Calgon, Take Me Away!!!

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Six o’clock in the morning comes way too early anymore, it seems. As I reach over to slam the button on the alarm clock that has been buzzing incessantly for over a minute, my mind somehow manages to override my body’s desire to rollover for another 5 minutes. I turn my head for one final glance at my wife’s curvaceous form lying hidden beneath the blankets. Pivoting on the edge of the bed, I force myself to a standing position and begin the morning trudge to head towards the shower. The thought of what I had planned for the morning should have been motivation enough to start my day. But a late planning meeting with a general contractor I’m working with kept me away from home and yet another home-cooked meal. But my wife was in a good mood when I finally arrived home and that kept me from slumber for a while longer, if you know what I mean.

Nice, hot and steamy showers always seem to get me started in the right direction towards resembling something human in the morning, instead of that half-awake Neanderthal I tend to be. After toweling off and drying my hair, I make my way back to the bedroom to pick out my clothes for the day. I select a nice herringbone suit for the day with an Armani tie that I bought recently and gently lay them out near the foot of the bed. As I do so, I can hear my Blackberry buzzing on top of the night stand. Good. The vibrating device doesn’t wake my wife.

“Hello?” I answer.

“I’ve decided to take a bath,” coos the voice on the other end of the line. “Plenty of room for me and then some.”

I can see my wife stirring a bit in her cocoon of bed sheets.

“Oh, really?” I say. “What seems to be the trouble, Al?” Al is the name of one of my team members.

The voice replies, “The trouble is that I’m alone, completely nude, have a huge Jacuzzi tub and no one to share with. I’d say that’s a problem, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s definitely going to cause a headache or two. I’ll be there in about 45 minutes. I’ll take some extra time this morning to work on a solution. It may take a few hours.”

The voice feigns disappointment. “Aw. Forty-five minutes? You mean I have to lay here all by my little lonesome for that long? Whatever will I do to occupy my time?” As she says this, I think I can detect a faint buzzing sound in the background. I’m pretty sure she knows how to kill a few minutes of time.

“All right, then,” I say. “I’ll be out the door in a few minutes.”

“Don’t’ be late,” sighs the voice. “I guess I’ll just have to start without you.” Click. The voice really knows how to press a button or two. I can already feel myself start to stiffen underneath the towel wrapped around my waist.

My wife is still caught in the mystical world found somewhere between sleep and consciousness. She rolls over with her eyes still closed and half whispers, “Work calling you already?”

“Yeah,” I reply. “Apparently there’s a foul up with the contractor. Seems the engineer has specified the wrong concrete for the superstructure. It wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t already poured several of the footings. I’m going to have to figure out whether we need to destroy the footings and start over.”

“Sounds like your day just went to hell before it started,” she says, still nearly comatose.

I try to soothe any thoughts of another late evening. “I’ll call you around noon. It might cause a few delays on the construction side, but they shouldn’t need me for anything on-site for a few days.”

“Okay, sounds good,” she whispers. A kiss on the cheek seals the deal. No sense taking any chances by being gone more than normal. It has taken me years to perfect the personal and professional routines that I’ve developed.

I finish dressing and get ready to start the day. After grabbing my things from my home office, I’m in my BMW and whizzing down the cul-de-sac. I forego my usual stop to grab coffee or a latte and just point myself in the direction I need to go – the direction that will take me to the voice.

We met two years earlier at a local fundraiser for a charity I had just become involved in. Liza, (aka, the voice) had been a board member of the charity for a number of years and was sort of a professional volunteer. She sat on numerous boards and headed events and fundraisers for a number of them. Liza was more attracted to the social status of being involved than she was to the mission of those organizations. In the corporate world, anyone who is anyone tries to be involved in “giving back” since doing so looks great to your customer base and clients. In an odd sort of way, you have to donate money to make money and a hell of a lot of social and professional “networking” gets done at these types of events.

Liza was there as one of the main organizers and had been accompanied by her husband, Jack, who was an assistant electrical engineer from the engineering firm that was helping to build the enormous football stadium that I helped design as lead architect. Actually, Jack was more of an assistant-to-the-assistant type. Basically, he was a mid-level bureaucratic functionary with antalya escort a bad comb over. And he is an obsessive name-dropper. Which is probably why he wanted to introduce me to Liza so badly?

