Dare to be Different

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It was finally the first day of her senior year. A day she had been waiting for far too long. Senior year was something most, if not all, high school students look forward to but Myra was different from them. She was 19, almost 20, and should have graduated last year with all her friends. Instead, a horrible car accident at the beginning of her junior year left her in and out of hospitals for surgeries and practically living at her physical therapist’s office which meant she got so behind in school that she was required to repeat the school year. While Myra entered her junior year a popular soccer star surrounded by friends and a loving boyfriend, she ended it a depressed and crippled girl with no friends who got made fun of constantly. Apparently having scars up and down her body and a limp, when she walked, meant she was no longer pretty in the eyes of her peers, and being the oldest person in her grade resulted in plenty of teasing and name-calling. High school sucked.

As she woke up that first morning of school, her hip screamed in pain and her mood was no better. The one saving grace she had was that her brother had landed a job at her high school as the new English teacher. Most kids her age would hate having their big brother as a teacher or even at their high school but Myra was more than happy for the friendly face. Her brother, Keaton, was 9 years older than her (she wasn’t exactly a planned baby). He was tall at 6’2 especially when compared to her 5’4 frame and he had sandy blonde hair that was always in a perfect mess. His eyes matched her emerald green color and his body was strong and fit from working out every other day. Myra had had a crush on her big brother for as long as she could remember. Just another thing that set her apart from anybody else. Not that she told anybody about her crush but it still made her feel so much different. She knew it wasn’t normal and it was wrong but it wasn’t like anything had ever happened between them nor would it. Keaton was smart, charismatic, hot, popular, and just an all-around good person. He would never look at her the way she looked at him. He wasn’t messed up like she was. Even if he may have before, now that her body was mutilated, there was no way he or any other guy would ever find her attractive.

A loud bang on her door jolted her back from the depressing path her thoughts had traveled down. A glance at her phone told her she needed to get her ass out of bed if she was going to make it to school in time. Slowly she pulled herself out of bed ignoring the pain shooting down her leg and headed to the shower. She quickly washed her short auburn hair, soaped up her body with her eyes closed to avoid seeing her scars, and was out of the shower in less than 10 minutes. It wasn’t that long ago that she would spend 30 minutes in the shower and another 30 picking out her outfit with careful thought and effort. Her makeup was always perfectly applied and her hair styled nicely. Since her accident, Myra had started to care less and less what she looked like. She knew nobody would ever look at her the same and no amount of makeup could cover up her limp so why bother? Instead, she reached into her closet and pulled out a simple v neck tee shirt, a plain pair of jeans and slipped into a pair of converse shoes. She didn’t bother with makeup and her hair was left to air-dry into its natural shoulder-length wave. She stuffed her notebook and textbooks into her bag along with her Kindle and was out the door less than 20 minutes later.

As the day moved forward and the afternoon sun was high in the sky, she was exhausted, grumpy, and fed up. When she finally made it to her last class of the day which was English with her brother, she just wanted to fling herself into his arms for a hug. Knowing that this would just cause her more problems with the other students though, she refrained and gave him a small smile as she made it to her desk instead. She knew by the look on his face that he was worried about her and wanted to come say something. She gave a small shake of her head and mouth “after class” to let him know that they would talk later. Just being in Keaton’s presence had lifted her mood and allowed her to enjoy a class for the first time. Their dad had been a huge book nerd and passed on his love of anything and everything English before he had died a few years back. It was something that had bonded the siblings together and they often passed new novels back and forth and could easily spend hours discussing them.

As Keaton…or Mr. Hart as everybody else knew him…talked about their reading list for the year Myra smiled knowing that many of them had been at her suggestion or request. They had spent days together going over the list of approved novels from the curriculum and he let her have the final say on which novels he added to their reading list. One of the best things about her brother was that he always treated her like her opinion mattered and that she was important. Even before her accident, all anybody saw when they looked at her was DD breasts, pendik escort a small waist, and a nice ass. She always felt like she had to hide the fact that she was smart for people to like her so while she had maintained good grades, she kept her mouth shut on any topic that went deeper than the decorations at prom or who the hottest football player was. Now that her body was no longer perfect and she had no friends, there was no reason to hide her nerdy side and for that reason, she felt like she and Keaton had grown even closer.

