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I dumped my work stuff on the floor, took off the stupid name badge and lay on my bed, exhaling. The crappy job I’ve had for two years was exhausting, but it was easy and nearby, and my only source of income, so I keep going back. I could hear people moving about on the landing, but only footsteps on creaking floorboards, no voices. I wasn’t even sure who was home. I hadn’t seen a car outside, but Mum sometimes stayed in while Dad was at work. Danielle was probably out; she’d only finished her first year of college a week or two ago and was still in the celebration stage, where parties were abundant. I never joined her. Not because I’m a social reject; I can get along with pretty much anyone, but I never liked seeing the guys who crowded round her, desperate for attention and trying anything to get with her. Danielle’s got an easy air about her, where nothing really fazes her too much, and she quietly knows she looks good; that’s why she keeps getting invited. Straight blonde hair, a good complexion and a well looked after body tick all the right boxes. She was difficult to stop looking at, even for me.

I sat up, breathed in deeply and noted that after working a day shift, I needed a wash. Grabbing my towel from its hook and turning the hifi on for when I got out, I headed to the bathroom. The door was shut, but as the air con in the house was on most doors are shut, to keep the house cool.

I pushed it open, to see Danielle sitting on the side of the bath facing me, head down in concentration, legs spread with a razor in one hand, the other on her groin. She was wearing just a white vest, the bottom set of clothes piled in the corner. There was a small amount of shaving foam above her hand, where it hadn’t been removed. I stopped dead and swung around, hearing her gasp and stand up, telling me to get out. No need to ask, I was getting out of there. I rushed through the door, calling out my apologies, and headed to my room. I heard the bathroom door close again, and the sound of the lock just reached me. I just stood there, breathless. The image of her on the bath flickered over my vision, and I shook my head to clear it away, but it was burned on. Her blonde hair falling over her chest, her vest hugging her body, her legs spread wide… I’d never seen her in such an open position, and the thought of trying to picture it had never occurred to me. I threw the towel down and after making sure Danielle was still in the bathroom, I went down to the kitchen to get a drink.

Ice cubes clinking in the glass, I mulled over the earlier few minutes until I heard the bathroom door open, and after a pause, footsteps descended. Danielle walked slowly into the kitchen, fully clothed now, wearing the vest and a pair of jeans. She glanced at me and then quickly walked over to pour herself a drink. I knew that this could easily develop into an even more uncomfortable situation unless someone spoke soon. But I couldn’t think of anything that didn’t seem either trivial, sarcastic or stupid, so silence ensued.

Danielle turned towards me, and quickly said, “I’m sorry – “, while upon seeing her open her mouth I’d already started apologising as well, leading to two tangled conversations colliding. She started saying how it was stupid of her not to lock the door, and I was there explaining how I should have knocked in case, until we’d both run out of apologies and just stood there, sipping. She turned to me again.



“You stink.”

We both laughed. “Well Danni, if you remember three minutes ago I had been going to correct that problem,” I said back. “Anything else you need to do, or am I free to shower?”

She blushed slightly, smiling. “Nope, it’s all yours. And if I remember, I owe you an embarrassing situation.” She walked out, heading back up to her room. I drained my glass slowly, and headed up to shower.

Hot water and vague, foggy thoughts washed over me. Images of her flickered over my eyes again. I went through all the normal moves, soaping and washing, but always with an ear cocked for the sound of the door. It was locked, but I wanted to check in case Danni tried to come in and embarrass me. She wasn’t going to. She wouldn’t, that would be too much.

Turning off the jet I stepped out, wrapped a towel round my waist and checked myself in the mirror. Definitely wanted to lose a bit of blubber… I used to be a real podge, but since I’d discovered an untapped skill in basketball I’d wanted to really work on my body. After weeks of careful eating and exercise, I was nearing my goal; I’d toned up a lot, with muscle starting to show through. A definite hint of abs were being revealed, and that was a small victory in itself. Running my hands through my brown hair, I opened the door and walked out. Heading to my room I started undoing the towel, when as I closed my door I saw Danni squatting next to my CD collection. She turned round as I caught the loosened knot of the towel.

“Whoops!” she cried out, turning round. “Sorry Bri, I thought you’d be longer. Just getting some canlı bahis music.” She grabbed a CD and edged past me, back to hers.