And when Jack introduced us, it struck me like a wrecking ball. The first thing that grabbed my attention was her eyes. Liza has the kind of gorgeous blue eyes that a man can gaze in and see his own reflection. I immediately glanced away, nearly afraid that if I looked into those eyes any longer I’d never be able to tear myself away. Moreover, she gave me the most sensuous look and stare that saw through every layer of masculine barriers I had ever constructed. For an instant, I was totally bare and vulnerable. With one glance, she could see everything that I ever was and anything I could ever be. Judging by the way her cheeks flushed and her chest swelled, I could tell the moment was just as powerful for her. Her looks and body could be described by every superlative known in the English language and still not come close to describing how gorgeous she was. I knew from that very instant that if the opportunity ever arose, Liza and I would become lovers in a passion I could only dream of. And one that could easily consume us both. There was no questioning the lengths that a man like Jack would probably go to just to get and keep a woman like this. And it was obvious why he obviously felt he needed to do everything he could to continuously impress her and give the impression of being important. Little did he know that doing so would start his wife on this path.

Jack and Liza live in a comfortable townhouse-style condominium about 5 miles away. The short drive there gives me some time to think about the true schedule of my day, which was never scheduled to start before 10:30 anyway. And although I tell myself that the drive gives me the opportunity to plan my day, the truth is that I spend most of it anticipating and fantasizing about what the next few hours will bring.

Jack is the very definition of a workaholic and is usually out of the house by 6:15 and always has to be the first one in and the last one to leave. You’d think that keeping a schedule like that, plus always making at least a two-hour appearance in his cubicle every Saturday would get him noticed by his superiors. It probably would have, if it weren’t for the fact that his compulsive name-dropping and brown-nosing weren’t so overbearing. Alas, instead of becoming a company alpha dog in his engineering firm, he became the company lap dog.

But, all that aside, I still perform the cursory check of his and Liza’s assigned parking spots as I pull into their lot. Jack’s Honda is gone while her Toyota remains. I park my vehicle about a block-and-a-half away in another condo complex lot, lest my vehicle be associated with Liza in any way. Parking in Jack’s spot would just be stupid. As an added benefit, I rather enjoy the short walk through the gates and into the courtyard gardens and swimming pool. A nice setting, if you don’t mind the close communal style of living that Liza and Jack’s complex offers.

I walk up to the poolside entrance to the condo, which is essentially their back door, and turn the handle slowly to ensure that it is unlocked. And the answer to the question you’re asking yourself, YES, the metaphor of ‘entering Liza’s back door’ never fails to amuse me. Perhaps sometime I will make better use of that metaphor!

The condo is quiet and I’m certain that no one has seen me enter. I make my way through the kitchen and head for the stairs. Once at the top, the scent of lavender candles fills my nostrils and leads me through the master bedroom and into the bath. The built-in tub is set in the corner. The site is amazing. Liza is covered in bubbles up to her neck. Only the very bottom strands of her brunette hair are wet, which somehow only adds to how sexy she looks. Lavender scented candles are set on the vanity and along the edge of the tub surround. Also set out on a platter and stand is a bottle of Mimosa and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

“I see you made it okay,” she says with a sinful hint of a smile.

“No problems here,” I say as I begin to undress. “I just used the backdoor like always,” I finished with an evil grin of my own. Our competition to outdo one another with innuendo is a favorite part of this relationship.

“Mmmmmmm, my favorite way to ‘get in’, too,” she says with an arched brow. “Looks like you’re “up” early, this morning,” she finishes with an evil grin.

From the moment I entered the bathroom, our eyes locked. One Liza has your attention, it is almost impossible to break it. I finish undressing and step over the ledge to enter the suds-filled basin that held my beauty. I slowly sink into the water, which is hot but not too hot. We sit across from each other and our legs immediately lock in an embrace of their own. Liza hands me a glass of Mimosa and a chocolate covered strawberry. We sit this way for a while, drinking the sweet beverage and enjoying the berries and just getting relaxed. The hot water and a little alcohol allow kemer escort us both to relax and gets the blood flowing – especially to the parts of our bodies where it will do the most good. From my vantage point, I am mesmerized by the sight of Liza’s ample C breasts literally floating in the water. The sexiness of my image of her is only enhanced by the fact that they are partially camouflaged by the bubbles – leaving just enough to the imagination. The soapy water also gives her skin a glazed, super-smooth appearance.

