Could Have Been Me

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Death can be pretty scary sometimes especially when one is facing it.

And that’s exactly what had crossed Morgan’s mind as she fishtailed on the lonely stretch of highway in the middle of Bumfuck Egypt. Her back right tire blew out while she was going about seventy-five and jamming out to a mix of Queen and The Beatles after leaving a familial visit that took place somewhere in the boonies. She screamed and slammed on the brakes, realizing that that was a huge mistake as her ancient yellow bug nearly somersaulted into a nearby ditch.

She cursed and prayed all in one breath and became a born again Christian, promising to become celibate if she survived and go to church more. Her glasses slid down her gently sloping nose, almost falling off when she had to slam them back. Tears formed in her light hazel eyes as her car screeched and groaned while she fought to gain control of the wheel, desperately gripping the steering helm. She closed them and whispered to God, wanting to be a better person however, she yelled out the words, “Fuck yeah!” when she realized her car had stopped, upright on the shoulder, about three inches from the nearest ditch. She thanked her lucky stars and immediately forgot her promise to attend Sabbath.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins and she let out the breath she’d been holding after she stopped, popping her eyes open. Her knuckles were white against the dark dashboard, the setting sun illuminating every crevice of her hand. She shivered and cranked her heat up before she decided to check the damage. The sound of her tire popping just minutes before told her what had happened and she knew she would have trouble changing out her tire. Sure, she knew how but with her noodle arms and string bean legs, she’d have one hell of a time. So, she grabbed her phone, noticing she had about two bars of service and tried calling her live-in boyfriend of a year.

No answer. She tried again. No such luck. “Seriously?” He was probably hooked to his computer either watching porn or playing WoW. He usually ignored her for hours on end even when she tempted him with sex he wouldn’t budge. Motherfucker.

Her mom was out of town and her father was busy with his work. While she was at his house, he’d been too enthralled in conference calls that she finally got up and just left. She didn’t have many friends other than the occasional classmate and coworker. Thankfully, it was a holiday weekend and she had already graduated college just six months prior, so she was off for the next three days. Plus, it was a Friday night so there were bound to be people passing through heading into nearby town. She was about an hour out and figured her best bet would be either to wait for help or attempt the changing herself.

She wasn’t a weakling with her thin frame, she just knew it would take her three times as long to twist the nuts off as it would any other person. She was quite athletic, hitting the gym in the mornings before work, though she was healthy skinny with an ass to boot due to squats and breasts that filled out most of her tops. Slightly curvaceous, she still was able to wear crop tops when the weather was warm and not worry about muffin tops. Though she lifted weights, gathering all of her strength in her gray Chucks would require a lot of effort and she was drained from spending all day in the turmoil of annoying family.

Sighing, Morgan opened her car door, leaving her phone in the passenger seat since she knew her boyfriend wouldn’t the nasty texts she sent his way nor would anyone else answer her, and popped her trunk. Her spare tire lay under piles of old textbooks, notebooks, and some clothes. She grabbed that before heading back for the jack and the lug wrench.

She left her radio on and cracked her passenger door to listen to some tunes while she tried to loosen to bolts. “Shit,” she cursed when her foot slipped on the cold asphalt. Her white shredded jeans offered little protection against the howling wind for her legs while her olive bomber jacket hugged her waist, keeping her core nice and toasty. Under that, she decided to wear a red slouchy sweater that was both conventional and useful in the sense that it was stylish and comfy. Some Blue Suede came on and she was mouthing the words to their song when she tried to get the jack just right so she could lift the car.

Of course, this took her about half an hour as several more songs played when she finally found the lip and got the car up off the ground. Night had fallen and only two cars had passed but none stopped to check on her. Probably because she was hidden mostly behind and no one could see her.

When she could no longer see, Morgan decided to turn on her interior light to at least shed some illumination on the task at hand. Worrying about her battery after somehow wrenching the top nut off, she turned off her car and sat in the dark for a few minutes to save both her energy and her car’s. She was sprawled out on the trunk, scrolling through her phone (no one still responded to her by the bahis firmaları way) when someone’s brights nearly blinded her. She wanted to flip them off when she realized that they were highlighting her car in the pitch black.