Was that deliberate? I had had a quick shower, and it wasn’t like she was hiding to peek on me, waiting to jump out. I got changed still wondering. A knock on the door was followed by Danni, who peered in.

“You want some eats?”

I realised I was famished, and it was late. “Sure. What we got?”

“Mum got us some chicken bites, she said they might be home late. Wanna eat them up here with a movie?”

“Sounds good. I’ll sort the movie, and then help out downstairs.”

She nodded, and walked off. I went and put on a fresh pair of boxers, some loose shorts and a t-shirt. Running my eyes over the DVDs I picked out a light comedy, something to relax to and have a laugh with. As I was flicking through the menu on the screen, Danni returned with two plates covered in nuggets. We sat down on the bed, leaned back against the far wall, and started the film.


I nodded awake. The film was still running, but I had started to slip off into sleep.

“Hmm, yeh?”

She turned towards me. “I just want to say again, I’m sorry about earlier. I thought you were finishing work at 9.”

I gave a little laugh, and said, “Really, don’t worry, it wasn’t a big deal. Kinda nice to see after a long day.”

Her eyes widened. Oh shit, I was still half asleep. “No, no, not like that,” I corrected, sitting up. “I just mean that, you know, it was a long day, and I was just making a joke to lighten what happened…”

She smiled. “No, Bri, what I heard you just say was that you enjoyed what you saw.”

Gulp. “Not enjoyed. Well, kinda, but -“

She was grinning now. I was turning beet red, and trying to find some way to get out of this trap.

“You enjoyed seeing me like that?”

I just stared at her dark eyes. She was loving my embarrassment. And then I understood.

“This is my embarrassing situation, isn’t it?”

She laughed, saying “Yup! And I’m enjoying every second.” But then she looked more serious. “But what I was really thinking was that you didn’t know I was just embarrassing you, and you really meant what you were saying.”

“Well, yeah. You’re a good looking woman Danielle, of course I mean these things. I’ve just never seen you so… much.” I ended lamely.

The film was still running, but we weren’t watching it anymore.

“Thanks Bri. And for the record, when you walked in after your shower, I was tempted to pull your towel off, to even the score. But I didn’t think it would be cool.”

“I was worried you would. But only half worried, if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah. I was tingling so much after you left the bathroom the first time.”

I looked up. “What do you mean?”

Now it was her time to blush. Her cheeks turned a pinky hue, and as she was still wearing the white vest from before, it was easy to see the colour change.

“I mean my body was tingling. It was… exciting. Is that strange?”

I was about to tell her it was, but then I remembered the image of her being stuck in my head, how I kept replaying every detail in my mind. She noticed my pause, and sighed in relief.

I looked at her again. And I noticed that little points had emerged on her vest, beneath her bra. I decided to be truthful.

“Danni, I thought I would be freaked out by seeing you like that, but to be honest I did like it. When I got back in my room, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

She smiled again. And with that, I realised I could feel myself stirring, beneath my shorts. Realising that her body was reacting to our talk made my body react on its own. I needed a distraction.

“So does this mean that we’re now even, on embarrassment?”

“Yeah. Yeah, we’re even now.”

She scooted off the bed, and turned round to pick up her plate. I picked up mine, and followed her downstairs, falling behind to let my hardness subside slightly. Meeting in the kitchen, we both put our plates in the dishwasher, and I poured myself a glass of water for the night, hugging the counter so she didn’t notice.

“Well, I’m off to get some sleep,” she announced. Hearing her footsteps leaving, I turned around. “G’nite,” I called after her. Walking out, I turned off the kitchen light, thankful that I’d gotten away with a semi hard-on in her presence.

I saw a shadow move in front of me, and saw her face in the dark.

“Goodnight,” she said, hugging me. My cock pressed into my thigh by her body.


I felt her tense slightly. Then she let go, kissed me gently on the cheek and walked upstairs, leaving me in the dark. Her door quietly closed.


The next morning I only had a three hour shift, work was slow but as I finished by midday I wasn’t bothered. My mind was busy anyway, replaying the night before. I hadn’t seen Danni since the hug, and I was thinking about what to say if she brought it up. Walking up the driveway, I noticed a car in the drive. bahis siteleri Either one or both parents were home, that was nice. I got on with my parents fine, they both had a good sense of humour and could take a bit of cheek, so we could all joke around fine. Stepping into the kitchen I greeted Mum, who was reading a magazine on the table.

