Break Up with Your Girlfriend

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This story is fiction and this is my first story posted on here! All characters have been randomly named and are all over the age of 18 years. Thanks for reading.


You could never explain your lustful wants. It wasn’t like you had a list of every person you wanted to bang, at least on paper. You’ve mostly been with men and some women along the way. You never cared so long as the chemistry was there and that chemistry was always there the moment you met her. Isabella, or as everyone called her ‘Bella’ for short. She was leggy, tan, it was as if she was sculpted by an angel who owed her parents a favor. She had everything, looks, the charm, the money and even the boyfriend. He was cool, they were on and off for some time but that never stopped you from fantasying about her. Usually if someone was in a relationship it was automatic turn off but secretly you lusted after her. You’d make up these fantasies in your head of her cheating on her boyfriend with you and having to sneak around behind his back. It turned you on like crazy but yet Bella was out of reach. She always fell back in love with her ex boyfriend. It wasn’t like you wanted to be with her forever, you just wanted to know what she’d feel like. To have your bodies touching more passionately, than the typical fun-grinding on the dance floor with your tipsy friend. It wasn’t like you were jealous of her ex either. He was a cool guy but Bella was the loyal type in a relationship. So you knew you could never have her so long as she was in a relationship.

Luckily, that all changed this summer. They broke up again, this time it was expected. This break up was a little messy since she had been living with him in his apartment. Bella needed a place to crash so she was staying with her sister but even her sister grew tired of her like all sister do and Bella thought it would be best to give her space. So she asked to crash at your place this weekend. When Bella was going through this breakup, you really did all you could to make her feel better. You promised they’d have a wild summer with no responsibility and no more exes. On the first weekend she stayed over, you suggest club hopping or attend some free event. In the back of your mind you knew this would be hard, Bella was after all going to sleep in your bed. Not only that, she was unapologetically so comfortable in her skin. She loved being naked, skinny dipping, and wearing tops without any need for a bra. She was so close to flawless, at first glance you’d think so too.

It was a Saturday night you both went out dancing at the club with friends. It really wasn’t both of your thing but from time to time it was always fun. You stumbled hand in hand from the lyft towards your apartment lobby. The remembrance the night had you both in giggles and hunger. “Let’s order some food and get into our jammies like old times,” Bella said. As the night progress, after the make up came off, the food we shoved down our throats, and fresh showers before bed didn’t make us tired. Our energy made you feel even more alive and awake. You decided to turn off bahis firmaları the lights and watch Friends in the background and hopefully drift to sleep.

As Bella watched the show and scrolled through her phone you began to fall asleep. She joins you, letting you be the big spoon. Grabbing your arm and placing it over her. You begin to dream and all your life you’ve been such a lively sleeper. Of course you dream about Bella, you spent the last 24 hours with her but you dare couldn’t predict your dream would be a sex dream. It began with some soft moans that escaped your lips and your grip becoming tighter. You were dreaming about being at the club that night, where you a Bella were grinding on each other but this time it was even more raunchy. Your hand slips below, as you reached up her skirt in your dream and began to cup her. You teased her, you began rubbing her clit and you were full sleep mode. It wasn’t until you heard the loud sound of Bella’s gasp followed by the words, “Oh my god” that you woke up. You sat up quickly, embarrassed, remembering everything quickly. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I was dreaming! Holy shit, I’m so sorry.”

You sat up quickly while all Bell said was, “What were you dreaming about?”

“…Well I dreamt we were at the club and we were dancing- listen I’m sorry. I’ll sleep on the couch if I totally freaked you.”

You tried to defuse it, brush it off quickly to save yourself of the embarrassment. “No stay,” Bella said as she sat up. “So that’s what you’ve been into this entire time? I thought you were just taking a break from boys.”

You tried to laugh it off. “I guess the shots we took tonight kind of got me carried away in my dreams.”

“Were you dreaming about me?”

You blushed hard. You couldn’t deny it anymore. You could try to convince Bella and yourself that it was nothing but that would be a lie and you weren’t going to do that now that you were blushing. “I guess when we were dancing it really turned me. Plus the alcohol, it’s been a while since I’ve been with someone… and yeah.”

Bella smiled she was pleased with your honesty. She quickly wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you in for a passionate kiss. Your tongues collided and a surge of heat coursed through both of your bodies. “I know you just went through a break up but Bella I’ve always wanted you, even if it was for a night.”

Bella was grinning, she began removing her satin nightgown, that barely covered anything by the way. You couldn’t believe it, she was willing and able to give into you, her gorgeous body naked in front of you. You desperately remove your clothes watching her slide her patties off. You dreamed of this moment. It felt like Cinderella getting her wish. You began kissing her neck and fondling her breast, you move down sucking one nipple at a tip. Kissing almost every inch of her body until you made it all the way to her fresh pussy. It was so cute and perfect. You knew after this moment the future of your friendship would be compromised but the instant gratification seemed worth it. You flick kaçak iddaa her clit with your tongue, getting a shiver as a response and then you latch on. You suck on her clit and began playing and teasing it. Loving the taste of her peachjam, you watch up at her in the darkness her brows furrow. Her eye shut, one hand caressing her breast and another resting on your wrist. It was almost enough to see her in this ecstasy but you wanted more. You gently rubbed her clit with two fingers, getting it glossy and wet before entering her hole. She moans at the entry which turns you on even more but her eyes stay shut. You rework your tongue on her clit and start pumping in and out of her. From her grip on your wrist you can tell she’s close.