Hope rose in her and she grinned when she saw a large Hummer that sat up off of the road by a couple of feet. It rumbled before the driver shut it off, keeping the lights on, and got out. Dark loafers clacked on the blacktop towards her, tucked beneath designer blue jeans with a red silk button up under a nice pea coat jacket. Some sort of luxury watch adorned his right wrist that flared into large hands. Morgan glanced up into his face, shadowed but still discernible and was met with crystal blue eyes, straight nose, strong jaw, and full lips. He was the epitome of sex and could have been Adonis himself albeit slightly older. Maybe early forties but damn. He had blonde hair, slicked back in the usual, “I’ve got money but approachable,” sort of way.

“Car trouble?” He asked, his deep voice resonating throughout the empty space between them, a slight accent biting the end of his words.

Embarrassed at how moronic she looked just lying on her trunk in the middle of nowhere, she hopped up and nodded at him. “Yeah, my tire blew out and I was in the midst of changing it when it became dark and I don’t seem to have a flashlight on me.”

She had contemplated walking on foot into town but then thought that idea was ludicrous given she was twenty-four and should know how to change a fucking tire. “Is it just you?” He asked and looked over her car, trying to see if she had a guest with her. “If so, I could lend a hand. I was on my way to go see a movie with some friends.”

She leapt down and her eyes met his chest. “Oh, don’t worry about me! Please, don’t let me be the reason you miss out on a good night,” she exhaled, the cold air stinging her lungs.

He only laughed, a deep and rich sound, which made her tingle all over. “Well, it’s okay. I wasn’t into the whole idea anyways. I’d much prefer staying home than be out at nine. Wow, I sound old.”

Morgan chuckled at him. “No, it’s quite alright. I feel you on that. I don’t like going out.”

“Really? Someone your age?” He sounded unconvinced.

Her cheeks burned and she pressed her fingers to her glasses pushing them back up her nose. “Yes. It’s embarrassing really. My boyfriend and I are opposite though. He likes to go out and get drunk whereas I prefer reading and having a glass of wine.”

One slightly dark blonde eyebrow went up. “Ah, and is that where he is now?”

Feeling like she should defend him yet deny her feelings at the same time, she shrugged. “Probably out or playing a game.”

He grunted in indifference. “No one came to help?”

She looked down at the ground, finding the fine bits of asphalt interesting. “No one answered or they’re busy.” She bit her plump lip and glanced up to find the stranger gazing at her with understanding in his eyes.

“It seems as if I may have just canceled on my friends on the way and you seem to have no one coming so maybe I can help you out,” he lifted one corner of his mouth, revealing white teeth.

This guy was undeniably sexy. He was tall and clearly kept in shape so, what was his story, she wondered. “Oh, I’m Morgan Daniels.” She stuck out her hand. He enclosed hers with his large one, sending warmth and a spark straight to her belly and down to her core. She rubbed her thighs together and tried to think of her boyfriend instead of this gorgeous man holding her hand.

“I’m Ian. Ian Rhett. Nice to meet you. Now, let’s get this tire changed and get you out of the cold. Your hand is freezing.” His breath came out in white puffs and he rubbed her hand with his thumb and forefinger. Why did that name ring a bell? Not sure, she pushed it to the back of her mind for later use.

She shivered but not entirely from the cold. “Okay,” she barely got out.

“Just a second,” he held up a finger and turned away towards his vehicle. He opened up the passenger door and dug around until he found what he was looking for and then stood for a while as an LED screen lit up his face. Morgan went back to her tire and prepped it for Ian when he crouched beside her. “Here,” he proffered a pair of slick red leather gloves. “These’ll help.” His knee grazed her left thigh and she felt his heat through their clothing. All of a sudden, she became soaked.

“Thanks,” she mumbled and took them, slipping them over her purpled fingers. She watched as Ian began to loosen the nuts with ease. God, he was manly too. Even her boyfriend wasn’t like that.

While he worked on that and she collected the already undone bolts, they chatted. She learned he was a lawyer and mainly worked with hospitals. He was also an adjunct professor during the summer for an online class that specialized in medical malpractice and health care law. He came from money already but he didn’t like to flaunt it. He spoke of his prominent family who lived in England. His kaçak iddaa parents had immigrated to the states when he was a baby for a job opportunity. His father was a physician, a good one at that, and his mom was a nurse. That’s how they’d met, actually, and they had a love like no other.