“Heya moms, how was last night? Where’d you go again?”

She looked up, smiling. “Oh hi Brian, we went to a little place outside of town. And funnily enough, we met George and Carol, that was nice.” George and Carol were old family friends, who had stayed in touch with my folks since childhood. “Yeah, they actually asked what we were doing tonight, and I was tempted to take your father to see them.”

“Go for it,” I replied, “It’ll be nice to get you out the house.”

“Ha bloody ha,” she laughed back, shooing me out. I climbed the stairs to get changed.

Opening the door, I saw Danni lying on my bed, watching a film. She had a smaller room than me, so if she wanted to relax to a film she had to do it in my place. I wasn’t fussed really, we shared a taste in films.

“Hiya Danni,” I said, dropping my bag and kicking my shoes off.

“Hey,” she said, scooting over to one side so I could sit.

“Nah, I need to get changed first, this collar’s rubbing me raw,” I said. Opening the wardrobe door to block her view, I started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Bri, I’ve seen you in a towel, why do you hide?”

“Dunno,” I answered, peeking out. “Suppose I just don’t want you to get distracted from the film.”

“Ha, too late. That towel image is burned on, haha.”

I looked round again. “Oh really?” For a joke, I threw my shirt at her, casting my eyes around for a clean t-shirt. The wardrobe door swung shut, revealing Danni standing there holding my shirt. “Sorry Bri, I think you just threw this.”

She chucked it back at me, but I caught it and just launched it back at her face, following it with a light push. She fell back on the bed, laughing. Then she looked at me, seeing me topless. “Crikey, bit revealing aren’t we?”

“You closed the door.”

She laughed again. “Yeah I know. Just thought that after last night you didn’t mind showing off a bit.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, genuinely in doubt.

“The hug.”

Damn, she did feel it. All the hours of planning my reply were lost when I saw her grinning. But then I thought of something.

“That wasn’t too bad, I could see you getting pretty excited when we were talking during the film yesterday.”

She blushed. “You noticed?”

“Of course. How could I not, they were pointing straight at me.”

“Well, you didn’t see the half of it. That was just up top.”

Damn! Didn’t expect that. “You mean…”

“Yup,” she laughed. “I was kinda the same way as I felt you were. Dammit Bri, that hug surprised me as well, I didn’t expect that.”

I sat down now, too surprised to find the t-shirt. “You mean you got turned on as well?”

She nodded. “Why do you think I went straight to my room?”

“I guess I thought you were embarrassed.”

“God no. You just couldn’t feel how turned on I was.”

We were sat on the bed, side by side, facing the TV. Danni was sitting with one leg tucked underneath her, while I was sitting on the edge, elbows on my knees. I could feel the stirring again, but luckily my work trousers were baggy enough to conceal my oncoming hardness.

I looked at her. “How turned on? I mean, you were just thinking about stuff, right?”

“Oh yeah, at first.” She said it casually, and then blushed and looked from me to the flickering screen. “I mean, yeah.”

“At first?” I replied. This was getting out of hand, and I was worried.

Danni sighed. “I’m sorry. But after you left the bathroom yesterday, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, and I got really excited. I left it to see if you were ok, but then after the hug it showed that you felt the same, and that made me so…”

She looked at me, not needing to complete the sentence. She had had to go up to her room…

I looked at her. “You know we shouldn’t be talking like this, right?”

“Why not? We’re close, it can’t hurt to tell each other stuff.”

My mind was racing; I kept thinking of Danni closing her door, and lying on her bed touching herself. I had been too worried to masturbate last night, but by the sound of it Danni hadn’t worried at all. But the hard on I had hoped would diminish was now a full blown rock in my boxers, and I couldn’t shift it or make it more discreet while Danni was right next to me.


I looked at her. She was looking straight at me, a slight look of concern on her beautiful features. She put a hand on mine.

“Yesterday you said that you thought I was attractive, and you got turned on by me. I got turned on by you too. We’re not hurting anyone, are we?”

“No, but –”

And before I could finish, she leaned forward quickly and kissed me. I was too surprised bahis şirketleri to do anything but kiss back, until I realised what had happened. I pulled back and jumped up. Little details filled my mind; her tongue stroking mine, the taste of her lips, how much more beautiful her eyes looked up close. She was looking up at me.

