Chronicles of Chris Ch. 03

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Many thanks to to lancerinLA and leftylooo for their input and support.

This is a continuing story so if this is your first visit to a Chronicles of Chris story you might want to read the other two.

As I said, this is a continuing story, so the sex is not continuous, but comes (pun partially intended) in fits and spurts (pun totally intended). It takes a little bit to get there so please enjoy Chris’s young life.


I got up and called Danny to see what was up. He told me that he and Steve were going to spend the day working for the condo association around the pool and marina. Danny said they could use an extra hand if I wanted to earn some money. I readily agreed and told him I’d be down in a few minutes. I got dressed and walked down to Danny’s. I knocked on the door and Eva answered. I hadn’t thought about this possibility and boy, was it awkward. Eva opened the door, saw me and blushed.

Before she could say anything I said, “Hey, Mrs. P., Danny and Steve and I are going to work at the clubhouse, today. Is he still here?”

She smiled gratefully and nodded, stepping aside to allow me into the foyer. She called out for Danny and told him I was waiting. With a small, shy, wistful smile, she retreated into the kitchen, so we weren’t alone for too long.

Danny bounded down the stairs and chest bumped me. “Hey, where the hell were you yesterday? Steve and I called and then we went to your house and got no answer. Were you still fighting the headache?”

I smiled and shook my head. “No, my headache was cured Saturday night. I spent the day with Joni yesterday.”

Danny’s eyes widened in surprise. “Really? What did you do?”

I answered quietly, “We spent the afternoon on the island.”

Danny’s response was not nearly as quiet, “The island? No shit? Did you get some?”

I heard a shocked gasp from the kitchen and whispered to Danny, “Shhh, your Mom heard that. Knock it off. I don’t want Joni to get in trouble. Besides it’s none of your fuckin’ business whether I got some or not.”

Danny started laughing and said just as loudly, “So, you DIDN’T get any!”

Another gasp came from the kitchen. Man, this was not going well at all. “Danny, let’s go. Bye Mrs. P.”

“Bye, Mom.” Danny called as we left.

I looked over my shoulder at the patio door as we passed by and Eva was wiping something from her cheeks. I assumed it was tears and I felt badly for hurting her feelings.

We walked over to Steve’s and then to the clubhouse. The manager asked us to start in the boathouse and clean up in there and then wash out all the boats. We busted our asses all morning and our only break was when one of the waitresses from the bar upstairs brought hamburgers, brats and sodas down to us about one o’clock. After we ate, we got back at it. The manager came out and asked if one of us would take ice from the icemaker in the basement up to the bar. That was always the most strenuous part of working for the clubhouse and we always flipped, odd man loses, for it. I lost and spent the next hour or so lugging five-gallon buckets of ice from the basement to the bar on the third floor. By the time I got done, I was toast and I went down to see how Danny and Steve were doing.

Danny looked at me and told me to sit down before I fell over. Today, just as it had every other time, the other two covered while the ice man tried to recover. I laid down in the shade and they continued washing boats. When I could breathe normally again, I got a hose and a broom and started cleaning up the piles of crap that came out of the boats. We got done and the manager paid us in cash. Danny and Steve wanted to go to a movie or something and I just wanted to crash.

I went home and took a shower and used up all the hot water again. I sat down in front of the TV and when I opened my eyes, it was morning. The next week and a half was going to go really very quickly if I kept falling asleep at seven in the evening. I stood up and the work from the day before had taken its toll because I was really sore. I went over and swam about twenty laps in the pool to work out the soreness and then got cleaned up and called Danny. Eva answered and said that Danny had left to spend the day with his Dad. I called Steve and he was gone, too. I drove over to Timmerman Airfield to see if I could pick up some work washing airplanes or something. They really didn’t have anything, so I went home and just hung out at the pool and went home and fell asleep early again.

The next day Danny called and said that he and Steve were going to go ice skating to try and stay cool, so I joined them. We skated and played games all day, blowing most of the money we earned on Monday. Again, I went home and showered and immediately fell asleep. During the day on Thursday I hung out at the pool with Danny, Steve was nowhere to be found. I really didn’t exert myself because I wanted to be ready for Joni.

Because I had blown most of the money I earned on Monday, I istanbul escort went down and found the money that Mom left and there was more than enough to take Joni out for a nice meal. I thought a regular date might be fun.