When class wrapped up an hour later, she took her time putting her things away in her bag as she waited for the room to empty. When they were finally alone, Myra wasted no time in barreling herself into her big brother’s arm and inhaling the intoxicating smell that clung to his chest. For a few moments, he held her and her problems and pain seemed to fade into the far recesses of her mind. The only thing she cared about at that moment was the feel of his strong arms around her body and the way his fingers gently massaged her scalp as he held her close to him. He didn’t say a word and didn’t ask what was wrong, knowing she would speak when and if she was ready. Concern was etched deep into his eyes but he kept his mouth shut. Standing there holding his sister, he fought the urge to go and kick somebody’s ass. He wasn’t sure who exactly but he was willing to beat every single asshole kid in this school that made fun of his sister. Most of the students knew who he was and the relation between the two so they wisely kept their mouths shut when they thought he could hear them. That didn’t stop Keaton from picking up on the whispers and gestures they made at her expense.

All-day he had wanted to storm down to his boss’s office and demand they do something about it. Reality prevented him from doing so though because he knew there was nothing they could or would do. He felt himself grow angrier and angrier at the situation. Myra had no idea how beautiful she was despite her injury and these ignorant teenagers just made her feel worse about herself every day. If Keaton was honest with himself, he thought she was even more beautiful now than she had been. He loved seeing her true self in her jeans and no makeup. Before, she had caked herself in layers of crap that hid who she really was and made her feel like she had to play a part in order to be liked. While he hated seeing her sad and in pain all the time, he loved seeing her embrace her own mind and open herself up to all that she was capable of.

As Keaton stood there holding Myra, he fought the feelings that had been growing inside him for the last two years. His whole life he saw Myra as his baby sister and nothing more. He loved her to pieces and they had always been close but to him, she was a kid and always would be..or so he thought. As they grew even closer after her accident though, he found himself struggling as his emotions changed into something different. She had been forced to mature so much so quickly and he had begun to see her as a woman instead of a little girl. Once that started, he also found himself noticing that she had a woman’s body as well. Her legs were long, her ass was round, her breast looked like they would fit perfectly in his hands. Fuck, he needed to stop thinking like this!

Myra was startled when Keaton suddenly dropped his arms and pushed her back from him. He said nothing as he rounded his desk and sat down quickly leaving her confused and sad. Had she done something wrong? Could he tell what she was thinking and feeling about him and had pushed her away in disgust? Her mind raced as she stood there waiting for him to speak.

“I probably shouldn’t be seen hugging a student; even if you are my sister.” He said by way of explanation even though they both knew it was a load of crap. “I have a lot to do right now but I’ll be home shortly after work and bring you some dinner, okay?” Keaton felt like an asshole for turning her away when she needed him but the growing erection in his pants told him he needed her far, far away at the moment.

“Yeah, okay. See you.” Myra gave him a small wave and left the room as quickly as her limp would allow. The rejection from her own brother weighed heavy on her chest. She just wanted to crawl into bed and cry herself to sleep. Instead, she slowly made her way out of the school and headed to her standing physical therapy appointment for her weekly torture.

Myra woke to the smell of Chinese take out and Keaton’s calming voice saying her name. His hand rested on her bare thigh and shook her gently awake. She kept her eyes shut and pretended to sleep for a few moments longer in order to savor the feeling of his strong calloused hand on her body, even if it was an innocent touch. Keaton was the one person she didn’t have to worry about her scars with, so even though she wore a pair of cotton shorts, she didn’t feel the need to pull the blanket over her legs and hide. He had never judged her and even though he wouldn’t ever look at her maltepe escort the way she wanted, she never had to worry about disgusted looks or even the pity that many older adults eye shone within her presence.

