CFNM Fetish Lottery Ch. 01

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Authors note: I detour a little from my usual story lines with this franchise. It’s about a married couple who explore one-on-one random fetishes with members of other swinging couples. It intentionally has a slow build-up with a little suspense. In this first chapter, I initialize the characters of Doug and Paula, an affluent married couple who enter the world of husband swapping. The males are kept at a disadvantage by being naked and won’t know their “wife” for the night until chosen. We also meet Freja, a retired Swedish sex worker who is fighting to save her failing business. Hope you enjoy it.

All Fictional Charters are adults over 18.

CFNM Fetish Lottery CH-1

Freja’s accountant Betty, a women in her early fifties, wearing a dark blue business suit, and an age appropriate hair style entered the office.

She had a grim look on her face as she took a seat in front of her boss’s desk.

“Freja, I have some very bad news for you!”

“We will likely have to close our doors within six months, sales have been very slow and you’re less than a year from bankruptcy!”

It had been six years since Freja left her homeland of Sweden to come to America. She used her life savings to open a sex shop on the outskirts of a big city in Nevada.

She had been a Stripper/Prostitute all her adult life and sex was the only trade she knew. Now that she was in her early sixties, her breasts were starting to droop and her crusty-leathery face revealed the countles hours she had spent in tanning beds. Her hair, once the typical color of a person with Scandinavian heritage, now was dull gray and impossible to manage. Her aging looks are what led her to move to America.

She had made a pile of money in her life practicing in the sex trade and now it was all sunk in a ten thousand square-foot sex superstore that was failing miserably.

She and her accountant were discussing a plan of action for saving the business when the day clerk knocked on my door jam.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop,” said Ava, a women in her early twenties wearing her customary loose fitting black sweats.

“Ever since I started taking marketing classes at the tech, I’ve had an idea for a way to boost business here.”

“Why are you bringing this to my attention now?” Freja asked.

“It’s a little farfetched, I figured you’d think I was crazy!”

“But desperate times require desperate measures!”

Freja looked over at Betty and she gave her one of those “What do you have to lose,” looks.

“Ok, you have our attention,” said Betty, “whatcha got?”

“Let me go to my car, I have jotted down a plan.”

Ava left, Betty and Freja could see her through the office window as she was shuffling around in her car. She gathered some papers and rejoined the two women. She took a seat, and placed a couple papers with scribbling’s on them, in her lap.

“Now, please keep an open mind and hear me out. I have given this a lot of thought.”

She stopped and checked her notes,

“The way I see it, business is bad because people are sparing the embarrassment of being seen buying sex toys, especially heavy fetish related items.”

“So those buyers usually shop the internet.”

“I see a demographic group that we can exploit.”

“Such as,” asked Freja.

“Swingers, I see it all the time, they are in here getting ideas to spice things up, but I can see the reluctance on their faces. I think it’s because their partner(s) don’t want to be the one to initialize it.”

“So how do we get them started in new kinks,” Betty asked, feeling skeptical.

“We use a lottery to randomly match a husband from one couple to a wife of another. Then we assign them a kink and a scenario for them to act out.”

“I figure strangers will be more likely to participate in a fetish with no judgment.”

“Now here is where things get interesting…”

“We need to make it a CFNM group. The women will be in charge, she’s also the one who will do the shopping.”

“Freja, you still own the vacant store next to us right?”

“Yes, and it’s been a money pit,” Freja said, “Nobody wants to set up a legitimate business next to a porn store!”

“Ok, so you bust open a doorway and use that space for these events.”

“We get couples to sign up, put down a healthy deposit, and agree that the husbands be naked, and the wives be fully clothed. We run a computer lottery to match the arraigned couples, assign a fetish, and then the woman does the shopping for any toys or items they will need.”

“Wait,” said Betty, “Just who pays for this?”

“The man does, he submits a credit card when he checks in.”

“What women wouldn’t love shopping with another man’s credit card?”

“We also give them a thirty percent discount on anything they buy in the store.”

Betty had a sour look on her face,

“Just what fetishes are we talking about?”

