Boys Need To Learn Pt. 03

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Chapter 3: Kitty takes the Lead

Over the next two days, Kitty’s interactions with her brother, Matt, were monosyllabic at best. She wasn’t sure why. OK, he’d fucked Penny, but so had she. There was also the problem of her mother and James, and Kitty’s rekindled wanting for him. And on top of that, there was another deep dark secret that she held. One she had almost revealed to Penny after being deliciously seduced by her.

Never one to over examine a problem preferring action to contemplation, Kitty decided to act. She told Matt she wanted to see both him and James together so they could sort out things between them. Kitty had suggested the beach, as it was public and neutral territory, but they could be private, as well. Being vain and a bit of a beach bunny, she wanted to work on her tan, and didn’t see why she should miss out on that while she sorted out the problem of her brother and his friend.

Kitty drove to a beach that neither boy recognised, but it was one she frequented occasionally. They got out of the car, and James was delighted at the look of Kitty. She was wearing the shortest of a flimsy maroon coloured sundress in the colours of Manly, the NRL team they all followed, and a pair of thongs (Flip-flops).

Strolling casually along the beach, Kitty suddenly stopped, reached down, grasped the hem of her sundress, and in one swift and easy movement pulled it over her head. It took a moment for it to sink in, then both boys registered that Kitty was totally naked. Her medium-sized boobs bouncing freely before settling proudly on her chest. She gave a little twirl showing off her toned body and perfectly formed tight pert bum to the boys.

It was hard to tell whose mouth was open wider, James’ or Matt’s. Of course, both boys had seen Kitty in the tiniest of swimsuits, but never totally naked before. Naturally, they’d both imagined what she would look like, and if pushed, both would have admitted to jerking off over the idea of seeing her that way.

“Come on guys, get the budgie smugglers off. That’s if you dare.” Kitty teased as she made a beeline to a patch of rocks that appeared to offer some cover and privacy. It was then that Matt and James realised Kitty had brought them via a circuitous route to Reef Beach, a well known nudist haunt.

Both boys looked in stunned silence at one another, then followed Kitty to the rocks that formed a secluded spot. As they did, they made no secret that they were admiring the sway of the twin moons of her pert little bum. Kitty appeared to be swaying them seductively, enticing them to follow her into the secluded area.

Turning to face them, Kitty made a grab for James’ swimming shorts; neither boy was actually wearing budgie smugglers; it was just a turn of phrase that Kitty had used.

He backed away but stumbled as he did. As his arm flung out for balance, it brushed against Kitty’s right boob.

“Naughty boy,” she teased, but James’ stumble had allowed her to grab his shorts and drag them down. His cock, naturally hard because of the sight of a naked Kitty, sprang into view. Kitty smiled and licked her lips while James stood none pulsed wondering what the hell was going on.

“Come on, scaredy-cat, get yours off too. You’re the only one of us three with any clothes on,” Kitty taunted her brother, pressing just the right buttons with him.

“So what the hell was that the other day with you and our mums?” Kitty got straight to the point as soon as Matt was naked as well.

“What do you think?” Matt replied.

“To me, it seems like you were screwing the tits off the pair of them,” Kitty retorted crudely.

“It was more the other way,” James corrected her.

“Yeah, Penny told me they’d decided you were such wimps that they needed to pop your cherries for you.” James gasped at the mention of his mother’s name and the intimate way Kitty had used it.

“You call my mum by her name?”

“I do now after she seduced me yesterday, that is. God, Jimmy, your mum’s good at licking a pussy.” Kitty was the only person in the world who called James, Jimmy.

“You what!”

“Penny seduced me yesterday, not that I needed much persuading. She caught me frigging myself off and, well, moved in. God, what an afternoon. I came so many times. She told me all about what she and mum did with you two.”

The boys couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Mainly, because in the past, supertoto yeni giriş Kitty had been reluctant to share anything about her love life with either of them. James, she couldn’t do, as she wanted him, but he’d never done anything towards making a play at her. Matt, well, he was her brother and although close, not that close. Kitty had always wanted to be closer to both boys, but never had managed to do it.

James and Matt were staring unashamedly at Kitty’s nude body, taking in the perky boobs with small, cherry red nipples. Nipples that were excited and pointing out. Her flat stomach and the widening of her hips and firm, toned thighs. Both lingered their gaze on her pussy. Kitty stood quietly still as if posing and encouraging them to admire her body.

“OK, so it took our mum’s to pop our cherries. At least we learnt from a couple of experienced women,” Matt said. “But what’s this all about? You didn’t need to bring us out here to tell us what you know. And why Reef Beach?”

“So I could get naked and tease the pair of you. Why should mum have all the fun? Jimmy, I’ve wanted you for years,” Kitty said as she walked closer to him and draped her arms around his neck. Pulling him into a passionate kiss, pressing her body tightly against him, feeling his hard cock against her thigh.

Breaking the kiss, Kitty turned to her brother and indicated that he should join them. Matt hesitated at first, not sure what Kitty had in mind, but the smile she gave him melted away any doubts or hesitation and he quickly joined Kitty and James. Kitty turned to him and kissed him with the same intensity as she had done to James. Like James, Matt’s cock had responded as Kitty expected and wanted it to.