He shook her leg again, repeating her name and making her heart beat faster. Her thigh burned at his touch in a way that ignited every nerve in her body. The one time the pain was bearable was when his hands were on her in any way. It was as if the lust overpowered the pain and blocked it from her mind. She wanted to feel his hands on her constantly for that reason and so many more, even if the touch was completely innocent.

She opened her eyes slowly and drank in the sight of her big brother. Despite seeing him almost every day, she was still constantly struck with how handsome he was. The whispers in the halls today from every girl she passed just confirmed what she already knew; her brother was hot.

Keaton struggled to not move his hand up his sister’s leg any further. Her skin felt like velvet under his touch and he wanted nothing more than to run his hands over her entire body, scars and all. When he first got to the house and found her asleep in her bed, his instinct was to climb in with her and wrap his body around hers. She had looked so peaceful lying there with her soft, wavy hair fanned out over her pillow, and her leg hitched up to the side. It would have been so easy to slide his fingers between her legs and slip them past her loose cotton shorts. He knew for a fact that she never wore underwear unless she was wearing jeans so his access would have been nice and easy. The stirring in his pants jolted him out of his fantasy and he forced himself to clear his mind of the forbidden thoughts.

“Wake up sleepy head. I brought dinner.” Myra smiled up at him like he hung the moon. Sleep still clung to her, making the smile soft and lazy. Her beauty nearly took his breath away.

“Thanks. I’m starving!” As she went to get up from the bed, concern filled Keaton. Her movements were forced and he could see the pain etched in her face. Physical therapy was certainly helping in the long run but he hated how painful it was for her. He watched with bated breath, trying to refrain from reaching out and helping her as she got up from her bed. In the beginning, right after the accident, he had insisted on doing everything for her. He picked her up and carried her everywhere, waited on her hand and foot, and spoiled her rotten. While he still spoiled her now, he had learned that she needed to do things on her own in order to both feel normal again and to help her heal both physically and mentally. Despite knowing it was for the best, it killed him to see her struggle.

“I’ve got the food all spread out in the living room for us. What do you say we throw on an episode of Criminal Minds and I’ll massage your hip while we eat?”

Myra couldn’t help but smile back at him. “Sounds perfect!”

Once they were settled on the couch, Keaton queued up their Netflix account and selected the next episode of their favorite TV show. They ate in silence as they watched the show though neither one could focus on what was happening. Myra was hyper-aware of every movement her brother made. She caught herself several times staring at his mouth as sucked Lo Mein noodles between his lips. He caught her staring a few times but said nothing.

When they were finished eating, Keaton tugged Myra so she was practically sitting on his lap. He pulled her legs over his own giving him access to her hip and flipped her so that she lay on her side facing the TV. His hands began to move over her skin, his fingers digging in firmly, though not enough to hurt, over her sore muscles. As his hands worked into her flesh, Myra couldn’t help the moan that escaped. Keaton felt his cock swell slightly in his jeans at the sound and the feel his hands on her body.

The more his sister moaned out in appreciation, the more turned on he became which had him growing increasingly bold with his actions. He hesitated for a moment but decided that her shorts were in the way of his massage so he tugged them off her hip. The material slid down, still covering her most intimate places but only barely. Myra sucked in a breath at her brother’s actions.

“They were in my way. I can’t give a very good massage if I can’t get to your skin and you need this. Your muscles are hard as rocks,” he grunted at her, daring her to challenge him. Myra simply nodded in response, her words frozen in her throat. The feel of his large hands on her bare skin, so close to her pussy had her squirming with desire. The pulsing between her legs was almost more than she could bear. The siblings continued like this for a whole episode of their show, neither daring to say or word or even move. When the episode ended, Myra was about to reach for the remote, turn the TV off and head to bed. Instead, Keaton stopped her, suggesting one more episode. He wasn’t ready to give up his time with her and certainly wasn’t done touching her, kartal escort even if it was completely innocent.

