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I was decent at basketball. I could make lay-ups all day, but I enjoyed the display of power that comes from playing volleyball. I liked being the big girl in the middle. I was a middle blocker. In high school, I was told that I could play for a Division II school. I was not recruited though, and ended up playing at a community college. I guess that I was popular enough from playing volleyball, but I was not receiving the attention I always dreamed of. This made me try harder and I completely dominated my two years at this level.

I looked forward to game days. Not just for the competition, but because I was able to show off my body in the tight volleyball uniforms we wear. The shorts showed what kind of butt you had: if you were toned or if you didn’t work hard enough. Some girls, I thought, should have played softball, or some sport wear the uniform was more forgiving. Both my years I led the team in blocks and kills. I blamed our losses on the other girls. I was ready for more exposure, so when a Division II school came calling, I jumped at the opportunity to move up to the next level and to get away from mediocre players. I was taking my, Division I, or D I as they say, ass to the big city. I may not have been going to the highest division, but I had confidence my looks belonged there.

I was not intimidated by the larger school, or by the sophistication that walked around campus. I felt my talent brought me there and that aided my confidence. During the preseason, the football players were always flirting with me, when we came across each other on the athletic complex. They thought I was going to be easy, but I had my small town boyfriend. I wasn’t going to be unfaithful to him. Usually only big and clumsy players hit on me, but here, even shorter guys were coming up to me. I am 6’1″, even though the coach has me listed at 6’2″. I have a flat stomach when I am in season shape. Off-season I carry a little extra there, but you could only tell when my shirt is off. My long legs are muscular. I like to flex the muscles, especially the thigh ones, as much as possible when I am in set position. When I serve, I stand quiet for a moment to let everyone see the angle: lean calf, to thick thigh, punctuated by a firm and high ass. I wish I could say that my C cups were perfect. My nipples are worthy of plenty of adoration: pink and protruding. My breasts have become somewhat pendulous. I suspect it is from so much running and playing I have done. They are still full, and at 20 years old I can still wear a bikini on any spring break beach. I just wish they had not dropped from their shelf.

I try my best to play the part of a star player. Before all games I get my hair and nails done. I also get a pedicure. Even though my feet won’t be showing, I like the pampered feel it gives me. I usually go with a teammate or two, and we just sit there being treated like divas.

From day one, I knew being faithful to my boyfriend was going to be hard. He works construction, and only has a slight idea of what college life is like. On weekends, there are parties to be seen at. When there is a football game, the partying starts early. There are so many people to be attracted to, especially girls. I had to admit to myself that I needed to indulge in something exciting. If I was going to be unfaithful, it was going to be with a girl, not some easy to find guy.

Having spent so much time with my teammates, working out, showering, the occasional hotel stay, I was able to get a good idea of what was there for me to experience. And while a few of the girls were very hot, some with breasts that made me envious, they all lacked that fire, that extra something that I needed. I wasn’t too impressed with my choices. I had to go outside my sport to find someone that I wanted to have my first lesbian sex with. I found that someone in a cheerleader. She was a sophomore co-captain that had gone to high school in Florida. She worked hard with her squad and worked hard in school. I usually saw her studying between halves of football games. Stacey was a foot shorter than of me. Her hair was dark brown, where mine was light brown, but her legs were muscular like mine. Her breasts were amazing to see from the side. She must have been close to a 36 C. Very high and full. Her ass, although topping much shorter legs, had that uplifted look which would have looked grand on the court. I saw in her bio that she had done some wrestling in high school. My heart tingled when I got a full view of her butt. She was doing flips and her skirt allowed an amazing view of her rear end in briefs. The only thing about her that bothered me was a tattoo that she wore on her lower back: a large butterfly. Had she led a sheltered life back in Florida and needed to spread her wings now?

