he found he’d been wrong.

Her features were pretty striking, dark almond eyes set in a deep tan complexion accenting her black hair and sleek cheekbones. Why had he never noticed before? Aisha pursed her lips to the side, then caught his eyes. “Your life is complicated, Ben.”

He snorted, then nodded. “At times,” he agreed. She released his hand and he pulled it back, rubbing his wrist where she’d held him tight. “Not to be rude, but you’ve never really talked to me before. Did you need something from me?”

She pouted. “Listen, Ben, your asswipe friends, well, they’re disgusting animals. Figured you were, too, since you hung out all the time. But now…” She shrugged. “I don’t think you’re actually like them at all.”

He watched her carefully for a moment. “I’m still me,” he answered, but it felt like the wrong answer.

Her expression said the same, and he felt like a third grader again in Mrs. Adam’s class when he’d messed up his multiplication table again. “You’re not the same Ben that sat here a month ago, Ben.”

He opened his mouth to refute her, then closed it again and nodded. “I guess I’m not,” he agreed. Dean cuddling with him on Tuesday night popped into his head, and he was canlı bahis glad he wasn’t the same him from a month ago.

Aisha whined a happy little whine. “That smile! You’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”

Ben reset his mask, trying to look skeptical and bored. “Who? Of course not.”

She laughed, clapping her hands. Ben saw she wore rings on most fingers, and the rings were attached to a bracelet by golden chains on her left hand. “That’s just adorable,” she gushed. “How’d he woo you?”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Aisha, no offence, but we really never talked before this. Why would I tell you something so personal? We’re strangers.”

“We’re cube-buddies!” Aisha dismissed. “It’s fine, I’m totally a safe space.” She leaned deeper into his cube. “You know you wanna talk about it, and now you don’t have any friends, much less the kind who’d understand, even if they weren’t asswipes.”

She was right, he found. He really did want to talk to someone else about Dean, about their relationship. Still… “I don’t know you at all.”

She frowned and pouted at the same time. “I guess that’s fair. Hmm… Well, you’re a sub, aren’t you?”


She frowned. “You’re so innocent. How can you be so innocent at your age? Submissive, Ben. You’re submissive to Dean, right?”

He paled, his stomach wringing with instant anxiety. “No.”

She laughed, clapping her bedazzled hands together again. “You’re absolutely a sub. Is Dean a good Dom?”

He blushed, turning away. “This isn’t the time or place, Aisha.”

“Oh, he is. This is great. I never thought you’d be into BDSM, Ben. You didn’t strike me as the type, but I can see it when you’re thinking about Dean. You’ve never been interested before?” She looked around, then shook her head, her ponytail swaying. “No, hold up.” She ducked out of sight.

He had a second of relief before she was in his cube. She wore a pale pink top hidden under an oversized cardigan that covered her body down to her thighs, and a long, khaki-colored skirt under that. “This’s better. Gabe’s being a nosy bitch. He has his suspicions that I’m not just a boring, unkempt millennial airhead, but I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction of finding out. Anyway, Ben, you were telling me about how Dean dominates you. Is he into spanking? Does he tie you up? Use toys? Humiliation?”

His face was on fire. She was blocking his exit, he was trapped in his cube with Aisha’s probing questions. “No,” he squeaked. “Aisha, I-“

“You’re so submissive!” she whispered excitedly. “You must melt in Dean’s hands. I didn’t know Dean was a Dom, is that how you fell into his trap?”

Ben cleared his throat. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re dating Dean,” Aisha said matter-of-factly. “Everyone knows.”

“How do you know it’s not just a rumor?” Ben countered.

She snorted, then rolled her eyes. “Your asswipe friends don’t talk to you anymore, they talk about you. It’s not a rumor.”

It stung. He wasn’t sad or anything, it pissed him off more than anything else. “They’re dicks,” he agreed. “Still, couldn’t we be fighting about anything and they just found something to make me an outcast?” His phone vibrated and he reached for it, looking for an excuse to stop talking to Aisha.

It was from Dean. He’d done his best to avoid sending Dean any texts all morning, he didn’t want to use up his ten each day, and he still wasn’t sure if that meant ten total between the both of them, like he only had five, or if they each had ten. He wasn’t gonna risk not getting to go to Dean’s apartment tonight. ‘No texts today?’ Dean asked.

‘Saving them up. Don’t wanna give you a reason to cancel.’ He looked up from his phone to find Aisha watching him raptly, looking giddy.

“That’s Dean.” It wasn’t a question.

“No it’s not,” Ben said, petulantly flipping his phone over.

“Liar. I recognize that smile, Ben. You’re in love. Admit it. Or, at least smitten.”

“I’m not smitten,” he said distractedly. His phone vibrated again, and was in his hands before he knew it. ‘I didn’t think you’d take it so seriously and not text me at all.’

‘Was busy, and now Aisha’s in my cube, grilling me about us.’ He regretted sending it the second his finger lifted from the screen.

Aisha’s finger tipped the screen down and she read it upside down until he slammed it, face down, on the desk. She smiled at him, a knowing smile. “Aisha, what do you want from me?”

