Cheese Danish

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Chase walked into the diner the same time he had walked in each workday morning for the past few months. Hanging his hat on the rack near the register, he moved down the bar to the third stool from the bend in the counter and sat down. He grabbed a menu even though he would order the same thing he had the day before.

Although Chase didn’t notice, Cindy had watched him walk through the door and up to his usual stool. She let him sit down and grab the menu before she grabbed an empty cup and saucer and the coffee pot. Watching him look over the menu, she walked slowly over to him, placed the cup and saucer on the counter and poured the coffee.

Placing the pot of coffee on the counter, she stood silently until she noticed him peek up from the menu and look into her eyes, only then did she ask, “What’ll be? You want a pancake or waffle or the usual?”

“I guess I’ll have the usual Cindy,” he replied, looking right up into her eyes.

“Now that’s two eggs sunny side up, two slices of bacon and two pieces of English muffin with Marmalade Jam.”

“You got it,” he said, folding the menu and sliding it behind the sugar dispenser. He watched her turn and walk back down the counter and hook the order on the spinning holder at the grill. He sure enjoyed how her hips swayed when she walked.

When she disappeared into the back Chase glanced over to the glass pastry display and noticed a single cheese Danish. It looked inviting but he refocused his attention as Cindy came back up to the counter and started talking to a couple down the counter a ways.

From where he sat he noticed the top two buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned and he caught güngören escort just a glimpse of the lace on her bra. He glanced back at the Danish and let his mind wander…

His fingers reached up to the third button and he playfully unbuttoned it with one hand. Moving downward, he quickly unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and then ran the palms of his hands up her stomach to cup her small breasts. Gently squeezing he leaned forward and kissed her, first lightly, then harder as he reached behind her and unhooked her bra.

Lifting the front of her bra upward, he cupped her breast once again letting her nipples poke out between his thumb and index fingers. Pinching them with his thumbs, he watched as they hardened, then kissed down her neck and moved his mouth to her breast, sucking in first her left nipple, before moving to the right nipple. He could hear her breath quicken as he ran his tongue in tiny circles…

“Here you go,” Cindy said, setting the plate down in front of him. She then grabbed the pot of coffee and poured a little into his cup. “Anything else?” she asked.

“No, no, this is good,” he replied.

Cindy then looked up and spotted the cheese Danish in the display and thought of offering it to him, but then moved down the counter when another diner held up his coffee cup. After pouring the steaming liquid into the man’s cup, she returned the pot to the brewer and then leaned against the counter behind her. Glancing back at the Danish she just gazed up at the ceiling wander…

Feeling his tongue slide down from her nipples onto her stomach, she knew his destination. Running her fingers over the scratchy halkalı escort stubble of his crew cut head, she lightly pushed downward, encouraging him. Opening her legs, she could feel her body begin to tremble as she felt his hot breath furrow through her soft curls before his tongue slid down between her lips.

She gasped, feeling his tongue slip inside her, probing, then circling. Hoping he liked the taste of her, she sighed as he moved back up to her clit. Feeling his tongue moving over it, enjoying the electric pleasure running though her body, the wet urgency building inside her, she pushed her hips forward, shoving herself onto his face…

She heard a customer clear his throat and she looked over toward the register. A man was holding his ticket and grabbing for his wallet. Quickly moving down the counter, she rang up the total, grabbed his cash and before she could make change, she heard him say, “Keep the change.”

Nodding to the man, she quickly figured the difference, pulled three ones and a few odd cents out of the drawer and stuffed them into the pocket in her apron. She noticed Chase slowly sipping his coffee and headed back toward the pot so she’d be ready to freshen his cup when he set it down.

Chase noticed Cindy move past, then glanced over at the cheese Danish, still in the display. He was about to ask her for it, but then paused, taking a deeper sip of his coffee as he watched her hips sway…

He could hear her moan as she came, holding his head in her hands as she shoved her pussy against him. Quickly pushing two fingers inside of her, he felt the pulsations that quaked through her body, again and içerenköy escort again. Only when they subsided did he pull his head away and move up to kneel between her legs.

Leaning forward, he felt her fingers take hold of his cock and guide it into her wet opening. Feeling her warmth and wetness envelope him, he pushed deeper and deeper into her, listening to her whimper in pleasure. He then eased his cock out until it nearly fell from her and then he thrust it quickly back into her. Hearing her gasp at being filled so quickly, he repeated the movement again and again…

“Want me to freshen that up for you?” Cindy asked.

“Oh, yes, please,” Chase replied, trying not to let her see his hand trembling.

“There you go,” she said, pulling the pot away from the cup. As she turned she saw the Danish once again as she moved to put the coffee pot back…

She could feel the urgency in him now, as if every muscle in his body strained to feel her. Her pussy fluctuated from the intense longing with his withdrawal to the ecstatic fullness of his thrust as he moved over her. She heard him moan and then felt the power of his thrust as he came, flooding her with his warm cum.

Suddenly she felt his weight as he collapsed upon her, his strength gone, the urgency quelled as he still twitched in pleasure. She could feel his cock soften inside her as she listened to his breathing. “Cindy,” he whispered to her, “Cindy I…”

“Cindy, I got a call. I’ve got to run here,” Chase called out, grabbing his wallet and tossing a bill next to his plate. As he reached to grab his hat she heard him say, “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Chase,” she replied, watching the light flicker off his badge.

Suddenly a bell rang behind her and she heard, “Order up, come on Cindy, let’s get these folks their breakfasts.”

While the bustle of the day whirled around it, the single cheese Danish in the display case remained untouched.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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