The first time I saw her outside of her cheerleading role, I was stretched out on the track infield, having run a couple of miles. I was wearing shorts. She walked by and looked at my thighs, but not at my face. I had already seen her at casino oyna a couple of football games and a few times when the cheerleading squad practiced before or after we did. I felt we had crossed paths enough that it would not be awkward to introduce myself. I walked over to where she was stretching. She was going to go for a jog. I was thinking, ‘don’t do it, be kind to your boobs.’ I reached her as she was bending into some sort of yoga position, her ass high and proud in the air. She was wearing nylon workout pants and a sweatshirt with the school logo. I felt nervous. I didn’t like feeling that way. I wanted to seem cool. She looked up at me, but waited a few seconds to finish her stretch. She had been holding her breath and now released it.

She had a very suspicious look on her face. I like the way her hair was pony tailed. She had very good skin and had a natural tan look.

“Hi.” I said. “My name is Roxanne.”

“Yes?” She answered.

The size difference between us was almost funny, yet she was very confident and seemed fearless.

“I just wanted to say hello. I am on the volleyball team. I’ve seen you at a few football games. Great work the squad does, especially that all day rain game. You were soaked, huh?”

“Yeah?” She said.

“You guys stayed with it all game. I was out of the rain a few times.”

“Thanks,” she said. “I got to run some laps.”

“Maybe we’ll… I’ll see you some other time,” I said.

Stacey paused for a few seconds. She seemed to have left the moment we were in. “I don’t know.” She said as she started her trot.

“I’m… There is a party this weekend, maybe I’ll see you there.” I said.

I felt stupid. There are dozens of parties every weekend. I felt dismissed by her. I only wanted to talk to her, to see what she was like. She seemed secretive. Reserved. I wasn’t sure if I had picked the right person to pursue. I had no idea what could have made her so short with me. She was unfriendly. This made me more attracted to her. I wondered if she was playing hard to get. ‘How can she sense my attraction to her from a couple of glances?’ I thought.

That night I was alone in my dorm room. I was masturbating, thinking of how fun it would be to stretch with Stacey before a workout. I wanted her to see my muscles up close, and I wanted to be close to her when she released her breath. After I came, well, after the second time I came, I called my boyfriend. I needed to clear my head. He had been promising to come to a game, but was always coming up with excuses.

“You’re such a liar.” I said.

He claimed that he had been going to the school athletic website and had been looking up the results of my games. He wanted to know why they didn’t have any good pictures of my ass on there. I told him that it is a school website, not a porn site. He seemed horny. I wondered if he had been cheating on me. He wants to make a deal: he will come to a game if I can get him some sexy pictures of me dominating on the court. He has always loved my ass and wants close-ups of it. He said he wants to compare me with pictures of the other girls too. I should have been bothered by that, but let it go. I agreed to his deal.

The sports photographer for all the games was a young guy that seemed bored by his job. ‘How can you be bored with me on court?’ I thought.

I was a little embarrassed to ask him about the pictures my boyfriend wanted, but I was sure he got requests all the time and probably had a stash of sexy pictures. I went up to him after a game, making sure no one could hear our conversation. I was nearly stunned when he told me that he already had those kinds of pictures of me. He didn’t do it intentionally. The action on the court is fast moving, he says, and sexy shots get taken no matter what.

“I bet.” I say. I smile at him though. He seems harmless.

We make arrangements for me to pick up a disc at his apartment/studio. I thought he was so sweet to want to help me. I wondered what he thought of my body. On the way to his place, I imagined him having sexy close-ups of Stacey. I had seen the way she does her splits. She gets quite a bit of height and airtime. I wanted more to see sexy pictures of her, than to see my boyfriend coming out for a game.

“Hey, Jake.” I say, going in to the photographer’s apartment.

“Roxanne.” He says.

“Call me Rox.”

“Sure, Rox.”

His studio area was very neat. He said everything is digital now. He let me get comfortable as he looked for the disc with images of me and other girls from the team. When he brought the pictures up on his computer, I was surprised. I looked fabulous in all but about 3 shots. ‘Wow!’ I thought. I looked so sweaty and intense. Muscled up. I was a little embarrassed that he had these.

“Will they do?” He smirked.

“More than do. My boyfriend is lonely. He misses me, I guess.”

“He has a lot to miss.” Jake said.

“Aw, thanks. That is so sweet… thing to say.”

I sensed Jake canlı casino had all sorts of pictures on disc somewhere in his studio, but I only wanted to know about one person. I asked him about cheerleaders, particularly Stacey. I made up a story about how Stacey was my friend, and she was thinking about sending some pictures to her boyfriend in Florida. Jake started to think, then smiled.