Ava checked her notes,

“Well, I put together a list and the products they will likely use.”

“We assign them to the wives and give them a narrative as to how they are escort bursa to be acted out.”

She handed Freja a handwritten list, mostly scribbles. Betty moved her chair closer so the two could read it together.

Freja glanced down the list,

“You know, I personally have done many of these over the years!”

“Some are kind of tame, others are more challenging, but I like the list!”

Ava went on,

“We rearrange the shop and displays by items used in the various fetishes.”

“Where do they act out these scenarios?” Freja asked.

“The women chooses, I think the ladies will feel safer if they controlled the location.”

“Now some of these fetishes require special furniture and equipment, I think there are many motels in the area that would accommodate us with specialized, discreet rooms that we can fully equip. We split the rental rate with them.”

Freja looked at Betty,

“Can you and Ava organize a plan and have a lawyer look at it?”

“I can,” said Betty, “I already know of someone that is hush-hush enough to show this plan, I know she will be thorough and confidential.”

Doug and Paula

I was in my usual Friday staff meeting when Paula, my wife of twenty years, buzzed my phone with several rapid texts.

She was rambling, but I deciphered the just of it was about a new swingers group.

She and I had a few sessions with another couple we knew, but we never went too far with it. I was to meet her ASAP at the corner pub. Her last text said “Be sure to bring your erection!

It goes without saying, she had my attention….

I darted out of the office as soon as I could and met her as requested. The bar tender directed me to a corner booth where she was sitting in the back of the room.

“Why don’t you order a stiff drink before we get started, I think you’re going to need one,” said my wife.

I flagged down the bar maiden and ordered a double scotch martini on the rocks. We were known at this bar as heavy tippers so it wasn’t long before I was taking my first sips with the intention to un-wind after a long week.

I looked up to see Paula with an evil smile on her face. I knew that look, and she was definitely up to something.

She slid a small paper flyer over to me,

“I signed us up for this, it’s held two Friday’s a month for five months. I put down a large non-refundable deposit so there’s no turning back now!”

I started reading the flyer and found it hard to believe what I was reading.

“What’s this,” I asked, knowing I’d be afraid of the answer.

“It’s a new group of swingers who swap husbands and act out assigned fetishes.”

I just briefly glanced at the list of kinks that will be acted out but was interrupted by my wife,

“I like it because the husbands are kept naked during the selection process, somehow it feels safer to me, and it puts the man at a disadvantage.”

“Where does it say that??”

“Right here on the bottom, it’s CFNM, which means the females are fully clothed and the males are naked.”

I looked over the flyer and found that acronym, then I felt a lump in my throat,

“This must be a typo, it’s got today’s date on it, that can’t be right!”

My wife gave a sinister laugh,

“Yes I know, I’ve been planning this for weeks, I knew if I gave you time to think about it you’d back out, now you have to act without thinking!”

“Drink up and order another and let’s go ahead and grab a quick supper. We have to be there in an hour and a half.”

“But that barely gives us time to go home and ch….”

She stopped me right there,

“You’re so cute, there’s no need to change, because you’re not going to be in those clothes much longer!!!”

Paula filled me in a little more during dinner,

I’ll admit it, the thought of being naked in front of several strange clothed women was having an arousing effect on me, and Paula noticed it,

“Well, well, looks like your little friend is ready, let’s go before you cum all over yourself!”

We paid the bill and went out the front door, Paula’s car was just down the street,

“We’ll come get your car tomorrow when we’re done!”

Tomorrow, done, I was puzzled.

“You do know this is an overnighter don’t you!”

“The rules are that the males spend the night practicing whatever fetish they get at a location decided by the female!”

After a short drive, I looked up and saw we were at the sex store, Paula pulled around the back. We were met by a female parking valet. Paula flipped her the keys and we entered through the back door. The entrance was no bigger than a large closet, and taking up a lot of room were several lockers. Some closed, and some open.

We were met by a young lady named Ava.

“I see Paula, all the paperwork is in order, you have listed all of Doug’s sizes and we have a credit card on file, so welcome!”