“Bathe me,” she says as Liza turns herself around in the tub and leans her back into my chest. I reach for her loofa from the edge of the tub and dip it in the soapy waters. I ring out some of the water onto her chest as she leans further back and exposes more of her chest and abdomen. I gently and slowly rub her tummy and breasts with the loofa and cup her other breast with my right hand. In the tub, her skin is smooth, slippery and ultra soft. She closes her eyes and begins to soak in the sensations of the loofa and my bare hand against her skin. I nuzzle her right ear with my lips and begin to lay soft, gentle kisses on her ear lobe and neck, both of which are incredibly sensitive for her. After a few moments, I ditch the loofa and slowly caress her breasts and rub her stomach under the water, occasionally pausing for a gentle and prolonged squeeze of both breasts. I gently squeeze each nipple from time to time and tweak them with my fingertips, allowing the cooler air to bring them to full fruition.

Eventually, I reach caress my way down lower and can feel the moistened, bristly hairs of her pubic mound. Reaching down just a bit further, Liza slightly gasps as my fingers find their way to her wonderful cleft. She gently spreads her legs, inviting me to begin to explore further. With her eyes still closed, she turns her head and softly kisses my lips once, and then holds her lips just millimeters way. I begin by tracing soft lines long each of her outer labia, all the way from her clitoral hood down to her perineum and back up again. I make the most of all of this soft surface area and the sensations that it has to offer.

After a few minutes of this teasing, I can sense the swelling of her lips and her clit begins to swell and poke its way through. My fingers sense the first presence of her wetness – a wetness that can be noticed even in a tub. As I continue to do this, Liza’s breathing picks up. She’s well on her way but she doesn’t want to get too far along.

“I think it is time to dry off a bit,” she says as she stands and rises from the water. The hot water has brought a pinkish red flush to her skin, which somehow makes her look more stunning. Perhaps it reminds me of the pre-cursor to the usual post-orgasmic flush and glow that I love to see her relax in at the end of one of our sessions. She grabs her terry cloth robe and hands me one of her towels that is almost the size of a small country. After getting out and drying off, I follow Liza into her bedroom.

Without a single word, Liza simply lies down on the bed and immediately draws her knees up towards her chest, fully exposing herself to me. This is what I love about this relationship – the total lack of pretension. She knows what she wants and how she wants it.

I kneel down to the edge of the bed and pull her closer to my face. As I lean in, I can see the first drops of dew that have formed and can smell the wondrous, musky scent that is emanating from her. Her lips are still red and swollen and just begging for a warm tongue to give them some attention.

With my hands caressing her stomach I lean in and start with a long, slow flat-tongued lick all the way from her perineum and along both sets of labia until I reach her clit. I gently suckle on her clit, sucking it slowly into my mouth and out again. Her breathing picks up and I can feel the muscles in her stomach tense and flex. I repeat this licking a few more times and allow more of her juices to coat her lips. Her vagina looks amazing with a glistening, shiny reddish appearance underneath the immaculately trimmed triangle of pubic hair. Liza used to shave completely until she found out that I love the look of pubic hair. She trims is ever-so-neatly into a perfect triangle to a point just above her clitoris. The rest of her pubic area is completely waxed. I then open my mouth wide and place it directly over her entire vagina and gently suck inward, pulling her inner and outer lips into my mouth as well as her clitoris. I begin to gently lick the entire area with my tongue in a big swirling motion, all while continuing to such everything in. The sensations are almost too much for her as she pulls my head in tighter and starts to grind her flesh into my mouth. I release and begin more fervent licking of her lips and clit, occasionally sucking and swirling again, savoring the incredible scent and flavor of her juices and they begin to steadily flow. I also make sure to take time between these cycles of licking and sucking by cupping her buttocks and lifting her up just a bit. I make konyaaltı escort a brief swirling motion around the edge of her beautiful dark pink anus, which elicits a shocked gasp. She doesn’t push me away and I can see the muscles in her sphincter spasm several times. I do this to let her know that there is NO part of this woman’s body that I don’t find sexy.