She spoke of her family as well, delving into information she rarely shared, finding it so easy to talk to him. She told him she had a degree in history and wanted to work at the local museum as a curator and eventually move on to teaching college. However, she wanted to wait and establish herself, pay some on her loans, before applying to graduate school. She rarely mentioned Drake and their relationship. She had been drawn to his dark blue eyes and ginger hair but she was no longer feeling him. After two years together, she wanted out. There was nothing. Mediocre sex, which was a usual for her after her three previous sex partners, and terrible communication.

Ian didn’t ask about Drake either and tiptoed around his current relationship status. Though he did mention he lost his wife and son over ten years ago and she murmured her condolences. He was at peace with it and he was thankful he survived given they were about to experience a divorce though he missed his little boy madly. She heard him choke up when he spoke about his son and she placed a hand on his shoulder sympathetically.

“I’m sorry. We can talk about something else.”

He nodded. “It’s alright. Tell me more about you.”

What more could there be? They’ve both spoken a bunch about one another and she felt like he was fast becoming a good friend already.

Ian was working on the last bolt on the dummy when she started chatting about her hopes and dreams. She had wanted to become an archaeologist, really, sort of Indiana Jones style, but she knew that was highly unlikely and laughed at herself. “I just really love history. What happened and the events that shaped us just make me happy.”

She shrugged once he stood up, cracking his back from having been bent over for so long.

Her phone chirped in her hand. It was from Drake asking where she’s been. Dude, really? It was a little after ten and she silenced the contraption, throwing it into her car. She really didn’t want the night to end. She enjoyed talking to Ian.

“Do what’s best for you,” he commented as he rubbed his dirty hands on his jeans.

“I’m sorry you’ve ruined your pants,” she tucked her hands into her jacket. “Oh, here.”

She started to take off one glove when he halted her. “No, keep them. I bought them for a potential lady friend a couple of months ago but that didn’t work out.”

He seemed lonely and almost desperate. A good looking guy like him didn’t deserve that. Well, no man really, no matter what they looked like. Or anybody for that matter. She had the sudden urge to wrap her arms around him and hold him close. Why was her body reacting this way? What was her deal?

“Well, thank you. Really, I would have either ended up stuck here for hours or walked into town. You’ve helped me and I should return the favor. I’ll buy you dinner one night.”

He shook off her offer. “No worries. Happy to be of assistance. I’m sure there are other guys who’d want different kinds of repayment but I’m not one of them.”

She seemed offended but also incredibly turned on. She decided to see how far she could get him. She didn’t miss the subtle glances sent her way when she wasn’t looking as he appraised her. “Oh, so you’re saying that if some girl, out here alone, wanted to repay you in sexual favors, you wouldn’t take it?” She was beginning to soak through her blue thong and knew it needed to be tossed.

His face scrunched up before his mouth slid into a sly grin. “Well, I was raised a gentleman, madam, and it’s not that I wouldn’t like it. I just think payment needs to be a little more conventional, that’s all.” He stooped to pick up the flat tire and walked over to place it into her full trunk.

Fighting a losing battle, her body won out. As soon as he shut the trunk, she jumped up and planted her lips on his. Immediately, her soul reacted and her blood warmed to an impossible degree. His lips molded to hers perfectly as he gripped her waist with both arms. He ground her into his growing erection before twisting them to place her ass on the trunk. He kissed down her jaw and neck, nipping and sucking on her heated skin. She moaned, not even thinking of Drake one bit.

She was eager to feel his skin against hers and so she lifted his shirt, running her fingers across his toned abs before she realized she still had gloves on. She pulled back so she could see what she was doing and he noted that too. He helped her and with each finger he slipped out of the leather, he brought to his mouth and suckled erotically. She squirmed, wanting those lips somewhere else.