She turned to me,

“Give Paula your cell phone and put your clothes in locker number five!”

I looked around to find a place görükle escort to un-dress, the two women just looked at me and smiled. I got their point, my nakedness was now to be public so no privacy would be allowed. I started taking off my suit coat, tie, button-down shirt, pants, and shoes. I stood there naked except my underwear.

“Those too,” ordered Eva, a little impatient.

I stripped off my underwear, getting the fabric caught on my growing erection as I pulled them off. I piled my clothes into the locker and handed the key to Eva as instructed.

Ava handed me a neck chain with the number five on it and she told Paula that she was to be wife number four.

“How come we don’t have the same number?” Asked Paula.

“Simple,” Said Ava

“If couples had the same number, attendees would know who is married to who, this way we have a little mystery to it!”

“Now what happens if the computer matches me with Paula tonight? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the lottery?

Paula eventually knew the answer, but she motioned to Eva to answer.

“That can’t happen!”

“The computer is programed to not allow a match between spouses, and as time goes by, it also blocks the possibility of duplication of match and fetish.”

When I nodded my head indicating that I understood, Eva directed us to the proper doors.

“Wives go to the left, husbands to the right.”

“Once you walk through those doors you are not to acknowledge each other until we wrap up tomorrow.”

Doug’s Story

I gave Paula a peck on the cheek, she opened the proper door and walked through it. I could see it led into the sex shop. My door led to what looked like a vacant room, I let out a sigh of relief, thinking I would be alone in my nakedness.

I turned the corner and found my relief would be short lived. Sitting at a desk with her face buried into her computer was the attendant, a graying Swedish women named Freja. Next to her were nine other naked guys standing along the wall. Some stood proudly, others stood trying to minimize their exposure with their hands.

The men were a mixture of body types, some were obviously jocks, others just normal guys like me. I took my place along the wall.

The women picked up a microphone as her voice was heard over the loud speakers.

“I see everyone is here now,” said Freja, “so let’s get started!”

“The way this works, is that my computer has already matched the couples and assigned them a fetish.”

“All the ladies are in the store and once I push this key, the women will be notified of their specific match and fetish via their cell phones. That’s when the ladies will start shopping for supplies.

With their shopping completed, they will one by one claim their husband for the night. Each kink has a scenario for them to act out. I ask the women to keep their match to themselves until they leave with their partner. I must caution everyone not to react to their spouse when the matches are revealed.”

“Let’s get on with it then,” she said as she pushed the correct computer key.

Instantly we heard a commotion as the ladies received their matches and started a shopping spree.

The ten of us stood there not knowing what to expect.

I tried not to look, but I couldn’t help it. My eyes kept wandering down the line, mentally comparing myself to the other husbands. The men were in all stages of arousal so comparison to myself wasn’t easy but some were clearly well-endowed. I looked down and saw that I was at full erection, perhaps I had more of a kinky side then I first thought.

“Alright, we have our first lady ready to claim her man.”

I looked over and saw a women in her late thirties holding a shopping bag. There wasn’t anything special about how she was dressed. Black leggings, long brunet hair, fashionable red top. She walked up to Freja.

“We have wife number three, hold up what you have!”

The lady reached into her bag and held up two enema bags, and lengths of tubing.

The woman asked, holding up the bags,

“So who gets to spend the night with me worshiping each other’s asses with rim jobs?”

Freja announced,

“Oh, we have a combined fetish between enemas, and anal worship!”

She started walking down the line, teasing and fondling the guys as she walked back and forth.

She finally stopped at number two, a forty-ish man about five-nine with well-groomed beard and mustache. She grabbed him by his erect shaft,

“I hope your tongue will get as erect as this, we have a long night ahead of us.”

“We have a winner,” announced Freja.

She handed the woman his locker key,

“You can take him as is, or you can stop at the entrance and get him dressed, it’s your choice!”

The two walked out to the doorway and I could hear a car pull up.

There was a five minute pause until another knock at the door.

Freja put her hand over her ear as she received communication from someone in the store,

“We have women number one, please step bursa escort bayan forward and show us what you bought!”