“Do you mean Stacious? ” He asked.

“Yeah.” I said. I didn’t know that was her nickname, but it fit perfect. It sounded sexy.

“There is one of Stacious that is very, very, I mean very… what… well, you have to see it.”

He went and got another disc.

“I really don’t have too many of her this year. I have quite a few from last year, but this one is special. I don’t know… Her boyfriend may or may not…”

“Just let me see it.” I said, hungrily.

“O.K. Tell me what you think.” He said.

He opened up the file and knew exactly where to find t. I was stunned. I was in awe. I knew he picked up on the fact I was attracted to her. Attracted may have been an understatement after I saw this picture. In the picture, Stacey was in the middle of a pyramid formation. The girl at the top of the pyramid was doing the splits. One leg was resting on Stacey’s shoulder, cradled by Stacey, and the other on the girl opposite Stacey. The cheerleader doing the splits had her legs wide open and Stacey was sneaking a look at the girl’s pussy that was showing through the side of her panties. It was not just a glancing look. She had a lustful stare. Stacey was definitely turned on. I sensed my wetness after a minute of looking at what I was sure was Stacey’s secret side.

“Well?” Jake said. I had forgotten he was there.

“Wow. That is so… Can you make me a print? I want to show it to her. She will find it funny.”


“Just to tease her. Harmless… really. I promise I won’t say I got it from you. I’ll tell her that I took it.” I said.

‘I don’t know.” He mumbled.


He was quiet now. I was sure he was imagining himself losing his job over something silly, but I was wrong. He was coming up with some deal for me. I knew he sensed this was serious for me.

“Well…” He said. “Can I take a picture of you flashing your boobs and ass? No face.”

I thought, ‘is that all I have to do for this picture that I will keep forever?’

I wasn’t too thrilled about showing him my boobs, but didn’t think it so big a problem since my face was not going to be in the picture. I took off my top and unhooked my bra all in one motion. I grimaced when I felt them drop. He told me they were fine, there was no need to be self conscious about them. I covered my face with my shirt and let him take a few pictures. I felt too exposed. The lighting was very bright. I could feel him linger a while on my ass. He took quite a few. I could sense him moving around to get it from both sides. I even bent over for him. I didn’t really care. I had Stacious now.

“Your ass… is very perfect.” He said.

“I know.” I said, grabbing the picture of Stacious. “Enjoy all the pictures you have… of me.” I laughed.

“Bye, Rox.”

I had a fitful night of sleep. I imagined Stacey looking at my pussy with that same stare of lust and wonderment. My dreams were uneven that night. Her face was dispersed throughout my night. I was going to confront her with the picture, maybe make a joke, then ask her if she was curious about girls. I was searching for the right phrase to use on her. In he morning I lingered over the picture a few minutes. I packed it with my books and put it in inside the folder of my first class. I was going to sneak a few looks at it, a few long looks. I was careful not to let anyone see it. I was so happy. At lunch, I sat by myself in a corner and quietly ate, while Stacious kept me company.

It was a week before I saw her again. She was coming out of the locker room with her gym bag. My practice had been over earlier. I was waiting on her. I had been going over the scenario in my head. I envisioned her joining me in my curiosity to be with another girl. I approached her and asked her if we could talk. I motioned for her to go off to the side with me. She seemed reluctant but went anyway. She looked irked and not in any mood to talk. ‘What’s new?’ I thought. We were off to the side from the trophy display cases. People were walking in other parts of the gym, but were alone. She was wearing track pants with a matching pullover, both in school colors: blue and white.

“Hi, Stacey.”

“Yes?” She answered. Again her answer had coldness to it.

I fumbled for the picture in my bag. I had it inside a notebook.

” I wanted to show you a picture that I took.” I handed her the picture.

She looked at it, and I could sense she did not like what she was seeing. Her face grew stern.

“What the fuck is this?” She screamed. Who are you to be taking pictures of me? What school did you come from? Is that kaçak casino how they do things there?”