He finally freed her hand and licked her palm so sensually, she thought she would die from impatience. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when he copied what kaçak bahis he had done on her other hand. Then, he used her hands to run through his silky hair while his went to work on her jacket and top. His cool fingers found her breasts under her bra and squeezed them roughly before reaching around to unclasp it. He kissed her again, his tongue slipping out over her teeth, mingling with hers, tangoing and waltzing all at once. She began to rock back and forth in time to his ministrations and their tongues, trying to desperately create friction on the zipper of her jeans.

“When you said that you’d like to repay me sexually, I wanted nothing more than to rip your clothes off and take you. But, I need a meal before I fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before,” he growled breathlessly in her ear.

She squealed as he lifted her, mouth on her lobe, pulling and sucking, until she was encased in warmth in his hummer. Heated seats meant this would be that much better. He settled her on the driver’s side propping her back against the center console and inched her ass out until her legs dangled. He unzipped her jeans and took them off along with her shoes. He kept her socks on for some reason. She elected not to care and went along with it.

“Take off your top,” he demanded and she complied, swiftly removing her jacket and sweater, her bra with them. “Good girl. Now, lie back, and enjoy.”

Her fingers trembled and gripped the steering wheel when his tongue flicked over clit. “Oh my gosh,” she jerked and sighed. Drake didn’t even like going down on her much less her exes. Considering that one time she’d experienced with a girl when she was drunk, no one else really gave her oral. She gave it to them all the time but none of them returned the favor.

She could feel his smile as he knew he was making squirm and her orgasm approach. She was already hot as it was and his tongue was working magic as it swirled and dipped. He inserted one finger, then two, increasing her pleasure tenfold. She grasped at his hair, pulling the fine pieces, moaning at the top of her lungs. His lips continued his movements, hitting that sweet spot, making her body tense up and relax. Tense. Relax. Lather, rinse, repeat.

“Scream for me, baby,” he breathed against her clit before tugging on it with his teeth.

She lost it at his term of endearment and shuddered as an orgasm rippled through her. Her body jerked in waves of ecstasy and her breathing was stuttered. “That was… that was… wow,” she had no words.

She blindly reached out for his cock, wanting to endow the same pleasure he gave her but he was already picking her up and moving her towards the back seat. “Another time, perhaps,” he promised. Though she knew this was probably the only time they’d ever fornicate given she was still in a relationship and it’d be tough on her own. She never thought she’d be the cheater but here she was, not having an ounce of guilt or a second thought.

He lay her down gently and ran his hands over her naked body. He’d switched to the passenger side to conceal their coupling lest the cops be called. His lips found a nipple, immediately reinstating her arousal while his fingers dug deep inside her. She humped his hand in time to his mouth, rubbing his palm over her sensitive clit. Her breathing was ragged and her body was on fire, an orgasm fast approaching. His fingers found that spot that hers could barely reach and the one Drake couldn’t seem to care about hitting. He rubbed vigorously and she moaned into the seat. He swallowed her cries with his mouth as his hand fucked her continuously.

He was a great kisser and she liked that. He wasn’t sloppy nor was he too tongue-y. Their teeth clashed a little at their impatience but it was overwhelmingly sexy and had her gripping his wrist that was thrusting in her. Finally, another orgasm sliced through her and she collapsed back, her body shuddering and bucking against him.

He pulled out his hand and licked his fingers before finding her mouth again so she could taste herself on him. “Oh, you’re not done yet, baby,” he whispered against her lips. For a chance meeting, this was slowly turning into fate.

She never wanted this night to end and hoped to maybe keep in contact with Ian. Though she knew that was unlikely because that’s just how men were. Sex wasn’t emotional for them; it was purely survival and mechanical. Morgan sighed and just elected to enjoy the continuing orgasms Ian was bringing.

She closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath when she heard the sound of a zipper before Ian’s weight was on top of her. No condom but she was clean and on birth control. She’d never gone bareback before but knew there was a first for everything. He settled himself between her, the head of his cock prying open her neatly trimmed lips that were completely soaked. She could feel he was large, much bigger than what she was used to, as he began to insert himself.

He bent down and bit her neck and at her cry, he thrust hard into her. She gasped at the sudden movement and slight pain embedded her being. It was hot but she didn’t mind and he knew it pained her as he halted to allow her to adjust. “I take it this isn’t your first rodeo, huh?”

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