“I wanna be friends. It seemed like you could use a friend, and… well, the office is a pretty lonely place for someone like me, too. I thought we could trade stories and such.”

“Someone like you?” he asked, though it hadn’t been what he was gonna say. “What’s that mean?” His phone vibrated again and he reached for it, then hesitated as Aisha leaned forward anticipatorily.

“You can check that. Wouldn’t want Dean to get all possessive at work now, do we?”

He hesitated, watching her, then checked his phone, holding it up so she couldn’t see the message. ‘Who?’

‘Next cube dweller to mine,’ he responded, bahis siteleri hoping Dean wasn’t jealous.

“Why are you even talking to me, Aisha?” Ben asked, nervous over Dean’s potential jealousy.

“Hmm.” She looked up thoughtfully. “I guess because I’m interested in you now. You’re not who I thought you were, like team asswipe.”

“You thought I was an asswipe?” he asked, eyeing her skeptically.

She laughed. God, she was bubbly. “Of course. Everyone here does. You were in Hugh’s posse.”

“Hugh’s posse?” he asked. “That’s just dumb.”

She shrugged, sitting on the edge of his desk. “Whatever.”

“So, now you don’t think I’m an asswipe.” He shrugged. “Great. Still doesn’t explain why you suddenly wanna be friends.”

She mock-frowned. “You’re into BDSM. I’m into BDSM. We can share stories and shit.”

“I’m not into BDSM,” he dismissed.

“You’re not?” she asked, then looked over his shoulder.

“No. You are?” He wanted her out of his cubicle, but he’d settle for the attention to be off of him.

“Sure am. This’s just my dayjob. I’m a dominatrix.” She seemed very proud of herself.

“You’re a what-now?” he asked. She had his full attention now.

“Men pay me, Ben, to be mean to them. Spanking, ball torture, chains and whips. Suspension. That kinda stuff.”

His head was exploding. He had a cursory understanding of what a dominatrix was, but Aisha was… He was having difficulty processing it. “Suspension?”

She nodded. “Ropes, chains, some rigs. I work out of Divinity, a local dungeon. You and Dean should come check it out.”

“I told you, I’m not-“

“Sure, sure,” she agreed, her lips pursed as she ignored his denial. “Of course you aren’t.” A huge smile erupted on her face as her eyes caught on something outside his tiny work habitat. He turned around to see what she was looking at and his breath caught in his throat.

Dean stalked down the row of cubicles, his face pinched. He stopped at Ben’s, his eyes on Aisha. “Ben, come here,” he demanded. “Now.”

“Yes, sir,” he said before he even thought it through, responding to the command in Dean’s voice. He stood up, avoiding touching Aisha, his heart thrumming against his sternum. Was Dean mad at him?

“Hmm. You sure you’re not a sub?” Aisha asked softly, a little too knowingly for his liking.

“Come, Ben,” Dean snapped, glaring at Aisha. He turned and stalked away. Ben followed him, looking back at Aisha. She was smiling like a kid in a candy store. She caught his eye and waved at him, then ducked back into her cubicle.

Dean didn’t say anything as he stalked through the halls. It was lunchtime, so there weren’t that many people around, but those who were didn’t seem to spare as much as a glance as he chased Dean down the main corridor. He followed Dean up two flights of steps, then down another long hallway. Dean pulled keys out of his pocket and opened a nondescript door, then pushed Ben inside and slammed it behind them.

The room smelled like dust and dry paper, and was dimly lit by a window in the corner covered with half-broken mini-blinds. Ben didn’t have time to look around as Dean grabbed him by his shoulders and slammed him against the door. Startled, Ben froze up, which allowed Dean free access to his shoulder. Dean’s teeth sank into his flesh over his dress shirt.

He moaned, he couldn’t stop himself as Dean’s firm bite began to sting and showed no sign of relenting. Dean’s hand covered his mouth and he bit harder, pressing Ben against the door with his body.

“Dean,” he moaned between his lover’s fingers. He licked Dean’s fingers, trying to suck one into his mouth. His hips jumped into Dean’s groin. Dean bit down hard enough that he was squirming, hard enough that he knew he’d have a bruise. The thought of Dean’s possessiveness, of the mark he was leaving made him hot.

“Ben,” Dean said after he released his now-sore shoulder. “What the hell are you doing? Why’d she call you a sub?”

Ben caught his mouth in a kiss, too turned on to care where they were. He wanted Dean to bite him again, wanted his mark somewhere visible. Wanted to show off that he belonged to Dean. The ideas came from nowhere, and a more reserved part of him wondered when he’d started feeling like this. Worried that it wasn’t like him.

Dean kissed him back, hard and needy, and he could care less what was or wasn’t like him. Aisha was right, he’d changed. For the better, too. Dean’s hand wrapped around the back of his neck and clamped down, causing his hips to jump again. “Dean…” he moaned.

Dean broke away from their kiss, his eyes wild. He squeezed Ben’s neck, tilting his head to look directly into Ben’s eyes. “What the hell were you doing with Aisha Battacharyya?”

He wanted more kisses. “Huh? She sits next to me.”

“You’re friends?” Dean asked, forcing Ben to look him in the eyes.