“I only wanted you to see it… I think… It’s cool… A cool picture of you… You really look good.” I was stammering.

“Are you stupid? You oversized bitch.”

That hurt me right away.

“Stacey…” I almost pleaded.

“You… show up…” She stopped talking and glared at me even more.

Stacey leapt at me. Her weight was not enough to take me down, but I tripped on my gym bag and before I could do anything, this little fury was on top of me. She was screaming and calling me names as she punched me. She was punching my face. I was able to block most of the blows, but a couple got through. Even though her punches were not hurting me, they still carried some authority with them. Now that I was blocking most of her punches to my face, she started to punch me in the chest. This hurt. She kept calling me a ‘bitch’ while she pummeled my breasts. She then snuck in a punch that landed on my chin. That was enough. I tossed her off me. I got up very quickly, knowing that Stacey would jump on me if she saw an opening. I reached towards her and grabbed her by the neck. She looked at me with rage. Her skin felt so soft. Part of me was glad for this excuse to touch her. I wasn’t going to hurt her or hit her like she did to me.

I tried to explain to her that I did not mean anything bad by showing her the picture. I thought it was lovely. I could tell nothing I was saying mattered to her.

“I didn’t mean anything… Please just calm down, Stacey. I am sorry this got to this point.” I said, as I let go of her. I could see that my strength had shown in my grip. She was not going to attack me again with violence

“You’re so stupid.” She said.

Stacey spat in my face. She jumped up to be able to reach me. A nice move, I thought. The spit landed near my eyes. She turned to leave, bending over to pick up the picture I had dropped. I was saddened to see her take it. She left in a hurry.

I stumbled into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look too bad. I had some redness on my face. My hair had been in a ponytail, so it did not look messy. I wiped off her spit. I wished there had been more. My heart was racing as I reached down into my pants and gave my pussy her juice. It felt cold, slippery, and perfect. I looked in the mirror and laughed: the star volleyball player just got her ass kicked by a cheerleader that was a foot shorter. My spirit also felt it had lost.

I gathered my things and left. I already missed her picture. One of the maintenance guys looked at me funny while I was leaving. Had he seen any of what had just happened? I didn’t care.

The next day people were asking me what had happened to my face, which was now bruised in two small spots. I had a different answer for every one of them: ‘My pimp, You know… My boyfriend got drunk and hit me… I didn’t like what I was looking at in the mirror.’ People just laughed. No one seemed to care too much.

I went to my classes and tried to forget what had happened. I was determined to have an affair with a girl. I tried to think of the girls on the volleyball team and which ones looked particularly hot. I guess I had to change plans.

The truth was that I enjoyed being hit by Stacey. It didn’t feel like abuse. It felt like we were bonding in some strange way. Things stayed the same for a while. Classes took up my time and I devoted extra attention to volleyball. I was even being friendly to a couple of freshmen players on the team. I had not shown any interest in them before, feeling I was the only one that mattered on the team.

So, I was very surprised when Stacey came up to me while I was sitting outside the school bookstore/coffeehouse. I was going over notes for a test. Part of me wanted her to start punching me again.

“I’m sorry that I hit you.” She said. “I don’t know how to control my temper… I know if you had fought back it would have gotten real nasty for us.”

“That sounds nice… The nicest thing you have said to me. Why are you so rude with me? I just wanted to be friendly with you.” I said.

She seemed to drift for a moment. I wanted her back in the conversation.

Stacey smiled then said, “I am having trouble accepting that I am attracted to girls. Guys, except for my boyfriend, well maybe him too, bore the crap out of me these days. I am intrigued by the idea of being with a girl. Can I say these things to you… just between us?”

“Of course.” I tried to sound sweet, understanding. “I can say the same things myself. These emotions are… maybe not so new, but more real now.”

“I’ve seen you around too.” Stacey said. You are the new girl on campus, making a name for yourself. You play awesome. Your uniform shows off a great body. I am sorry that I called you an oversized bitch.”

“It’s forgotten.” I said.

“When you came to talk to me on the track… I was… Didn’t know what to say.”

I was flattered. All that hard work to get into shape was worth it, on and off the court.

“This has to be just between us. Look at how… The difference in our sizes is…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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