Returning my attention to her love canal, I once again take her completely in my mouth and repeat my swirling motion with my tongue. There is nothing in the world I would rather do than give this woman oral sex. I can’t stop thinking about it when I’m away from her between our once-a-week hook up. I love this woman’s vagina. I love the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it feels and the way it tastes. I absolutely cannot get enough of her. And judging by her reactions to my ministrations, she can’t get enough of my tongue, either. She begins to buck wildly, moaning and nearly hyperventilating as the big moment arrives. A large gush of fluid rushes from her depths and coats my face, the juices running down my chin and neck and onto the bed sheets.

She gently pushes my face away, as she can’t take any more for the moment. After a few minutes to collect herself, she pulls me onto the bed and forces me onto my back. Before I even have time to think, she attacks my penis and takes me COMPLETELY into her mouth on the first pass all the way to my scrotum. The first time she ever did this, I came immediately. Once I got over my initial embarrassment, she giggled and told me that she meant to do that. I have since come to expect it and am able to control myself. She deep-throats me one more time and then slowly withdraws until she has just the head in her mouth. With one hand she begins to stroke me while suckling me with shallow bobs of her head. With her other hand, she cups my testicles and actually grips my scrotum, slightly pulling down and massaging them as she does. She’s careful not to squeeze too hard, so as not to cause me any discomfort. The sensation of being sucked and having my sack fondled is a sensation that is too awesome to describe. Liza is a woman who prides herself on the ability to give a man a phenomenal blowjob.

Idle hands are the devil’s workplace and mine are no exception. While lying there and enjoying the amazing blow job I was receiving, my hands began to explore. As Liza continue to suckle and deep-throat me, my right hand found its way to the inside of her thigh. It was wet and slightly sticking from the juices from my earlier attentions. Sliding my hand up further my fingers find fresh wetness again. I slide my fingers all long her vagina back and forth, occasionally mixing in a circular caressing of her clitoris. My fingers become coated with her juices and she begins swing and moving her hips in sync with my actions. I pause in between passes to use my middle finger tip to make a few circular passes again around the edge of her anus, coating it with her natural lubricants as I do. The sensation is enough to make her stop what she is doing, eyes closed, and anticipating what might come next. Will I continue to massage her anus? Or will I slip a finger in and perhaps take the first step down a road not previously traveled?

With a mischievous grin, I take my time deciding. After 30 seconds or so, I continue stroking her now saturated vagina and clitoris and close my own eyes as I Liza goes back to working my engorged penis in and out of her mouth. My desire to taste that gorgeous woman has again peaked and I need to have her on my mouth again. Guiding her by the buttocks, I position both of us into a good old-fashioned 69 with her on top. Her legs and knees are spread apart on either side of my head, naturally providing an opening for her vagina. She is dripping wet and I thrust my head forward. God, she tasted wonderful! And the best part was the slightly taboo sensation of my nose occasionally bumping into her sphincter. I couldn’t help but be even more turned on by this, the slight odor heightening my already out-of-control sex drive for this woman. Perhaps it was because it was still something slightly taboo, a level of this sexual relationship we hadn’t really talked about. I couldn’t resist and I stopped licking her delicious honey for a moment and lifted my chin up just enough to get a good swirl in on that beautiful anus. The sensation was enough, once again, to stop Liza dead in her tracks. And for a few tense moments, I fiendishly tantalized her by letting the thoughts run wild in her mind of what might happen next. Will I? Or won’t I?

Finally, I realized I can’t take it anymore and I have to be inside Liza right NOW.

I pull myself out from underneath her and position Liza beneath me on her back. Standing at the edge of the bed, I place her legs together and embrace them with my arms, kissing the bottoms of her feet and suckling her toes. I position the head of my penis at the swollen entrance of her vagina. With a slow push I enter the warm, sensuous depths. The sensation from that first stroke nearly makes me lose control. She is so amazingly wet, slippery and tight and I can immediately feel her tense and grip my shaft with her pelvis muscles. I continue to stroke her this way and kiss and suckle her toes at the same time. Liza is taken away by all the sensations and experiences her second orgasm within minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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