He shook his head, still spinning from the kiss and possessive bite. “Not really. First time she’s talked to me.”

“Why’d she say you’re a sub?”

He shrugged. “She took a guess. I didn’t bahis şirketleri tell her anything. I swear,” he said, worried about how Dean would react.

Dean relaxed a little, then deflated. “What the fuck am I doing?” he asked, pulling his hand away from Ben’s neck. He turned and walked away, leaning on the unused desk beside the window. The office was small and hadn’t been used in years, from the layer of dust on the desk, still cluttered with paperwork from whenever it had last been occupied.

“Where are we? Is this someone’s office?”

Dean shook his head. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that, yea?”

Ben looked at him, but Dean’s back was still to him. “Were you jealous?”

“She’s fucking gorgeous,” Dean complained.

Ben shrugged. “I dunno. I never really paid her much attention.”

“Well, she is. I’m sorry,” Dean apologized again. “I was outta control.”

Ben adjusted his swollen member in his pants, then stepped behind Dean. Dean flinched at his touch. “It’s hot.” He rubbed himself against Dean’s ass.

“I was the one who told you not to make our relationship obvious, and here I am, throwing a temper tantrum at the thought of a woman in your cube.” Dean stepped away from him.

“Don’t care,” Ben said, pacing him, pressing himself against Dean. “Does anyone else know about this office?”

Dean shrugged. “I guess, but this part of the building is pretty unused. There was a water line break and it ruined a bunch of offices, and instead of fixing them, people just moved out.”

“So, can you lock the door from the inside? Like, who else has keys?”

Dean turned to him sharply. “We can’t do stuff at work, Ben.”

Ben smiled, wicked ideas running through his head. “Why not?”

Dean opened his mouth to answer, but he didn’t say anything. He bit his lip, and Ben felt like a bug under a microscope as Dean studied him. “You…”

“Dean,” he said, stepping up close. He kissed Dean again, a simple kiss on his cheek. “I’m so hard. You’re jealousy, you, how you reacted, it has me so hard.” He took Dean’s hand and pressed it against his erection. “See?”

“God, Ben. We shouldn’t, we’re at work.”

“I dunno about you, but I’m on my lunch break,” he purred, rubbing Dean’s hand over himself.

“Mmm,” Dean moaned. “You bring out the worst in me, Ben. Dammit, I want you so bad. I wanna fuck you on this desk, I wanna ride your ass and cum inside you, then make you go back to work…”

He moaned. “Do it,” he whispered.

Dean’s other hand closed over the one Ben was rubbing himself with. “Stop. We can’t.”

“Sure we can.”

“We could lose our jobs,” Dean reminded him. Despite his words, Dean’s hand kept moving, the one rubbing Ben’s junk.

“Door’s locked?”

Dean nodded. “Of course.”

“Good. Dean, please. I was good all week, I didn’t text you or come over to your side of the building at all. Can I have a reward?”

Dean released his hand and turned him around by his shoulders, then pushed him towards the door. His heart fell, he really thought Dean was gonna give in and take him. The idea had made his cock strain against the confines of his pants.

Dean surprised him when he pushed Ben against the closed door, then took his mouth forcefully. Dean kissed him hard, rubbing his hand over Ben’s cock, pressing it firmly. “You want me to fuck you here, for your first time?”

“Whatever you want,” Ben said between frantic kisses. If Dean didn’t stop fondling him soon he was going to cum in his pants.

“What do you want?” Dean asked, holding Ben back from resuming kissing. He was serious.

Ben sighed. “I want you, Dean. However you want me.”

“You really want your first time to be in here?”

Ben bit his lip, contemplating it. “Not really. I mean, it’s so freaking hot that I’m about ready to bust in my pants right now, but I’m also a little afraid of my first time, and I’d rather be comfortable.”

Dean smiled warmly. “Good boy,” he praised, kissing Ben again.

“Hmm?” Ben asked as Dean bit his bottom lip. “Why?”

Dean released his lip, then ground his hips into Ben’s, trapped against the door. “You told me what you wanted. You haven’t done much of that, I wanna know what we’re doing is good for both of us.”

“Oh. Okay.” He kissed Dean again. “If you don’t stop, I really will bust a nut in my shorts.”

Dean’s hand stilled, then he pressed down hard. “Do you wanna cum?”

“God, yes, Dean. But, maybe not in my pants right now. I don’t have anything to change into.”

Dean’s eyes caught a wicked glint. “You should stop giving me naughty ideas, Ben.”

“Why?” he asked, leaning forward to catch Dean’s mouth again. “I like you when you have naughty ideas.”

Dean caught his mouth, held it between his thumb and fingers. “I wanna cum, Ben.”

Ben swallowed hard. “Yes, sir.”

“I don’t have anything to change into. You need to make sure I don’t make a mess, yea?”

Ben moaned, then twisted, pulling Dean with him. He pressed Dean against the door, then dropped to his knees, taking Dean’s fly down with him. The smell of Dean’s lust caught him off guard as he pulled him out of his pants, making his head swim. He licked the bottom of Dean’s shaft, feeling the silky smoothness of it on his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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