Somewhere deep in his psyche, Matt knew this was wrong. Kitty was his sister. But he was a horny guy and instinctively went where his cock led and that, in this instance, appeared to be to his sister.

James just didn’t take in the implication. All he knew was that a couple of days ago he’d been cherry; until he’d lost that to a sexy older woman. Now, her daughter, a girl he’d secretly lusted after since he was well too young, was naked and pressed up close to him. And that was after she’s admitted to a lesbian encounter with his mother.

James’ world was spinning on its axis, and he was only just able to hang on for the ride. He turned to Kitty and passionately kissed her.

Kitty sighed into the kiss as James’ lips covered hers. She wasn’t sure if the sigh was caused by the kiss, James’ hands as they played with her boobs, or Matt’s fingers that were pressing deep into her pussy. Taking control of it as he worked them in and out of her tight, but wet, hole.

Kitty surrendered herself to the moment as four hands roamed unchecked and welcomed over her tender young body. They caressed and squeezed her boobs and bum. Fingers invaded her pussy, and she ground her pelvis down on them, forcing them deeper inside her body. Once, she realised that both boys had at least one finger inside her at the same time.

This knowledge turned her on even more. Her pussy was already flooding.

The idea that she would soon be having sex with, fucking her own brother, had caused her less worry than her feelings over the lesbian encounter of a couple of days ago. No, what caused her the most anguish was the idea that she would be doing it in front of, and in conjunction with, a boy she had secretly dreamed about for years.

Although she had a reputation of being a bit of a slut and an easy lay, she wasn’t as promiscuous as many people believed. Yes, she’d gone with several boys; willingly had sex with them and, when she did, she was very uninhibited, having no limits. But she had turned down a whole lot more than she had actually gone with.

Now she was going further and being wilder than anyone could have expected of her. She knew both James and her brother Matt had, if not lusted after her, at least wondered what it would be like to go with her. She had done exactly the same over them. Both of them.

Kitty broke the kiss with James, aware that Matt had locked his lips on her left nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth. Kitty dropped to her knees before the boys, taking hold of their cocks, one in each hand. Smiling sweetly at James, she opened her mouth and slipped his cock into her mouth, closing her soft lips behind the bulbous end. Sealing them supertoto giriş tight on his shaft, she started to bob her head up and down. At the same time, her grip on Matt’s cock slightly tightened as she worked his shaft, rolling her thumb and forefinger over the head. Both boys were groaning in delight. James almost cumming, as the feeling of Kitty’s mouth and tongue as it worked his cock was so intense. Kitty relaxed her throat and, looking up at James, took him as deep as she dared; until his knob end was pushing down her throat. Kitty didn’t stop until her snub nose was pressing against his belly. She held him there for a second before backing him out of her mouth totally, coughing and spluttering as she did. His shaft was wet and sticky with her saliva.

Pausing only to shift position, she did the same to her brother whilst switching her hands onto James’s cock. Kitty alternated sucking both boys in turn until they were quivering wrecks. Now Kitty was ready for some attention herself, so she lay on her back. As she spread her legs, she pulled James down alongside her and pushed his head between her thighs, hoping he would get the message of what she wanted from him. He did, and without hesitation, did exactly just what Kitty hoped he would.

Matt knelt next to his sister and kissed her once on the lips, his tongue playing with hers. Then he kissed his way down her neck over her shoulder and onto her boobs. Sucking and licking them, flicking her nipples with his tongue. Occasionally nipping at them with his teeth. The more Matt kissed and played with Kitty’s boobs, the more excited she became, and the more excited she became, the more her pussy tingled and flooded with her juices.

James placed his face up close to Kitty’s pussy, taking a moment to gaze at the sheer perfection of it. The thin outer lips, guarding that most intimate of places. Kitty was trimmed almost to the point of being shaven. The smell of her sexual excitement was wafting over James, increasing his lust and desire even higher. Despite having licked only one pussy in his life before, James had had a good teacher and so knew what to do. He blew a soft breath of warm air over Kitty’s pussy before placing the tenderest of kisses on it. Kitty pressed her hips forward to meet him, but James pulled back, teasing instinctively. A second kiss, this time more forcefully, descended on Kitty’s increasingly desperate pussy. This time the kiss stayed as James’s mouth covered Kitty. A pink tongue pressed forward from James’s mouth and licked up and then back down the length of Kitty’s pussy, pushing deeply into her slit. Kitty moaned in delight, the vibrations echoing in Matt’s mouth as by now he was kissing his sister passionately.

James’ tongue continued to play with Kitty’s pussy as she grew more and more desperate. Her orgasm was already building; she’d never got so close so quickly before. Her legs were now draped over James’ shoulders as she held him in place. Her silken thighs tightening around his head. James’s tongue increased both the speed and intensity it was licking at Kitty, delving deeper and deeper, pushing into her opening and swirling around. Kitty screamed and thrashed as her orgasm hit her. She was that forceful, she threw both boys off.