I dressed in nice slacks and sport shirt and dress shoes. I went out and took the car to Joni’s and arrived at 6:55. I got out and went to the door and knocked. Joni flung the door open and threw herself into my arms.

“Chris!” Joni cried. “I missed you!”

Ever eloquent, my reply was stunning. “Huh?” I looked at her, confused. “I’ve been away from you for three days; and you miss me like this?”

Joni laughed, “I know. But I had such a good time Sunday afternoon; I’ve been waiting for you!” She seemed to notice the way I was dressed for the first time. “You’re awfully dressed up.” She looked down at her jean skirt and crop top. “And I’m not, I’ve gotta change.”

I thought she looked great. “Joni, you look terrific, you don’t need to change anything.”

She blushed. “You’re dressed way too nicely for me. It’ll only take me five minutes, I promise.” She turned to run upstairs and her Mom walked into the foyer. “Mom, this is Chris, Chris, this is my Mom. Chris, I promise, five minutes.”

I looked at Joni’s Mom and could see who had the strong genes in this family. Joni looked like an eighteen year old version of her Mom. Her hair was a lot shorter, kind of a pixie cut, but the same strawberry blonde. She also had a blush of freckles, just not as pronounced as Joni’s.

“So, you’re him? You’re the young man who has stolen my daughter’s heart?” Joni’s mom said with a smile. “I’m Charlotte Williams; you can call me Charlie like everybody does.”

I know I made a face because Charlie started laughing and put her hand on my arm. “I’m sorry Chris, Joni and John told me what they did to you on Sunday and I couldn’t resist. But, Joni really likes you. She hasn’t stopped talking about you since she got home. I know we don’t know each other, but, Joni told us what she said about her regrets and I agree. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time and I wish you’d found each other before now. Now you’re going to the Navy and Joni says you don’t feel like it’s fair to her to ask for a long term commitment. I must say that’s very mature of you.”

“Mrs. Williams…” I started before she interrupted me.

“Please, Charlie.” She corrected me.

“Charlie, I can’t take a lot of credit for any kind of a maturity level.” I said. “I have three older sisters who had boyfriends that left for the service, or college, or whatever. My sisters wanted to wait for those jerks and every one of them were miserable for a long time before ultimately dumping the guys or being dumped themselves. I know it sounds melodramatic, but, I care too much for Joni to put her through that. She would miss too much fun in college and frankly, I don’t want to be responsible for making her unhappy. She might be a little unhappy after I leave, but, that’ll go away soon enough with no strings between us.” I finished and looked at her, expecting a response, but I got one I didn’t expect.

“Goddammit!” Charlie said explosively. “You’re right, but, I think you would have made Joni very happy and I’m sorry that it will never work out. I hope she finds someone who will treat her as well as you would have.” With that, she stepped up and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

Joni came bounding down the stairs about then. She was dressed in a bright white, pleated skirt with white sandals and a purple blouse that hung off her left shoulder. I stood there with my mouth hanging open and Joni and Charlie started laughing.

“Evidently, I’m dressed OK, huh?” Joni laughed.

I just nodded, having momentarily lost my voice. Finally finding it I said, “Holy shit Joni! You look fucking amazing!”

Realizing where I was and what I had said, I quickly apologized. “I’m really sorry, Charlie, I shouldn’t have cussed like that.” I said, while feeling the burning embarrassment run down my head and neck.

Charlie said, “Don’t worry Chris, I’ve heard the language before, besides, it was refreshing to hear genuine wonder at the beauty of my daughter.”

Joni walked over to her Mom and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you in the morning, Mom.” Joni walked to the door and stood there expectantly and looked down at a small suitcase.

“Have a good time you two.” Charlie said as she walked into the living room.

I looked at the suitcase and at Joni and whispered, “Where did you tell your Mom you’re staying tonight?”

“With you, silly!” Joni said. “I don’t lie to my parents and because of that I get a lot of leeway. Mom put me on the pill early so I wouldn’t screw up my life. But, before you go thinking that I’m a slut…”

I started to talk and she put up her hand.

“Before you go thinking I’m a slut, before Sunday, I’d only had real sex with one guy, Bobby.” She explained. “That’s not to say I haven’t given some blow jobs or hand jobs along the way, escort bayan but, I didn’t fuck every guy I went out with.”