“Danni?! We can’t do that.”

“But I know you want to.” She pointed at my crotch. It was jutting out. Then she looked down at her chest, and I saw her nipples were raised. “We both want to. Just do what you want to, Brian.”

She stood up. There we were, me shirtless with my trousers tented, and there she was, with her light blue tshirt failing to hide her excited nipples. She took a step forward, so our fronts were touching. I could feel her breasts against my chest, and she was pushing against my cock. She looked up at me again. After a moment of inner battling, I gave in. I put my hands around her and kissed her.

Our tongues swirled. She moved her hands over my chest, down my sides, and I moved mine to gently hold her ass. We stood there for what seemed like minutes. Eventually I pulled back, and looked at her. Her face was glowing, and she was breathing quickly. She was looking back at me, but I suddenly felt a hand wrap around my cock outside my trousers. Without looking down she said, “This is the second time I’ve felt this, but I don’t want it to be the last.”

I turned away slightly, and said “We can’t go too far Danni.”

She pouted. Dammit she could do things with her eyes… I looked down at her body. She was wearing the light blue tshirt and a pair of shorts, letting her legs stretch down to the floor.

“Hang on,” I said, “This isn’t fair. I’m standing here shirtless and you’re still fully clothed.” She smiled up at me. “You want to fix the balance there?”

I slid my hands up from her firm behind, sliding them slowly up her sides. Without them stopping I gripped the side of her tshirt, pulling it upwards, brushing the sides of her breasts on the way up. Her flat stomach came into view, and a white bra. I pulled the shirt off her, letting it fall to the floor.

I reached my right hand around to her back, sliding it against her skin until it came to the clasp, pausing for a moment to tease her, and then I snapped it open. I slid the straps down her shoulders, letting the white cups fall to the floor.

Her chest wasn’t huge, but it complemented her frame perfectly. She stood before me, this vision.

“You’re beautiful.”

Danni smiled. She raised on her toes, and kissed me again. This time my hands went up, feeling the soft skin of her breasts, and circling my fingers around to massage her nipples. They were like little pebbles, standing straight up. She moaned slightly into my mouth, and gripped my cock again.

We broke apart, both of us breathing heavy. My mind was fuzzy, and thoughts were irrelevant. All that mattered at the moment was the senses, which seemed sharper. My fingers felt electric, I heard Danni’s breathing, I felt her warmth through my chest, I smelled her. Her eyes looked glassy when she looked up at me.

“God Brian, I’m so turned on.”

I moved a hand down, and touched inside her thigh. She inhaled slightly, and her grip on me tightened. I slid my hand up until I reached the crotch of her shorts, and I pressed a finger up into the seam. She jumped and moaned. I moved away from her, and then got on my knees. I reached up and very slowly undid the button on her shorts, and slid them down to the floor. She was wearing white underwear, a cotton pair of pants, and I could see the crotch was wet. She was looking down at me now, seeing what I’d do. I stared at her panties, and then I leaned in and licked full up the front.

Danni’s knees buckled. She put her hands on my head for support and groaned. I licked at her again, tasting the sweet juices she was leaking. My head was swimming, and I kept licking her. Danni was muttering quietly, her legs were shaking.

I paused for a second. Danni’s hands flew off my head, gripped her pants and pulled them down her legs.

Her crotch was perfect. Smooth skin from yesterdays shave, the lips glistening from our activities. I took it all in in a second, and dived back in, my tongue pushing inside her pussy. Oh! She tasted amazing, sweet and divine. I lapped at her, catching everything she gave. She was moaning louder now, hands stroking through my hair. I flicked my tongue up to stroke her clit. Suddenly she was silent; I looked up, her face was a picture of bliss. She was silently screaming as her pussy contracted against my tongue.

She sat back onto the bed, and I stood up. Her hands flew up to my belt, ripping it off. In a second my trousers were around my ankles, my boxers following. Danni was in a frenzy. My cock jumped up, free at last, and it was glistening with precum. And as soon as it was out, it was gone again, as Danni took it into her mouth.

She was sucking it as far as she could, and I could feel the back of her throat as she pumped her head. I moaned, this was bliss. Her mouth was warm, and she was sucking while her tongue wrapped around the head. I couldn’t last any longer; the suddenness of today, the taste of Danni’s pussy still on my own tongue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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