James didn’t wait for Kitty to come down. His cock was throbbing and demanded to be buried in Kitty’s sweet young flesh. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders as he knelt between her trembling thighs, took hold of his cock and plunged it deep into her. Rocking his hips back and forth as soon as he felt settled and secure. Her pussy felt hot and silky, like velvet. Her orgasm had made her incredibly wet, so there was no friction as James’ hips powered his cock remorselessly in and out. Kitty was bucking and writhing as she fought to match James’ relentless rhythm.

Turning her gaze to look at her brother, who was looking on in awe, as his friend pounded away at his sister, Kitty motioned for Matt to get closer to her. As Matt knelt next to Kitty’s face, she guided his cock into her mouth and sucked on him.

Matt mirrored his friend’s actions as he pumped his cock in and out of his sister’s willing and talented mouth, knowing that he wouldn’t last long. The sight of Kitty being fucked before his eyes, and the feel of her lips on his cock were too exciting and erotic for that.

“I’m cumming,” he managed to gasp, allowing Kitty supertoto güvenilirmi the chance to pull off if she wanted to. Kitty didn’t pull off, if anything, she held him deeper in her mouth. Her lips, sealing around his shaft as Matt fired blast after blast of hot, thick, sticky cum down her throat. Kitty swallowed as much as she could, but she wasn’t concentrating on Matt in her mouth; all her thoughts were on James and her pussy. The way he was pounding away into her and the sensations it was giving to her.

Matt had moved away from Kitty and James as they continued to… What? He couldn’t describe it. The actions were fast and frantic, but there was a sense of loving between them as well. His sister and his best friend were making love together, hot passionate love, and he had a ringside seat. Hell, he’d even been involved. As he looked on, the intensity of the pair, the memory of Kitty’s lips on his cock, and the way she had greedily slurped his cum down her throat began to get him hard again. Soon he was stroking his cock, ready for some more fun with his twin sister.

James felt Kitty’s pussy clench down tighter as her second orgasm overtook her, triggering his own release. James felt his balls pull up into his body as his cock incredibly seemed to grow bigger and harder at the second he exploded. Cum raced along his shaft, jet after jet spurting out of him to fill Kitty’s pussy. James held himself steady as he pumped Kitty full of his hot liquid. Eventually, he pulled out and fell to the side, a trickle of his cum escaping Kitty’s pussy as it slowly closed.

Matt didn’t, or couldn’t wait. He grabbed hold of Kitty, flipped her onto all fours, facing away from him and, ignoring the fact her pussy was full of his friends cum, slammed his cock deep into her. Kitty screamed out in ecstasy. Still in the throes of her receding orgasm, she responded instinctively.

“God, yes,” she screamed as she obeyed her body’s primal urging. Matt gripped Kitty’s hips and used them to pull her back onto him. Time and time again, he fucked in and out of his sister’s pliant body. Matt knew this was wrong; this was incest. Taboo, possibly the greatest and last taboo in the western world, but he didn’t care. Kitty had clearly invited him to take part, and never once had she tried to stop him. That turned Matt on even more. Who would have guessed his sister was so hot and kinky.

Kitty was thrusting her hips back at Matt, matching his impatient movements with more controlled, but equally forceful and lust-fueled moves of her own. At the same time, she was busily cleaning James cock of her own juices and the last remnants of his cum. She loved the taste of their combined juices. She’d never done anything like that before. Yes, she’d sucked cock and had let guys cum in her mouth, but she’d never cleaned a guy up afterwards before now.

As she let James slip from her mouth, she sensed Matt was on the verge of cumming and shouted out, “Matt, don’t cum in me for fucks sake. Use my mouth, or cum on my tits, but don’t cum in me.”

Matt had enough control, and Kitty’s timing was perfect as he was just on the verge of exploding. He pulled his cock out of his sister’s pussy and splashed his load over her belly and tits. Groaning as his hand was a blur on his cock as he stroked it to a finish.

All three exhausted and happily sated teens collapsed in a tangle of hot, sweaty bodies as they recovered. Kitty looked over at the two boys without any sense of shame at what they had done, smiling as she joked. “Why the hell did we not do that before? Oh yeah, there’s this guy’s code of not hitting on your mate’s sister. Isn’t there a guy’s code that you shouldn’t hit on your sister as well?”

Matt managed to regain enough of his senses to reply, “I think it was you hitting on us two.”

Matt’s cum had dried on Kitty’s body, leaving a sticky stain, so she got up and ran down to the sea. Plunging in, she swam around for a while, allowing the warm salty water to cleanse her skin. The water didn’t cleanse her mind of the thoughts running through it though.

Kitty took her time making her way back to the secluded place where the boys were, at the same time allowing anybody who wanted to admire her sensuous body. She thought she saw a pair of older women, one dark-haired and curvy, and the other slender and blonde emerging from behind some rocks adjacent to where all the action had taken place. Kitty realised with a start that if the women had wanted to, they could have seen and heard everything that had been going on.

She was too far away to distinguish the women clearly, but she turned cold as her heart filled with dread. She had a very good idea who they were.

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