“Fuck,” she quietly says. “Keeping going baby.”

So you pick up the speed, this time adding a third finger in her, really giving it all you’ve got and only stopping once you hear that precious mouth speak. Which didn’t take long because you heard her gasp and moan. You felt her pussy clench around your fingers and continued to eat her out till she came down. It was so fucking hot and everything you wanted. You lick her clean, savoring in this opportunity and then you come back up to her, planting a passionate kiss. She giggled and then you slipped your fingers into her mouth. “I want you to taste yourself and then I want you to taste me.”

You thought it would be best if you sat over her face while she ate you out. What if this opportunity never presents itself again? She obligee, Bella worked her tongue over your clit several times causing you to softly moan. She gripped your thighs which caused you to look down at her. Her beautiful face in the darkness devouring your pussy, her pretty lashes sat on top of cheeks, as she tasted you. You felt you were close to coming by just staring at her eating you out. You begin to grind yourself on top of her. Her lips still putting in work and within seconds you start cumming all over her face, pushing yourself deeper into her until she licked you clean. When you got off of Bella she was full of giggles. Of course it wasn’t her first time with a girl, she was a free spirit as well but it was her first time with you and you both couldn’t hide the eagerness.

You caress her cheek feeling the wetness you left on her and kissed her passionately again tasting your nectar on her lips. That was great but you weren’t done with her. You never consider yourself a top. You’d like to give and take in bed but mostly be more submissive with men but with Bella you wanted to ravish her. To fuck her so good she wouldn’t even consider calling her ex for some dick, she’d come to you. You wanted to touch her at inappropriate times, cum in each other’s mouths and have sex wherever. On a beach, in a private plane, in front of her friends, in the shower. You were down for anything, it would be even better keeping it a secret. The idea of behaving naughty while no one knew what was really happening really turned you on. You wanted to take control, to have her beg, cry, scream and moan because of you. kaçak bahis Was it so wrong you to want to ruthlessly fuck her?

You smiled after kissing her for a few minutes. “I have an idea.”

You got up to grab your strapless dildo from your top draw. It was your favorite after some practice. You turn on the small vibration part that goes into you as Bella watched intently. You slowly slide it in you knowing adamantly you were going to fuck Bella tonight. “You wanna suck my cock?”

You both laughed because you both were always unable to take yourselves seriously. Bella crawled towards the end of the bed on all fours, lowering herself to ground, onto her knees like an obedient slut. She kissed the tip of the dildo before flashing her infamous smile up at you and then she guided it into her mouth. She began really sucking it like it was real cock. Taking her time, teasing it, which gave you another naughty thought. You brushed her with your finger tips before gently grabbing the sides of her. You started at s slow pace and then guided her faster. The view of her face being face fucked by your dildo turned you on so bad, you could feel yourself drip with anticipation. When you were done, kissed her again and licked the salvia surrounding her mouth. She tasted so good and that’s when you pushed her on to the bed. You line yourself up with her hole, teasing her slit with the tip of the cock before pushing it all the way into her. She groans loudly at the entry turning you on even more. You move in and out of her slowly, you placed your hands on to her breast and message them. She was a sight to see, you started to pick up the pace, this time gripping her hips so she’d meet your harsher thrusts. The room filled the moans, groans and cries from both of you. You pulled out causing her to moan at the loss of you.

“Turn over and lay on your stomach,” you said and Bella did so willingly. Her cute bum looked delicious, you just had to have a sample. With a quick slap against one cheek to the other and cry that escaped her mouth you tasted her perfectly perky hole. You slide your tongue in and out, gripping her cheeks apartment. Hearing Bella moan was heavenly. You then climbed over her, she looked so submissive. Not exactly what you were used to, she turned her cheek to look at you and then you plunge right into her. This time you wanted to fuck her rougher. You began thrusting into her like a madwoman and Bella couldn’t control her moans. You knew you weren’t going to stop until you both came. Bella looks back with you moaning, her eyes pleading like she wanted to come and that’s when you gripped her hair. Your rough thrust never stop and you can feel yourself start to shake as you cum. Bella was so turned on by you humming she came as well and the share gasps of air was silenced after several minutes. You collapsed onto of her, kissing the back of her shoulder. You realized you both have been sweating quite a lot.

When you finally removed the toy from both of your bodies, you rolled over and laughed. It was exhilarating to be with her, finally. You looked over at your phone to check the time.

“Fuck it’s four in the morning,” you laugh before biting your bottom lip. Bella kissed you again before dropping her arm over you. “Next time you can wake me up just like that.”

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