She walked into the room fully nude, her D-cups bobbing as she walked, her pussy waxed and groomed.

The woman turned her bag upside down and it was empty.

“We have an Exhibitionist, you and your partner are going to do some streaking and public skinny dipping!”

The woman paraded herself in front of the guys and licked her nipples, she was a natural. She playfully checked some of the guys for penis size and arousal. She finally stopped at number nine who seemed pleased to be selected. He was about five six, hairless except for his blonde head.

“Make sure you two have bail money,” Freja teased.

Again a car was pulled around and they left.

Another knock, another women. She was dressed in a very high cut leather dress and knee high latex boots.

She walked over to Freja, I did a double take, and it was Paula. She looked sexy as ever.

“We have lady number Four, show us what you bought!”

Paula pulled out a pair of men’s leather crotchless pants with snaps in a large open area where the zipper should be. The next item out of the bag was a leather patch, it too had snaps on it. The pants were clearly designed for easy access to the genital area.

“Sex in public, you and your partner are to have sex tonight in three different public places!”

All the guys were focusing on her sexy legs as she walked over and started inspecting us. She bent over and showed us she wasn’t wearing any panties. Several of the guys sprang to full erection including me.

Then she turned around and showed us her bare pussy, her rosy lips were thick and inviting.

She was clearly loving the attention. I took heed the advice of the attendant not to make eye contact or otherwise acknowledge my relationship to Paula. We were not to show that, for tonight Paula (as well as the other wives) had to give the illusion they was single and available.

She eventually stopped in front of husband number seven, he was about six foot tall with curly ginger hair. There seemed to be an instant mutual attraction. She took hold of his erection, making note of its length and girth.

“Hey you two, take that outside,” Freja joked.

“We still have other honey men here waiting to be matched up!”

A noticeable knock was heard at the door, followed by what sounded like snapping of a whip.

“I think the next one is ready, sounds like we shouldn’t keep her waiting….”

Paula and her match cleared the area.

The next women walked into the room and the seven of us left took a collective double take and our jaws dropped. She was tall and slinky, the tight leather corset she was wearing showed off her gentle female curves. Her breasts were squeezed into perfectly shaped mounds. Her bare nipples were swollen and appealing. A leather thong barely covered her obvious camel-toe.

She sported a leather hat and her ensemble was finished off by knee high leather laced up boots.

She snapped her whip again.

Freja announced,

“OOO, now we’re really getting kinky, this is wife number six! Come forward and show us what you have!”

The woman walked forward and started doing a little show and tell for us. She had a set of metal handcuffs, a leather collar, and a plastic chastity device. She also displayed a ball gag, a leash, and the last item was a key.

Freja held up the key for all of us to see.

“We’re having fun now!”

“This key is to a motel room especially equipped for some female domination role play.”

The women walked over to husband number four. In no time he was gaged, cuffed, collared, and leashed. She tried to lock the chastity device over his cock, but he was way too aroused to put it on. We all were. This was an incredibly sexy women and I think we were all hoping we would be her match for the evening, but number four was the lucky guy.

“Looks like we have a little issue locking him up.”

She turned to the woman,

“When you get to the motel, go to the ice machine and apply some to his balls and that should take care of that boner, at least long enough to get him locked up that is!”

Number four was led out of the room.

The six of us remaining all looked at each other, I knew we were all thinking the same thing, who is next and what kinky thing was in store for him.

It didn’t take long until there was another knock on the door.

It was lady number two, she was dressed in a latex cat suit with zippers over her tits and crotch. Her bag contained a pony hood with binders, a leash, collar and two other items which Freja held up.

It was a small saddle and a riding crop.

Freja rattled the bag to identify that it still had one more item in it.

She held it up, it was a dildo with a leather mane attached to it, and then she reached under her podium and gave the women a large tube of lube.

“Somebody gets to be a pony boy, who’s the lucky guy?”

The woman walked over to number three. She put the hood over his head, applied the collar, and ordered him to his knees. She had him turn and put his head on the floor, this action had his ass on full display. A generous amount of lube was applied by probing his asshole with the woman’s fingers.

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