Myra settled back down into the couch, laying on her back this time. Her legs still rested over her brother’s lap with her butt against his thighs. If he wasn’t going to make her move, no way was she doing it on her own. Keaton resumed his massage focusing this time on her scarred up thigh. The skin felt strange under his fingers. He traced the ridges of each spot, the skin smoother and pale compared to the rest of her tanned leg. He felt his sister squirm under his touch, knowing it was because she hated any attention being paid to her scars, let alone him touching them. Yet, she didn’t stop him. He pretended to be engrossed in the scene on the TV in front of him, making it appear as if his hands were moving idly along her thigh even though he was hyper-aware of his actions. Very slowly, he inched his hands closer and closer to her inner thigh. He was surprised when her legs parted just slightly rather than slapping him away. The only other indication he got from her was the faint blush creeping up her cheeks which made him think for the first time that maybe she felt the same way towards him that he did her.

For a few minutes, Myra lay on the couch, not moving a muscle as Keaton massaged her leg. She worried that if she even flinched it would scare him away or make him stop. It seemed the longer they let this go on, the less innocent it became. She couldn’t help the gasp that escaped when she felt the lightest touch run along the seam of her shorts, right over her sex. Finally, Keaton looked down at her and forced her to meet his gaze. His eyes were dilated and he was breathing rapidly much like herself. She could also feel the bulge forming in his jeans below her legs. The slight nod of her head gave Keaton the permission he needed to slip his finger under the fabric of her shorts and through the slickness between her legs. His groan filled the room along with the sounds of their heavy breathing.

“God you feel good. Please, tell me to stop baby girl.” Keaton begged of her. He was terrified to cross this line with her but at the same time, wasn’t sure that he could deny her much longer. He fought hard not to rip her damn shorts off and bury his face in her sweet pussy.

“No, Keaton. Please don’t stop. You feel so good.” Myra should have been embarrassed by the needy tone of her voice. She was literally begging him to touch her and yet, she couldn’t find it in herself to care. Her arousal was overriding any care she might have given or any embarrassment, at least for the moment. She squirmed under her touch. One finger was currently flicking gently back and forth over her clit while the other was buried deep inside her.

Keaton couldn’t believe that he had his finger deep inside his little sister’s sweet pussy. He had fantasized, dreamed, and jacked off picturing himself doing this so many times that it was hard to believe it was actually happening. A distant part of him mind was telling him to stop, that this was wrong and that Myra would hate him when it was all said and done. The rest of him though was too turned on to stop. Keaton had been with a decent number of girls in his past, particularly in his college days but none of them could even compare to Myra. His cock strained against the seam of his slacks making him painfully aware of how hard he was. It would be a miracle if he managed to not cum in his pants like a teenage boy. Thinking about teenage boys made him wonder how many little fuckers had had their hands on his little sister as he did now. The thought had him seeing red. He never wanted anybody’s hands on her ever again unless they were his.

Keaton had picked up speed while also adding another finger inside her tight hole. The pressure felt better than anything Myra had ever experienced. For a moment, she worried that the fact that she was a virgin would scare her brother off. She hoped he couldn’t tell just from his fingers. She had spent so long dreaming about him being her first and now was the first time that it felt like that was even a remote possibility.

“Take your shirt off for me baby. I want to see all of you.” Keaton’s voice had taken on a lower and huskier tone than she was used to. The sound alone could make her cum. She did as he asked and pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She had taken off her bra the second she got home from school and Keaton had pulled her shorts off minutes before while grumbling about the damn fabric being in his way. Her nipples were hard as diamonds and just the feel of the fabric running over them as her shirt came off was making her moan. She was a withering mess, sprawled on the couch, savoring the expert way Keaton was fingering her. Her eyes nearly budged out of her head when he slipped his fingers from her pussy and slowly licked them one by one. As if that wasn’t enough, he then leaned forward and pulled her mouth to his. She could taste herself on his tongue which should have grossed her out but just made things that much hotter. His tongue slipped into her mouth and danced with her own. One of his hands ended up wrapped in her hair, tugging it at the nape of her neck. The other moved back down to her drenched pussy and resumed working her clit.

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