I waited for a beat before talking. “Can I say something now?”

She giggled and nodded.

I took her face in my hands and said, “Never in my wildest imagination did I EVER think you were a slut.” I kissed her and she blushed and then I picked up her suitcase. “Now, where’re we going for dinner?” I asked as we walked to the car.

Joni said, “I really like the French Onion soup at JoJo’s. Is it OK if we go there?” (JoJo’s was a small Midwestern chain. Kind of like Denny’s on steroids. I don’t think they’re in business anymore.)

Opening her door with a flourish I said, “Anything the lady desires!”

Joni giggled and got into the car. I put her suitcase in the back seat, ran around to the other side, got in and she had slid all the way over to the center to sit next to me. As I sat down, I felt her warm thigh against my leg and her hand in the center of my thigh. Her touch made my dick twitch.

We arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a booth right away. Joni sat right next to me, as she had in the car, and I again felt her warm thigh on mine. While I wasn’t yet erect, my cock was slightly engorged and had a nice warm feeling to it. Joni appeared to be quite thirsty because she downed her Diet Coke in one long gulp, and then quietly burped. It was funny and though she giggled, it obviously embarrassed her.

Once we had ordered, Joni started asking questions about my decision to join the Navy. I explained that while Mom was very comfortable with Dad’s insurance, it wouldn’t last forever and I needed to get out of her house so her expenses would be smaller. I really didn’t have an interest in going to college and there wasn’t any money for it anyway. While I was good with mechanical things, I didn’t have enough skills to get a job that paid enough to move out. I told her that as Mom and I had thought through things, the service became the obvious choice. I love the water and have a love for airplanes so I thought if I could combine the two, it would be perfect, so I joined the Navy after their testing showed I qualified for airplane mechanic school.

Our French Onion Soup came and it was outstanding. Joni was on her third Diet Coke and suddenly had to use the restroom. I sat waiting for her and thinking about her and Eva. My cock was hard again and I started trying to think of other things. Joni slid back in beside me and leaned in and kissed my cheek. Her hand fell to my lap and her eyes widened.

“Miss me, Studley?” She laughed quietly.

My ears were burning and I knew I was scarlet with embarrassment. I just dropped my head in shame.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Studley,” Joni whispered, “I’m flattered, I really am. I can’t wait to get you in a real bed! Let’s finish eating and get back to your house.”

The rest of our food came and we talked about college for her. I guess I didn’t know or wasn’t paying attention to the fact that both she and Sara were going to go to Marquette. They were even going to room together. Joni seemed excited by that and I was happy that she would have someone from home with her all the time. She kept squirming in her seat while we ate. We finished up and I paid the bill while Joni went to the restroom, again. I figured that’s why she had been squirming. She practically ran out and grabbed my hand when she got to me. I saw some ladies in the restaurant murmur and smile at us walking hand-in-hand. I was very proud to be seen with such a beautiful girl.

I didn’t realize we had been in the restaurant for as long as we had, because it was dark when we walked outside and to the car. I opened her door and she sat in the seat and flipped up her skirt and flashed me. Either she had not worn panties or she had taken them off in the restroom. She laughed at my shock and slid into the car. I went around and got in my side and looked down at Joni’s lap as I reached for the ignition. She had pulled her skirt up and her pussy was glistening. After I started the car, she grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs.

“Chris,” she whispered hoarsely, “I’ve been wet for you ever since we made love. It’s been a bit embarrassing for the last couple of days. I had to keep going to the restroom to clean myself up. By the time I got home this afternoon I was ready to die. I took a shower AND a bath trying to calm down and I couldn’t and still can’t. I’ve masturbated more in the last couple of days than I EVER have in my life and it’s just not the same as you making me cum, make me cum, PLEEEEZE!”

I decided to tease her a little before soothing the desire that was at the root of her plea. Instead of turning toward the condos, I turned the other direction to give us a little more time. As I drove I got my fingers wet in her weeping cunt, but then I pulled them out to a little moan of disappointment. I rubbed around the top of her mound and skirted her clit, never quite making contact with it. I felt escort istanbul her shift and moved my hand. I deliberately was avoiding her clit because I wanted her on edge. I slipped my hand down and cupped her sex and squeezed gently. Her breath was coming in short, hard gasps as she was evidently concentrating on enjoying her pleasure. As I squeezed I allowed two fingers to slip into her wet slit and she arched her back and moaned again.

I was having a difficult time concentrating on the road as I made turn after turn, I played with the beautiful woman on my fingertips, and I decided I needed to get back home. Joni had started thrusting down on my hand as I made the turn back into the condo development. I slipped my hand back up and found her hard clit. She hissed her pleasure as I squeezed and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger.

I kept the pressure up and as I pulled up in front of Mom’s condo, Joni came with a screech. My hand and the front seat were soaked as I felt pulse after pulse of her orgasm. I stopped the car and looked over at her. I had a hard time getting the car into park and turned off with my left hand. As I continued to massage her clit, her body would shudder with small aftershocks. She was doing nothing to stop me and it seemed like she couldn’t get enough.

Now that I wasn’t driving, I turned my full attention to Joni. I changed hands and slipped my two middle fingers into her and pressed her clit with my thumb. I pulled the blouse down from her shoulder and bared her braless breast. Her nipple was fully swollen and I bent my head to draw the hot, stiff nipple between my lips.

As I gently bit down on her nipple, I thrust my fingers into her as deeply as I could and firmly pressed her clit. The orgasm that had been waning roared through her again and she grabbed my head, pulling it away from her tit. I looked into her wild green eyes briefly before she pulled me into a kiss, our tongues meeting passionately. I continued the manipulation of her cunt as the pulses first crested and then steadily declined. Finally, she let go of my head with her right hand and grasped my wrist, pulling my hand away.

“Oh my god, Chris,” Joni panted, “I have never come like that before, not even once, let alone twice in a row. Holy Shit! It was good Sunday, but I think this was even better!” She grabbed my head again and kissed me roughly, thrusting her tongue into my mouth. “Take me to bed! Now!” She said forcefully after releasing me.

I climbed out of the car, briefly considering how I was going to get the Joni cum off the seat and her aroma out of the car. Fleetingly, at the back of my mind, I figured I was in big trouble, but, shrugged it off. I went around and opened Joni’s door. Flashing me again as she got out, I watched her red fluff until it disappeared as the skirt fell around her legs. She reminded me that her suitcase was in the backseat. I retrieved it and we went inside. Once in the door, she stopped me and made me put her suitcase down. I stood there after putting it down, waiting. Joni circled her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a sweet kiss.

“Thank you for dinner, Chris.” She said quietly after withdrawing, her head resting softly on my chest. “I had a good time and now I think I understand why you’re leaving. I’m still unhappy about it, but I understand. I would like to take a shower before we go to bed, if that’s OK.” Upon seeing my face, she giggled. “Alone!”

“OK.” I answered.

We walked up the stairs and I showed her into my Mom’s bathroom, figuring that Mom’s girl stuff would be more to Joni’s preference than my junk in the main bathroom. I left her alone, closing the bedroom door as I left. I first went to my room, lying down on the bed. Then I thought better of it, getting back up and going into my bathroom to take a shower myself. I figured if Joni was going to be totally fresh, I needed to be, also. So I jumped into the shower, too. I was quicker than Joni and I put on my sleeping shorts and a clean tee shirt and then I had to decide where we would be sleeping.

I hadn’t given this much thought and it was difficult. Mom’s bed was a queen and was bigger than mine, but I wasn’t comfortable with using her bed. My room was OK, but I figured the full sized bed wouldn’t be very comfortable. I then remembered that the guest room had a queen sized bed also. I went in and turned down the bed and took a radio in there and tuned it to a soft rock station.

I heard a noise behind me and I turned around. For the second time that day, Joni took my breath away. She had on a black baby doll kind of thing. I knew what baby doll pajamas were because of my sisters, but this was different. The top was silky smooth and sheer and I could almost see her nipples, almost. That’s what was so cool about it. I could see through it, but, I couldn’t. The top was also split down the front and back so that when she moved it fluttered around her. The trim was off white and made the black look blacker. She also had on tiny, matching black panties with the same trim that tied at the sides. She had piled her hair on top of her head with tendrils randomly tumbling down from the pile. I don’t know how she knew I loved that look, but somehow she did.

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